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  Updated Weekly (Mondays) to your web site - 18 September 2017


Dear Ram, Venus receives independent energy from freedom loving Uranus on Monday as she prepares to leap into your house of work later in the week. She is happy to be leaving your romance zone where the heat has been on with a nonstop social calendar for the last while. From now on your focus is on work as you seek to make your experience with your colleagues a good one over the next month. You have Mercury, Mars and the Sun already in this sector of your zodiac preparing the way for Venus who has a dust cloth in one hand and a tray of scones in the other. Just before this happens there is a wonderful New Moon in this area on Wednesday that opens up the opportunity for new beginnings within your job, and general health sectors. The Sun has come to the end of his duty here and will move to your relationship zone on Saturday, bringing light and joy to personal relationships or partnerships of a business capacity. You can expect to enjoy a month of congeniality with a significant other that highlights your ability to cooperate and harmonise.


Dear Bull, oh my goodness, hold onto your hat! Venus is entering your romance zone this Thursday to liven things up on your social or creative scene. Mars the planet of assertion has been hanging out there for a while, along with chatty Mercury and the Sun, so a bit of female energy is more than welcome, especially when this goddess brings passion and charm along with her. There is also a new Moon in this sector on Wednesday that highlights your need for passion and allows you to set some foundations for future romantic ventures. Try to keep a level head when it comes to flattery from friends, all that glitters may not be gold when you are looking through rose tinted glasses with Neptune opposing Mercury in this sector at about the same time as the new Moon. The Sun prepares to move to a new sign on Saturday and a new part in your zodiac, and when you awaken on Sunday morning, you may find that you have your mind on work and health matters.


Dear Twin, having had Venus in a very chatty part of your zodiac for a while, you are quite ready to hang up your car keys and spend a bit of relaxing time at home. On Thursday she makes her move into your home and family zone, where Mercury, Mars and the Sun have already been visitors for some time. You may find that you are feeling a bit more sentimental this week, looking over old photographs or calling family and friends that you haven't heard from for a while. Home aesthetics and design are also channels that may appeal to you with the goddess of love in this part of your zodiac, and there is no reason why you shouldn't do a bit of decorating. With the new Moon in this zone on Wednesday it would be apt to light some beautiful candles and make your souls desires known to the Universe. The Sun too changes positions this week and is set to move into your creative zone on Sunday, which brings you a month of creative or romantic fun. Lucky you Gemini, enjoy!


Dear Crab, with so many of your personal planets in your communication zone, and now also Venus, who makes her move there on Thursday, I am not surprised that there have been some open communications with siblings and neighbours recently. Venus promises you an intellectual take on the rest of the month as you get your nose stuck into the National Geographic, or a short film that can stimulate your mind. Your diplomacy skills are tops this week and it would be a great time to talk through any grievances that need to be brought out into the light, as you will ensure that it is done most harmoniously. Then the new Moon occurs in the same part of your zodiac on Wednesday, you will have the opportunity to manifest a favourable new beginning in this area of life. The Sun has done some good work in your communication zone this month, but it is time for him to move to new ground. Saturday marks the start to a whole new phase when the Sun enters your home and family zone and highlights themes around your roots, home security and family unity.


Dear Lion, for the last month you have focused on your personal image by dressing well, and trying to do and say the right things at the right times. You can thank Venus, the goddess of relationships for this boost, but now she is ready to do some work in a different sector of your zodiac. On Thursday she takes up her position in your value zone for the next month to help you absorb some of the image boosting that she did when she was in your personal sector. How do you value yourself now? Are you ready to trust that you have the ability to draw love and money into your life? These are questions that you may like to consider on Wednesday, when there is a new Moon rising in this sector of your zodiac that opens up the opportunity for manifestation of self confidence. It's not just any new Moon either because Mercury, Mars and the Sun are in at the party to encourage your best efforts. As the Sun moves off to your communication zone on Saturday, for the first time in a year, you can look forward to an intellectual boost, and verbal confidence as your rewards are further extended into this sphere of your life.


Dear Maiden, with Mercury, Mars and the Sun all in your personal sector this has been a month of image building for you that is far from over. Venus joins this group on Thursday to bring a touch of class to your beauty regime for several weeks to come. Celebrate your own fabulosity this week by taking yourself off to have a manicure or a new haircut, because this is the time to allow your softer side to shine through. Friends and family notice your inner glow and compliment you on your well turned out appearance, which makes things so much more worthwhile. At the same time, there is also a new Moon in this part of your zodiac that heralds the start to your dynamic image makeover. The Sun can now relinquish his grasp on this facet of life and move on to work wonders in your value zone, and on Saturday he enters this part of your zodiac for the next month to uplift your self confidence to the next level and put you in touch with material affairs and creature comforts. You can look forward to a month of powerful attraction abilities when it comes to your desires. Especially those around your earning capacity. Make good use of this very advantageous times Virgo.


