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Leadership is not the ability to command, it is the ability to inspire others to act in ways that make them leaders as well. This is especially true if you happen to be a role model for the children in your family or the greater community around you.


If you want your partner to be more sexy, indulge their desire to talk right now. You could find yourself drifting into some pretty sexy conversations. You may also be talking about the possibility of bringing more children into your family. You'll be highly creative right now.


You'll have a lot more physical energy and charisma right now. Your patience is back, your inner child is soothed, and you feel a lot more at ease. You may be able to take some time out to be with the children in your life, or to play sports with friends.


You are going to have to delay gratification if you want to succeed in the long run. You may be putting in extra hours, or it could be you are forced to give up some tickets to a sporting or musical event because there is too much work to be done.


You may be invited out to a lecture or class together with friends, but you may find that the content is boring, or too challenging. You will have better luck in getting together with your significant other for some cuddle-time together this evening.


You need to love your work. That's the bottom line. You will either find your "zone" in your current job, find a new job, or start off on a new path, because you will decide that "success" is measured not in dollars, but in the amount of satisfaction you get from a good day's work.


You want to get some needed chores done around the house, or some time to do some renovations, but your life is a little too busy and complicated. Today is not the best day for you to be working on "do-it-yourself" projects anyway - you are likely to hit your thumb with the hammer.

No matter what ails you, a little bit of brisk fresh air and exercise will help clear your head. Your own well-being is at issue. Sports, active outdoor activities, hiking and walking are all good places to spend time alone with your thoughts.


Don't worry. No matter far down your throat you jam your foot right now, your words will still pop out smelling like roses. Just be careful when signing documents or sending out paperwork that calls for action. Chances are excellent that you will have to be doing some serious re-writing.


If you want to treat yourself right now, it's book time, movie time or travel time. You need a bit of space and time to push back the boundaries of your imagination. Get involved in a creative class, or make some time for yourself alone with a book or hobby.


Your workplace conditions or career prospects get a boost right now, but you may be distracted by romantic entanglements. Your partner wants you to be even more assertive, and you feel that things are flowing along just fine. You'll work it out.


Listen to your partner, and take their concerns into consideration, before making any travel or educational plans right now. The two of you can come to a fair solution, but it may require some heavy-duty negotiations. Unexpected arguments are a likely distraction right now.

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