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The biggest dangers that you face professionally at the moment is a lack of faith and over thinking things. The closer you get to major changes and developments on the career front next month and the stronger a sense of anticipation grows, so too are the fears. After all, what if you're just imagining this? Rest assured, you're not.


The one thing you can assume as Mars moves into his final three weeks in your work sector, is that things are about to get a lot busier. These will always be the busiest weeks in a two year period, but even more so as Mars brings 15 months of planetary activity to an end and it coincidences with final phase of a professional year. This brings a need to pace yourself.


A New Moon in your work sector is an annual event, always falling at this time of year and always brings an opportunity for new beginnings. This late in the professional year, this can often bring the push to bring things home. Yet with lucky Jupiter here for the next year there is nothing to bring home, with one professional year set to flow into the next. This is however a chance to commit to the exciting journey ahead.


Even if things weren't destined to start coming together on the job front next week, this would still be an important time to pull back and have fun. Even the professional gods know the importance of embracing today's playful and romantically charged New Moon, more because they know that this will boost your productivity and creativity.


As you wait for next month's major developments on the job front, Mars gives you a chance to explore some wild ideas and to really think outside the box. Moving through a smart and intellectually savvy part of your chart, Mars gives you the courage to take your mind in bold new directions. With the potential for major change ahead, this is the perfect time for some lateral thinking.


With a Full Moon in your career sector early next month and new job developments in the New Year, there is a lot to get excited about. However, at this stage there is nothing to be gained from over thinking things or jumping the gun. Instead make the most of a chance to float ideas and explore your options, without the pressure of having to make decisions.


The professional gods are not only happy with the support from income forces, but are happy for the distraction. Ahead of Neptune's direct turn on the job front next week he is slowing down to a crawl, with the focus on income matters making it less important whether things are moving on the job front or not. That will change when the tide turns next week.

As things get ready to start moving on the income front next week, it is not only important to have a clear sense of professional direction, it is likely to be happening naturally. As Mercury moves forward on the income front he is drawing closer to an alignment with the North Node on the career front tomorrow, the forces that is giving you a sense of professional direction.


While you can afford to pull back as you move into the final weeks of this professional year, there is still plenty of momentum. Also the concept of pulling back is relative to hectic pace of the past, with enough already invested to ease back on the accelerator. This is one year where you can cruise to a controlled stop, rather than hit the brick wall at the end of the year still at top speed.


Mars, warrior planet of the cosmos moves into his final three weeks in your career sector today and as he does this will see a new sense of urgency kick in. That would have been the case regardless of what time of year Mars was visiting, but more so as you the end of the professional year comes into sight. Don't let Mars bully you into working yourself in the ground.


A New Moon in the Sun's final days in your career sector would normally mean a push now to get things moving and then a slow run to the end of your professional year. That is not the case this year and with Jupiter staying on and Mars just three weeks away, this year will only get busier. The tailwind being generated now will take you through the rest of this year and much of next year.


There are two reasons why the professional gods are standing back today, making it more than okay to take your professional hat off. The first is that with the Moon returning to your career sector tomorrow and the Sun next week, their turn will come. But more importantly there is a sense of adventure in the air today that can help you to think outside the box professionally.

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