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  Updated Weekly (Mondays) to your web site - 15 January 2018


The professional gods roll out the big guns this week and while powerful forces will remain in play all year and there will be other periods during the year where things take off, this is the most concentrated week of the year. It is not even that the week is concentrated and more the first half of the week, with over half the solar system in your career sector. With Mercury spending his first full week in your career sector, Venus leaving on Thursday and the Sun two days later, this cross over period was always going to be important. Things becomes even more focused with the Moon's return on Monday, teaming up with the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Pluto and Saturn ahead of Wednesday's New Moon. This is the first New Moon here with Saturn on board in three decades and with he and Pluto driving things for the next three years, the rest of the professional gods have come out to give them a push start.


This is definitely a week of two halves, with the second half not only the most professionally charged, but obscured until the 11th Hour by a granddaddy of them all New Moon in an adventurous part of your chart. Over half the planets in the solar system are in your sector of adventure, travel, learning and discovery ahead of Wednesday's New Moon here, including the three that will make their way to your career sector in the second half. It starts with the Moon's return to your career sector just hours after Wednesday's New Moon, followed by Venus' return on Thursday and the Sun's two days later. So if you find that you've got a case of Mondayitis or that it is hard to get your professional hat on during the first half of the week, you're not alone, with the professional gods experiencing the same.


As Mars spends his last full week in your work sector this is going to be a busy week. Mars will normally spend six weeks here, once every two years and they are always the busiest and most frenetic weeks in a two year period and the final weeks even more so. That is still the case this time, but any urgency is more selective rather than a general push to work yourself into the ground. Mars, warrior planet of the cosmos is a planet that can fire things up and make things happen. But if he has one fault it's that while he's great at getting things started, once he leaves finishing is often a problem. When Mars leaves next week he will leave lucky Jupiter behind, who will continue to promote job growth and to see Mars' quests through, for the rest of the year. This means that Mars doesn't have to focus on putting everything you have into everything you do, able to focus instead on just what you're able to get started or moving.


While you will start the week with the Moon in your work sector, it will leave in the early hours of Monday and in the process leave you in a curious situation. The Moon returns to your work sector every four weeks, always has and always will. However, this is the first visit since Mercury left last week, who in turn had stayed on to tie up loose ends after Saturn ended his three year visit, just before Christmas. This is the first time since September 2014 that the Moon will leave you with no planetary activity on the job front. While Uranus and Eris are now in direct motion in your career sector, this is still early days and until the Moon returns next week are taking a wait and see approach. With Mars returning to your work sector next week, what you have is a rare and extremely valuable week to pull back and regroup.


This week is as big as it gets, with every available professional god coming out in order to not only push start things on the job front for this new professional year, but major new three year journey. The Sun will always spend the first three weeks of January in your work sector and at some point the Moon will return, creating a New Moon that brings a chance to draw a new line in the sand, while creating a tailwind. With the Sun leaving on Saturday and Venus on Thursday, a New Moon in their final days is the perfect time to jump start things. Yet as the first New Moon with Saturn on board in three decades and with Saturn and Pluto continuing to drive anything triggered all year, this is a powerful New Moon. Mercury's return late last week means you've got your head in the game as things start to move on the job front.


If you've enjoyed a fairly relaxed start to this new professional year or you haven't felt motivated to get things moving that will start to change this week, but not until the second half of the week. And just as well, for from Monday to Wednesday you not only have the Moon making its first visit to a fun, playful, romantic and creatively charged part of your chart, but half the solar system is there as well. Venus is wisely waiting until Thursday to return to your work sector and the Sun will return two days later. Yet it is the Moon's return just hours after Wednesday's New Moon that will get the ball rolling and here when Venus returns will ensure you have an intuitive edge from the get go. This is important, for Venus will be gone by the time the Moon returns as a solar eclipse next month, with a chance to put your heart and instincts on the same page.


There is a need to remind yourself that this is still the early weeks of the new professional year and with the Sun, Venus and Mercury not returning until next month, even the professional gods aren't in a hurry. If you do feel a sense of urgency this will be coming from a growing senses of job confidence. As Mars continues to push through glass ceilings on the income front, especially those in your own mind, this will further fuel your confidence. The two come together when the Moon returns for its first visit to your work sector for the year on Friday, putting it here as Mars spends his last weekend in your income sector. This comes just as an alignment between Mars on the income front and Chiron on the job front peaks, adding even more fuel to a growing sense of job confidence and anticipation. It is next month though that things will start to move.

It is almost as though the money and professional gods are in cahoots, working together to create a lull across the income, work and career front and then synchronising a come back later in the month. The North Node and Ceres spend the whole week aligned in your career sector, but with Ceres in retrograde motion they are laying low, holding back until the Moon returns as a total lunar eclipse, at the end of the month. At the same time Mercury's departure from your income sector last Thursday has left it empty until Mars returns later next week, though you start the week with a nose and a smart head for money. At the same time, while Uranus and Eris have both turned direct on the job front over the last two weeks, they need a week or so to start gaining some momentum. By the end of the month you'll be ready to fly across all three fronts.


All the action is on the income front, as is always the case at this time of year, with even the professional gods holding back. It is fine by them if you need your work and professional hats right off, taking the time to soak in all the support surrounding Wednesday's New Moon in your income sector. Venus is staying on until Thursday, with the planet of money having a vested interest in steering things in a lucrative direction. Venus is less focused on any income breakthroughs now, with a lucrative sense of direction everything. For it is Venus that will return to your work sector in March and lead what over the following months will become a major breakthrough. Yet by as early as this week there will be a chance to start gathering information, doing research or to just get curious about your options. This is being led by Pallas Athena, the goddess of wisdom's return to your work sector.


While you started the year with the Moon in your work sector, having left on New Year's Day this was more a tail end of the Moon's last visit for 2017. It is when the Moon returns next week and makes its first complete visit for 2018 that there'll be an intuitive feel for where things start on the job front. There is no planetary activity in either of your professional houses at this time of year, but with 16 months of planetary activity on the career front having just ended last month, you have endless possibilities and plenty of momentum. It was the Moon's visit to your career sector last week that has sharpened your professional instincts, while bringing a chance to look back over the last few years. This week you have a completely blank canvas and with your professional instincts sharp but no professional gods telling you what to do or where to go, you're able to free wheel it and explore where a sense of curiosity leads.


When he gets to his last full week in your career sector Mars, warrior planet of the cosmos can be known to create a manic and frenetic sense of urgency. Mars is a planet that needs to be busy and making things happen and not returning for another two years, he has been known to work you into the ground. This is the week where you reach the danger zone, where things could become a little crazy, but not if you work to the conditions. If you really focus on Mars' urgency and where it is coming from, you will find that it is fairly selective. With Jupiter staying on to support professional growth for the rest of the year, Mars doesn't need to finish anything off or see results. This allows you to channel any urgency or need for action into getting things started. This is one time when you don't have to worry about the follow through or losing motivation.


There is a definite lull this week, with the professional gods calling halftime and a chance to pull back. You would think that the holiday period would be the ideal time to bring one professional year to an end before starting the next, but the professional gods work to their own timetable and this is the week where they have blown the whistle, calling for time out. This should have happened with Mercury's departure from your career sector last Thursday, but the Moon's return on Friday kept the momentum going over the weekend. The Moon's departure on Monday will allow you to start the week with your professional instincts sharp, but will then bring a chance to take your professional hat off. The whistle will go to resume play when Mars returns to your career sector later next week, just days before a total lunar eclipse on the job front. Make the most of the first time the professional gods have called for time out in over three years.

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