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Use the extra vitality you feel wisely, work out what you want to achieve and focus your energy in the best way you can. Don't fritter away time wasting it on one thing after another. Expand your outlook and examine your personal life too. There are positive surprises in your relationship. If single, those you meet are especially pleasant and appealing.


You’re outgoing and optimistic attitude makes you popular, you feel confident about meeting new people and striking up conversations. The impression you portray is of understanding and sympathy and you may well encounter someone important - even the love of your life. Sort out any previous differences otherwise you end up feeling needlessly upset.


You want to be with others and take part in activities with them, or organize something and enjoy the feeling you get of togetherness. You might be keen to make new friends and don't have to wait too long, because others find the way you behave captivating. Enjoy the attention you receive and let yourself be stimulated and inspired by the people you meet.


You can improve your situation by being more aware of your surroundings and the people you are familiar with. In doing so you come to doubt some assumptions you have made and are able to clear up mistakes and improve contacts with people you may have previously criticized. As a result you’re able to improve all your personal relationships.


You quickly finish any intellectual work, whether written, conversations or negotiations or so-called 'brain work'. Your colleagues are particularly impressed with you. Take note of the opinions of others, they prove to be of great worth to you in the future. If you feel restless, maybe take a short trip, or do something else to occupy and relax your mind.


Nothing stands in your way, cooperating with others seemingly helps most of your group activities turn out to be very rewarding. You’re able to encourage others and make progress with any project without too many hitches. All this goes a long way to creating bonds of trust that last a long way into the future and help you through less advantageous times.


You confidently take on challenges, you’re particularly lucky in finding ways to overcome obstacles in your way. Appearing more sociable you’re appreciated by those you meet and could be preferred over someone else for no obvious reason. Be careful, the envy and jealousy this creates can destroy any good-will you have previously enjoyed.

Feeling really energetic, ready to take on any task, it may actually be that you’ve finally relinquished any doubts and feel completely positive. Whatever the case you have a lot of interesting ideas you feel totally ready to pursue, you're raring to go and absolutely enthusiastic about being in such a promising position to accomplish your ideas and desires.


Your aptitude for reshaping entrenched positions and bringing people together comes to the fore, you're full of creative ideas and have a keen sense of what's really important. In your personal life too, you’re not afraid to confront issues and deal with situations, thinking appropriately you see how to clear up old confusions, but don't forget to take time to relax.


Your self-confident manner pays off and you’re seen as a leading light - you successfully put ideas into practice and display a particularly good attitude when it comes to accommodating the wishes of others. Such a frank approach is sometimes a bit too much, but breathes new life into relationships as others discover new aspects of your personality.


Your positive mood helps create promising circumstances and you make progress, either through your own efforts or by good fortune alone. Retain a sense of modesty in case others become envious. Such an optimistic approach helps you feel confident, which is a turn on others find attractive. Your enthusiasm keeps the fun factor going, don't overdo it.


You’re proficient and accomplished at whatever task you choose to undertake and you’re happy to take on more, which certainly pleases anyone you help. You do this in a way so people are pleased to share with you in your achievements and have no feelings of jealousy or resentment towards you. You may want to arrange a get together with your friends.

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