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  Updated Daily to your web site - Saturday 18 November


A new job or an opportunity to start your own business may be coming soon. It may be a bit more work than you bargained for at first, but your hard work could pay off with big rewards for your bottom line.


There is a wonderful opportunity for you to solidify a friendship through a change in your basic value system. You may learn something from an acquaintance about his or her social or cultural beliefs that are radically different from your own beliefs and the resulting change of heart could bring wonderful blessings to you both.


Relationships are important right now, and you may find yourself making a lot of headway in a group or organization you belong to. Any philanthropic or charitable work you do right now could be hugely beneficial. You might have the odd disagreement, but they can be resolved with a little patience and humor.


You may be one of those overly-cautious drivers that drive everyone crazy right now. If you can't keep up the pace, stay off the highway right now. Seriously, you do need to be more aware - but being timid is worse than being aggressive. Do anticipate delays on the roads as well.


You can't make up your mind whether you are in love with love or you hate it. Your partner will want to give up trying to curb your mood swings. Be sure you let them know that the downswings are not about them, but about some roadblocks you are facing outside the relationship.


You will be asking yourself how you got so lucky right now. Someone will likely offer you some kind of plum assignment or there is a job opportunity coming that you could only describe as a dream come true. You could get paid to do something you'd happily do for free.


Relationships are challenging right now. An argument you have could be hurtful if you are not careful with your language. Try to avoid "you" - say "I feel" or "I think" instead. If you own your feelings your partner will have less to feel defensive about.

You have a strong and impulsive need to spend a lot of money right now for some reason, and you should be extremely careful, particularly with any purchase paid for by credit cards. You may regret an impulsive purchase of sporting goods or entertainment devices.


You may have to pass the time off day for a while today. If you have a doctor appointment or need to fill a prescription there may be delays. Take extra time, bring a book


Be careful if you are investing or setting up a business involving shared assets right now. This is not an auspicious day for the beginning or initiation of new shared ventures. You may find that the project drags on forever, goes nowhere, or has to be restarted at a later date.


A challenging situation in your career or workplace has you a bit on edge right now, and it is spilling over into your social life. You may find that there are terrific changes to deal with all of a sudden, especially if your business is involved in technology.


An apparent setback may prove to be an opportunity in disguise. Since it may be a difficult day for you to get your message across to others, it could be a good idea to take some time out for some mental "R&R". If you are finding it hard to get motivated, that's a message from your inner self that you need to rebuild your "space".

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