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Thoughts and ideas about how to boost your income will be in abundance but you could feel encouraged to cease thinking about ways to enhance your bank balance and start taking action to make it happen. This would be plain sailing if you didn't encounter your ideas or proposals to be met with resistance by someone who believes they know better than you about what you should be doing. Don't allow this to become a battle of wills. Smile and do as you're told in the knowledge you have Plan B up your sleeve.


Progress related to earnings could come in the nick of time and with Venus, working her magic where earned income and material possessions are concerned, coming weeks could bring more than one exciting and reassuring development on the financial front. The 18th is a day to push your luck or see what effort made to enhance your earnings brings you. From the 20th, focus shifts to home and family matters and one development connected with your domestic set-up or a family member could be cause for celebration!


You might feel you possess the Midas Touch where your powers of attraction, charm and charisma are concerned as Venus works her magic in your sign during most of July. Plans will start to run smoothly and you won't need to invest nearly as much effort to gain support and cooperation from certain individuals. A Full Moon on the 9th brings a financial matter to a head that, whilst potentially tricky and tense, offers a long-overdue resolution. If you've felt your voice hasn't been heard recently, then you can be certain you'll be noticed and heard this month.


Coming weeks could bring a need to become reclusive, not out of moodiness or unwillingness to interact with others but because you might feel it's necessary to enjoy some 'you time' in order to focus on tasks, plans or a project that need your undivided attention. The Full Moon on the 9th could coincide with you making clear what you're no longer prepared to accept where one relationship or contractual arrangement is concerned. As the month draws to a close, you could be focused intently on boosting your income and one idea holds serious moneymaking potential.


If you've felt detached from friends recently, then coming weeks offer superb opportunities to strengthen or form bonds. Any effort made to network or form new alliances will prove beneficial and productive. For some Leos, it might become apparent one friendship has potential to become something deeper. Tension on the work front could manifest around the Full Moon on the 9th but it's nothing tact and diplomacy won't resolve. At month end, a surge of passion underpins a plan or project close to your heart. With your determination levels so high, success is assured!


Career matters receive a fantastic cosmic nudge this month and if you've felt undervalued in the workplace or an authority figure hasn't recognized your talents and abilities, then that could change during coming weeks. It's also very much within your ability to negotiate a better deal or package work-wise. The Full Moon on the 9th could demand more energy than you might feel able to give where a certain involvement is concerned - and you might need to reassess where certain loyalties lie.


Venus exerts a fantastic influence on anything associated with 'broadening the mind' and anything connected with travel, publishing, media or broadcasting is superbly starred. Librans looking for love could find it with someone connected with overseas or who has a unique and intriguing background. A home or family matter raises its head around the Full Moon on the 9th and priority might need to be given to resolving a family-related issue. A new income stream or surprise bonus could remove any worries about finances. Be patient and see what transpires!

If you have a financial adviser, then arrange a meeting with them because you're blessed with superb cosmic support this month to make shrewd and potentially lucrative investments. Money matters come into focus and numerous ways exist to maximize cash flow. You'll need to be more flexible and accommodating than you feel inclined to be where certain discussions or negotiations are concerned around the 9th. A significant boost to your determination levels around month end brings amazing developments on the work front if you're dissatisfied in your current role or are seeking a new job.


Venus brings a greater sense of peace and harmony to relationships this month and possibly one in particular. If tension has existed between you and a certain person recently, then coming weeks could see this replaced with comfort and cooperation. A Full Moon on the 9th could bring a need to reassess something connected with your income and as one door closes, be prepared for another to open. You might need to be a bit more daring and imaginative where applying your talents is concerned and a course or training opportunity at month end might help with this!


The cosmos appears keen to encourage you to consider a new or possibly second income stream and you can bring a greater sense of financial stability and security by applying your talents in new ways. It's the Full Moon in your sign on the 9th that brings much-needed clarity where releasing someone or something holding you back and delaying progress is concerned. It's time to break free from a hindrance or drain on your efforts and resources. One commitment near month end might make a dent in your bank balance but any worry will be short-lived.


If you're a Water Bearer looking for love, then numerous opportunities exist this month to enjoy some memorable and heartwarming encounters. Venus is at hand for most of July but will need to see some proactivity from you if you're to benefit from magic she has in store. With so much strong emphasis on forming or strengthening relationships, coming weeks can be truly spectacular for affairs of the heart. Try not to be resentful toward developments around the Full Moon on the 9th. What gets brought into the open has needed to be acknowledged for some time.


Venus has plans to bring a greater sense of peace, harmony and comfort to your home or those with whom your share your abode. Your domestic set-up or relationships with relatives can improve significantly. Tension could rise around the Full Moon on the 9th as you grow weary from someone's controlling actions or demands. This might be one association you'll accept has run its course. As the month draws to a close, don't resist motivation coming your way to make progress on the career front. You're closer to a breakthrough than you might believe yourself to be.

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