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Financial issues will revolve around beauty, recreation, artwork, or hobbies. You have to be careful how and where you spend your extra income right now, that is if you have anything extra. The old homestead may be something of a money pit at the moment.


You may feel under the weather right now, but you will push yourself ahead anyway because there is a good opportunity for money to be made. You may get into power struggles with employers or subordinates, though - if you are on the upper rung of the ladder, practice patience.


You may be considering a big change in your workplace. You may be thinking about looking for a new job, but if you do that, you may find it profoundly affects your home life and family. Make sure that they are supportive and that you can afford any risk.


You may be at the head of the class right now, but not everyone is paying full attention. It may be nice to play teacher, but you may find that there are challenges in keeping everyone's attention focused. Storytelling may be one way to teach, share and get the message across.


You may be spending some time online right now researching a hobby, pass time, or an upcoming vacation get-away. You do need some time to play, and things will suddenly start to come together if you keep your options open. If traveling, a beach-side resort could work wonders.


You need to get out and play, but you may have some challenges getting away from your responsibilities. You seem to be a bit preoccupied with worries and baseless fears right now. You need to find a distracting, entertaining movie so you can forget the mundane realities.


There is trouble in the neighbourhood. You feel personally threatened by someone else's behaviour. It may be an over-reaction, remember that you are not your home, neighbourhood or family. They may have legitimate concerns, even if they are delivered rudely.

You may have an unusual opportunity to have some fun right now, or be invited to a unique entertainment event of some kind. If you have musical or acting skills, you might even be asked to take the stage yourself! You will be highly impulsive.


The best gift you could arrange for yourself right now is some extra sleep time. You might consider bribing or hiring someone to take a couple hours of chores off the daily honey-do list so you can catch a few extra winks. Everyone will benefit from a more rested you.


Something has put the brakes on your mad romantic moods right now, and you are suddenly coy and cautious. You are second-guessing yourself, and that may be a good thing. You have plenty of time to change your mind again if the red flags are premature.


Your promising new project could be on hold because of the constant bickering of two of your working partners. If you want to resolve it, give them complimentary responsibilities that do not compete, and which work with their own unique working styles.


Your lifestyle and daily chores are about to be made a lot simpler as a result of some kind of innovation or procedure that makes it a lot easier for you to get the job done. It may be that you will have to take a class, lecture or seminar to get up to speed.

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