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  Updated Weekly (Mondays) to your web site - 15 January 2018


Dear Ram, this week sees some big planetary movements that affect the way that you set goals or reach out to others in your community. The life giving energy of the Sun, and the relationship consciousness of Venus, both land in your house of friends and networking during this time, making you aware of the needs of the greater community. Over the next 30 days you may find that your goals and aspirations become crystal clear, which is why you find it so easy to communicate them now. You are feeling stimulated and unconventional, but do be mindful of naughty Uranus, who will try to evoke your defiant side in the work place on Tuesday. There is a beautiful new Moon in your professional sector on Wednesday, giving you the chance to set some career orientated goals on paper. With your house of networking as stimulated as it is, you are sure to have all the inspiration you need. Jupiter is available to offer good fortune, and will be in a creative angle with transformative Pluto all week in your professional zone, pushing you to plunge into these imminent life changes. Nose to the grind now Aries, your professional rewards are accumulating!


Dear Bull, it's time to see some results for your dedication and career diligence of late, as the Sun and Venus both take up their new positions in your professional zone this week. Over the next month there's potential to mix and mingle with those that count in your profession world, as your focus rests on your status, and professional achievements. This is definitely not the time to voice strong or controversial opinions and you are cautioned to resist the challenging square that freedom seeking Uranus casts across your philosophical sector on Monday. This could encourage an unrestricted expression of rebellious energy from you that won't fair well with authority figures. If you've sensed tentative grumblings within your relationship zone, the Jupiter Pluto angle this week may allow you to amicably bring disenchantment to the fore. This advantageous connection affords personal change, and creates the chance to make some necessary transitions within a committed relationship without upsetting the apple cart. A wonderful new Moon rises in your philosophical sector on Wednesday that will open your mind to new ideologies, and lay the foundations for any higher learnings.


Dear Twin, the winds of change are blowing in a mode of broader perspective this week, which is a welcomed change from the intense focus on intimacy issues or financial complications of late. You have Venus and the Sun moving into your expanded awareness sector which makes you more aware of life's inner truths. Details are not your forte now as you open up to many new and exciting adventures of the heart. Before this release takes place, the Sun receives one last challenging jab of energy from independence seeking Uranus in your intimacy zone that sets you in motion to do things your own way. This is helpful if you have recently struggled to rise above financial problems or soul connection issues with a partner, as you can now break toxic chains of dependency that have rendered you ineffective. Mercury, the ruler of your sign, engages with kind hearted Neptune over the weekend to sooth mental wounds and make sure that you are not being too hard on yourself. With lucky Jupiter activated by the penetrating rays of intense Pluto all week in your house of work, you have good fortune if you have been job hunting Gemini. Onwards and upwards!


Dear Crab, most of your personal planets have been in your relationship zone for several weeks now, drawing immense attention to your partnerships or liaison's with others. Having Saturn handing down lessons from within the realms of this house, things might have been rough, but you can breathe a sigh of relief as the Sun and Venus both move off to a far more passionate area for the next month. Your focus may turn to financial matters now, like re setting the mortgage, getting a handle on your debt or simply regenerating the intimacy between yourself and a romantic partner. With a healing new Moon in your relationship zone on Wednesday, you have a perfect opportunity to draw on recent learnings and make some fresh life changing plans. On Saturday, Mercury goes into sextile with compassionate Neptune in your relationship zone which tends to encourage a softer, more romantic expression of your thoughts and feelings. There is potential for love to blossom this week too Cancer, while benevolent Jupiter in your romantic sector is brought to life by the potency of Pluto, which gifts you an enigmatic power of attraction, and luck to go with it.


Dear Lion, you have been really tough on yourself lately, and having most of your personal planets in your health and routine zone, I can see why. Talk about focus! Well, you can take a load off this week when the Sun, ruler of your sign, and relationship focused Venus, both move off to a more social part of your zodiac. It's time to enjoy the company of your loved one with laughter and amicable conversation without putting yourself under undue pressure. There will be a delightful new Moon in your health zone on Wednesday which gives you an opportunity to set some fresh paradigms and put the invaluable lessons that you have learned lately into practice. Throughout the week there is an undercurrent of strength afforded to you by Jupiter, who is in your home zone, and taking on an advantageous energy from determined Pluto. There is a strong urge to reform your home life, and luckily Jupiter gives you the window to do this. If you have found difficulty taking command of your home or family circumstances recently, you may find that there's a subtle release of energy available this week that works in your favour.


Dear Maiden, there could have been lots of dramas of the heart lately that have somewhat disgruntled you, and with so many planets in a romantic and socially active part of your zodiac to churn things up, it's really no surprise. It's not in your nature to seek too much attention, and this week when the Sun and Venus eventually depart this zone for a much more organised part of your zodiac, you'll be feeling as though life is falling back into place. You can look forward to a month of renewed efficiency soon, so try to put some of the events of the last few weeks into the past. If you have a fondness for creative work, much good work can be achieved over the weekend. Particularly on Sunday when Mercury, the ruler of your sign, takes on a soothing vibration from Neptune that stimulates your creative juices and gifts you an artistic flair. With a new Moon rising in your romance zone there is ample opportunity to exhibit your sensitive side now Virgo, and you are encouraged to use this energy to soften any rough edges that may have surfaced in late December.


