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  Updated Daily to your web site or APP - Friday 22 September


There are two reasons why the money gods would rather that you keep your work rather than your money hat on today. Those money gods focused on income matters know the importance of making the most of the Sun's last full day in your work sector. Those money gods focused on money matters as a whole, are happy for the distraction ahead of the Moon's return to your financial sector tomorrow.


While the money gods are now more focused on money matters as a whole, they also know the importance of having your work hat on today. Especially when it comes to listening for the valuable clues, hunches and insights that can guide you through some important weeks. For right now, where work and job matters go income potential will follow.


You have moved into a few days where income and money matters are on a very different track. As Pluto moves into his final week in direct motion in your financial sector he's slowing to a crawl. This gives you time to look back through the rear view mirror. Yet in her final days in your income sector, Ceres has you looking to the future as you define your priorities.


As Ceres approaches your income sector and gets ready to take over from where Venus left off, you have a few more days to focus on the big picture. There is zero worry that income matters won't continue to evolve and grow, for that is just not in the money gods' agenda. What you have a chance to do now, is factor that in with your professional aspirations.


There are more than enough planets staying on in your income sector to keep the momentum going, allowing the Sun to make his last full day in your income sector more about paying attention. The Sun is a force that focuses on 'what is', giving you the authentic starting point that you can then build on from. It helps that you also have what's needed to do whatever it takes for as long as it takes.


The Moon and Jupiter will always align once every four weeks, somewhere in your chart. In fact the Moon will align with every planet in the solar system once every four weeks. For the last 12 months the Moon and Jupiter have aligned in your income sector, with a nose for money getting right to the heart of what's possible. As they align for one last time here for at least another decade, it is more important than ever to pay attention.


While the Moon might not return to your income sector until tomorrow, with lucky Jupiter just 19 days away, already there is a need to have your finger on the pulse and ear to the ground. This is like tuning into a radio channel before it starts to broadcast. This also means keeping your head out of the game, refusing to over think things.

Saturn might be in his final three months in your income sector, but he has only been in direct motion for four weeks. This is still early days and beyond Saturn's departure, things will continue to play out for another six months. Until Ceres' return to your career sector over the weekend, the money and professional gods are letting things settle across the income, work and career fronts.


Pluto, in retrograde motion in your income sector since April, has experienced more than his fair share of bad days. However, this is not one of those days and in fact, the planet of change and revolution is having a very good day. As Pluto moves into his final week in retrograde motion in your income sector, support from career forces kicks in.


At the same time that the Moon's last alignment with Jupiter in your career sector for another decade is providing some valuable professional clues, hunches and insights, the money gods are also paying attention. This is good news for forces on the income front in particular, with some of the best months of the year for professional and income growth still in front of you.


The Sun can often get a bad rap, especially in his last full day in your financial sector. It's the Sun's job to keep it real and to look at money matters in a black and white way and his last full day is always all about having your eyes open and head out of the sand. Yet this year the reality is that you are so well resourced that it will take surprisingly little to take your power back.


As the Moon and Jupiter align in your financial sector one last time for at least another decade, they are both aware of the significance of the Sun's return tomorrow. This is the point where instead of building towards something, you will have arrived at the point where everything will start coming together. This makes it important to trust your financial instincts and imagination.

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