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The cosmos appears determined this month to ensure the feel-good factor that started to permeate your world last month continues during September. Much of this will come from developments in your love life and opportunities to sample 'the finer things in life.' Another area the cosmos is focusing effort on surrounds your work, health and 'service to others' generally. If you're a Ram keen to explore new work options or opportunities, then coming weeks could bring an improvement or significant change, depending on how you focus your efforts.


A strong sense of pride could come from effort made in the past and present where your home and family are concerned. Don't allow modesty to cause you to ignore praise coming your direction for whatever you've instigated domestically. It's not only this that brings a fantastic feel-good factor to your world this month. The cosmos is focusing exceptional effort on enhancing romance and pleasure. Meeting or connecting with a certain person is not out of the question. If you're an attached Taurean, then intimacy between you and the object of your affections could be like nothing you've experienced in a while – or before!


If you've felt recently that your words have been falling on deaf ears or others seemed to be missing points made, then coming weeks will reassure you that you're being listened to. From as early as the 5th, delays to particular plans are no longer an issue. What transpires career-wise on or around the Full Moon on the 6th could have you punching the air with delight. You deserve praise and recognition coming your way. As the month draws to a close, a home-related plan or project could also bring a reason to celebrate. A very pleasing and pivotal month awaits!


Last month's eclipses put the spotlight squarely on your earnings and finances. This month, you can expect more progress on financial fronts. This could be evident in the first few days of September, too. One way or another, your bank balance looks set to become healthier due to a financial matter finally being resolved or you seizing a fantastic opportunity to boost your income. Coming weeks will also indicate how much clout your words carry, so be aware of how less verbal force will be needed to make a point or get your way with certain discussions!


If you've felt recently that a cherished ambition was dangled cruelly in front of you and out of reach, then coming weeks could make it possible for you to grab it with both hands. Your passion levels are focused on something – or someone – to encourage a new and exciting chapter to commence. Don't rule out ways in which destiny is helping to take you to a stage in life that you need to be at. All eyes could be upon you, but for all the right reasons. This is a month of well-deserved praise and recognition - and in more than one area of your world!


You'll have a clear idea about what you're working behind the scenes to plan or complete and might need to keep certain individuals at bay who want to know what you're up to. As far as you're concerned, a plan or announcement will be made when you're ready to do so. Be prepared for a month that exceeds expectations wherever you choose to focus your efforts. Where you might be prepared for a struggle, you could discover a result is achieved with less effort than you anticipated. Your love life might receive attention from others – but you'll love the attention you attract!


If anyone has been in awe of your ability to circulate or network in the past, then their jaws will drop when they see what you're capable of this month. Whether your efforts to connect are for business or pleasure, it could become clear that success isn't always about what you know – but who you know! At least one person is intrigued by you and what you can offer in a particular way. If your desire to attract isn't focused on business or friendships but affairs of the heart instead, then this could be a very pleasing and memorable month in that respect, too!

Plans that commenced last month around the Solar Eclipse on August 21 start to move up a gear this month. For many Scorpions, something career-related commenced and, from as early as the 3rd and 5th of September, a professional pursuit could be launched properly. A Full Moon on the 6th highlights affairs of the heart, taking a relationship to a new and exciting level or possibly bringing news related to a child or children. The feel-good factor continues as the month draws to a close as it becomes clear a cherished dream has potential to become something more.


Where you might have felt restricted or hamstrung regarding career aspirations, a red light turns to green this month. It will likely become clear that you don't need to keep downsizing professional aspirations or settling for an arrangement that suits someone else more than it suits you. This month, and well into October, you're blessed with all the effort and motivation you need to achieve a spectacular work-related result. Your knowledge, expertise and talents look set to be put to better use – and in ways that will fill you with an enormous sense of pride.


It will likely become clear as the month commences that you have knowledge and experience that deserve to be shared with others. You're being encouraged in amazing ways to communicate and share your ideas, and many Sea Goats could find themselves in a teaching or mentoring role during coming weeks. If conveying yourself in other ways appeals to you, then publishing, social media or broadcasting will provide perfect platforms to do so. Even if you had no plans to travel during September, you could be surprised at and delighted with where you end up!


You might experience a sense of déjà vu as events this month are connected to the Solar Eclipse that occurred on 21 August, affecting partnerships and commitments. At the time, this gave you a glimpse into what was possible, but circumstances prevented it from progressing. However, from early September, you'll see clear signs the cosmos is supportive of establishing or deepening a bond or formalizing an arrangement. Also, if your bank manager has been problematic recently, then you should have good news to relay due to a Full Moon on the 6th that marks a new chapter with your earnings!


If you've been considering exploring potential work opportunities or embarking upon a self-improvement plan of some kind, then coming weeks could bring reassuring and pleasing results. September looks set to be a month that brings greater levels of creative fulfillment, too. If your imaginative ideas have fallen on deaf ears or been misunderstood, then it looks like someone is about to get your point. It's the Full Moon in your sign that could make the first half of the month a particularly emotional time. This will be made considerably easier if you accept that others' problems needn't be your own or you needn't feel guilty about something beyond your control.

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