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  Updated Weekly (Mondays) to your web site - 13 November 2017


An atmosphere of passion surrounds you this week Aries, as Venus, the planet of fashion and style, is flanked by the mighty giant Jupiter, in your house of power. You will want to choose garments that accentuate your sensuality and make you feel like you are in control. Slim line cuts are best and anything that follows the curves of your body will give you the upper hand. Strappy sandals and knee high skirts also look sensational on you this week.


You are the true romantic this week Taurus, with Venus in your relationship zone, and taking on some heart warming vibes from Jupiter, you couldn't be anything less. Pretty patterned pocket dresses and cardi's look great on you this week, so mix and match your colours, but keep them simplistic. No bold patterns or hard fabrics for you right now, stick to soft and gentle themes that give the impression of innocence.


With Venus in your health zone you have been keeping yourself extra busy, but now that Jupiter has come into the picture, your schedules seem daunting. Keep it simple this week Gemini, there isn't much time for embellishment, and your body needs to be able to move easily in what you wear. Sports clothes are practical and versatile, but if you prefer something more formal stick to plain classic cuts and muted colours.


With Jupiter blowing up the energy of Venus in your party house, I suspect that you may have a lot on this week Cancer. You will want to look your best and simply won't be satisfied with anything mundane. Feel free to splurge with colour and design this week while Venus is in a creative mode. You'll want to be noticed on the social scene, so pick items that are a bit different, in order to look your best. Sequins, big earrings and bold colours all characterise this style.


Your dress style epitomises the sweet natured girl next door this week Leo, while Venus the planet of beauty, is in your home zone. Comfortability is your first port of call, and you tend to lean more towards tunics and casual pullovers during Venus' stay in this part of your zodiac. If you prefer a dressier look, make sure to choose shimmering fabrics that mirror the silvery light of the Moon, and accessorise them with silver jewellery, or an elegant string of pearls.


So many functions, so little time. This is Venus' lament while she is in your communication zone, and running late. Multitasking is definitely one of your stronger points this week and you will need to dress to accommodate this mode. Choose modern, youthful styles that reflect your need for social interaction and leave you looking fresh and interesting, at work or play. Citrus colours are favoured Virgo, and so are quirky, versatile designs.


Nothing less than the best will do when it comes to your fashion choices this week Libra. Venus, the planet of attractiveness, is in your value zone, and she desires beauty as well as quality while she is in this part of your zodiac. Mighty Jupiter is alongside her this week and expanding your desire for finery, so why not head down to your favourite boutique and check out the sales. Look for timeless pieces that will serve as elegant style standards for years to come. Silks, crushed velvets and faux furs are all good choices.

With Venus in your personal zone your dress sense is pretty fired up this week. It's not that you are aggressive as much as you want to convey a message of competent assertion to the world. Your best garment choices will involve bold power colours and a sizeable sexy heeled shoe. You are not afraid of being noticed right now, so take advantage of your courage to get as many heads turning in your direction as possible this week. Reds, blacks and robust designs are best on you Scorpio.


With Jupiter, the ruler of your sign, snuggled up so close to Venus, the queen of fashion, in a very dreamy part of your zodiac Sagittarius, I'd expect you to be fishing out the more whimsical garments from the depths of your wardrobe this week. The most flattering colours for you right now are sea greens, pastel blues and lavender. Choose peep toe sandals and long soft skirts to add a dash of romance, and you will have accomplished your mission. Namaste!


Not only is it a playful time for you on the social scene Capricorn, but Venus the goddess of fashion and style in this part of your zodiac, also evokes playfulness from within your wardrobe. Your look is quirky and different at the moment and you will want to be noticed for your fashion individuality. It is best not to wear commercial fashion items right now, but attempt to assemble a creative ensemble entirely from scratch. Have fun turning heads!


While Venus travels through your career sector you have your mind set on your goals and won't let anything stand in your way. It is important to you now that your fashion choices send this message to your audience, so choose sober garments that portray elegance and conservative taste. Dark colours are best but perhaps you could inconspicuously wear a little something red somewhere on your person as well, just to spice things up a bit.


Mighty Jupiter, the ruler of your sign, is up close and personal with Venus in your house of adventure this week, and expanding your desire for fashion freedom. You'll want to keep it simple so that you have the flexibility to come and go as you please without the restraint of anything fussy or tight. Purple is your power colour right now, and your style is laid back and intrepid. Flared skirts, short waist jackets and leather sandals all look exceptional on you Pisces.

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