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This is always the point in any year when the focus falls on your financial situation and money matters, due to the fact that the Sun will always spend the first three weeks of November in your financial sector. This year we have the mix of the ordinary and the extraordinary, as well as the start of a new journey towards financial growth. The ordinary consists of the Sun shining the solar spotlight on your financial situation and money matters as he does at this time every year. This is a chance to look at money matters objectively and take care of any financial housekeeping. It is also very ordinary to have Mercury here until the 6th November, giving you the smart head for money needed to keep your head in the game and to make smart financial decisions with confidence and direction. Yet what is extraordinary is to have Jupiter, planet of luck and expansion here, for the first time since 2005/2006. Not due to leave until November 2018, this is the start of a period of not only financial growth, but redefining your definition of financial success. By the time you move into the new month, the Sun and Mercury have both aligned with Jupiter, each for the first time here in over a decade. Yet it's Venus' return on the 8th November that brings the real magic that can only happen when the planets of money and luck come together. Their alignment on the 13th/14th November will be some of the most authentic days of the week for money matters. A New Moon here on the 19th November, just three days before the Sun leaves on the 22nd November will be a chance to draw a new line in the sand. Meanwhile, a Full Moon in your income sector on the 4th November could be some unexpected developments on both the income and financial fronts.


A long, three year financial boot camp is coming to a close, with November the month that marks the beginning of the end. Saturn has been on his own for the whole of 2017, but while he has been the only planet in your financial sector he has had a lot of outside help. Especially form Uranus, in an intuitive and imaginative part of your chart. Uranus is a radical free thinker who has been firing up your imagination and triggering Eureka moments since 2010, but even though Saturn returned to your financial sector in December 2014, it was only this year that they came together. By the time they move into an exact positive aspect from the 5th November to the 15th November, it will be for the third time in 11 months. This will bring Uranus's imagination and Eureka moments together with Saturn's pragmatic approach to money matters. This will make it easier to think outside the square while boosting your financial confidence, instincts and imagination. While Saturn won't leave until the 20th December, the beginning of the end comes when Mercury returns on the 6th November. Mercury will usually return in November, though not usually until later in the month, with the Sun who returns on the 22nd November. Fortunately for you that is not the case, because returning this early means he'll have to wait for the Sun, forcing him to turn retrograde next month. This will turn what should be a 15 day chance to get your head in the game, while giving you the smart head for money needed to make smart financial choices, decisions and plans into a two month visit. A visit that will span some of the most critical and defining financial months in decades.


A fairly quiet month on the financial front should also come with plenty of confidence. It was in late September, just over five weeks before moving into November, that two events happened that will have a profound impact on both income and money matters both this month and for months and in the case of financial matters, years to come. It began with Ceres' departure from your income sector, an event that had a profound impact on income and money matters. This took the pressure off Pluto, in his final days in retrograde motion in your financial, while leaving you with a lucrative sense of direction and clear income expectations that are only now bearing fruit. As Jupiter spends his first full month in your work sector in over a decade and the tide prepares to turn on the career front, that lucrative sense of direction is so ingrained that things are naturally moving in a lucrative direction. The Moon moves through your income sector from the 7th November to the 10th November will give you the nose for money needed to check that you're on track and the timing couldn't be better. For it's on the 8th November that Venus, planet of money will return to your work sector, with the express intent to attract job opportunities and point things in a lucrative direction. Venus will return to find her job has been done, while a nose for money from the get go will ensure she hits the floor running. It was Pluto's direct turn in late September that also saw the whole financial tide turn, leaving the financial tensions of the previous months behind him. With the Sun and Saturn returning next month to kick off your most powerful financial year in three decades, there is already a sense of financial confidence and anticipation.


Moving into November with planetary activity in your income sector is not the norm, but the timing couldn't be better. Even Venus' late return to your income sector this year pushed the envelope out this year, but even she can't keep things going this late in the year. By the time Venus left on the 20th September the Sun, Mercury and Mars had all been and gone and that should have brought all planetary activity and all access to income resources for the year to a close. However, a total solar eclipse a month earlier was never going to leave you without resources. For the North Node, the forces behind both August's total solar eclipse and the eclipses here next year, was always going to keep the momentum going. Yet it was Ceres' return just days after Venus left that brought a surprise player onto the field, with the queen of nurturing making her first visit in four years. A retrograde turn next month means that instead of moving through in just three months, Ceres is here until June 2018, acting as your own Fairy Godmother. It is Ceres' alignment from the 28th November to the 5th December that could trigger some unexpected income developments. However, this is not happening in a vacuum and instead is playing out in a stunning month on the job and career fronts. Even without an alliance between Uranus in your career sector and Saturn in your work sector from the 5th November to the 15th November, the last in our lifetime, this would still have been an extraordinary month on both fronts. With Mercury returning to your work sector on the 6th November and the Sun on the 22nd November, they'll provide the momentum on the job front for all that income potential.


