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The move into July with Venus still in your income sector is both unusual and a delight. Venus will always bring the most potentially lucrative weeks of any year, whether she attracts any money or not. For Venus works on the root cause of what we attract, our expectations. Venus might leave on the 5th July and you'll be no richer than you were when she left a month earlier, but you will feel richer. Not only financially richer, but richer in all the currencies in your life. Much of what Venus attracts, especially the money, will happen after she's gone, for first come the expectations and then what they attract. We get what we expect from life and whether you're aware of it or not you have glass ceilings. What is an unbelievable income for one person is a bottom line someone else would never accept. Venus returns with a stepladder, a tool belt and is spending a month raising the roof on your expectations. In her final days you can help her out, but not by keeping your money hat on. You can't raise your expectations on the income front without raising them across the other currencies in your life. It just doesn't work. Think about it this way. Would you like to win lotto? If the answer is yes, when was the last time you bought a ticket? Like most of us you don't buy a ticket because you don't really expect to win. You don't take the last piece of cake on the plate or you don't practice random acts of kindness on yourself because you don't think you deserve it. Until Venus leaves on the 5th July, blow the roof off all your expectations. Then when you're finished, listen to your nose for money as the Moon moves through your income sector from the 17th July to the 19th July.


The downside to Venus' late return to your income sector this year is just that, you've had to wait for what are potentially some of the most lucrative weeks of any year. The upside is that here we are in July and Venus is here for all but the early days of the month. When Venus finally returns on the 5th July this will be the planet of money's latest return since 2009. This is part of Venus' eight year pattern, returning this late once every eight years. This time this has worked to your advantage because Venus has managed to stay clear of the traffic jam and tensions last month. Had Venus returned on time, she would have been here with the Sun and Mercury last month, when they moved into opposition with Saturn. Venus doesn't have a problem with Saturn and when they move into opposition on the 24th/25th July this will create the potential for a breakthrough or for unexpected income developments. Things did get tenser during the Sun and Mercury's final days here, before they both left on the 21st June. This is the third time that Saturn has been in opposition, over in your financial sector in as many years, but the last time for another 28 years. By the time Venus returns on the 5th July any financial tension will have dropped back and with Ceres here until the 10th July, your expectations will already be high. With Mercury's smart head for money from the get go, Venus returns for what could be a very fruitful four weeks. However, Venus works through the laws of attraction and this is only effective if you raise your expectations across all the currencies in your life.


The spotlight and the focus is always going to be on income matters at this time of year, due to the fact that the Sun will always spend the first three weeks of July in your income sector each year. That doesn't guarantee a lucrative month, but depending on the support crew travelling with the Sun, there is a high probability. This year you not only have the Sun in your income sector, but Mercury and Mars as well. Mars returned 16 days before the Sun, so had already declared war on glass ceilings before the solar spotlight even turned here. Mercury returned just hours behind the Sun, giving you a smart head for money from the get go. This is the team that you have to work with from the get go and it is a dream team. The Sun brings the transparency needed to see what you're dealing with, Mercury the smart head for money needed to keep your head in the game and Mars the courage to fight for what you deserve. The only planet missing is Venus, who will return on the 1st August, making August and not July the most potentially lucrative month of 2017. Mercury will leave on the 6th July, but he will leave you with a smart head for money. With Venus not returning until the 1st August but Mars leaving on the 21st July and the Sun on the 23rd July, there is a week where you're on your own and here that is never good. For there is the danger of doubt creeping in and this is all about having high expectations. Fortunately that won't happen, thanks to Ceres who makes her first visit to your income sector in four years, from the 10th July.


You would need a crystal ball to appreciate the importance of Mercury's return to your income sector on the 6th July, though from the start you'll sense that this is important. At this stage, with Mars returning to your income sector on the 21st July and the Sun on the 23rd July, this is more a chance to gain the smart head for money needed to get your head in the game ahead of time. Had this been an ordinary year, that will be advantage enough, but not a game changer. The reason is partly the North Node and partly what is set to unfold over the next 14 months. When the North Node returned to your income sector on the 10th May it was to kick off the most potentially lucrative 18 months in two decades. Yet what Mercury does on the 6th July is far more significant than a chance to gain a smart head for money. From that point the North Node will not be alone again in your income sector until the 6th September 2018, exactly 14 months later. Mercury opens the floodgate for a parade of support that will ensure the ball is not dropped, not even for an hour over the next 14 months. This is an incredible and potentially very lucrative run. Pay attention to the New Moon on the 23rd July, the same day the Sun returns. This is the first of two New Moons you will have here, with a second New Moon next month a total solar eclipse. No wonder the year to date has been all about getting your professional ducks in a row.