Dear Scale Bearer, with the Sun and Venus both changing signs this week and ending up in your romance zone, I think the heat is on! This is a very advantageous time of the year for you to enter into a new relationship, or merely throw caution to the wind and go all out to have some fun. It's about time too, having had so many planets, as well as serious Saturn, in your home and family zone, there's sure to have been some tensions mounting. Respite is however on the way and you have a full month to dance through the night, or flirt up a storm, especially since Venus is the planet of love and relationships. It looks like the money gods are on your side as well, with a lucky Jupiter Pluto connection playing out in your house of earnings that promises to sway prosperity in your direction. Negotiating a pay increase or attracting beneficial customers into your business are highly favoured this week Libra, but so is big spending so be warned! The tender new Moon in your home zone on Wednesday affords you a new start regarding any practical or psychological home difficulties that you've been dealing with.

Dear Scorpion, you certainly have been a busy Lizzy lately. With most of the personal planets in your intellectual sector to stimulate your mind, things have really been quite frantic to be fair. Thankfully Venus and the Sun are both exiting this part of the zodiac this week in favour of a more stable environment in your home zone. Don't get me wrong, you still have some major schedules running in the background which might involve tons of paper work and much negotiation, but your energy just seems that much more grounded. Over the next month you can expect family themes to come to the fore as you put down roots and seek a feeling of belonging. This is a good time to strengthen the ties that you have with your children or kin, as well as balance the aesthetics around your home. A new Moon is set to dawn in your communication sector on Wednesday that favours the onset of studies, and also gives you the chance to put some rules in place that regulate life's busyness, so that the remainder of 2018 becomes a little easier to handle.


Dear Centaur, over the last few weeks you have been working through themes of self worth and your earning capacity, but now that Venus and the Sun are both moving into your communication zone, you are more than ready to translate this new found confidence into your daily life. Luckily the Sun picks up a very independent vibration from trend setting Uranus early in the week that reminds you of your unique ability to create your own canvas. Take this advice and fly Sagittarius, it's time to put your skills to the test. There is a revitalising new Moon in your value sector on Wednesday as well, and this rewards you with an opportunity to bring your plans into the material world by putting them down on paper. Having Mercury, the planet of intellect, receiving a beam of soft spiritual energy from imaginative Neptune over the weekend, your resolve is softened when it comes to pampering yourself, and you may find that you are tempted to indulge in a bit more luxury than normal. Neptune often brings about a mode of escapism, so why not spoil yourself and head down to your local cinema for a night of fantasy?


Dear Goat, 2018 certainly started out as the year for undergoing a total make over. With so much activity in your personal zone I bet you have been paying more attention to your image and physical appearance lately. This always brings exciting possibilities, but tends to become rather tiring after a while. That's most probably why Venus and the Sun have decided to say goodbye to this self focused house for now, as they head off to a part of your zodiac where you will learn to value yourself and make your needs known. Over the next month you will be given the chance to work on your confidence levels and express your needs in a way that helps others respect and understand them. There are still a few life changing lessons to be learned regarding your self image, but these will unfurl later in the year. If you have sought to connect with groups, and network with beneficial people, this is an excellent week to do so. Jupiter is enlivened by the intensity of Pluto, which plays out in your networking zone and ensures you more than an average chance of opening the doors to future success and achievement.


Dear Water Bearer, it's safe to say that you have been in retreat for a few weeks, and looking at the psychological zone of your zodiac I can see why. Most of the personal planets have been on vacation in this retiring area of your horoscope, urging you to take an annual mental break as well. Fortuitously this mode fell over the Christmas holiday season, but now the stasis is starting to subside. The Sun and Venus both start a new cycle in your personal zone, which urges you into a rebirth of self. Over the next month you can expect to spend time contemplating your appearance and personal image. With Venus the goddess of style in the picture, you may decide to make a trip to your favourite fashion store for a wardrobe upgrade, or try out a funky new haircut and colour. The options are endless, but there will certainly be difficulty with denying yourself personal pleasures at this time. Your fresh look also seems to contribute to your career status, and while Jupiter and Pluto are affording you professional success this week, you have a window of opportunity to show your worth and command the respect that is due.


Dear Fish, all the non stop connectivity that you have experienced over the Christmas break is starting to take its toll on your energy levels. Don't despair though Pisces, because just in the nick of time two major planets leave the party in favour of a more secluded sector of your zodiac. The Sun and Venus retire to your psychological zone where they will spend the next month helping you to recharge the inner battery of the psyche, as you regenerate body and soul. It's good to connect with your inner world now and that includes dream work and spiritual contemplation. There are still many lessons to be learned throughout 2018 with regards to your friendships and networking methods, but with Saturn here for more than two years, you have plenty of time to tackle this. There's a very practical new Moon rising in this house on Wednesday that will bring your attention to making some new and useful life goals that will assist you in this mission. With Jupiter, the ruler of your sign, in an expansive part of your zodiac this week, and also taking on the determination of Pluto, you may be thinking out side of the square.

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