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  Updated Weekly (Mondays) to your web site - 13 November 2017


Dear Ram, passion is the name of the game this week with a very lucky Venus Jupiter conjunction in your house of shared resources on Tuesday. This coupling tends to bring out the best attributes of Venus, the goddess of relationships, and being in your joint finance sector I imagine that there could be a nice little windfall coming your way through the financial efforts of a partner. This aspect in this part of your zodiac also expands romantic passions to their max, giving you an elated feeling of joy and contentment. This fortuitous mode lingers throughout your week, to blossom on Friday when Venus picks up a soothing trine from dreamy Neptune that really puts you in the mood for romance. At the same time, Mercury takes on an aspect from Neptune, making it a week of imaginative inner work, rather than seriousness, or outward focus. With the Scorpio new Moon in the same area on Sunday, you have all the right circumstances this week to lay your relationship dreams down for future maturation. Nothing can quell your enthusiasm Aries, you have permission to build castles in the sky.


Dear Ram, with Mercury in your shared resource zone receiving a deceptive challenge from Neptune at the start to this week, you could find that mental concentration escapes you. Let's just say that you are more of a lover than a fighter right now, and should use this to your advantage instead of agonisingly trying to balance your cheque book. Venus is also taking on energy from Neptune on Friday in your relationship sector, but rather than encouraging mental confusion, this coupling offers a platform for sweet and romantic communication with a partner. This comes hot on the heels of the Venus Jupiter conjunction in this house that makes this an auspicious week for falling in love if you are single. Your work life however, is not so smooth, with Mars the planet of assertion already in this area, and due to receive challenging energy from Pluto that raises your hackles at the office. Cool your jets Taurus, you wouldn't want to jeopardise your work relationships because of a power struggle. Rest instead on the soothing potential of the new Moon in your relationship zone, and spend some quality time with someone special to take your mind off work politics.


Dear Twin, when it comes to the faults of a partner, you could be blinkered this week with the Mercury Neptune square playing out in your relationships zone. Take care not to be drawn into any sales pitches either, because this part of your zodiac also deals with commercial partners, and your logic tends to be somewhat impaired. You have much more luck in the workplace than normal though, as Venus and mighty Jupiter conjunct in this area to boosts your workplace happiness, and bring luck and advantage to this facet of your life. Venus also receives a relaxed vibe from Neptune on Tuesday in this area that facilitates a mode of ease and amusement within your office environment. By Sunday you are ready to take on a fight with a lover, when the energy of Mars and Pluto meet in a challenging square in your romance zone, and bring your ego out to play. Try to keep your opinions light hearted, so that there is no need for regret when this transit passes.


Dear Crab, what a wonderful week for creativity and joyous social gatherings. Venus, the planet of relationships, is in your creative sector and is taking on a magnificent Jupiter conjunction on Tuesday. This expands your charm and sends you off on a crescendo of good will throughout the week. If you enjoy art, this is a particularly good time for you to create something wonderful. By Friday when Venus receives a trine of gentle energy from dreamy Neptune, you will be ready to relax, and watch some romantic movies with someone special. The mood does tend to swing by Sunday though, when you experience the severity of the Mars Pluto square that plays out in your home and family zone, which could bring some strong opinions to the surface in an inappropriate way. Think before you speak, and try not to evoke an argument for the sake of conveying your point. There is enough positivity to focus on with a new Moon rising in your creative zone that is urging you to set the foundations for a new beginning in this part of your zodiac.


Dear Lion, you seem to see no wrong in the actions of your children this week while Mercury is in your child zone, and taking on a delusional influence from Neptune. Venus seems to aid this mode as she conjuncts expansive Jupiter in your home and family zone and heightens your maternal instincts. It's all about family for you right now, but make sure that you are not viewing some circumstances through rose tinted glasses. By Friday Venus will have also picked up a smooth trine from Neptune in this sector of your zodiac, bringing you the opportunity to spend some time making your home beautiful. Get your essential oils out and arrange some fresh flowers in a vase. You will want peace and quiet at home this weekend and will play the peacemaker if necessary so that this can manifest. There is a perfect opportunity on Sunday during the new Moon, for you to set future intentions for peace in your home sector. Jot down exactly what you want to see over the next two weeks, and give thanks for blessings received in advance.


Dear Maiden, with Venus in your communication zone snuggling up to expansive Jupiter on Tuesday, be prepared for a lot of stimulating conversation. This sets the stage for amusing repartee with friends as you are more inclined to engage socially and enjoy some light hearted fun. In fact your communication style could bring you much advantage if you put it to good use in the right company. This open mindedness lingers, and develops into a beautiful day dream by Friday when Venus in this house, takes on a gentle spirit of mysticism from Neptune that allows you to let your imagination run wild. Lately you have been actively stimulating your potential for greater earnings, and by the end of the week Mars in this sector of your zodiac takes on a challenging energy from Pluto that brings about an intensity to your approach. Remember Virgo, you will catch far more flies with honey than vinegar, so keep a cool head on your shoulders if you want to advance. The beautiful new Moon in your communication sector this Sunday will give you the chance to consider the ways of making your intentions know more positively.