Even if nothing actually changes on the financial front this month in terms of not having any more money in the bank or to play with, everything changes. That's because of both a boost in financial confidence and the fact that the tide is turning. That sense of confidence extends to both income and money matters, though the money gods themselves have not moved all their resources into your financial situation and money matters as a whole. It was Mars' departure from your income sector on the 23rd October that brought all the planetary activity on the income front for the year to a close. However, this does not mean that your income potential or momentum dropped back and for two main reasons. The first is that with Venus having just left a few days earlier and the Sun and Mercury having moved through before that, after three months of planetary activity it was time to take the trainer wheels off. The other reason is that before they left Venus and Mars became closely aligned with Pluto, just as he turned the tide on the job front. With things already starting to move on the job front, but with major developments on from later next month, the die has been cast and things are already moving in a lucrative direction. In the meantime, with Neptune turning direct in your financial sector on the 23rd November and Chiron early next month, the tide is getting ready to turn on the financial front as well. This comes as the financial tensions of recent months have dropped back and money matters have nothing but support. The tide may be turning in slow motion, but it is turning.


On both the income and financial fronts things take a drastic turn for the better this month, so much so that this has the potential to be the most lucrative month of the year. Lucky Jupiter left your income sector last month, Mercury just days later and the Sun on the 23rd October, as is the case each year. Jupiter is the planet of luck and expansion and when he left earlier last month, you can be forgiven for feeling cheated. Jupiter spent much of his time and his final weeks in particular, in opposition with Uranus in your financial sector, as did the Sun in his final weeks. However, it was Mars' return on the same day that the Sun left that changed everything. This saw tension between income and money matters suddenly drop, at the same time that Mars' warrior spirit kicked in. With Venus, planet of money on board, this made her job of attracting opportunities and exploiting Jupiter's potential much easier. Venus is here until the 8th November and Mars until the 9th December and as the planets of money and passion, there are no better planets to exploit all the potential you've been working towards since September 2016. This has not only taken the pressure off Uranus, in retrograde motion in your financial sector until January, but it comes just as support from Saturn kicks in. Saturn and Uranus will be exactly aligned from the 5th November to the 15th November, boosting your financial confidence, triggering Eureka moments and turning financial tension into motivation. On both the income and financial fronts the repair crews are at work, turning the challenges of the last 14 months into potential and a new sense of resolve.


About the only thing about this month that could be considered the norm or ordinary is that the Sun will always spend the first three weeks of November in your income sector. Apart from that, you have to look back to 2005/2006 to find conditions this good, but then you didn't get nearly as good a deal as you're getting this time. What I'm talking about is Jupiter's return to your income sector last month and the start of your luckiest and most potentially lucrative income year in over a decade. When Jupiter last visited your income sector in 2005/2006 he didn't align with the Sun until their final hours. Literally a day after they aligned, the Sun was gone and a day later Jupiter was gone. Already Jupiter has aligned with both the Sun and Mercury and this is just the first full month of a journey that will continue long after Jupiter leaves in November 2018, with the resources to exploit this right through to March 2019. Back in 2005/2006 Uranus was in his early years in your work sector, but there has been continuous planetary activity there since, with Neptune now at the helm. With Neptune turning direct on the 23rd November, you even have the tide turning on the job front. Mercury, the only planet that will align with Jupiter in his early and final days next year, is here until the 6th November. Mercury is giving you the smart head for money needed to keep your head in the game, while the Sun will continue to shine the solar spotlight onto your income situation, matters and options until leaving on the 22nd November. However, the most potentially lucrative days of the month will be when Venus and Jupiter align on the 13th/14th November.

After nearly three years in your income sector Saturn is bringing things home and for a planet that demands accountability and doesn't believe in shortcuts, this final stage brings nothing but good news. Having returned in December 2014 to help you take your power back and forge powerful and authentic new value systems. There is a catch with Saturn in that while this does give you the power to move mountains if you have to in order to achieve what you deserve, he doesn't support the chasing of false gold. If the pursuit of money becomes the driving force and that is at the expanse of what you value across the other currencies in your life, this won't be supported. So much of Saturn's time, especially while he's on his own, is spent defining your true values, so that when you get a chance to chase income opportunities you have your targets already lined up. That has been the case for much of this year, but as Saturn spends his last full month in your income sector for another 28 years, help arrives in order to bring things home and make things happen. The cavalry comes from two directions. On one hand an alliance between Saturn in your income sector and Uranus in your work sector, the last here in our lifetime, will ensure you have the professional support to bring things home. Especially as there is also support from the North Node and Ceres in your career sector. The main support comes from Mercury's return on the 6th November and the Sun's return on the 22nd November. For Mercury this is especially important, returning for what should be a 15 day visit aimed at giving you the nose for money needed to get your head in the game and focus on the 'when, where and how'. Instead, a retrograde phase means Mercury is now here until January, long after Saturn leaves on the 20th December.


