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  Updated Weekly (Mondays) to your web site - 18 September 2017


Dear Ram, this is a bumper week for business as the Moon illuminates your house of work and routine on Tuesday, passing over Venus who has just arrived in this sector of your zodiac, and then Mercury, Mars and the Sun. You have luck on your side with your three major personal planets ready and willing to get you deeply imbedded into your daily schedules. There's energy to spare and the ability to get on with the tasks at hand, and also a fabulous new Moon in this sector that gives you the opportunity to manifest what you want to create when it comes to business success. Whilst you may seem quite equipped with all this help, the Moon is generous still, and when she connects with Pluto later in the week and brings your professional zone into unity with your work sector, the sky is your limit. Reach for the stars Aries!


Dear Bull, your work sector is activated by the light of the passing Moon on Thursday which puts you in line to inspire trust from colleagues and bosses alike once she moves across the face of Jupiter in this sector of your zodiac. This encourages cooperation and help to flow into your business world where you may need it the most. This conjunction confers honesty and integrity, and Jupiter in your work house indicates that business success is likely to come from doing something selfless that is of service to the community. You are conscientious about your work this week and will seek to perform it as best as you can. Your gift comes on Saturday when the Moon moves into your partnership zone and stimulates your ability to work with clients and legal contracts. I guess Jupiter would like you to show some faith and goodwill, so that the business gods can lift your commercial profile to an exciting new level.


Dear Twin, Venus is spending her last days in your communication zone this week before she moves off on Thursday, but before she does the Moon is intent on illuminating her in this part of your zodiac as a final gift to you. As the Moon casts silvery light on Venus, the goddess of attraction, you may find that you have gained a seamlessly sleek and professional ability to work with customers and close a sale. The Moon also forms a grand trine with Uranus and Saturn this week within your communication zone. These two planets are normally polar opposites, but work together for you right now to bring about an intuitive knowing when it comes to reading the body language of your clients. Your organisational skills are finely honed with this advantageous coupling, and although the results may still be in the making, you have the chance this week to set all the foundations for some business success later down the line when things all pull together, and surprise you when you least expect it.


Dear Crab, Venus is ready to move off from your money sector this week but has the power of the Moon that fills her sails on Monday as a passing gift to you before she does. At the same time, she also picks up an energising trine from Uranus in your professional zone that joins money and career together in a way that stimulates business opportunity to the max. Even once Venus changes signs on Thursday and moves into your communication zone for the first time in over a year, you will find that she is still working for you in advantageous ways when it comes to business. You are afforded the gift of the gab for several weeks and will find that you are a most successful negotiator who is able to market a product with effortless confidence. When the Moon touches this sector of your zodiac on Thursday, it is not only Venus who is brought to life here, but also Mercury, Mars and the Sun. Needless to say, Thursday is a day when words will glide off your tongue like sparking jewels.


Dear Lion, oh my goodness Leo, this is a very favourable week for you when it comes to attracting money and new business into your world. You not only have the Sun, Mars and Mercury all in your money sector, but now Venus is joining the party on Thursday to afford you the power of strong financial attraction. This is one of Venus' favourite houses because she is right at home calling the shots when it comes to bringing in money for tangible luxuries, and as the Moon enters this arena on Tuesday and passes over all your personal planets, they will come to her aid in doing so. At the same time the Moon also connects with a beneficial angle to Pluto, and affiliates your professional sector and money zone with each other. The business deals that come so naturally to you this week are destined to give your professional reputation a golden boost. What more could one ask for with regards to business luck during one week?


Dear Maiden, there is a lot of preparation going on in the background this week that stimulates your personal image and affords you the confidence to approach business matters with open arms. The Sun, Mars, Mercury and now also Venus, are in this very personal part of your zodiac, granting you self confidence and charisma that are second to none. As the Moon goes about her swift pathway through your zodiac and picks up all these personal planets with her enchanted light, you will find that you literally glow from the inside out. By Thursday she will have reached your money zone, where Jupiter has been residing for the last year, to activate and enhance your luck and power of attraction. The chance for business success is high, especially when the Moon picks up intuitive power from Uranus in your house of joint ventures and gifts you the knowledge to act swiftly with regards to business investments.