Dear Scale Bearer, Venus has been helping you to keep your group activities and friendships harmonious for the last month, but behind closed doors you have been delving deeply into the folds of your subconscious mind with so many of your personal planets on the back burner in your psychological zone. This week Venus is ready to join them which heralds a month of quiet introspection for you. It's not that your social life is destined to die an early death as much as it is a far more personal experience for you now. This is a time for reflection and a break from ego or drama. What has been holding you back psychologically? What fears do you need to master and break away from? With the new Moon that is scheduled to take place in this part of your zodiac on Wednesday, you will have the opportunity to gather these thoughts and realise how to formulate a new beginning for yourself within these themes. The Sun has other plans for you and will move into your self image zone on Saturday which kicks off a month of image focus and healthy me time again. But this time there is a new you that steps into the limelight.

Dear Scorpion, Venus is over all the professional image setting now and is ready to let her hair down a bit in your friendship zone. She enters this part of your zodiac on Thursday to meet up with her pals, Mercury, Mars and the Sun, who are already getting the party started. You can look forward to a month of lively relationship and social activity as Venus encourages you to be a good friend this week because you have grace and charm in bucket loads and will want to spend as much time using your peaceful disposition to join people and groups together with harmonious ease. As the Sun moves into a far more introspective place in your zodiac on Saturday, you will have a month to consider your part in the big scheme of things as you take a bit of a mental break and recharge your inner being.


Dear Centaur, having had the Sun, Mercury and Mars all in your professional zone, this has been a time to focus on your career with the intention of getting ahead. You may have been spending a lot of time recently making your mark on the world with three of your personal planets all in this house, but this week Venus is joining them to bring more of a soft and congenial touch to your strategies. I guess she wants you to know that you will catch more flies with honey than you will with vinegar, and honey she brings, in bucket loads. You are recognised more for your charm and grace this week in your professional field than for forcing your way onto the centre stage. Colleagues and bosses alike seem to favour you this month and relationships at work are harmonious and fun. It is a good time to manifest your inner professional wishes on Wednesday when the new Moon occurs in this area of your zodiac as well. Soon the Sun will move on, to open up a whole month of social shenanigans when he enters your friendship zone on Saturday with glass in hand. Enjoy!


Dear Goat, Venus has spent a month in a very serious and deeply passionate part of your zodiac and this Thursday she throws in the towel as she moves to your adventure zone for a flit in the exotic quarter. You are more inclined to look at the big picture now and desire to mingle with foreign cultures and expand your universe instead of waste your focus on issues of emotional intensity. You may long to spread a world map out on the table and tag your next exotic travel destination. So why wait Capricorn? Make sure that you do this on Wednesday when the new Moon graces this part of your zodiac and offers you the chance for a fresh start. The Sun soon moves signs and on Saturday your professional life receives a welcomed boost of luck from this ego enhancing friend. Your reputation not only means a lot to you right now but others admire and compliment you on your professional progress, especially those in authority, as you tend to take on more responsibility and shine in your career.


Dear Water Bearer, the Sun has been in your transformation zone for the last month drawing your attention to some deeply personal themes, which could possibly have been between you and your partner, or even just on a self transformation level. This has been a good time for you to draw up a budget or review your investments in order for you to feel as though you are standing in your own power again. Mars, the Sun and Mercury have all been dialling the intensity up in this area of life, but this week the Sun moves away, and Venus enters this sector. With the softer touch of Venus in the picture you could receive a financial reward or gain one through the work of your partner. You may be more inclined now to smooth over some of the rough edges that the more assertive masculine planets have raked up to the surface. Matters of intimacy also seem to come to the fore this week and there is a chance for a new beginning in this area of life on Wednesday, when the new Moon rises to bless you with a fresh start.


Dear Fish, it is still all about partnerships and relationships for you, but this week the intensity lifts as the Sun moves away removing ego from the picture, and Venus the goddess of love takes up her place in your relationship house next to Mercury and Mars. She gifts you the ability to make peace, as this turns into a week of love, not war. Smoothing out rough edges and cooperating with your partner are what make you happy right now, and this needn't only be a romantic partner but covers business partnerships as well. Compromise and harmony are closest to your heart as you seek to reconnect your personal relationships. On Wednesday the Moon will extend you the courtesy of a new beginning as she conjuncts the Sun to form a new Moon in this area of your zodiac. The Sun on the other hand has different fish to fry and makes his move on Saturday to your joint resource sector where he will be shedding light on your budget and investments over the next month. This is the beginning of a transformational time for you and a chance for emotional renewal of a deep and soulful kind.

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