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The real benefit that comes from the Moon's recent visit to your income sector, is that when new doors open on the career front next week you're able to point them in a lucrative sense of direction from the get go. You have reached a point in your financial year where it is the professional gods and your own nose for money that will keep the wheels turning on the income front.


As she moves into her final 10 days in your career sector, Venus has received a massive boost from the Moon's visit over the last few days. As well as a confidence boost, this has left you with the nose for money that will make her lucrative sense of direction even clearer. Venus will work to attract income opportunities, but is equally focused on pointing work and job matters in a lucrative direction.


A day after Mars left your income sector the Sun is now in his last full day, with the Moon fortuitously at his side. The Sun's focus is on what is. While Mars left you with goals to strive for, the Sun's focus is on an authentic and realistic starting point. Because of that the Sun can look at things in a black and white way. And of course nothing is ever black and white. The Moon's nose for money will allow you to read between the lines.


As Mars spends his first full day in your income sector he has Mercury and his smart head for money to draw on. But it is already clear that there is something fateful in play. Mars returns with the warrior planet of the cosmos needing to fight for what you deserve. Yet for the first time in 36 years Mars has returned to find fate in play and everything you would normally have to fight for, already has your name on it.


You have reached a point in the year where the main push on the job and career fronts is over for the year. Yet with this is a solid foundation and momentum to draw on. This puts you in the perfect position as you begin lining up for next week's income developments. You know enough to keep work and career matters on track, with the focus shifting to the money.


When the Moon left your career sector yesterday, as well as leaving you with sharp professional instincts and some valuable clues, hunches and insights, it left you with a lucrative sense of direction. An alignment of income and career forces has made a sense of professional direction and a lucrative sense of direction one in the same.


There is a new sense of finality on the financial front as a whole, in terms of knowing where things stand. The money gods aren't going to bring anything new into play so it is more about staying on track. This gives you a chance to start looking ahead, with the focus shifting from the financial developments until now to the income developments ahead.

As Venus moves into her final 10 days in your financial sector she is feeling a lot more confident and emboldened. And this is likely to rub off on you. Thanks to Venus' alliance with lucky Jupiter and alignment with the Moon before it left your financial sector yesterday, you will find your financial confidence, instincts and imagination fuelled.


A day after Mars left your financial sector and as the Sun is spending his last full day here, the Moon couldn't have timed its return any better. Having come full circle from last month's New Moon, the Moon not only returns to sharpen your financial instincts, but all your original intentions and resolutions. This time around you know now what you didn't then, with a lot of things falling into perspective.


As Mars, warrior planet of the cosmos spends his first full day in your financial sector he will be surprised by what is already laid out. Not only is Mercury and his smart head for money on board, but there is potential across the income and financial fronts just waiting for the right conditions. First impressions suggest that this is something bigger than anything you could accomplish on your own.


In his last full day in your work sector the Sun is carrying on the legacy Mars created earlier in the week. An alignment with Chiron, in retrograde motion in your income sector sends a message of solidarity. With the spotlight on your work situation and job matters, this will also help reveal all the untapped income potential as well.


If you are younger than 91, which most of us will be, then you have had Eris in your income sector for your entire lifetime. Since returning in 1926 Eris will always turn retrograde at this time each year, always opening the doors to the past, second chances and untapped income potential. Yet this year the support from both work and career forces is off the chart.

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