Dear Scale Bearer, you have the power of successful networking skills this week with the Moon passing through your group sector and making a very beneficial trine with Uranus. You will find that you have been gifted the uncanny ability to see each person for who they are, and get alongside them by making a connection through common interests. This is great for business as potential clients will feel comfortable with your friendly demeanour and desire to engage with you on a commercial level. As the Moon continues her travels through your zodiac and reaches your money sector on Saturday, all your social skills are likely to bring you the good business returns that you have so dearly earned, so spend the time wining and dining your associates at the beginning of this week in order to reap your rewards later.

Dear Scorpion, your professional sector is ablaze with the light from the silvery Moon on Monday as she passes through this part of your zodiac and enriches Venus to give you a last boost of power, before she moves away on Thursday. As the Moon passes through this house she also picks up a very valuable trine from Uranus, who is currently in your work sector. This brings your career and work zones into a symbiotic relationship that can only mean good fortune when it comes to business. Venus is moving into your goals sector on Thursday to join Mercury, Mars and the Sun, which makes this the perfect time to sit down with your diary and do some mind mapping around where you see yourself in the next year when it comes to your business success. There is a new Moon in this sector on Wednesday which is just on time so that you can turn your business manifestations into realistic strategies that pay good dividends later down the line.


Dear Centaur, if you have been waiting for that bumper business week to happen then you need wait no longer. This week Venus joins Mercury, Mars and the Sun in your professional zone to give you the golden accolades that you have sensed were coming for some time. These three very important personal planets in a part of your zodiac that deals with your reputation are further enhanced by the Moon who passes over each of them and activates them to their full potential. If you think this is a bonus, there is still more to come as the Moon connects favourably with Pluto in your money zone to join these two parts of your business portfolio, and turn your money radar dial to full power. Your potential is limitless this week Centaur so go forth and conquer, you have lady luck on your side.


Dear Goat, you have the light of the Moon illuminating your house of shared resources on Monday and connecting very beneficially with structural Saturn to make sure that you are a committed business partner. Venus is spending her last days in this part of your zodiac and she too is enriched by this light, which encourages her to give her all when it comes to relationships with those that you have joint investments with. It is an excellent time to look over your investment portfolio and catch up with business partners to make sure that everything is running to its utmost potential. You could find that once the Moon, who is skipping along in her monthly cycle, reaches your professional zone on Thursday and ignites expansive Jupiter within this arena, you may receive some long awaited and favourable business news with regards to a dividend from one of these investments.


Dear Water Bearer, with the Moon moving through your partnership zone on Monday and illuminating Venus as she does, your ability to amicably work with business partners, and get them alongside you is enhanced. You not only have the power of charm but also of an open and socially diverse mind, as the Moon takes on a beneficial connection with Uranus in your communication zone around the same time, and successfully brings these two areas of your business dossier together. By Tuesday the Moon moves on and enters your shared resource zone where she will reactive Mercury, Mars and the Sun to their full potential, giving you the best opportunity to work with joint investors and make some very beneficial judgement calls. I'll bet that by the end of this week, when the Moon finally gets to your professional zone and you understand the full extent of your good judgement, you will be sending off a message to the world that will end up rewarding you with a sterling reputation in time to come.


Dear Fish, Venus is only a few days away from exiting your work arena but before she does, the Moon moves across her face and affords her a second breath in this department. Not only is she working to make sure that you are connecting well with business groups but she also makes a very valuable trine with Uranus in your money zone that brings work and money houses into unison with each other. You have ingenuity now to bring business ideas to those that can learn from you. By Thursday Venus enters your partnership zone where she will join Mercury, Mars and the Sun who have already paved the way for you with business partners. As the Moon crosses over all these personal planets on Tuesday and Wednesday, your ability to work with clients and contracts to favourably boost your business portfolio becomes effortless. One seldom has the privilege of almost all of the personal planets working together to make the human connection as favourable as it is for you this week Pisces. Make the most of this special gift.

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