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  Updated Weekly (Mondays) to your web site - 18 September 2017


The Moon is set to move through your romance zone on Monday and activate Venus, who is spending her last hours in this part of your zodiac. Not only are you keen for a good party, but when the Moon picks up an independently charged vibe from Uranus around the same time, you may find that you are dancing to the beat of your own drum. This not only gives you a sense of sovereignty, but shows potential lovers and partners that you are a self regulated force to be reckoned with. By Friday when the Moon touches your relationships zone with her silvery light and ignites expansive Jupiter potential lovers may find you hard to resist.


This is your time to be noticed Taurus! With so many of your personal planets in your house of love, and now Venus stepping in to join them all on Thursday, it would be very hard for you not to shine on the romance scene. Around the middle of this week the Moon passes over this sector of your zodiac, lighting up each of these planets in turn and making you the belle of the ball for several days. You have an effortless expression of charm right now, and you can look forward to attention from prospective lovers that should remain with you right through to the month of October. Venus only comes around to this part of your zodiac once a year, so enjoy her benevolence in the department of love for as long as you can.


Venus the goddess of love has been urging you to mingle and communicate with friends on the social scene for the last month, but this week she is due to head off to a far more homely part of your zodiac. Before she makes her move though, the Moon passes through your communication zone on Monday, igniting your charm and verbal expression one last time. At the same time there is a favourable connection made with Uranus in your friendship sector that connects you with a desire to be free from any ropes that could have recently bound you romantically. You are ready to take a break from the social scene and gather your wits about you but this is a decision that you have made for you own reasons and also on your own terms.


Having had Venus in your value sector for several weeks now your confidence levels are at an all time high. She has really helped you to value your own unique gifts, and on Thursday she is ready to leave this part of your zodiac in favour of your communication zone, where you can start putting some of your new found strength to the test. Venus joins Mercury, Mars and the Sun in this house which offers you the opportunity for clear and beautiful verbal communication, and the ability to swing most situations your way because of your charming words. By the time the Moon crosses over your romance section on Saturday and explodes this arena into action, I'll bet that you'll have admirers hanging on your every word.


Because you have got Mercury, Mars and the Sun, all in your value zone at the moment, you have had some first class tuition on how to put yourself first. This week Venus, the goddess of love is due to join these three powerful personal planets, ramping up your confidence even further, and increasing your powers of attraction to a level that you have not experienced in over a year. The Moon moves over your image makers on Wednesday and sets them off to work even harder for you, making this a very memorable time. If this all seems like a huge bonus, just wait because there is more. The new Moon in this sector gives you the chance to manifest your deepest personal desires, especially in love. Set your intentions Leo.


Venus the planet of love and attraction, has been quietly contemplating her next move in your psychological zone for a few weeks now, but on Thursday she is finally ready to abandon solitude in favour of a far more extraverted expression of herself in your zodiac. She joins Mercury, Mars and the Sun in your personal image zone where they will combine forces to give you a makeover that is second to none. When you are feeling good about your appearance you feel inspired and self confident enough to reach out to those that you desire to attract. There is not only a new Moon in this sector that allows you to make some romantic wishes, but also a connection to passionate Pluto in your romance zone that intensifies this to a whole new level.


Having Uranus in your partnership zone makes for independence and the love of freedom rather than the constraints of a committed relationship. However, in saying that the Moon does pass over you friendship sector on Monday to connect very favourably with self reliant Uranus, affording you a bit of sparkly romance from within the arena of your social circle. This may not be lasting or committed but it does promise to entice your fun nature out to play, and when the Moon dances through your personal zone on Friday night, activating the expansive energy of Jupiter into action, you could experience a welcomed ego boost from this week's antics.

Venus the goddess of love and relationships is on her way into your friendship sector on Thursday to meet her buddies Mercury, Mars and the Sun, who are already working hard to activate your social life. The Moon, the carrier of light, passes across the face of this party and ignites them all to their full potential this week, which sets you in line to have one heck of a party! As the Moon skips through this house she picks up the dreamy energy of Neptune from across the sky in your romance zone, and this connects romance with friendships in a favourable way. The good news is that there is also a new Moon occurring within your friendship zone on Wednesday that gives you the chance to manifest your desires regarding romance with a friend, if you should so desire.


There are so many planets, in your career zone, as well as Venus, the goddess of love, who is entering there on Thursday. If there is going to be any kind of romantic attraction this week, it might probably be someone at your place of work. Venus entering this house of your zodiac makes you very popular and social in your job, or with your teams, and this sometimes draws the attention of an admirer. The Moon travels through this section on Wednesday, bringing light and force to these planets, that ignites their strengths. We are talking about Venus, Mercury, Mars and the Sun, who afford a lot of strength to this area of life. As the Moon rushes by in this sector, she also makes favourable contact with Pluto in your value zone, magnifying your power of attraction and tying your personal values in with your reputation.


As Venus the goddess of love spends her last few days in your passion zone and prepares to move off to a more carefree part of your zodiac, you too have been winding down on the romance field. There is however one last shout, and it's from Venus as she picks up the energising light from the Moon on Monday and also some independent vibes from Uranus. As Venus is moving away from drama and intensity, it is also your desire to expand your thought processes in new and broader directions. Before that happens though, you could find that a relationship receives a burst of light and a new zest for life, leaving you breathlessly enthused.


The Moon moves through your partnership sector on Monday and highlights Venus the goddess of love into a mood for devotion. There is a closeness with a partner this week that is both cooperative and gentle. I guess this is the message that Venus would like to impart on you just before she leaves this part of your zodiac on Thursday and heads into a very much more passionate place. It just so happens that Mercury, Mars and the Sun are there too, waiting for her to join their team. The Moon is fleet footed and as she moves on she touches each one of these personal planets to ignite a few days of wild passionate experience. Your desire is for deep conversations with a lover on soul bearing themes. There's no half measures for you with Venus in this sector, and this week is the start of an intensely ardent period.


It's all about love and commitment this week for you Pisces, and with Venus the goddess of love, entering your partnership zone to meet up with several more of your personal planets on Thursday, I'm not surprised. This marks the beginning of a special time for you and a partner, as you are willing to compromise and spend a lot of time in gentle conversation. As the Moon moves across your partnership sector on Tuesday, she not only ignites potential in Venus, Mercury, Mars and the Sun, but also conjuncts the Sun to form a new Moon on Wednesday. This is the perfect time to make a commitment or take the relationship up to the next level.

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