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  UpdatedWeekly to your web site or APP - 17 November 2017


Your mission this week surrounds knowing where and when to draw a line regarding defensiveness. You might know more than others in a particular way, but there are limits to how receptive they'll be to being told they're wrong, and you're right. You might also see something within a certain situation or arrangement you wish someone would wake up to and see similarly. This week, your determination to defend or justify yourself could create more problems than solutions. Try to put yourself in others' shoes before speaking your mind.


Every one of us is concerned on some level about how others see us. We all know one or two people who claim they don't care but can always identify reasons that tell us otherwise. A question you might ask yourself this week surrounds how you want to be seen by others. Coming events could bring renewed focus to this. Any changes you make will benefit you in the first instance. If they feel right to you, then you have every reason to believe they'll be warmly received by others.


This week, something could finally 'click.' This could take many forms, however, the sky suggests the greatest sense of relief or reassurance will come from believing someone truly understands you and what you need from them. Perhaps, you've recently dealt with someone who has their idea about how a certain arrangement should be. Maybe, you've had valid reasons to question if you should continue pursuing a plan involving them. Events this week should reassure you that you and they are on the same page in ways you need to be.


Do you consider yourself to be a creative person? Before you answer, stop for a second and consider what's meant by the word, 'creative.' We tend to equate it with being artistic or perhaps musical, and there's nothing wrong with that. However, sometimes creativity is applied in other clever - and perhaps subtler - ways. This week, a particular solution requires you to wear your creative cap to find it. An obvious and possibly short-term solution exists but a less obvious and longer-term or permanent option can be found if you allow your imagination to guide you.


Many wonderful and colorful words describe Leos. Passionate. Romantic. Creative. Generous. Let's stop there for a moment. There are no boundaries to your generosity when you decide to apply it from the depths of your heart. You probably do so without expecting anything in return, most of the time. It's your preparedness to give with only the intention of feeling warm inside that brings an amazing and deservedly heartwarming development this week. Wherever you sense a strong need to give, be assured you'll receive something back that touches you.


We often forget that life is a learning experience. We're put on this planet to enjoy countless experiences, and all of these add up to one, big learning process. That's why we need to connect with all that's positive within any experience, especially if a chance exists to learn from a previous mistake. The sky doesn't imply you're at risk of making a mistake this week, but even if you do, the lesson contained within it will undoubtedly come in handy in the future. Looking back at your past and drawing upon a previous lesson learned is what coming events need from you!


Defensiveness can manifest in many ways and cause us to act in many, often inappropriate ways. This week, you could sense a need to protect or retain something you believe you're at risk of losing. Are you focusing on a worst-case scenario by believing whatever-it-is will be removed from your world? What about a 'best-case scenario'? What if you stood to gain much more from being less dependent on something? It's possible you're clinging to something more out of habit than necessity. Allow events this week to help make that clearer.

We're told 'the best things in life are free.' Although it's true that everything we need during our brief stay on Earth is made available constantly to us in some way, we can all identify a few Man-made items that would make our stay a bit more enjoyable. However, that would be a cop-out in some way. Material gestures and gains are superficial. Real depth and meaning come from our hearts glowing from being touched in particular ways. Venus's influence in your sign intends to bring precisely that this week.


At many points in our lives, we've looked at someone and wished we could do what they do or achieve the success they've achieved. We then create reasons why we could never experience either or both. Things get worse when we start to believe those reasons. The fact someone has achieved what we want to achieve means, without any shadow of a doubt, it can be done. This week, you're right to look at someone else's position in life and wish you could achieve something similar. That's likely to be your first step toward doing so!


Have you ever sat down with a pen and paper and listed your goals, one by one? We hear people offering positive thinking seminars say that doing such a thing is powerful. However, the act of writing the words gives our brains something to see. With something to see, they have something other than a vague vision to act upon. The coming week brings a fantastic opportunity to start giving more serious consideration to one or two cherished goals of your own. If you can, write them down. 'Picture power' can be essential in getting a process underway to achieve them.


Rarely, do people born under your sign ask for help. This often has more to do with having absolute faith in your unique thought processes or strategies and recognizing that, by the time you explained your vision or approach and got someone to understand it, you could have achieved it! However, this week, it could become clear you could use some support or input from a certain person. Don't be shy about asking for it. You could discover someone has an equally innovative approach to your own.


This week, your ruling planet, Neptune turns direct after a five-month slumber. This, along with some helpful accompanying aspects, makes this week an exceptionally special one. Where your vision or focus has been hazy or ill-defined, something is about to become clearer. It's about to make sense or 'click.' How do you intend to use this renewed clarity? The answer should involve having absolute faith that a vision or aspiration you believed was impractical has potential to become real. The first indications of this could arrive very soon.

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