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  Updated Weekly (Mondays) to your web site - 13 November 2017


It is hard to imagine a better start to the week for money matters, mainly because there is no better start. You have hit the jackpot, starting the week with Venus and Jupiter, the planets of money and luck aligned in your financial sector. This is their first alignment here in over a decade and it contrasts to their last alignment 11 years ago in a radically different way. When Venus and Jupiter last aligned here in 2006, they were both in their final days and within a week both were gone. This brought together a massive sense of what's possible, only for Venus and Jupiter to move on, leaving you to exploit this. Fast forward 11 years and Venus only returned last week and Jupiter is here for another year. By the time you reach the weekend's New Moon, you should have a whole new sense of financial confidence and a belief in what's possible.


As you move into the new week Mercury has been in your financial sector for seven days, having returned last Monday for what should have been a 15 day mission to get your head in the game and help you make smart financial choices, decisions and plans. Yet seven days on and Mercury is still too busy observing an alignment between Saturn and Uranus, one that is fuelling your financial confidence, instincts and imagination. This was in effect when Mercury returned and will only run its course midweek. This should be the point where Mercury reaches the halfway point of his flying visit. Instead, Mercury knows he has to stay and with Saturn now in his final weeks of a three year financial boot camp, his place is here. While Mercury won't turn retrograde until early next month, the fact that he will means he is here now until January. This gives you time to slowly explore your options.


You start the week with both income and money matters off to a good start, but in a way that the money gods have very cleverly got around the potential for financial tension. Your income and financial sectors sit on opposite sides of the sky and when you have planetary activity in both, there is conflict and financial tension. So to start the week with the omens looking good on both fronts, can often be a mixed blessing. In this case, while an alignment between Juno and Pluto in your financial sector is fuelling a new sense of financial confidence, the money gods are operating from outside your income sector, avoiding any conflict. They are instead working on the job front, with the week starting with Venus and Jupiter, the planets of money and luck aligned in your work sector. Venus is able to steer work and job matters in a lucrative direction, without getting in the way of exciting financial developments.


The Moon only left your income sector over the weekend, allowing you to start the week with your nose for money sharp and with a lucrative sense of direction from the get go and the timing couldn't be better. These were also no ordinary lunar vibes, as has been the case each month since August's total solar eclipse. Ceres, the force behind that eclipse, is in your income sector until November 2018, with the Moon's monthly visits giving you access to a roadmap. What made the timing so auspicious, is that it was over the weekend that a major alignment of work and career forces peaked. That alignment continues this week and brings you to a point in your professional year where job and career matters are starting to come together. To start any week with a nose for money and a lucrative sense of direction is an advantage, but especially this week.


Starting the week with the Moon in your income sector is always going to be a mixed blessing, but this time any financial tension triggered will be a small price to pay and the timing couldn't be better. Some financial tension is inevitable, for the Moon can't move through your income sector without moving into opposition with Neptune and Chiron, in retrograde motion in your financial sector. Yet as the Moon moves into opposition with Neptune on Monday, it comes just as he moves into his final 10 days in retrograde motion and when there is a huge amount of support from Venus and Jupiter, the planets of money and luck. When it comes to money matters as a whole, this will quickly transform into motivation. At the same time, the Moon is sharpening your nose for money right in the heart of an alignment of forces on the job front.


While income and money matters will clash midweek, this is simply the Moon checking things as it does once a month and it comes at such an empowered point on both fronts that this will very easily turn into motivation. To start with income and money matters are operating in their own lane. Uranus, in retrograde motion in your financial sector, continues to enjoy the support of Saturn, which is boosting your financial confidence and triggering Eureka moments. At the same time, in his first full week on his own in your income sector, Mars is ready to make things happen. It's the Moon's return to your income sector on Wednesday and alignment with Mars next week that will give you the nose for money and a lucrative sense of direction to really narrow in on what you're fighting for. This is when the Moon will move into opposition with financial forces, but with any financial tension very quickly turning into motivation.


