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  Updated Weekly (Mondays) to your web site - 18 September 2017


Dear Ram, with so many of your personal planets in your work sector it is no wonder you are a busy bee this week. Money comes through hard work right now and you are not about to allow this golden opportunity to slip through your fingers. Venus also enters this part of your zodiac on Thursday to secure your relationships with your colleagues over the next month. Work hard and play harder, this is the modus operando for successful income stimulation.


Dear Bull, as the light from the silver Moon passes across the arena of your zodiac on Thursday that deals with work and schedules, you may really appreciate the hard work that the Sun, Mercury and Mars have been doing in this sector for the last few weeks. Now that Venus is joining this crew during the week, you not only have a nose for money and hard work, but also have the strategies and team spirit that are needed to activate financial success.


Dear Twin, Venus is spending her last days in your communication zone this week but before she exits this arena on Thursday, she picks up a liberating vibration from Uranus. You have the ability this week to get your ideas across to others in a most ingenious way, and this is an advantage when it comes to generating money. Do all your negotiating and marketing between Monday and Friday, and when the Moon lights up your work zone on Saturday morning, you are likely to hear some favourable news regarding the financial returns on your efforts.


Dear Crab, you have had three of your personal planets working away in your communication zone for the last few weeks to maintain your verbal contacts and negotiation skills. This week Venus joins them to soften the touch and add a dose of much needed charm and grace. The Moon moves over all these planets on Wednesday, and connects this part of your zodiac with your partnership sector to bring an outcome to all your marketing skills. You not only have the gift of the gab right now, but also the ability for intense focus that brings money through business partners or clients.


Dear Lion, what a bumper week for earning money. Your money sector is brimming with personal planets at the moment and this week Venus joins them to give you the power of personal attraction with regards to ramping up your financial gains. The Moon passes by all these planets on Wednesday to activate their highest potential and connect them all favourably to your work sector via the focused energy of Pluto. Work, money and concentrated effort seem to be the mantra for you this week Leo. So, how about a loan then?


Dear Maiden, your best course of action this week regarding the earning of money is tied up with your personal image and courage. For the last few weeks you have had the Sun, Mercury and Mars all in your personal zone to boost your ego and set you about doing some image building. This week Venus joins them to add the finer touches that set you off with confidence as you go about your daily affairs with flair and finesse. The Moon activates this little party of helpers on Wednesday and then moves directly to your money zone to stimulate the returns through the confidence that you have inspired in others with your courage and unconquerable personal demeanour.


Dear Scale Bearer, even although Venus, the planet for personal attraction, is going into her annual retreat on Thursday, she leaves behind an open minded and ingenious fortitude within the realms of your goals arena when she connects favourably with Uranus at the beginning of this week. This is a perfect week to do some strategizing and goal setting to secure your vision for money making over the next six months. The Moon connects your goals sector with your partnership and communication zones via forward thinking Uranus and stabilising Saturn, promising that if you able to do some successful financial planning, the doors are open to earn money through business partners in the near future.

Dear Scorpion, with the Moon lighting up your professional zone on Monday and connecting this area to your money sector via a favourable trine from Saturn, you are steadfast in your approach to financial gain. Venus also picks up a vibration from Uranus around the same time that leaves a buzz in your career sector as she moves off on Thursday to help you do some team building and financial planning in your house of goals and wishes. She is one of four personal planets in this area now that will be working to ensure the generation of money through the successful strategies and group connections that you are able to foster this week.


Dear Centaur, your professional sector is ablaze with personal planets this week and Venus is due to join the party on Thursday as well. Your reputation has been on the line this month with so much activity on your centre stage but with Venus the goddess of attraction set to enhance this arena even further by means of grace and charm, you have the power to attract money like a magnet. Especially on Wednesday when the Moon moves through this house, and ignites your potential with an advantageous Pluto trine that brings money and career into focused light.


Dear Goat, with the light of the Moon traveling through your shared resource zone on Monday and affording you the chance for a fresh start in this sector due to Wednesday's new Moon, your money channels are open when it comes to your joint investments. If you have any shared assets with a partner, it is wise to review them now so that you can flush out any future opportunity for financial stimulation and monetary returns. Venus spends her last days in this part of your zodiac before her exit on Thursday to a more care free sector, but before she does, she makes a very beneficial trine to Uranus that helps to impart on you a forward thinking mode within the realms of financial partnerships.


Dear Water Bearer, before Venus makes her move into your shared resource zone on Thursday, she picks up a vibration from Uranus that plays out in your partnership zone and affords you the ability for original thought and action. You have the skill this week to take the bull by the horns and work with business partners with whom you share financial investments so that together you can generate some fresh and lucrative future financial returns. With so many personal planets in your joint investments sector, and now Venus, it is a month for much revenue activation, and when the new Moon rises in this sector on Wednesday you are ready to cast your financial wishes out into the Universe in faith.


Dear Fish, the Moon passes through your work sector on Monday and ignites Venus who is in her last days in this part of your zodiac. Just before she moves on she receives a liberating blast of energy from Uranus in your money zone which puts labour and financial gain on an equal footing. This week with both these houses highlighted and engaged, you are ready to receive the monetary rewards that you have worked so hard for. The good news is that the Moon also makes a very positive aspect with Saturn in your professional sector at about the same time, which not only allows acclaim to flow your way but also puts you into a serious and stable position to anchor your reputation on your centre stage in the most advantageous way. Well done you!

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