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  Updated Daily to your web site - Saturday 18 November


As Mars, warrior planet of the cosmos moves into his final three weeks in your relationship sector, the gloves have come off. After 15 months of planetary activity, Mars is the last planet and after the Moon's recent visit, your emotional responses and passions have been fuelled. It's time to start fighting for what you want from your relationships.


Just four days before the Sun is due to leave your relationship sector, a New Moon brings a chance to commit to your relationships, the future and the journey ahead. This is a New Moon that falls here at this time every year, but for the first time in over a decade you have Jupiter on board he'll stay on board until the Sun returns next year. This means you will held to your intentions, but there will also be help along the way.


It is not just the fact that Mars moves into his final three weeks in your romantic sector today that is adding a sense of urgency to his romantic passions and fighting spirit. You're just four days away from the Sun's return to your relationship sector and to serious push to bring a three year relationship boot camp home. Mars is getting in first and grabbing as much of your attention as possible.


During the 13 months that Jupiter will spend in your romantic sector there will be two New Moons. The first is now and the second will fall during the planet of luck and expansion's last full day, next November. With a lucky year for love stretching out in front of you, this is less about what this can trigger now and more a chance to commit to the journey ahead.


At the same time that there is a growing sense of romantic anticipation as both the Sun and Moon draw closer to your romantic sector, there is a push to make your life as love friendly as possible. This something that not only the Sun and Moon but Venus and Jupiter, the planets of love and luck are right behind.


While an alignment between communication and relationship forces over the last few days has created an unbreakable bond you will continue to benefit from, for now their focus is very different. Neptune's final days in retrograde motion in your relationship sector are more focused on the doors open to the past and second chances, while a New Moon on the communication front is more about moving on.


While the Moon's visit to Libra earlier the week and alignment with Mars has fired up your passion, it also put pressure on your relationships. With Mars about to do the same later in the month, you have just one final roadblock before you reach the open road. Yet with this is a chance to finally get to the heart of what you want from your relationships and what they need from you.

Fuelled and buoyed by support from Venus, planet of love over the last few days, Neptune is able to move into his final days in retrograde motion in your romantic sector with confidence. This is especially so when it comes to escaping in your imagination and the kind of romantic nostalgia that isn't limited by reality checks. Wear your rose coloured glasses with pride.


As week that began with a massive amount of support for Uranus, in retrograde motion in your romantic sector, is seeing your romantic confidence solidify. Even if your heart isn't yet as ready to accept this as readily as your heart is, you will get there. For on the horizon is a line up of planets that, between now and the end of the year, will all help to shore up and support that confidence.


Just having the Moon in a social and serendipitous part of your chart at the same time as Venus, planet of love is magical. Venus works through the laws of attraction and synchronicity and with the Moon is able to sharpen your instincts, making the signs and clues easier to read. Yet a New Moon brings an added layer of fate and with lucky Jupiter on board, this creates the potential for some fateful new encounters.


As much as you have not only reached a professionally charged part of the year, but this has no intention of slowing down, the love and relationship gods don't seem worried. Relationship forces are in an extremely good place, while the love gods still have some wildcards up their sleeve. With some smart time management there is no reason why you can't have it all.


Venus, planet of love has only been in an adventurous part of your chart for 10 days, but already she has had the best 10 days she's experienced here in over a decade. In the past week alone she has aligned with lucky Jupiter and teamed up with dreamy Neptune. This is giving you the confidence to embrace a sense of romance, adventure and nostalgia in the air.

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