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  Updated Daily to your web site - Wednesday 25 April


Your intuition may not be so hot right now, especially where it comes to authority figures and older males. Don't rely on that sixth-sense "cop radar" to let you know when it is safe to push the limits. Don't confront anyone who seems unreasonable right now.


Be careful if you are investing or setting up a business involving shared assets right now. This is not an auspicious day for the beginning or initiation of new shared ventures. You may find that the project drags on forever, goes nowhere, or has to be restarted at a later date.


Believe in yourself and your ideas. You may have an insight that could prove profitable if you establish a long-term game plan. Make sure any financial planning is geared for stability and slow growth, but don't be afraid to sink some time, effort and money into your hobbies too.


You will be out shopping right now for computers, telephones, or home entertainment devices, most likely. The problem is that there are too many choices and you are not sure if you are really getting the best bargains. Shop around! Don't be afraid to put off a major purchase.


You are likely to be spending some more time in the bookstore right now, this time to find a "How to" book for a creative hobby, or an over-the-top wild and passionate romance to read on your time off. You need reading material that is a little lighter than your normal choices.


Watch your temper right now, especially if you are a parent. Your children have found every hot button under your collar and they will be pushing them for all they are worth. If you are not a parent, you may find that some of your friends are acting like children.


Paperwork, research, documentation and reading may all pose special challenges right now. Take your time, and don't allow yourself to be pressured into making snap decisions before all the information is in. Drive carefully, there may be delays or detours right now.

Friends and companions could invite you out for a little fun on the town this evening. If you are single, they may have secret plans to set up a meeting with someone that they would like to see you with. If you are not single, you may be going out with another couple.


You will be opening your mind to new concepts and political ideas, based on information you find online or through social media. You may find that there is an unusual or alternative news source that is more reliable or accurate than traditional media sources.?


You can have a lot of fun if you surround yourself with children right now. If you are not a parent borrow some from your friends, neighbors or a sibling for a sporting event or some kind of playful fun, and give their hardworking parents a well-deserved break at the same time.


You may find that a lecture or class is getting more interesting, especially if you are learning about alternative health care or holistic treatments. You have an opportunity to learn something that could dramatically improve your health or lifestyle.


If you are a parent, you have to face some challenges relating to the future career or educational choices of your children. If you are not yet a parent, you will find that you are confused about the next step to take in your own career or social ambitions.

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