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  Updated Weekly (Mondays) to your web site - 17 July 2017


While Venus the goddess of style is in your communication zone it is easy to tap into versatility, and this week you will do just that. Accessories feature largely, so dig out those cute little hand bags and long swishy necklaces with matching earrings to enhance your look. You'll be just as comfortable treading the city sidewalks in high heels as you are in your comfy pumps, so get creative Aries!


With Venus the ruler of your sign in your value zone, and at the same time taking on a beautiful trine from expansive Jupiter on Wednesday, you are inclined to appreciate the good things in life when it comes to dress style. Show off your neck and upper chest this week with scoop neck tops and eye catching off the shoulder dresses. Add a beautiful piece of jewellery to enhance your natural classiness, and the world is your oyster.


With the warmth of expression and natural charm that Venus has brought into your life since she's been in your personal zone, you are more inclined to choose clothing items that reflect the theme of fire. Shades of red make you feel powerful and they also look so good on you right now. Complement your palette with jewellery that contains garnets or rubies this week to really stand tall.


Venus the goddess of fashion and style has set your mind on fanciful matters since she entered your psychological sector. Judging by your dress sense you might be fascinated with faeries, because this beautifully delicate theme has crept into your clothing choices. Flimsy, slight and dreamy, are fabric suggestions that you may enjoy, and your colour palette should reflect blends of the sky and the sea.


Since Venus has been in your house of hopes and wishes you have had quite a quirky spin on fashion. You aren't too fussed about what you wear as long as it is unique. This week why not have a good rummage through your cupboard and see how many very different pieces can become part of one outfit without looking over done or garish. This is a challenge, but I bet you can pull it off.


This week there is a trine from Jupiter that shines gracious light onto Venus in your professional zone. You seem to glide through your office like a spectre, in outfits that characterise elegant simplicity. What an advantageous career month for you Virgo! Power suits are good, but make sure that you add just that one little crumpled rose, or old fashioned pin to your lapel, to mirror your charming temperament.


You are so cosmopolitan with Venus residing in your expanded awareness sector Libra. You adore different cultures and the thought of wide open spaces, which encourages a more windswept and interesting agenda in your wardrobe. This week why not show your orientation to adventure by wearing a piece of cultural clothing as a talking point? You can add beads, or hair braids as well, because all things exotic are best suited to your mood and temperament.

Venus can be such a shocker when she is in this part of your zodiac, and with this week's Jupiter trine, she seems to smile graciously while she's up to no good. In saying that, she has gifted you self confidence, and the courage to pull off more risqué clothing choices this week. Your fashion selections could include more sensuous, figure hugging garments that ooze sex appeal and power.


What a gracious little cherub you are this week while Venus picks up a Jupiter trine in your relationship zone. Your mind is set on pleasing others and you have been channelling this warm and responsive energy into what you choose from within your wardrobe. Elegance and style come easily to you now and you are best suited to uncomplicated sophistication rather than bold or intrepid styles.


During her stay in your health zone, Venus the goddess of fashion and style always brings a sensible no fuss attitude towards life. Your fashion choices are practical at the moment, because you want to get the most done in the least amount of time, and this does not involve frills or bows. Crisp linen outfits that reflect a clean cut style will enable you to look and feel your best. Allow your eye for perfection to guide you this week.


The room lights up when you enter it, and Venus smiles her knowing smile. Lately she has blessed you with an irresistibly creative flair when it comes to your fashion selections, and this week people seem to be drawn to you in admiration of your playful demeanour. Bright colours are fun and interesting and Venus urges you to discover just how much. Be bold and allow yourself to be a living work of art.


You are the quintessential mother figure at the moment while Venus is in your home zone, and in particular she is picking up a very yummy trine from Jupiter on Wednesday. Caregiving is your natural inclination this week so choose beautifully soft fabrics that you are comfortable in and that also project your sweet and considerate nature. Sunshine colours and pretty little patterned blouses do you the most justice.

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