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  UpdatedWeekly to your web site or APP - 19 January 2018


Is a career aspiration a mere whim or does it truly hold potential? That could be a question you ponder during coming days. Whether your questions surround you pursuing a professional goal that can remove you from a tedious or mundane professional scenario or becoming focused more intently on your true professional purpose in life, something significant is about to shift and it all it all begins with a thought. It might be time to take one career vision more seriously.


This week, it's important to accept that help or support you need to learn something might not be as forthcoming from one or two others as you wish it was. However, don't let that deter or frustrate you. Just because someone isn't willing to show you the ropes or make a learning curve easier doesn't mean you're not capable of learning it by taking the initiative yourself. It might be precisely what someone is waiting for you to do, too.


Sometimes, it's helpful to think or say the words, 'there must be more to life than this.' This week, you could start to give serious thought to bringing an improvement to an area of your world that might have been the cause of more than one sleepless night! You know how one scenario or arrangement needs to change or at least offer more reassurance than you feel presently. Don't underestimate how keen a certain person is to assist you to make your vision real.


Might an arrangement between you and a certain person or possibly an organization never be the same again? Hopefully, that will be the case! Take a good look now at what is in place or agreed between you, because events this week indicate a new arrangement is about to not only replace an existing one but transform it beyond recognition. Whatever is discussed or agreed will put a commitment on a very new and much stronger footing.


Striving for perfection is admirable. We all do it, especially when we believe we're obliged to give our all to a situation, commitment or arrangement. However, all it can take sometimes is a small indication of what's less than perfect to cause us to believe our investment of effort isn't enough to make the difference we want to make. This week, be prepared to discover how far from perfect something is in an area of your world. However, also be prepared to discover how much potential exists to improve it in a way you'll soon be delighted with.


Where your connection with a certain person is concerned this week, it's a case of you receiving what you give. All would be fine if it weren't for the fact that you might be conveying a vibe of uncertainty or doubt. This, in turn, could cause someone to feel similarly toward you. That's why it's both necessary and fair for you to send out a clear vibe of reassurance and confidence. It's possible your expectations about yourself are much higher than someone else's are about you.


It might feel necessary and appropriate in more than one way to keep your distance from a certain person this week. However, try to connect with the part of you that knows that, by doing so, all you're doing is prolonging a discussion or interaction that shouldn't be delayed. The air needs clearing in some way, and you have superb cosmic support to do so. Even if you feel the offering of an olive branch should come from you-know-who, be the first to offer it.

You're a fantastic observer. You can spot minutiae in some situations that others would never spot in a lifetime of looking. You also appear to have been an excellent observer in an area of your world but events this week could encourage you to reveal your findings to one or two others. Will they be glad to hear them? Probably not. However, people are often unwilling to hear the truth, regardless of how dressed-up it might be. You owe it to yourself and at least one other person to speak the truth and from the depths of your heart. Just ensure it is done sensitively.


We all, understandably, prefer to deal with facts rather than work with assumptions. However, we don't always make incorrect or inaccurate assumptions, and one or two of yours deserve to be trusted this week. Even with the absence of concrete information, you probably have a more accurate assessment of a certain situation or scenario than you're giving yourself credit for having. Trust what you feel about something that both confuses and intrigues you.


The saying about 'sinking or swimming' is a harsh one. We all do ourselves a disservice when it comes to realizing or accepting how able we are to cope with and overcome daunting situations. Although events this week might require you to prove yourself in some way, you're more than able to do so in the eyes of anyone you're determined to impress. Be proud. Be confident. Trust that, where any need to 'swim' is concerned, you have all the strength and support you need to do so impressively!


'Live and let live.' This week, do your best to adhere to that motto. That doesn't mean you should ignore someone's faults or inconsistencies completely. Neither should you feel obliged to make their world a more comfortable place. However, it's by giving them a certain level of freedom to be themselves that they'll start to respond to you differently. You could discover that much of what you disliked about them was the result of you setting expectations of them too high.


We all need to have some level of expectations about the future. However, we can all struggle at times to strike a balance between what needs and deserves our attention and effort in the present with believing we're doing everything necessary to ensure a future outcome ticks all appropriate boxes. You're right to be focused as intently as you are on the future because at least one vision holds massive potential to become real. However, don't lose sight of what or who - needs and deserves proper attention in the present.

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