It is not only hard to imagine the week getting off to a better start on the income front, it is impossible to imagine because a better start doesn't exist. About the only thing that could improve on a week that starts with Venus and Jupiter, the planets of money and luck aligned in your income sector, would be more professional support. But by midweek both the Sun and Venus will be aligned with both planets in your work sector, covering that base as well. This is Venus and Jupiter's first alignment in your income sector since 2006, but unlike 11 years ago this comes at the start and not the end of a lucrative journey. Instead of a mad scramble to exploit any minute potential, as was the case in 2006, Venus and Jupiter are just now starting to explore potential that will take another year to exploit. A New Moon over the weekend is a chance to commit to the journey ahead.

After a week in your income sector Mercury is not only reluctant to leave, chances are he has been so absorbed with what is going on that he hasn't even began to encourage making any choices, decisions and plans. Mercury normally moves through your income sector in just 15 days, giving you the smart head for money needed to get your head in the game and start making smart calls. Yet what is going on is a major alignment between income and work forces, something that is still developing this week. Mercury has put in an urgent call to the money gods, letting them know that 15 days just won't cut it, not with Saturn now in his final weeks in your income sector and so much set to evolve between now and the end of the year. The answer has come back and it is good news. Mercury is able to stay on until January, giving you time to get your head back in the game and explore your options.


Starting the week with Juno and Pluto aligned in your income sector is one thing, but to also start the week with the Moon in your career sector is a whole new ball game, one with implications on both fronts. Juno returned to your income sector in early February, but due to a retrograde phase it has taken her over nine months to catch up and align with Pluto, planet of change and revolution. However, the timing couldn't be better, for with Pluto having only turned direct in late September and major new income developments next month, this is the perfect time to gain some clues and insights into what lies ahead. At the same time the Moon is doing more than just sharpening your professional instincts. As the first visit since Mars wrapped things up, the Moon has returned to cement a sense of professional direction. It just so happens that this happens in conjunction with gaining a lucrative sense of direction as well.


Because the Moon only left your financial sector over the weekend, you're able to start the week with your financial instincts sharp from the get go. But that doesn't explain the boost in financial confidence on both the income and financial fronts or the way your financial imagination continues to be inspired. That is because the Moon has made you aware of what is already there, an insight into the financial dynamics in play. The forces that managed to fuel your financial confidence, instincts and imagination over the weekend, will remain in play all week and will take very little to nurture. At the same time, as Mars spends his first full week on his own in your career sector and as he works to bring this professional year home, he is also working closely with forces on the income front. While Mars is providing the professional muscle, this comes with a lucrative sense of direction.


Starting the week with the Moon in your financial sector is always going to be a mixed blessing. On one hand this will ensure your financial instincts are sharp from the get go, but an inevitable opposition with both planets on the income front can create some financial tension. Yet the timing couldn't be better, with both income and money matters benefiting from any push back. This is the Moon's first visit to your financial sector since Mars not only left three weeks earlier, but wrapped up all planetary activity for the year. The Moon's financial instincts bring a chance to tie up loose ends and also to tap back into Mars' financial passions and fighting spirit. Any pressure this puts on income forces comes just as you move into a spectacular week on the income and career fronts. It won't take much to turn this into motivation.


As Mars spends his first full week on his own in your financial sector, the gloves have come off and the rulebooks have been thrown aside. For the last 14 months you've had either Jupiter's focus on the big picture and on long term financial growth or over recent months, the financial housekeeping the Sun will always bring each September and October. Yet Venus' departure last week has left Mars, warrior planet of the cosmos behind to tie up loose ends. The Moon's return on Tuesday will see your financial instincts and imagination kick in, but the Moon's emotional responses mix with Mars' financial passions and fighting spirit to create an explosive mix. This comes just as the Moon moves into opposition with income forces, with any financial tension adding further fuel to the flames. It's time to fight for what you want financially.

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