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  Updated Daily to your web site or APP - Monday 18 June


It was this time last week that the Moon's first alignment with Uranus in your income sector in decades was playing out, with its implications still being felt. Now, as you get wind of new work and job developments, it becomes more important than ever to trust your nose for money and the Eureka moments being triggered.


The Sun might be all on his own as he moves into his final days in your income sector, but he has everything he needs to make the next three days count. As well as Venus' desires and expectations and Mercury's smart head for money, the Sun is working with Mars on the career front to steer this professional year in a lucrative direction.


Mercury only returned to your income sector five days ago, but here for just 15 days you have just 10 more days to work with his smart head for money. Mercury is able to work with the lucrative sense of direction Venus left you, but also the powerful forces in play on the job and career fronts. It is now all about having your head in the game.


Venus knows the power and advantage the Moon can bring as it wraps up its only visit to your income sector while the planet of money is here. Venus is here for another three weeks, but it's the Moon's nose for money that can not only help you steer things in a lucrative direction, but bring the boost in confidence you need. You can't sense what isn't there and if you feel it, it is because there are opportunities.


With Neptune in his last full day in direct motion in your financial sector ahead of his retrograde turn tomorrow, all the focus is on money matters. As the Moon approaches your income sector there will be a chance to take advantage of the fact that money matters are stepping back. On both the income and financial fronts, choose to take a wait and see approach.


With the Moon just days away from your income sector, there will be time enough then to get a read on and pay attention to income matters. Until then the focus is more about gaining what you can from an alignment between Juno and Eris in your financial sector. This is giving you the kind of insight and conviction that allows you to not only commit to a financial game plan and resolutions, but the right ones.


There is likely to be another wave of excitement and anticipation building across the income, work and career fronts. While this has come in waves, this time there is some serious help as Jupiter moves into his final weeks in retrograde motion in your income sector. The cavalry is on the way, with still plenty of untapped income potential.

When the Sun leaves your financial sector in three days' time this will end all planetary activity, with the next few days vital for taking care of financial housekeeping. The Sun's return will shift the money gods' focus onto income matters and the timing couldn't be better. However, when it comes to money matters, while the Sun is here, keep your eyes open and head out of the sand.


Mercury is only in your financial sector for 15 days and five days down and 10 to go, this is giving you a chance to quickly get your head in the game. Yet Mercury's smart head for money is also a bridge between Venus' desires and expectations and the Sun's reality checks, when he returns in three days time.


The Moon's only visit to your financial sector while Venus is here is wrapping up. While no longer aligned the Moon and Venus, planet of money are still working together to fuel your financial confidence, instincts and imagination. This is one time when a confident and creative approach to money matters will beat a smart head for money hands down.


In this last full day in direct motion in your income sector, dreamy Neptune is now at a standstill. No longer moving forward, yet not turning back until tomorrow, the past and the future can wait. This means that it is all about today and the moment. Regardless of where you've been and the 'when, where and how', let your daydreams stay in their own bubble today.


Venus' return to your work sector each year is always about fuelling your job confidence, attracting opportunities and steering things in a lucrative direction. Yet as the Moon wraps up its own visit, an alignment between Juno and Eris on the income front is helping to not just steer things in a lucrative direction, but provide that lucrative sense of direction.

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