There is a line that can be drawn this month, where the focus shifts from being all about money matters as a whole, to income matters finally getting their turn. Unfortunately or in reality fortunately, you will have to wait until the 26th July to draw that line in the sand. That's the day that Mercury returns for what should be a 15 day visit aimed at giving you the smart head for money needed to get your head in the game. This will kick off the most potentially lucrative months of 2017 for income growth and potential. Mercury will be the first planet to reach your income sector since the North Node left on the 10th May, so there will be plenty of untapped income potential. So much so that it is obvious that 15 days is far too short, so instead Mercury will spend the majority of the next two months here. The Moon will move through your income sector from the 25th July to the 28th July, so will be here when Mercury returns on the 26th July. This lucrative chapter will kick off with a nose and a smart head for money from the get go. Before then the focus is all on money matters and for once, for all the right reasons. As dreamy Neptune spends his first full month in retrograde motion in your financial sector, he is surrounded by support. With the lunar nodes no longer in your two money houses there is no more pressure. This is a chance to revisit the financial dreams and passions you began the year with, with the doors open to the untapped financial potential. This is why Mercury fortunately doesn't return to your income sector under the end of the month. They will eventually move into opposition, but not until next month. This gives you the whole of July in a financial Nirvana.


It was on the 10th June that the balance of power on your financial year shifted, from a year with the focus dominantly on money matters as a whole and onto income matters. And about time. Lucky Jupiter returned to Libra last September for what has the potential to be your most lucrative year in over a decade. For the potential for income growth, this was understandably where you wanted your focus to be. Yet in what appeared to be bad rather than good luck, the money gods chose this year to create the most powerful coming together of financial forces ever. Every available planet in the solar system moved through your financial sector in the first five months of 2017, including Mars making his first visit in two years and Ceres her first visit in four years. Venus, who normally moves through in 24 days, spent nearly four months here. Even Mercury, like Venus visited not once but twice. So the answer to the question 'could there have been any more focus on money matters'? The answer is 'no'. Venus only left four days before Jupiter turned direct in your income sector, ending a four month retrograde phase. That helped to balance the scales, but Jupiter's direct turn saw them shift to income matters and they'll stay that way for the rest of the year. Jupiter is out to make up for lost time and he has one surprising ally. Venus, who was reluctant to leave your financial sector this year, returns to your career sector on the 5th July. As the planet of money she will arrive after career matters have been evolving for months, keen to capitalise on this. As the planets of money and luck come together, this will turn your financial and professional year on its heels.


July should be a low key month for both income and money matters, with a chance to let money matters settle and to focus instead on getting your professional ducks in a row. That is still the case, but money matters won't run their course until Venus finally leaves your financial sector on the 5th July. To appreciate what is happening this month you have to understand the dynamics of a normal financial year for you. A normal financial year will have money matters as a whole feature in the first half, usually around May/June. Then in the middle months of the year there is a chance for money matters to settle and play out, while the main focus shifts to building your professional year. That's because it is from late October that doors start opening on the income front. Six months on from the financial hub of each year is the income hub, usually playing out in October/November. The Sun will always spend the first three weeks of July in your career sector, so this is when the professional foundations are laid for the income developments ahead. That's a normal year. Now to 2017. At this stage things aren't too outside the norm, except that money matters kicked off in early February and won't run their course until Venus leaves on the 5th July. Other than that, the same process applies. The only unusual thing about this month is the number of professional gods on the field. You have the doors opening to the untapped job potential, as Mars is making his first visit to your career sector in two years and Ceres her first visit in four years. That's because the professional gods know what you don't, in that what lies ahead is anything but the norm. For it's on the 10th October that your luckiest and most lucrative income year in over a decade kicks off. All of a sudden that's not very far away.

There has been a battle waging between income and financial forces since Mars returned to your financial sector in April. A month before the Sun returned for your annual financial review, Mars was able to get in first and fire up your financial passions and fighting spirit. In May the Sun returned, Mars left and Mercury arrived. On its own this was great news, with a chance to get on top of money matters. You even have Ceres making her first visit in four years and until the 10th July, will continue to get to the heart of your real financial needs and priorities. There was just one problem and that problem has a name. Saturn. The Sun returns to your financial sector at the same time every year, but for the third time in as many years he and the other planets returned to find Saturn, in opposition in your income sector. No planet can move through your financial sector without moving into opposition. It was that series of oppositions that created financial tension over recent months. The last were between the Sun and Mercury, in the days leading up to their departure on the 21st May. Moving into July financial tensions have dropped right back, mainly because the Sun, Mercury and Venus have gone. Saturn is even using this time to align with Eris in your work sector until the 7th July. With new doors opening on the career front from the 6th July, this is set to be an extremely good month across the income, work and career fronts. If anything, financial tension has made you even more motivated. Yet on the 5th July Venus will return to your financial sector. While she won't move into opposition with Saturn until the 24th/25th July, she will ensure there is just enough financial tension to keep you on your toes and motivated on the income and financial fronts.


