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Reduce your stress and frustration levels this month by adhering to the motto, 'more haste, less speed.' It might feel as if pressure is increasing, and there aren't enough hours in the day but, it's by trying to force developments rather than allowing them to unfold at their own pace that will cause irritation. Your ruler, Mars, winds down and enjoys a two-month slumber. While in a weakened state, progress is unlikely to happen as quickly as you want it to. However, if you keep your impatience in check and don't lose sight of your goals, then all will be fine.


June brings superb opportunities, especially if you've been considering ways to boost your income. However, you'll need to ensure any money-enhancing action plan is implemented by the 13th to seize the benefits of the New Moon influencing earned income. Be willing to look closely at talents you're not making the most of that, if applied in new ways, can equate to more money. This theme continues with your career, too. Career progression could rely on you becoming more focused on what you want and don't want, learning new skills or getting your head around new technologies. Modernizing could require compromising, but you can do it!


Your mind could constantly whir during June, with ideas arriving so quickly, even you will struggle to process them all. However, you're at risk of overthinking certain matters and could find better results come from letting them simmer in the background, rather than mulling them over constantly. Just as you feel ready to take action with some of your mind's creations, you could discover, near the end of June, circumstances beyond your control mean one or two brilliant plans get sidelined or delayed. Should this happen, take it as a cosmic hint that you might have a two-month preparation process to focus on. All in good time, my Geminian friend.


The cosmos appears keen to bring calmness and reassurance where you'd like to experience and receive both. Firstly, you're encouraged to look inward at your emotional and spiritual needs. You might feel time spent on your own to make more sense of the meaning of your life is needed. It's also possible you'll be supportive of someone who needs compassionate understanding you can offer. Another feel-good factor comes from Venus influencing your earnings and self-confidence. More money, particularly from an underused talent, will be handy and feeling more loved and appreciated will transform your outlook on more than one area of your world.


In areas of your world where you've believed everything was hunky dory or ticking along predictably, the cosmos appears keen to shake things up. You needn't fear any shocking or sudden surprises. If anything, you're encouraged to accept where complacency has set in and how you're missing out on delightful opportunities because you'd prefer to stick with what what's familiar or comfortable. Guess what? The cosmos has other ideas about what would bring deeper levels of satisfaction and fulfillment, and that's what June is all about it. You're about to replace outdated ideas and visions with newer and far more inspiring ones.


You could feel as if brakes have been applied to more than one area of your world and feel unsure initially regarding why. The cosmos appears keen to target your work, health, and day-to-day routines, and it might feel as if you must reassess each area and make fresh plans to replace those you thought were ticking along quite nicely. It's important to accept and trust that the cosmos has your back with this. You might feel forced into coming up with new plans but these, as you'll see very soon, are bound to be more suitable and promising. Don't allow resentment to delay getting these made and underway. The sooner you do, the sooner you receive the rewards!


The first half of June could see you trying to balance domestic matters with professional needs constantly, and you have a chance to benefit from Venus' influence with the latter until June 13. After then, Venus focuses on friendships and the social scene. This could offer delightful distractions from home and work matters that have received much focus recently, and you can make fantastic plans or, better still, get a few underway with a little help from your friends. With passion and energy planet Mars winding down and enjoying a two-month rest from June 26, you have a chance to redress how you pursue life's pleasures or express yourself creatively. You could be surprised what you come up with during Mars' two-month slumber.

Financial matters, especially joint arrangements, get put on a firmer footing this month, and you might need to seek the advice of someone who knows their stuff, like an accountant or financial adviser to ensure no loopholes are overlooked. You might feel a domestic matter is the biggest source of frustration and fueled by a belief that certain circumstances are beyond your control. Any uncomfortable, uncertain or disruptive influences are unlikely to wane overnight, and it might be the end of August before you can breathe a sigh of relief. However, recognition you receive could make up for any frustration. Your skills or talents are about to be noticed and praised by someone whose opinion you value. Push modesty aside and accept it!


If any relationship or commitment has become complacent or you've been unsure where it's heading, then a New Moon on the 13th brings a brilliant, fresh start. With disruptive Uranus ceasing to influence affairs of the heart last month, you have a chance to put new plans of action in place regarding how you'd ideally like to see a relationship develop - or blossom. This same positive energy applies to business arrangements, and contracts would be best signed between the June 13 and 20. From the end of June, you might feel you must work harder to generate ideas or communicative yourself effectively. This confusing and frustrating energy is unlikely to wane until the end of August, so expect conversations and decision-making to be sluggish!


Your focus is shifting to change occurring on the work and possibly health fronts, and there could be something exciting about an 'enough is enough' attitude you're applying to either or both. Your best move would be to explore and weigh up your options during the first half of June and then adopt a gung-ho attitude toward changes you want to bring. Then, the focus shifts to what you earn - and how you spend or invest it! The end of June might coincide with an earnings or money-related plan being sidelined or delayed, but this gives you a chance to look closely at talents you possess and if money received so far reflects their worth. Exploring new options regarding putting your effort and talents to better use could prove revealing and inspiring!


We've all seen or been involved in races where someone starts off before a starting pistol sounds. This usually involves getting back in place and waiting for another chance to start the race properly. You might feel your life is subject to such annoying starts or stops, especially until the end of June when plans that were ticking along fine come to a virtual standstill for no apparent reason. There is a reason, and it involves energy and motivation planet Mars commencing a two-month slumber in your sign. When Mars is weakened, we feel weakened, and you might sense your ambition, motivation, and overall energy have nosedived. However, try to see the plus points to this. To embark upon goals related to the next phase of your life, you must take some quiet time to get your ducks in a row. This 'down time' is to be appreciated, not resented.


Your focus is likely to be on home and family matters until the middle of the month, and you could start to see lines of communication improving on the family front. With Venus influencing your work and daily routines from June 13, expect a greater sense of harmony and teamwork with colleagues or employees. For some Pisceans, an office romance isn't out of the question, either. Neither is finding love in the last places you'd probably look for it, such as doctors' or dentists' waiting rooms, with someone you see but have never spoken with on the way to work or anywhere connected with health or fitness. If you're a single Piscean, then take your pick! By the end of June, you could feel your energy levels dip, making you more introspective and internal. A two-month period of 'you time' might seem like an age but will be enormously helpful and inspiring when considering how to pursue a goal or two.

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