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  Updated Daily to your web site - Sunday 21 January


You have unexpected changes happening in the health and lifestyle area. Chances are you have been pushing yourself a little too hard. Pulled muscles and strains are a possibility. Follow the clich?d old "Mom-ism" ... don't run with scissors right now.


You have had some trouble mixing friends and money the past year or so, but right now you might actually benefit from sharing some of your wealth or experience with a friend in need. You should be very open with your expectations if you do, so no-one expects a payment that isn't coming.


It's not a good day to go out searching for a new mutual fund manager on the spur of the moment, but you may do something like that. You feel your finances or personal values are under attack. Don't be hasty. Take the time to check out your options.


Your energy is high, and you may come off as a little pushy or overly assertive at an important meeting right now. If you are trying to impress the high mucky mucks, take a clue from their attitude as to the level of energy you should put in your presentation.


You may feel torn between the workplace and responsibilities at home right now. There could be arguments or misunderstandings over the phone or through the Internet. Stick to your paperwork, stay focused, and you will impress someone with your dedication.


Good financial news will be heading your way right now. A check will be in the mail. There may be new investments in your company. News of a raise, bonus or promotion will perk up your spirits. Your energy will be higher than normal. You may benefit from some physical exercise right now.


A friend or companion may unexpectedly ask you for help or assistance. Instead of giving them money, offer some other kind of help. You and some other friends and loved ones may be able to brainstorm ways you can get together to help lighten their load.

You may want to change your lifestyle dramatically right now, but that severe diet or exercise program that has caught your eye might actually be dangerous. Don't make sudden changes without consulting a dietician or healthcare professional who knows your current lifestyle.


You are likely to be getting a lot of strange phone calls right now. If you have one strange relative who is always a problem case this time of year, pay attention to your call display. You may be able to avoid a challenging moment if you keep your sense of humor handy.


If you have kids, they'll likely be hyperactive and excitable right now. Some new toy or gadget has them all a-twitter. If you are not a parent, you may be all excited about some "big-kid" toy you can finally afford. Just be sure you get your money's worth.


There may soon be a wonderful opportunity to travel, to go back to school, or simply to get some "alone time" with a good book and some soft music. You will have a warm, soft energy about you right now. If you are a parent, your children could use some quality time.


You face a personal crisis right now that will turn out to be incredibly empowering. The victory you achieve will make a huge impact on your self-esteem. When things are over, you may be overheard saying "I just went through this crappy experience and it was great!"

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