There are two things that you know for sure about July. The first is that the spotlight will shift to your financial situation and money matters and the second is that income forces won't like it and will throw a tantrum. Or at least that has been the case since Pluto returned to your income sector in 2008 and will be until he leaves in 2024. Pluto rightfully believes that 365 days a year, the focus should be on income matters. The problem is, that at some point in every year you do have to take care of financial housekeeping and that 'some point' is when the Sun spends the first three weeks of each July in your financial sector. As the Sun and Pluto have moved into opposition each July for the last nine years both sides know that, as does every other planet that moves through your financial sector at this time every year. This year Pluto isn't on his own and has Juno, queen of commitment on board. Juno returned in February and won't leave until December, an extraordinarily long time. Juno is responsible for sticking to your income resolutions this year. Though support from the professional gods will help. There are more planets moving through your financial sector this month, with Mercury here until the 6th July, Ceres here from the 10th July, Mars here until the 21st July and the Sun until the 23rd July. With twice as many planets in your income sector and twice as many in your financial sector, that's twice as many oppositions. Yet this is something that both income and money matters will benefit from, keeping them and you on your toes.


On the 10th May the lunar nodes returned to your two money houses, the North Node to your financial sector and the South Node to your income sector. Here they will stay for the next 18 months, each with their own function, but also with a junction agenda to police a balance between money coming in and money going out. Until now there has been no planetary activity in either, so apart from when the Moon moves through, that balance has been easy to maintain. That will change when Mercury returns to your financial sector on the 6th July, putting a lot more focus on money matters. With Mars returning on the 21st July and the Sun on the 23rd July, that will put even more weight on money matters and that will remain the case for the rest of this year and right through to September 2018. This creates a situation where a need for balance is heavily weighted towards money matters as a whole. Two things will happen. The first is that this really will put a lot more weight onto money matters. But as the lunar nodes are committed to balance, it means that somehow that balance of power will have to be created. This will make the South Node a lot stronger, a lot more determined and a lot more likely to draw its resources from the professional gods. If the money gods are all moving onto money matters, then the South Node will draw in professional gods for support. Fortunately it has it by the bucket load. You have Venus, planet of money in your work sector from the 5th July and lucky Jupiter in your career sector until October.


There is one pampered, supported and happy planet this month and that planet is Neptune, planet of dreams and fantasies. In your income sector since 2012, the last two years haven't been that kind on Neptune or income matters. Not only did you have Jupiter in your financial sector for 13 months, but the North Node there for 18 months and a parade of planets moving through all in opposition. In addition, with the South Node here it was hard to gain any real progress. As with most things in life, it is only in hindsight that you recognise your biggest break and for you that came over the New Year. Except you're only now realising that. For the first and only time in our lifetime, the year began with Mars and Neptune aligned in your income sector. This allowed you to start the year with big dreams and passions, but this was when the balance of power on money matters. Venus even made two visits during that restrictive phase. That phase ended when the lunar nodes shifted in early May, but it wasn't until Mars returned to your work sector a month later that everything changed. Mars began the year aligned with Neptune and was here when Neptune turned retrograde last month, opening the doors to the past, second chances and untapped income potential. Mars was joined by the Sun and Mercury later last month and even Ceres will return to your work sector on the 10th July, for the first time in four years. Some focus will shift onto money matters as a whole when Mercury returns to your financial sector on the 26th July. However, the majority of the month is devoted to the pursuit of untapped income potential, as new doors open on the job front.


Like prize fighters that have been through too many rounds, both combatants have called a truce and returned to their own corners, where they are doing extremely well. Those combatants are Eris and Uranus in your income sector, one turning retrograde on the 20th July and the other early next month and on the other side of the sky Jupiter, in his first full month in direct motion in your financial sector. It was Venus' departure from your income sector and Jupiter's direct turn in your financial sector early last month that moved them out of each other's way. This marks the start of a period of financial growth. As Jupiter leaves your financial sector in October, he'll work to expand both your financial confidence and your financial situation as well. Income forces are turning back and will shift their focus onto untapped income potential. Both sides are well supported, with the financial tension and pressure of the first five months of year, now turning into motivation. The month begins with Eris aligned with Saturn in your career sector, who himself has been through the wars over recent months. With new doors opening on the job front from the 6th July, income matters are not only surviving, they are likely to thrive. Both sides seem to have come out better because of the experience, which is often the way. The Moon's visit to your income sector from the 15th July to the 17th July, will sharpen your nose for money and give you a lucrative sense of direction just as things are starting to move on the job front.

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