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  Updated Weekly (Mondays) to your web site - 17 July 2017


It started earlier in the month with Mercury's return to your romantic sector, but this week blows out to something game changing. Until Friday it is still more about getting your head around the prospect of romance. If love really is a state of mind, then this is where the focus is on from the get go. It is only Friday that things start to happen and over the weekend a spark will turn into forest fire. It begins with Mars' return to your romantic sector on Friday, where he will spend the next six weeks fuelling your romantic passions and fighting spirit. It continues with the Sun and Moon not only both returning on Sunday, but aligning to create the first of two New Moons. With the second, a total solar eclipse next month, the romantic tide is not only turning but in a fateful new way.


With the most romantically charged months of 2017 kicking off next week and then running through to October, is something that is worth preparing for. To begin with it is the Moon's return to Taurus on Monday. As the Moon's first visit since Venus, planet of love left 12 days earlier, this emotional response it triggers will take you back to the desires and expectations she left you with. If there is any residual romantic energy in the air, the Moon can help you tap into it. Apart from that there are two lines of attack from the love gods. The first is to boost your romantic confidence or just your confidence in general. When new romantic doors open, it is what you believe you deserve from love that will determine what you attract. However the main focus is on making your life as love friendly as possible, especially on the home front.


An alignment between Venus and Jupiter, the planets of love and luck are not unusual. They will move into this positive alignment twice a year. However, this is the first time in 12 years and the last time for another 12 years, that will happen while Venus is in Gemini and lucky Jupiter is in your romantic sector. It was just last week that Jupiter moved into his final three months in your romantic sector and on Tuesday, Venus will move into her final two weeks in Gemini. With the Moon returning to Gemini on Wednesday, the same day that Venus and Jupiter align, you will have a ringside seat. This is a coming together of all Venus' romantic desires and expectations for the coming year and Jupiter, who is on a mission to make the coming months as lucky for love as possible. This is their chance to not only make the coming months count, but to raise the bar on your romantic sector expectations.


The best part about this week is that it's not last week or the majority of the previous month. For it was last Monday that relationship tensions were not only running high after the weekend's Full Moon, but they remained high during the whole first half of last week. That's because an opposition between the Sun and Pluto stopped things from dropping off. Relationship tension is likely at this time of year. As the planets move through Cancer they move into opposition with Pluto in your relationship sector and any balance issues between your personal and relationship needs are exposed. This year you have twice the number of planets moving through Cancer and double the amount of planets in your relationship sector. Yet a week on you're able to look back at the gift. The gift is a more authentic sense of what you want from your relationships and what they need from you.


It was the Moon's visit to your relationship sector last week, the last before returning as a lunar eclipse next month that has left behind some valuable insight. As well as exposing any balance issues between your personal and relationship needs, this also exposed the support. With Mercury already in Leo, Mars returning on Friday and the Sun over the weekend, this is going to put more pressure on your relationships. Yet something unusual emerged from last week's standoff. Yet this put the Moon and Mercury in an opportunity with relationship forces, but the result wasn't what you would expect. Any relationship tension is a case of your own and your relationship needs fighting for balance and any relationship tensions that came to a head very quickly turned into a 'yes we know' response. As the planet of communication, Mercury is already turning this into an opportunity for a breakthrough.


Last week was an eventful week on both the romantic and relationship fronts. Last week began with the Moon having just wrapped up a romantically charged Full Moon. Then, later in the week a visit to your relationship sector was also able to fuel your emotional responses there. While the wakeup calls on the romantic front may have been challenging, on the relationship front there is still an opportunity for healing. What the Moon has left you with though, is an awareness of the fact that the doors are open to the past and second chances. It doesn't matter what this exposed, for there is an opportunity for a do over on both fronts. The week even begins with Mars aligned with Chiron, planet of healing. This not only creates some auspicious conditions for friendship and relationship building, but healing and cathartic conditions as well.


