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  UpdatedWeekly to your web site or APP - 21 July 2017


We're taught from a young age that too much of anything isn't good for us. That's a concept most of us found ourselves accepting of from a young age, too. If we overindulge, then some level of wastage always exists or we end up paying the price for it in some way. That's something to bear in mind this week. A little bit of what you fancy can be extremely beneficial but taking something to excessive limits will likely be one major source of regret.


Something in an area of your world a plan, project or possibly a relationship could be prone to being overanalyzed this week. That's because you're probably more trusting of what your head is telling than the message your heart is begging you to consider. If you want to see whatever-it-is in a cold and logical way, then you're likely to be oblivious to the very sweet, heartwarming developments on offer. Your head has had enough of a chance to give its opinion. Now, it's time to start trusting what your heart has to say.


We all reach a point sometimes where we become bored with how predictable or seemingly devoid of opportunity a situation appears. We then decide to shake things up a bit. That's fine, provided we accept consequences of doing so - and blame should fingers be pointed our direction! If you feel inclined to shake something in you world this week, then do so. Be aware though that action always causes a reaction and you will need to accept responsibility for change you instigate. Be sure you want it before you take action you're considering taking.


It might become apparent pressure is increasing in some way. Have you not grown used recently to juggling various balls and keeping numerous plates spinning? However, pressure coming your way this week could be fueled by passion coming from within you. You have strong feelings about a situation or individual and powerful passions are likely causing confusion regarding this. What's needed is clarity and if you allow it to come this week, then it will. You'll then be better placed to trust the new understanding and act on it wisely, not hastily.


This week, Mars enters Leo, followed by the Sun and a New Moon in your sign. Add to this the presence of Mercury who entered Leo earlier this month and you have a power-packed combination of planets working on your behalf to bring change where you want and need it. You have momentum working in a very positive way for you this week so be aware of how powerful and influential you are. You're at risk of applying too much force in some areas. Wherever you feel inclined to take action or convey yourself, be aware of how overpowering you can be.


The sky speaks this week of tension between you and a certain individual. It also speaks of your ability to resolve it - if you want to. You are being pressured to succumb to a certain person's demands and prepared to do so because you feel you have no choice. Expect soon to discover this isn't the case. There is more room for compromise within an arrangement than you originally believed and once you do so, you could actually be grateful for what tension has brought in terms of a new agreement or way forward.


A sense of pessimism could grow strong this week. It might feel very real and justified but before you accept is as being so, be willing to see a certain situation in the right and necessary perspective. You might be very aware this week of what's missing in your world and believe all would be hunky dory if you had it or more of it. Yet, it's by focusing on what you believe is waiting to go wrong that you're preventing what you need from becoming available to you. Believe a situation can and will improve and that's precisely what it will start to do.

Where a line might have existed between what was yours and what was someone else's, that lines looks set to shift or be removed altogether now. A new level of commitment or at least an agreement looks set to be reached where an agreed and accepted boundary is concerned. As you become more willing to share, so too will someone else. There could be a strong connection with your home or family regarding this but what gets agreed and put in place now will undoubtedly strengthen one association.


What or who has you so fired up or possesses such fascinating and hypnotic qualities that might be struggling to think clearly? What is needed is clarity but before that makes itself available, effort on your part is needed to separate fact from fiction and reality from fantasy. That doesn't mean you're wrong to dream or pursue whatever or whoever it is that has you so hypnotized or fascinated. It means your pursuit needs to be a realistic one and that's something the cosmos is assisting with this week.


Some people thrive in chaos. Others avoid chaos wherever possible in the belief they get best results from operating in structured and predictable environments. In your world, you want something to be more efficient, stable and organized yet cannot help but be focused on all that seems chaotic or unpredictable within it. Soon, a more stable and less changeable situation will emerge. This week, remain focused on progress you are actually making in amongst all that is volatile and chaotic!


Computers can't think for themselves, even if it appears they can. Any decisions they make are made according to how they're programmed. With that in mind, consider certain conclusions you're reaching now. Are they being made in such a cold and calculated way? There's nothing wrong with applying logic to what needs sorting now. However, logic needs to be mixed with what your heart is telling you and therein lies the reason for potential conflict. An almost scientific approach you've applied lately needs to change. This week, allow your heart to play a bigger part in a decision.


You need to use and trust your intuition this week. Be willing to be optimistic and see the hidden, practical advantage in a certain development, no matter how daunting it might appear. You're about to be given a very valid reason to feel more hopeful where you have felt pessimistic or deflated of late. From there, the rest will be up to you as long as you're willing to trust what your deepest instincts tell you. A sense of optimism making its way into your world is justified and that's all you need to trust.

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