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  Updated Daily to your web site - Saturday 18 November


Some family secret is out in the open now and while it was liberating at first, it becomes apparent that there is hard work to be done to get your life back on track. You may have disagreements with family members over this, or over the changes you have made in your life recently.


Family members are likely to be tense and wound up right now. There are big, important events to attend to, and they may feel a bit overwhelmed by the responsibility. That's why they seem to be so impatient with you right now. You can help by staying focused.


Watch the budget right now. You may be tempted to spend a lot of your discretionary budget on entertainment, movies, and hobbies that don't have much lasting value. If you must do some recreational spending, make it on something with some staying power.


Don't listen to your intuition right now. It might be better to keep the lid on some juicy gossip, especially where it comes to other people's secrets. Gossip could get you into real trouble with a person who has some difficulty controlling their anger.


You have a wonderful opportunity for romance right now. If you are still single, you may find that friends and companions are winking and nudging you towards someone that they want you to meet. If you are not single, don't be afraid to "go over the top" when expressing your appreciation right now.


You're going to learn that there are more and deeper sides to your own nature than you allow yourself to believe. A psychic experience or an emotional encounter will show you that you can reach deep spiritual levels if you choose to. You may get advice from someone via a long-distance phone call.


Be careful when forming new partnerships or connections, both financial and personal. You are not seeing the whole person, just your hopes, or perhaps fears, in some cases. You are apt to take risks you might not consider prudent under other conditions.

Someone is making wedding plans! Whether that is you, or someone you love, the atmosphere will be dreamy, idealistic and romantic, and for once, you won't be in the mood to fight it. You will want to treat yourself to something special right now.


You have a problem with abuse of power, and right now you are tempted to strike out against a teacher, doctor, lawyer or police officer who is abusing their trust in some way. Be careful. You have discovered a way you can make a difference, but it is a risky endeavor.


You will find great pleasure in doing ordinary chores right now. Cleaning and fixing things up around the house could prove to be cathartic. You have a bit of stress that needs working out, but that energy to good work in clearing out the old cobwebs, literally and figuratively.


You will get an eye-opening experience if you are studying, researching, writing, or surfing the Internet right now. You could come across some truly shocking, mind-altering information. You are going to tell someone "You won't believe what I just read!"


You have the potential to be a leader in the workplace, but you may have been hiding that potential because you have feared the responsibility up until now. Sudden and unexpected changes in the workplace could lead to dramatic changes in your position.

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