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It was in the final days of August that there were some strange happenings on the work and career fronts. Strange because of the synchronicity between the two. Mercury has been in retrograde motion in your work sector for several weeks before he retrogrades back out on the 1st September. In the process he passed the Sun, who was coming the other way, over the last weekend in August. With Mercury in retrograde and the Sun in direct motion, they brought the past, present and future together. Mercury still had the doors open to the past and second chances, while the Sun was opening new doors. It was just as the Sun and Mercury came together as in the exact same day that Juno turned direct in your career sector. With Pluto not turning direct until the 27th September, this replicated what was happening on the work front, with the doors still open to the past, but new doors opening. Mercury will retrograde back out on the 1st September and that will shift all the focus on the job front onto the future. Even more so when Mars returns on the 5th September, to kick off what will be the busiest six weeks of the year. With Mercury returning on the 10th September, this time in direct motion and Venus on the 20th September, they'll all be on board for a New Moon on the same day. With the Sun leaving on the 23rd September and Mercury on the 30th September, it is Venus and Mars that will take work and job matters into October. This is when you're likely to see the most developments, with Venus and Mars planets that like to make things happen.


Jupiter is spending his last full month in your work sector for another 11 years so he will be working to make it count. However, while Jupiter will leave early next month this is not when work and job matters will run their course. Instead, with the Sun returning on the 23rd September, Mercury on the 30th September and Venus and Mars not even returning until after Jupiter leaves, the professional gods are deploying a whole squad to work with what Jupiter clears a path for. A good way to look at Jupiter is to imagine him as a giant bulldozer and ahead lies a field of possibilities, filled the course, trees and all kinds of obstacles. Jupiter is able to bulldoze a path straight through, a path that will take another 11 years to grow back. The Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars will all pass through this year, picking up all that they can from the path that Jupiter has cleared, but they will do that every each they return. Jupiter will leave you the gift that keeps on giving. It makes this month less about what you're able to achieve and more about bulldozing a path through obstacles and creating a clear path for the planets that can make things happen. Throughout this time every planet that moves through your work sector has the benefit of now having the South Node in your career sector, the force behind last month's lunar eclipse. The professional gods have given you a GPS that as long as you continue to trust your gut, will keep this professional year on course.


As much as this might be a fairly low key professional month, the Moon's visits to your two professional houses will be the exception. Not only will they punch well above their weight, they'll help anchor the rest of your professional year. A tall order for lunar vibes that happen once every four weeks, but as I said, they punch well above their weight. The first is the Moon's visit to your career sector from the 5th September to the 8th September. As always, this is the Moon's chance to check in with Neptune and Chiron, in the middle stage of their retrograde periods. As important as the intuitive read on career matters this brings, is the Full Moon this will create on the 6th September. Falling at the halfway point between the Sun's last visit and the next and at the halfway point in Neptune and Chiron's retrograde phase, this will be a catalyst for anything that has been building behind the scenes. On paper the Moon's visit to your work sector from the 23rd September to the 25th September is a lot less dramatic. There will be no Full Moon, there are no planets for the Moon to connect with and this should be and is an ordinary monthly update. The difference this time is less the messenger and more the message, making it less about what the Moon may or may not trigger, but the valuable clues, hunches and insights it will bring. For this is the Moon's last visit to your work sector before Jupiter returns early next month, kicking off your most expansive year for job growth in over a decade.


Having turned direct in your work sector late last month, Saturn has not only turned the tide on the job front, but is cementing in place the dynamics for the rest of this professional year. Uranus and Eris are both in retrograde motion in your career sector and will remain in retrograde motion for the rest of this year, not turning direct until January. Work and job matters are now firmly focused on the road ahead and that will remain the case for the rest of the year. When Saturn turned direct on the 26th August this brought his third retrograde phase in as many years to a close, but also his last for another 28 years. Saturn is now moving forward and between now and leaving on the 20th December, will gradually pick up speed and momentum. It is in November that Saturn will also pick up the support to help bring this three year visit home and the support that will continue to keep things in play until March 2018. Herein lies a word of caution, for at the start of the month Saturn is stationary and his pace will pick up so gradually that if you're not aware you're unlikely to notice it. There is a real danger of getting a few months down the track, only to find that life is manically busy and you didn't know how it happened. This is still a case of slow and steady winning the race. However, with Saturn now stable and locked into his final months and both planets in your income sector stable, a stunning month on the income front creates what should be a good month across the income, work and career fronts.