This is the month before everything changes on the income front and permanently so. In reality this is something you have been working towards since Pluto returned to your income sector in 2008, working to transform both your value system and how you balance a need to earn money and the rest of the currencies in your life. Had what comes next had of happened any sooner you might not be ready, but after nine years you're ready to move out of the classroom and into the real world. What comes next is Saturn's return to your income sector on the 20th December, just two days ahead of the Sun. This will be Saturn's first visit in three decades, but his first and only encounter here with Pluto in our lifetime. Pluto is the planet of change and revolution and Saturn is the planet of enduring structures, together having the ability to completely redefine the way you look at income matters. Yet this is just the first step, with lucky Jupiter returning next November to team up with both, making this the most powerful conjunction Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, the planets of luck, structure and change in our lifetime. For now Pluto is still finding his feet after turning direct in late September, with the Moon's return from the 21st November to the 24th November a chance tap into a nose for money for one last visit before Saturn's return. The Moon will be in your income sector again when Saturn returns next month, with the message as it moves through this month being 'follow me'. If all you have is a lucrative sense of direction and a bit of blind faith, that is more than enough for now.


As much as things settle down on the income and financial fronts this month, even as a baseline this is a good place to be. While this is not a time of year when you will normally have planetary activity in either of your two money houses, everything changed as the lunar nodes return in May. The North Node's return to your financial sector was the reason for August's total solar eclipse here, while the South Node's return to your income sector was the reason for August's lunar eclipse there. With the lunar nodes not shifting until November 2018, there is a natural gravitational pull on both fronts, not to mention more eclipses next year. However, both sides have something additional going for them. The South Node, in your income sector, is working closing with Venus and Mars in your career sector. The South Node is giving the final push on the career front a lucrative sense of direction, at a time when Venus is already working to steer your professional year in a lucrative direction. This creates a good month for both career and income matters, especially in the early and later days of the month. The lunar nodes aren't planets so they have no structure and are just a force pulling things in the right direction. However, you have Ceres, dwarf planet and the queen of nurturing in your financial sector, for the first time in four years. A retrograde phase next month has her here until June 2018, instead of the normal three months. However, as a dwarf planet Ceres' intention is not to drive money matters, but she makes the North Node's job of steering financial matters in the right direction a lot easier. The Moon will give you an intuitive read on money matters from the 10th November to the 12th November and of income matters from the 24th November to the 26th November.


There is nothing but good news on the income and financial fronts this month, despite the fact that Mars left your financial sector, bringing all planetary activity to a close on the 23rd October. In fact, this is one of the main reasons why this is such a good news month. When Mars left he not only wrapped up his own six week visit, but three months of planetary activity. Mars left you with your financial passions and fighting spirit, but it was time for the trainer wheels to come off. This was a win/win for you, for in one fell swoop this took the pressure off income forces and allowed the money gods to divert all their resources there, while leaving your financial situation and money matters with more than enough momentum and motivation. And the timing couldn't be better. Mars left on the same day that the Sun not only returned to your career sector, but teamed up with Jupiter here for the first time in over a decade. Jupiter returns to your career sector every 12 years and until leaving in November 2017, will bring the potential for a professional growth and expansion. However Jupiter has not only returned to find Neptune and Chiron in your income sector, but there has been continuous planetary activity here since 2003. Jupiter's last visit to your career sector in 2005/2006 was during the early years, but in 11 years the players on the income front have changed, but income potential is lined and ready to go from the get go. So for Mars to leave your financial sector and allow the money gods to put all their resources onto income forces, was a huge advantage. Neptune is in retrograde motion until the 23rd November, but his direct turn will see the tide turn and things move forward. Until then you have access to the past, second chances and untapped income potential.


After being at war with each other for the last 13 months, income and money matters will have a few minor clashes this month, but in all cases this is more likely to trigger opportunities or breakthroughs. It was Jupiter's departure from your financial sector early last month and the Sun's 12 days later that took the real pressure off income forces, while in the process allowing both sides to regroup. And regroup they will, with conditions on both fronts recovering dramatically. With Venus in your financial sector until the 8th November and Mars until the 9th December, as the planets of money and passion, they are the perfect planets to bring things home and exploit all the potential Jupiter spent the last 13 months creating. Once Mars leaves next month there will be no more planetary activity on the financial front, for the first time since September 2016. This is when income matters will take off and really flourish. Venus will move into opposition with Eris on the 2nd November and Uranus on the 4th November, with both in retrograde motion in your income sector, this is more a push to exploit the doors open to the past, second chances and untapped income potential. While Venus is the planet of money, her interest is in earned income and what you're able to acquire. So while her focus this month is on money matters as a whole, any pressure on income forces will be more along the lines of 'come on guys, you can do this'. What is clear is that the financial tensions and pressures that have dogged much of this year are behind you, but there is a field of untapped potential to be exploited on both fronts.

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