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  Updated Daily to your web site - Monday 18 June


Expect an interesting and mixed day where you socialize a lot, but where not everything goes your way. Be prepared to compromise with friends and loved ones who seem a little "on edge". The more you give the more you get right now. Be prepared to be asked to give - as in "compromise" - a lot.


You are considering a last-minute vacation or weekend getaway, but the fact is that you don't have all the pieces in place. Make sure you can get the time off, that you have enough money, and that all your medications, documentation and communications options are in place.


You have dreams of winning the lottery and though that's unlikely to happen, you do have opportunities to make some of your fantasies of "big bucks" come true right now. The focus is on your career and the challenges you face to make a long-term prosperity plan functional.


The workplace is going to be a little challenging right now. The office politics are all about the male-female dynamic in the workplace. If you want to avoid a major power struggle, keep your own nose clean, dry and firmly stuck to the grindstone right now.


There may be many big changes coming in your workplace. There could be a shuffle of management, or a change in policies that dramatically impacts your workday. You may not welcome these changes at first, but in the end it will be to your benefit.


You will again be focused on investments and savings right now, but there are some unexpected twists and turns in store. You may decide to make more changes than you first planned on, because you strongly feel the need to ensure your future stability.


Power and generosity of spirit make your heart centre open right now. You have an opportunity to make a big, positive change in your love life. You may learn something new about your partner. If you are single, you could find yourself attracted to someone dramatically different.

You are not sure why you feel so cranky and tired right now, but you are coming across as disagreeable and you could end up annoying a coworker that you are normally friends with if you are not more careful. On the upside, your intuition for investment opportunities is sharp.


After a few days of stress and confusion, everything seems to run smoothly for you. Take a deep breath and enjoy the day! No matter the weather, the sun will shine, the birds will sing, and you will feel that your connection with your spiritual Source is guiding you.


Don't spend too much money on creative or playful projects right now. You are likely to find yourself investing big dollars in sporting equipment that lies around the garage the next few months. Try a used sporting goods store, or rent until you are 100% sure this new thing is "it".


If you want to take control in your family at present, you are going to have to act like a dictatorial warden in a madhouse. Everyone has dramatically opposed ideas about just about everything. Don't take it too personally if no-one listens to you right now.


You may be overdue for a sit-down, drag-out discussion on the household expenses and budget right now. You may have a disagreement or misunderstanding over medical or healthcare expenses. There may need to be changes in your lifestyle as a result.

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