It was in the later days of August that two events that seemingly had no connection, set in motion a slow match to not just the most powerful conditions on the work front this year, this decade or in decades, but ever. Those two events were tiny Juno's direct turn in your work sector and Saturn's direct turn in your sector of adventure, travel, learning and discovery. This happened within the space of 24 hours at the time neither registered, but it is what this sets in motion that is game changing. Pluto, in your work sector from 2008 to 2024, will spend from April to September of each year in retrograde motion. This is a chance to spend time back at the drawing board, retrace your steps and even pull back. When you have your work on 24/7, year after year you have to have down time, which is what these retrograde phases are for. Pluto is due to turn direct on the 27th September and that's when your focus was supposed to shift to the road ahead. However, this year you have Juno on board and she turned during on the 27th August, exactly a month earlier. This has been akin to getting a sneak peek at your presents before you open them. It is that glimpse of the future and Saturn's direct turn that has changed everything. For in direct motion and slowly moving forward, Saturn is on his way to your work sector and will return in December. This will be Saturn's first visit in three decades and the first time he has met up with Pluto here since the American Revolution. This will usher in the most powerful and potentially successful three years for job growth you have ever or will ever see and that's what Juno is giving you a glimpse of.


As much as the professional gods are standing back this month and you have a low key professional month, this is in context to what is now the new normal. The old normal is that all planetary activity in your two professional houses will always be over by this point in the year. The fact Venus only left in the early hours of August gave you a much later run than is normally the case. Unless something extraordinary is happening, in that you have an outer planet in either of your two professional houses, it is impossible to have the Sun, Mercury and Venus here. So the normal is that with everything in motion, by this point in the year it is more about the journey. The old normal says that this is the point in the year where the focus shifts more to income opportunities. In the new normal there is still no planets in either of your two professional houses, but you have the South Node in your work sector, the force behind last month's lunar eclipse. The South Node is not a planet but a gravitational force and this is keeping work and job matters on track. The new normal isn't getting income matters up to speed for the first time this year, for they have never gone off the boil . As Jupiter spends his last full month in your income sector, he will be doing everything he can to make it count. With support from the South Node in your work sector, this could see some surprise developments on the income and job fronts, in the week either side of the 10th September. Throughout the month continue to let things unfold naturally on the job front, trusting that there is a force in play behind the scenes.


To have planetary activity on the work front at this time of year is a given, for you have planetary activity here every month and will do until Neptune leaves your work sector in 2026. What is not the norm is to still have planetary activity on the career front this late in the year. Even Venus didn't leave until late August, which in itself was late in the year. Last year, a short six week update saw all the planets gone by the end of July. This year things not only kicked off early, but ran later and with a lot more ferocity because of the number of planets moving through this year. In addition to the Sun, Mercury and Venus, who will always move through your career sector in the middle weeks of each year, you had Mars making his first visit in two years and Ceres her first visit in four years. Ceres is the last planet standing and not due to leave until the 24th September, she'll stay on as long as she possibly can. If it sounds like the professional gods are playing every trick they can to extend the reach of career forces as far into the year as possible, it's because they are. And for a very good reason. For with lucky Jupiter returning to your income sector in early October, by the time Ceres leaves you'll be just weeks away from your luckiest and most potentially lucrative year in over a decade. As Ceres works to explore every possible career option, Neptune and Chiron are doing their part on the job front. A Full Moon in your work sector on the 6th September will give work and job matters a valuable kick start.

To still have planetary activity on the career front in September is not unheard of and it definitely happens, it is just not the norm. Last year, a fairly light year on the career front had the last planet leave your career sector by the end of August. What is not the norm is having Venus still in her early days or for her to find the kind of conditions to work with. Venus returned four days after the Sun left your career sector and five days after a total solar eclipse. But rather than return to find that things had run their course, Venus returned to find a vibrantly active situation. For just the third time in 17 years Venus has teamed up with Mars, who has already been fired up by last month's solar eclipse. And with the North Node, the force behind last month's solar eclipse still creating some real momentum, Venus' job is incredibly easy. Mars will leave on the 5th September, but not before Mercury retrogrades back in on the 1st September for a double dip visit. Mercury had left in late July, only to realise he was needed back. Mercury is only back for nine days, returning on the 1st September, turning direct on the 5th September and leaving on the 10th September. However, after last month's total solar eclipse and with Mars and Venus changing the game so much, you need to revise your game plan. Venus' departure on the 20th September should be the point where things scale back. Instead, Ceres will not only return on the 24th September, but will keep the North Node company through to June 2018. The professional gods are not letting what has been triggered drop back.


