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  Updated Daily to your web site - Saturday 22 July


Finally a day of rest, a day of solitude, a day of peace. You are in some desperate need for time out today and your relationships will feel even more invigorated because you will be allowing those around you to see that you are respecting yourself, before you respect anyone else.


Wandering around aimlessly today may seem like a lost cause but it is anything but. Sometimes misdirection is creating direction, especially when it comes to love. By not knowing your next move actually creates more time to know your next move.


Hold onto your hat for you are going for a ride today. There is so much happening that you won't know where to begin and how to handle it all. Instead try balancing the day with some silly fun, that way your relationships will be able to remain vigilant.


Harmony comes in many forms, one is to always be in your centre, grounded, balanced and the other is to know that life would not be the amazing adventure it is without you in it. Make time today to stop and pause, to realise how wonderful you truly are.


Why is it you cannot seem to make another person happy? The answer is actually very simple and also complex. The simple answer is because it is not your job, the complex answer is you are not ready too, for you need to find it first Leo.


Why don't you take time out today to ignore any demands on your time. Let everyone else know that you are just not available and even though you may still be here in physical appearance, emotionally and mentally you will be absent and that is perfect, well for today anyway.


Having an answer for someone would be great if you knew what the answer was but you don't and that is because you have just forgotten that it is you that holds the answers for you. It's time to get really truthful with yourself today, what is it that you do want?

Break out the champagne it's time to celebrate the release of the past and everything outdated and outworn. It's finished, it's now time to embrace the new version of you, the one who is free enough to be expressive of all their emotions within the relationship.


Open your heart even wider to include your friends, they all want to be a part of your life and share in the spontaneous fun that you are so good at. Let them in, create a play date for one or two more of your friends and enjoy.


There is a loved one in heaven giving you support, either by letting you know that they are around by a tune being played, or sung by you, by coins or feathers or even a smell. These are the many ways of saying how much you are loved.


Lying down and taking a nap is on the cards for you to do today. Relax, feet up, head back, eyes closed, is how it is done, in case you have forgotten what a nap really means. Only so much doing can be done before a burn out feeling takes over. Avoid that by taking a rest today.


It's time to challenge yourself, time to take you and a significant other out of your comfort zone and into somewhere that is quiet and uncomfortable for everyone involved, that way you will not have to work together and no one will be more qualified than the other, now that is attractive.

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