Dear Scale Bearer, with Venus and Jupiter coming together in your house of values at the beginning of this week, your income potential and self confidence levels are set to receive a giant boost of fortuitous energy. You are likely to see some benefits coming your way that confirm your worth, and bring you the abundance that you deserve. In fact it is one of the best times for you to apply for a loan or a pay increase, as you seem to attract financial prosperity like a magnet. Do mind your spending however, because with Jupiter and Venus together in this part of the zodiac, it is easy to go overboard on luxury indulgences that you wouldn't ordinarily consider. Mercury, the planet of logic, is in your communication sector and taking on dreamy energy from Neptune on Tuesday, could muddle your judgement when it comes to decision making, encouraging you to give in to the extravagances of the Venus Jupiter conjunction. If there is something that you really desire, use the opportunity of the new Moon in your value zone on Sunday to plant the seeds of this expectation.

Dear Scorpion, this week you are filled with a sense of inspiration and zest for life that leaves you slightly dizzy with elation. You haven't felt this enthusiastic in a long time but it's no surprise that you are floating on air, with Venus, the planet of human relationships, in your personal sector and making a conjunction with optimistic Jupiter. Your confidence levels are at an all time high, and they have spilled over into the way that you deal with your relationships. Generosity and faith abound, and those who are lucky enough to be part of your daily life, can feel the good vibes that surround you. It is possible now to make a lasting impression on those that you wish to impress, as life events seem to naturally occur to assist you in achieving this. As an added bonus, there is also a new Moon in this part of your zodiac on Sunday that allows you to set some plans in place for future recognition, so take good advantage of this astrological gift from the gods.


Dear Centaur, with Venus and Jupiter, the ruler of your sign, aligning in your psychological zone this week, you feel a great sense of compassion and spiritual abundance. Altruism features strongly now and you are more inclined to offer your love and services to those that are in need. And why not, when you are so aware of your own life blessings? It's only natural to want to spread the love in whatever way possible. Venus also receives a beautiful burst of spiritual energy from Neptune on Friday that affords you the perfect opportunity for deep meditation, or a spiritual retreat. Lay down your intentions on Sunday, under the potential of the new Moon in this part of your zodiac, and give thanks in advance for blessings received. With Mars in your personal goals sector you have ample energy right now to plan ahead for 2018, specifically with Pluto also sending transformational vibes this way on Sunday to help you reinvent yourself. This is your time to reach for the stars!


Dear Goat, this is a big week for expanded activities with friends and groups, while Venus snuggles up to Jupiter in this part of your zodiac, and affords you increased networking opportunities. Your social calendar could be bursting at the seams right now because people tend to gravitate towards your optimistic energy like moths to a flame. Even your goals don't seem so far out of reach at the moment, as you naturally exude an element of leadership and capability that delivers achievement into your lap. If you use this fortuitous astrological coupling to emerge yourself in the right circles you could see some real benefits coming your way soon. On a cautionary note, Mars the planet of assertion is in your professional zone this week and taking on a very challenging energy from intense Pluto, that could allow for power struggles within your career sector. Keep your opinions light hearted to avoid any unnecessary conflict with authority figures which could put a dampener on your plans of advancement. The new Moon in your goals sector on Sunday lays a new road before you. It's an exciting time, and you should try to make the most of it.


Dear Water Bearer, your professional zone has blossomed this week, with Venus and Jupiter aligning in this part of your zodiac to dial up the activity on the work front. You seem to graciously float through your days, with minions in toe, as colleagues and clients alike favour your bright energy and business acumen. With this particular planetary paring in your career zone, it is likely that you will be noticed by the right people, so be on your best behaviour. On a more philosophical note, Mars the planet of action, has been in your expanded awareness zone for a few weeks now, but this week he receives a very penetrating energy from Pluto that could encourage strong opinions or intense debates from you. Keep a lid on your passions, your truth might not be someone else's, and there's no point in crossing swords over it. The new Moon falls in your career sector on Sunday, alongside Venus and Jupiter. Write your career aspirations down in your journal, and meditate on how to achieve them.


Dear Fish, you don't seem to have much focus on your professional life this week but you sure know how to dream. Mercury in your career zone is debilitated by hazy Neptune on Tuesday, which slows you down at work. You would much rather be thinking about spiritual things or having long meaningful talks with a friend. I'm not surprised, with Venus and Jupiter in conjunction in your house of philosophy. This combination would inspire anyone, it is wondrous and so expansive. Do some writing, watch some inspirational movies and take time to consider the big pictures in life. Venus takes on further joy from Neptune on Friday that adds a deeply mystical energy. There is also a new Moon in this part of your zodiac on Sunday that affords you the perfect opportunity to make some commitments to a new life style. Perhaps you have been wanting to go on an overseas adventure that will introduce you to a foreign culture and open your mind? Now is the time to lay down some plans. Exciting!

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