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  Updated Daily to your web site - Sunday 21 January


You are more focused and certain right now and have a better grasp on your financial future. You may find money in or around the home that helps you pay off an impulsive purchase. You may be hearing about a raise, bonus or financial gift heading your way.


There is a big secret being kept in your workplace. There may be a merger or acquisition or some big shuffle in the executive boardroom that will have an impact on your daily work schedule. There is an opportunity for advancement in the picture.


You can get from place to place more quickly right now, and there will be a lot of paperwork to be done right now. You have a lot of extra physical energy. There could be an unexpected opportunity for you to travel, get out for some fun and recreation.


Keep your hands on your pocketbook right now, and if there are any last-minute sales pitches, or a bargain that has to be had "now or never", go for "never". It won't be the deal that it seems to be, especially if the sales pitch comes from someone you know.


This is a challenging day for anyone in your sign who does a lot of paperwork. You may find that the words and letters swim around on the paper and if you are reading online, the monitor is giving you a headache. Take frequent breaks, your mind is like a sponge that needs wringing out.


If you play your cards right, you could get some very positive attention from a boss or other authority figure right now. You may also be taking up a positive political cause or taking leadership in your community in some way soon.


You need to get out of your own way if you want to take advantage of the potential of the day. You may find yourself reacting to a loved one or family member, but it may turn out that they were only trying to help or did not have the motives you assumed.

Your energy for working, getting the chores done and getting some exercise has come back. You may finally get the energy to clean up the old homestead, taking out trash, cleaning up attics, painting or renovating, in order to build a more comfortable home.


Unexpected challenges in the workplace may upset your plans for the day, but don't let that get you down! You have some friends and companions who can make good use of a sudden opening in your schedule. You'll be able to get together to have some fun.


Friends and companions will come together and the groups of people you communicate with or hang out around will be a veritable collection of entertaining eccentricity. You will get odd or unusual phone calls, and someone may have money for you.


You'll have wonderful opportunities to make friends and meet new people right now. Your energy is a lot more fun-loving and upbeat, and you enjoy any challenges you face. You and your significant other are overdue to be spoiled. If you are looking for a treat, consider a spa treatment or massage.


This will be another romantic day, but there is an air of change that is a little challenging. If you are still single, you could meet someone who meets your criteria for a "serious" relationship. If you are already married, you are likely to have "serious" discussions with your spouse.

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