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  Updated Daily to your web site - Saturday 22 July


You could use a little time to yourself at a spa, the salon, or just a nice long walk alone. You will have an opportunity to treat yourself, so go for it with the gusto it deserves. You need to give yourself a pat on the back, it will bring rewards.


If you are worried about your future you cannot escape those concerns by booking a flight to Aruba on your credit cards. You may find much greater comfort right now by sitting down with a financial or spiritual advisor than sitting on a beach. Granted, the latter idea will have greater appeal.


You may find yourself making impulsive decisions in the office or work place right now, and may regret speaking up at the wrong moment. It may be in your interests to maintain a quiet, behind-the-scenes profile right now, to listen carefully rather than try to force your opinion at this time.


Your ability to charm has returned full force. People see you as a leader, and are interested in what you have to say. You have a powerful new idea that could really change things. Take a chance to pitch it to the powers that be - right now you have a decent shot at making something wonderful happen.


Your phone will be ringing off the hook right now. If you are single and have been waiting for someone special to call, this is the day they will likely ring you up - but you may already have other plans. That's too bad isn't it? You know what they say about early birds ...


You are planning an upcoming outing or get-together when you realize that two of the people you wanted to get together are fighting like cats and dogs. There may be a compromise possible if you can delay the party a while. Otherwise, you may have to separate them.


If you are a parent you are going to find it hard to say no to a child's request for money right now. It may be that you just can't afford it, but it is more likely that the loved one is asking for something that they should really earn themselves. You may have to get creative to find ways to teach them how to do that.

A financial opportunity may come your way through a friend or coworker. A small investment could pay back many times both socially and financially. You may find any risk is balanced by other, unexpected rewards or benefits.


Today it is the "male-female" relationship that has raised your temperature. This may be because of a relationship in your own life, or from observations of others. Remember that your point of view has a distinct and personal colour.


Despite the fact that there are positive developments in your financial security, you still feel tense and anxious. Your fears right now are likely to be just that - phobias, fears, irrational and negative fantasies. Ask yourself just what all this worry will accomplish.


Even a small amount of "quality time" would go a long way towards improving your relationship with your family. You need to spend a little bit more play and re-creation time with your loved ones.


You are likely to get even more unusual or interesting phone calls right now, but people are a little less warm and fuzzy than yesterday. Someone is likely to call up to demand to know where you have been, what you are doing and why you aren't paying them more attention.

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