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  Updated Daily to your web site - Saturday 22 July


Unexpected entertainment expenses could put a kink in your plans this evening. You may overspend if you are not careful, because a lot of shiny new toys are grabbing your attention right now. That's okay if your budget can handle the stress, but indications are it can't.


You may be tempted to give a friend some unsolicited advice on their love life or parenting skills, but this is a good day to keep your ideas to yourself. They are not ready to hear the truth, even if they are outwardly begging for input. Wait until you can think of a tactful way to tell them what you need to say.


You and your love partner have to sit down and have a "budget debate". You might not be looking forward to it, but even if you are wealthy, chances are excellent that you are starting to live beyond your means. If you are single, a hot date tonight could be pricey.


You have a lot of energy and personal confidence right now, but you are not projecting that confidence onto your loved ones. You can clearly see someone's vulnerabilities, but you may be too hard on them. Try to give them a chance, or the benefit of the doubt.


You have an opportunity to take on a new leadership role right now. People will find you interesting, exciting and attractive right now. Your ideas will be sharp, and your creativity and personal energy will be strong. There is a romantic energy in the air.


If you are not yet a parent, and you don't want to be, be extra careful when "playing" right now. Your chart shows abundant fertility, creativity, but there are also potential mistakes involving children. If you are already a parent, watch your temper, especially with children of the opposite sex.


You can be a helpful influence in organizing coworkers right now. If you have been thinking about setting up a union or organizing a company charitable group, now is the time to look into the legal and organizational details, but it is not a good day for efforts involving confrontations.

Someone in your family, most likely your mother or a mother figure is having a little trouble with her health. Stress is the most likely cause. If you want to help out pitch in some time to get her out of the house, or away from the father figure who is likely the source of her troubles.


You have an intuitive flash that leads you to financial benefits right now. You may also find yourself drawn to more structured expressions of religious faith as a result of a positive spiritual or religious experience. You may find that your intuition or spiritual ability is strong right now.


Your wounded pride of late will be salved right now. Someone is going to make it clear they admire your leadership ability and "take charge" attitude. Don't be afraid to take the initiative, especially in romantic, playful moments. If you have kids, you may be taking them to a sporting event right now.


Friends and companions are again insisting you spend time and attention on them right now and right now you have to decide what is more important - their momentary desires, or your all too real need to get some rest. You need some space right now.


Trust your intuition right now. There is a lot of energy flying about in your financial and investment sector, and there are a lot of opposing opinions. You need to listen to the voices that are the most experienced, knowledgeable, and who advocate the least risky options.

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