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  UpdatedWeekly to your web site or APP - 22 September 2017


You have a choice this week regarding whether or not you choose to be guided by the winds of change or resist them. You probably have a clear idea about changes you want to instigate but might also have a slightly skewed attitude toward how much energy will be required to bring them. It's important to accept that the cosmos is on your side where changes you're keen to introduce are concerned. Wherever you sense urgency or a need to apply force, take that as a clear sign that you ought to relax and see what unfolds on its own.


A particular sense of confusion should be welcomed, not feared. This week, it's possible you might feel a certain plan isn't unfolding as it should do. This could cause you to wonder if you've been relieved of your duties as the captain of your own destiny and an unseen force is now dictating where you're going and where you're going to end up. The gust of wind in the form of change is taking you to where you need to be. It's important you trust that and where you are now is where you need to be for that to happen.


The coming week could bring a need for you to make clear that you're saying what you mean and mean what you say. If you felt you were being listened to or your words were registering with others, then you would probably feel less frustrated. However, it's possible your words need to carry a bit more passion than they've done recently. That's something the cosmos is assisting with this week. It will be up to you to balance passion with aggression.


We all know people who are 'ideas machines'. They have one seemingly ingenious idea, followed by another. However, despite the plethora of visions they manage to generate, it appears few come to fruition. It's great to have a wonderful idea, but figuring out the best way to implement it can be perplexing and frustrating. This week, it could become clear what you need to do to take a particular idea to the next stage. If help or support from others is needed, then you can be certain both will become available to you.


A situation in your world can be likened to a finish line being in sight but you feeling inclined to take a breather and assess how far you've come before making the final effort to finish. Why stop now? There will be plenty of time to assess your journey once you've completed it! Summoning the final bit of effort needed to cross the finish line be difficult but it needs to be done and can be done! Then, you can bask in your deserved success.


Welcome what's confusing. Take a keen interest in what's chaotic or volatile. As someone who probably prefers some degree of structure to their world, you'd prefer confusion, chaos and volatility bothered someone else. However, something delightful awaits you once the proverbial dust settles. For a particular situation in your world to change in a way you need it to, a brief period of upheaval is needed. That's what this week offers and you can trust it will be brief.


Astrology textbooks often portray Librans as indecisive. We're all indecisive at times, and the process of decision making often involves us being clear about what we know we don't want before deciding what we want. This is a process you're likely to experience this week. To determine what you want and action necessary to attain it, you'll need to become aware of what you know you don't want. From there, the right steps forward are about to be taken.

You appear to be doing the equivalent of 'dipping your toe in the water' in a particular way. This could be seen by you or others as deliberate hesitancy on your part. It might appear as if you're applying a delaying tactic to something that anyone else would jump straight in with. However, you're right to apply a bit of caution. A particular move needs to be timed carefully. If you sense it's appropriate to take your time to ensure this is done properly, then you'll be taking the wisest step you could take at this stage.


Some 'learning curves' are subtle. We experience them but are unaware we've done so. It's only when we need to draw from the well of experience that we realize a lesson learned from a past experience holds something we can apply to the present. This week, you could experience a similar scenario. Where an answer or solution appears elusive, you look set to discover you already possess it. You can thank a seemingly irrelevant episode from your past for this.


When we're young, we're taught that sticks and stones might break bones, but name-calling should never inflict any injury. As children, ignoring others' hurtful comments is much easier said than done. We even accept others' negative criticism and each of us is guilty of accepting someone's negative appraisal of our abilities. This week, you have a choice about whether or not to accept someone's negative appraisal of you. Shrug it off.


Being determined to take strides where small steps are needed will be the greatest source of frustration this week. Resist an urge to be everything to everybody and this includes putting yourself under pressure to take on more responsibilities than you know you can cope with. Not everything needs doing here and now, instantly. Focus your effort realistically and calmly and the coming week can be a manageable one.


Being unsure of your feelings for someone else could be the result of being unsure about how you feel about yourself. The two often go hand in hand, and to make sense of a relationship issue requires you to start to make sense of a feeling you're unable to ignore or dismiss. Soon, a greater sense of enlightenment will arrive. For now, and during coming days, have absolute faith in the fact that what you're thinking and feeling is an integral part of what will prove to be a delightful and reassuring process.

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