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  Updated Daily to your web site - Friday 22 September


Go out on your own today and meet someone brand new or ask someone different than your usual company to join you. You could even try asking your partner to meet you somewhere for something different instead of the standard Friday, be bold and change it up.


Open up and let someone in, they are desperate for your attention and for your time. You can make time and you can let them in, it is not going to be anything you think that it might be if you do this, so let those thoughts of worry or concern leave you today.


Hold off putting someone in a position that you know that they may not be comfortable with. You do know how much you are supportive of their needs but sometimes they need you to just take a back seat and let them do some of the driving.


Going inwards to check out any thoughts or feelings that you have been having lately and discussing with yourself if they are helping you to remain in a loving state or are they taking you away from being in a loving state, is a great exercise to get started on today.


Hold off telling anyone today what you would like them to do. You're not clear on what it is that you exactly want them to do, therefore take a breath and make sure you have all the facts in check first and have some clarity before you speak today.


Buying into someone else's opinions today will lead you way off point, either way you won't quite get their point of view and it is best to let them be right. Give them the floor and just open your arms for a big embrace rather than big words.


Find some time today to let yourself settle, for the energies in play are quite strong and can easily throw you off balance. You cannot fix what needs to be fixed or mend what is broken, for neither of you will reach a solution until you both agree that today is not the day to try.

Go on an adventure today and keep it all about being romantic. Create the scene, the destination and enjoy the company you have. Some great ideas need your action, not your thinking, for romance is needed in this relationship.


Go out of your way today to share with someone in your life your true feelings with him or her, let them hear you, let them feel you, let them in a little bit more, they need your reassurance as much as you need theirs in your love life.


Hope is a wonderful feeling, for it creates an energy that surges through you to keep you going and to keep you putting one foot in front of the other. But if you are feeling doubt lately, then this will not give you the energy and will actually drain you. Hold onto hope.


Sitting away from those that do not give you a great feeling is wise to do today. There are certain people who can tend to rub you up the wrong way. It is advised to refrain from contact today so you can keep your love in check and not be persuaded to hide it, for they do not have the heart that you do.


Go outside today and embrace the elements in play, they have something to teach you. Be open to being the observer, it is always a nice chance to connect with nature, to be able to clear your head and breathe in the air for some clarity today.

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