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  Updated Weekly (Mondays) to your web site - 15 January 2018


As Mars spends his last full week in your financial sector there is definitely a sense of urgency in the air, but a fairly specific kind. Mars will continue to fuel your financial passions and fighting spirit until he leaves later next week and there will be a sense of urgency when it comes to fighting for what you want or to start any new financial quests. But in terms of finishing or finalising anything, there is zero urgency. Mars' biggest downfall is that he is great at getting things started, but notorious for encouraging us to start what we never finish. With lucky Jupiter on board and here to keep the momentum going all year, this takes all that pressure off you and Mars. This puts any urgency during Mars' last full week firmly onto starting things. With luck, time and the money gods on your side, finishing what you start won't be a problem.


While you start the week with the Moon in your financial sector, it will leave in the early hours of the week. This will allow you to start the week with your financial imagination sharp from the get go, but after that will bring a chance to take your money hat off. More important than what is happening on the financial front this week is what isn't happening, with Mercury's departure last week leaving you with no planets in your financial sector. This is the first time this has happened since September 2014 and with Mars returning later next week, you will soon have your money hat back on again. You've still got Mercury's smart head for money and you'll retain the Moon's sharp financial instincts, but the money gods are leaving the field and with a chance to regroup. You're able to make smart and informed choices if you need to, but otherwise can afford to stand back.


The money gods are coming out with all guns blazing this week, putting everything they have into what was always going to be a big week. With Mercury spending his first full week in your financial sector, Venus leaving on Thursday and the Sun two days later, this was always going to be a pivotal week for money matters. Yet the Moon's return on Monday has your financial sector bursting at the seams as the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Pluto line up, for the first time together here in our lifetime. The Sun and Venus' departure marks the end of your annual financial review, while Venus wraps up a mission to update your financial desires and expectations. While Mercury gives you the smart head for money needed to get your head in the game, he will also help as the money god's transition from a short to a long game.


It is business as usual on the income and financial fronts this week, but with two eclipses coming up, what has become the norm is anything but. Business as usual this year is not what it means in most years. The North Node and Ceres will spend the whole week aligned in your income sector, but peaking on Wednesday this is when you'll get your clearest read on the dynamics in play on the income front. With a total lunar eclipse here at the end of the month, this is when you're able to get a glimpse of the cards that the money gods have in their hands. Business as usual on the financial front means the South Node keeping the financial momentum on track. However that changes with the Moon and Venus' return to your financial sector on Thursday and the Sun's return two days later. This sets the wheels in motion for next month's solar eclipse on the financial front.


While there is not going to be a lot of movement on the financial front until the Sun, Venus and Mercury return next month, there is a lot of setting up behind the scenes. Chiron, planet of healing has been in your financial sector since 2010, but due to leave in April you're coming to the end of a period where you have to face old financial demons before you can follow your dreams. This week an alignment between Chiron and Mars, warrior planet of the cosmos, is giving you the confidence to tackle some of those old financial demons head on. This is all about confronting old confidence issues or anything that is keeping you stuck in the past or is stopping you from fully chasing your financial dreams. With dreamy Neptune not leaving until 2026, you have until April to clear the path of old land mines. This is not about dealing with old financial issues and more the impact they have on you. Chiron is all about healing.


The money gods are happy to take a break this week, after two game changing weeks. It was Uranus' direct turn in your financial sector in the early days of the year that saw the tide start to turn, but it was Eris' direct turn here last week that finally shifted all the focus onto the future. While Uranus, here since 2010 will leave in May, the Moon has yet to even make its first visit for the year. The Moon will return early next week, giving you a chance this week to get your bearings, as you adjust your focus from the past to the road ahead. Saturday will also see a more subtle shift as Pallas Athena, goddess of wisdom leaves your financial sector. Not drawing attention to herself, Pallas' focus in her final days is on helping you to extract as much wisdom from the past as possible, before moving on. By the time the Moon returns early next week, you'll be ready to make new moves.


As he spends his last full week in your income sector Mars, warrior planet of the cosmos is on a mission to break through glass ceilings, especially those in your own mind. Mars operates on a sense of urgency, for he is a planet that wants you to take action and make things happen now and for that reason, there could be some urgency on the income front this week. However, this is not in the broad strokes that you would normally expect with Mars. If Mars has a fault it's that he is great at getting things started, firing up our motivation, only to have it drop off once he leaves. This year that is not the case, with Jupiter staying on to promote financial growth and to keep Mars' financial quests going all year. This frees Mars up to focus on what he does best, which is to get things started.

While you start the week with the Moon in your income sector, leaving in the early hours of the week this is more a chance to start the week with a sharp nose for money from the get go. Mercury only left last Thursday, so you also start the week with the smart head for money needed to keep your head in the game. Yet what makes this week stand out is not what is happening and more what isn't. For after the Moon leaves there is no more planetary activity on the income front, something that last happened over three years ago. This isn't for long, with Mars returning later next week to take things to a whole new level. Yet until then, the Moon and Mercury give you a nose and a smart head for money, but also time to pull back, let things settle and for you to get your bearings.


This was always going to be an important week for income matters and also a busy week. With Mercury spending his first full week in your income sector, Venus leaving on Thursday and the Sun two days later, there is a valuable cross over period. However, the Moon's return on Monday tips the scale even more towards income matters and for the next few days over half the solar system will be in your income sector. This makes this the perfect time lead to Wednesday's New Moon, the most powerful on the income front in three decades. The Moon, Sun and Venus will be gone by the weekend and Mercury by early next month, but Pluto and Saturn will work together as a team for the next three years. As the faster moving planets move on they give you the skills needed to play both the short and the long game.


While the Moon and Venus' return to your income sector on Thursday and the Sun's two days later will kick off the most potentially lucrative weeks in this first half of the year, things start from a higher than usual base point. The Sun returns to your income sector at this time every year and Venus usually at around the same time. Having the Moon return just hours before Venus is an advantage, with a nose for money allowing the planet of money to steer things in a lucrative direction from the get go. Yet with the lunar nodes in your two money houses, the Sun's return to your income sector not only sets in motion what will come to a head as a solar eclipse here next month, but a total lunar eclipse on the financial front later this month. With a lot already in motion behind the scenes, there is a lot of untapped potential for the Sun and Venus to trigger.


This week hosts the Moon's first visit to your income sector for the year and the timing couldn't be better. The Moon will return on Saturday and will remain here until early next week, giving you time over the weekend to sharpen your nose for money and start gaining a lucrative sense of direction. The Moon will not only return as a New Moon next month, but by then the Sun, Mercury and Venus will be on board. This makes this a valuable chance to get a sense of where the money is and a sense of what direction to move in. Yet this isn't what makes it such good timing. What does is that this isn't just any weekend, but Mars' last weekend in your career sector. With Mars working to give Jupiter and your long term professional game the push it needs, this is a chance to steer things in a lucrative direction.


Across the income, work and career fronts there is a feeling that could be felt as apathy or a lack of motivation, but in fact is the money and professional gods taking a break before they catch their second wind. From Mercury's departure from your career sector last Thursday to Mars' return next week is a period of 16 days where there are no planets here. The last time that happened was in September 2014. At the same time the forces behind a total lunar eclipse in your work sector later in the month are aligned, focused for now on cementing their position. At the same time, as Uranus and Eris spend their first full week where they are both in direct motion in your income sector, they are happy to wait for the Moon's return early next week. While the tide has turned on the income front, this gives you time to adjust your focus to look to the future, but without pressure.

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