Starting the week with the Moon in your relationship sector can be challenging, having moved into opposition with Jupiter in Libra over the weekend. Yet any relationship tension this may have created over the weekend, is not only unlikely to follow you into the new week, even if it could there isn't much there. There is a distinct lack of urgency on the relationship front, with the Moon simply giving you an intuitive and emotional read on relationship matters. That's because not only is Eris turning retrograde in your relationship sector on Thursday, waiting for his Saturn. It was earlier in the month that a 15 day alignment between Eris in your relationship sector and Saturn in your communication sector ended. Yet with that support still locked into place and Saturn already in retrograde motion, this creates the potential for something special. The doors are ready to open to the past and second chances on the relationship front.

The Moon only left your romantic sector over the weekend, but already these romantically charged lunar vibes have been healing. This also played into a larger pool of support, with a new sense of romantic confidence emerging. This will be exacerbated by an alignment between Chiron in your romantic sector and Mars, in his final days in an adventurous part of your chart. This will put a cocktail of nostalgic, romantic, adventurous and passionate forces in play in the first three days of the week. This is something that could have a positive spin off on the relationship front. For it is on Monday that the Moon returns to your relationship sector for the first time since Venus left 12 days earlier. The Moon is charged with revisiting the relationship desires and expectations Venus left you with, while leaving you with a clear sense of direction.


Like a bell that can't be unrung, the Moon might start the week in your romantic sector but its influence will live on long after it leaves on Monday. It all comes down to timing. Romantically charged lunar vibes come into effect for a few days out of every month. A lot of this does stick the planets that are working behind the scenes, but this month is different. For the Moon will leave your romantic sector on Monday, just two days before the doors open to the past and second chances. It is Eris retrograde turn in your romantic sector on Wednesday that leads the way for Uranus' retrograde turn here early next month. This is the start of a journey filled of romance, adventure and nostalgia, which will run through to the final weeks of the year. Yet the Moon will also make an important return to your relationship sector on Friday. The Moon will spend the majority of the weekend with Venus, with a chance to get to the heart of what you really want from your relationships.


Returning to your romantic sector on Monday romantically charged lunar vibes couldn't have planned it better. It was at the same time last week that relationship tensions were running high, after the weekend's Full Moon. Yet this simply highlighted tension from a battle being waged between your personal and relationship needs. Now, with Mars leaving your relationship sector on Friday and the Sun over the weekend, this has already dropped back. Yet in its wake you're left with a better sense of what you want from your relationships and what they need from you. Romantically charged lunar vibes will kick in during the rebuilding phase. There is nothing like the spirit of romance to put things in perspective. Especially as the Moon returns just 12 days after Venus, planet of love left.


With so much developing on the relationship front this week, starting the week with the Moon in your communication sector is a huge advantage. You have Mercury, planet of communication spending his last full week in your relationship sector, but considering the developments, he can do with any backup. The Moon will leave on Monday, but having returned over the weekend this allows you to start the week with your heart on your sleeve. What the Moon can do that Mercury can't, is give your emotional responses a voice. And having the communication lines open is important. For with Mars returning on Friday, the Sun over the weekend and the first of two New Moons on Sunday, you're moving into the most important relationship weeks of the year. Weeks that are a gateway into something fateful.


Fortunately Mars' departure from your romantic sector on Friday and the Sun's over weekend is not the end of the line. However, this is so close to being your reality that there will be a sense that you've dodged a bullet. Had Venus, planet of love not been held back by a retrograde phase earlier, like Mercury who left earlier in the month, she would be long gone. And if it hadn't been for Ceres' return last Monday, you would definitely be on your own. Fortunately Ceres will stay on until Venus, planet of love returns. However you're not in maintenance mode yet, with the Sun and Mars working to make their final days count. The Moon will return on Friday, unfortunately after Mars' departure, but it won't take long for romantically charged lunar vibes to tap into the romantic passions and fighting spirit he'll leave you with.

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