If all roads lead to Rome, then Rome is the 20th September, the day where every planet that will visit your career sector this year are all here at the same time, including the Moon. It is also the day that by coincidence this month's New Moon falls. The Moon moves through your career sector from the 18th September to the 20th September and could have aligned with the Sun to create a New Moon at any point within then. At the same time, while Venus returns on the 20th September, just hours before the New Moon, had she returned just a few hours later she wouldn't be there. What makes it so important to have a New Moon in the very narrow window, when every force on the career front this year is here at the same time, is that they are all energised and galvanised by the same force. The Sun will leave your career sector on the 23rd September and Mercury on the 23rd September, but like Venus and Mars next month, they will all move forward with the same mandate and the same message. While all roads lead out from the New Moon on the 20th September, all roads lead there as well. The 20th September is not just the point where this month everything until then will lead up to and everything from then will lead on from, but of the year as far as career matters are concerned. Yet the month starts with only the Sun and Mercury here and on the 1st September Mercury will retrograde back out, leaving the Sun on his own. But Mars will return on the 5th September, Mercury will arrive back on the 10th September and Venus on the 20th September, one by one building towards the New Moon on the 20th September.


If a professional year delivers nothing else, the one thing that you can count on is that the Sun will return to your career sector in late September. The Sun's return on the 23rd September is a repeat of his return at the same time every year, something that has and will always happen at the same time each year. So if nothing else, if you can wait until the 23rd September you know the Sun will show up. Except this year you don't have to wait and haven't all year, for you have had Jupiter in your career sector since September 2017. This is in fact Jupiter's last full month and due to leave early next month, the planet of luck and expansion is giving everything he has to make this final month count. Now it's important not to sit back and let luck land at your door, for Jupiter is working to create future growth. Think of Jupiter as a bulldozer, bulldozing his way through a field of fertile possibilities, clearing a path for opportunities to follow. That is why often the most auspicious developments happen after Jupiter is gone, but are only possible because of what is set up while he is here. This time around the most auspicious months will be November and December, after Jupiter has gone. For that's when Venus and Mars will move through. The Sun's return on the 23rd September and Mercury's on the 30th September is the support crew arriving to take over from where Jupiter will leave off. Jupiter won't leave until the 11th October, so there will be a cross over period. The Moon will move through for one last time from the 20th September to the 23rd September, giving your professional instincts one last chance to connect with Jupiter here for another 11 years.


In terms of where the action is this month it is on the income and job fronts. However, there is an elephant in the room and you'll get a glimpse of it when the Moon moves through your career sector from the 23rd September to the 25th September. That timing is auspicious, for it means your professional instincts will be sharp and your professional imagination engaged as Ceres finally leaves your work sector on the 24th September. You can't imagine how important this is and not just because the elephant in the room will be more visible. Ceres is the last of a long line of planets that started moving through your work sector in early June. You had Mars visiting for the first time in two years, Ceres for the first time in four years and Venus arriving so late that she only left in late August. There has been an exceptional push over recent months to create as much job momentum as possible, all because of that elephant in the room. That elephant is Jupiter, the biggest, fattest and most powerful planet in the solar system and he's on route to return to your career sector on the 11th October. Every planet that has moved through your work sector this year and both planets in your income sector have known that you're inching your way to your biggest professional year in over a decade. The Moon's visit to your career sector from the 23rd September to the 25th September is the last before Jupiter arrives and with Juno leaving while it's here. This will be a chance for Ceres to pass the baton onto the Moon, who will in turn pass it onto Jupiter. Everything until now has been a stepping stone to what comes next.


To say that this is a stunning professional month is a gross understatement, for even last month's total solar eclipse in your work sector can't compare. Over the ages you will look back at not just September, but on August as well, as the point that everything until now has lead up to and everything from now will lead on from. This is because so much is coming together at the same time. You could take just what is happening on the work front or just what is happening on the career front and these would still be game changing times, but together this brings you to a pivotal point in your whole professional story. What is happening is that you not only start the month with the tailwind from last month's solar eclipse in your work sector at your back, but with Venus, Mars and the North Node here. The North Node is the fateful force behind last month's solar eclipse, while Venus and Mars are the planets that can make things happen. The last time all three were in your work sector at the same time was in 1923, 92 years ago. Mars will leave on the 5th September, but not before fuelling your work passions, fighting and competitive spirit. Venus will continue to attract opportunities until she leaves on the 20th September. But even then, reinforcements will arrive in the form of Ceres, who is here until June 2018. If that was it this would be huge, but you also have Saturn spending his first full month in direct motion in your career sector. Due to leave in December, Saturn is finally ready to bring his three year visit and everything building since his return in 2014 home.

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