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You could adopt a 'once bitten, twice shy' attitude or approach to more than one area of your world this month. After all, if you invested effort in specific ways previously and no satisfactory result was forthcoming, would it not be a waste of time to do so again? Ah, that's where the saying 'action causes reaction' comes in. You might finally receive the reaction you hoped for with effort made in the past. It's a case of 'better late than never,' but hopefully this will encourage you to take one or two more bold steps where they're needed.


People can be too quick sometimes to ask, 'what's in it for me?' when making effort on someone else's behalf. This month, you could be asking yourself that question as you continue to commit yourself in a particular area. Although the benefits to you might not be immediate and could be invisible at this early stage, that doesn't mean they don't exist. During January, it would be wise to assume that, by showing faith and remaining committed in some way, you're doing something that will undoubtedly bring clear benefits in the near future.


This month, try to refrain from believing 'your way is best' and that you're right, someone else is wrong, and that's all there is to it. It's important to trust that you're in safer hands than you believe yourself to be. Despite your fears, someone will not let you down. At some point during January, you and they will finally agree a way forward that suits both of you. As you become more trusting of them, you'll find they connect with what you want or need from them in new and helpful ways.


Your ability to nurture and protect knows no bounds. Neither does your sense of compassion, but it could become clear this month that an arrangement between you and a particular person needs to alter. This will involve your needs being taken more into consideration and not before time. It's not that someone is selfish or has gone to great lengths to ignore the imbalance that exists in your relationship. They might just need enlightening about what you're no longer prepared to accept or tolerate.


There can be a fine line sometimes between determination and stubbornness. The same applies to persistence and inflexibility. Events this month will require you to be more flexible or at least willing to bend a rule or two that you've adhered to diligently and passionately. There might have been a time when it was necessary to do so, but a shift in circumstances this month will encourage you to assess honestly your reasons for clinging so tightly to a particular system or methodology. It's time to regain control over a routine that has controlled you for too long.


'Today,' as the old saying goes, 'is the tomorrow we worried about yesterday.' It's interesting that the word 'worry' is derived from the Anglo-Saxon word, 'weirgan' which means 'to strangulate.' This month, you could find it difficult to shake off a worry or two. This might have something to do with how you're seen in the eyes of certain others or if you're in a position to deliver something promised. In truth, the greatest sense of pressure you experience this month will come from you. Relax, do your best, and all will be fine.


There could be times this month when you wonder if you've been privy to information nobody else has had access to. Certain others in your world might wonder the same. After all, how can you be so buoyant and optimistic? What could possibly instill such a strong sense of confidence within you? Coming events will give you more than one reason to smile and feel reassured. All that matters is, you believe your trust in whatever causes you to feel so upbeat isn't misplaced.

This month, you could find yourself saying the words, 'the time has come.' At a time of year when millions of people make resolutions they hope to stick with, you appear determined and focused on a plan of action that might have had to wait until now. So, now that 'now' has arrived, what's your plan of action? Ah, that question might require a bit of thought, but that's good news. Events this month help you to focus on a new chapter unfolding in your world. But, before you can commence it properly, you'll need a solid plan. Make that your mission.


There's a difference between being effective and efficient. The former implies we're going through the motions of doing something that will produce the desired result, but we won't go above the call of duty. The latter suggests we're not only doing what's expected of us but are managing to apply ourselves in a way that exceeds an expectation. You're a clever so-and-so. Remind one or two people of this by being efficient this month. You have a superb chance to impress others and boost your pride levels by doing so.


If you received more praise, would you welcome or be suspicious of it? If you felt more loved and wanted, would you embrace or be uncomfortable with it? The answers to both questions will become clearer this month as fantastic cosmic support is on offer to bring more recognition, praise and, above all, love to your world. Don't be shy or modest when all of the above come your way. You know you've earned and deserve each. Now, it's time for others in your world to acknowledge this.


When's the last time you sang 'Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah'? Plenty of sunshine is heading your way this month, even if it probably takes from the middle of January onwards to reach you. However, to say you're being pushed a particular direction you've long wanted to head toward is an understatement. You might believe you've had valid reasons for delaying or even abandoning a certain aspiration close to your heart. This month, more than one opportunity presents itself to revive it.


Many people wish they were blessed with the powerful, intuitive abilities you possess. It probably took you beyond childhood before you realized not everyone was able to connect with their intuition in ways you can. You learned to trust it long ago, and this month, you'll be making superb use of it. You're right to reject what appears obvious in a situation or arrangement. What might appear unfamiliar or disconcerting at first will reveal its true potential if you're willing to trust what your inner voice is trying to get you to acknowledge.

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