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  Updated Weekly (Mondays) to your web site - 18 September 2017


All the glamour and glitz of Venus in your creative zone has done you well, but as all good things must come to an end, this time is now over. Venus is hanging up the tiara in favour of the polo shirt and linen slacks, and this week you may find that you have a far more practical approach to your fashion choices. Straight line cut garments that are in crisp and simple fabrics suit you best now, and whatever you do Aries, please avoid any garish colours or fussy designs. They just won't work.


You have played the timid girl next door with your romantic and simple style while Venus has been in your home zone for a month, but now it is time to dazzle your audience. On Thursday the fashionista takes up her spot in your creative zone and your fashion sense does a three sixty degree turnaround. Your desire is to shine, and your fashion choices are more inclined towards glitter and glitz than pleasant and comfortable. Purples, plums and golden hues of sunset orange all look great this week Taurus. Get out there and cause a stir!


You have been out and about on the social scene and wearing funky fashion garments to put you in the mood for fun, while Venus has been in your communication zone, but this is her last week here. On Thursday she moves to your home and family sector and softens your approach to fashion choices entirely. You need to feel safe and comfortable in your clothes right now and this week your best choices will be soft knits and romantic, figure hugging items that show off your gentler side.


You have had a whole month to show off your good taste for classic, high class fashion, but this week as Venus moves off to your communication zone, the fun is about to start. When she is in this part of your zodiac, life becomes a swirl of social engagements and calls for you to dress the part. Funky and bright are the key words that guide your fashion choices this week Leo, as you dance through your days and nights in cheeky stripes and fruity neon's. Layering is also popular with this placement of Venus because you will want to move from office to night life, with the least amount of effort.


Having had Venus the goddess of fashion in your personal zone for a month you have developed quite a lot of colour courage. This week she moves to a more subtle part of your zodiac and encourages you to value yourself by choosing only the best. This does not have to mean the most expensive, but it does mean class and taste. No bright hues for you Leo, choose soft earthy colours and elegant tailored cuts that show you for the queen that you are. Add a single string of pearls to rock your outfit this week.


Venus is tired of being a wall flower in the back of the room and has decided to make her move to your personal zone on Thursday, where she plans to give your fashion image a real boost. It's time to dress for success, and this week you would do well to choose skirts and trousers in well cut tailored designs and bold power colours like red and black. Military cuts also look great, as do asymmetric styles that make you stand out in a crowd, and boost your confidence.


It's been a crazy fashion month with Venus in your friendship zone, encouraging you to try unique and funky styles, but the time has come for her to move on. This Thursday when she enters your psychological zone for a bit of reprieve, your fashion sense suddenly becomes more ethereal and dreamy. Long flowing hippie skirts and dresses in pastels and hues of sky and sea, seem to be your go to this week as you relax into gentle fabrics that give you a sense of mysticism.

Venus is hanging up her professional suit in favour of something far more social as she readies herself to make the move into your friendship zone on Thursday. After a month of towing the line you are ready to mix things up in the funkiest way possible, while you are out having a good time with your friends. Try blending some unlikely bed fellows like stars and stripes, or blues and greens, to create an extraordinary blend of non conformist fashion. If anyone can pull it off this week it's you Scorpio.


Venus blows into your professional zone on Thursday, still taciturn and enthused from her month in your adventure zone, but it soon becomes apparent that fashion choices are very different in this career focused part of your zodiac. This week your best options are stylish tailored garments in subdued hues of flesh or white that give the impression of understated elegance and charm. Your desire right now is to be taken seriously in your place of work and it is important that you look the part.


After several weeks of intensity and passion, Venus is relived to be moving to a more open and carefree part of your zodiac. As she makes her move on Thursday to your adventure zone, you too will seek to be seen as more urban and relaxed with regards to your fashion choices. Comfortable and flexible are the key words to guide your choices this week as you reach for your cargo pants and stylish sneakers to get you through.


All the compliance and civility of your partnership zone has had its advantages, but now Venus, your goddess of fashion and style, longs to break free in a sizzling show of raunchiness. Passion and intensity are your new favourite key words as you choose steamy black dresses and leather jackets instead of the soft feminine dresses of last week. It's not that you want to shock the world Aquarius, you just want to be seen as the powerful and intensely passionate dresser that you are.


Venus the goddess of fashion and style is spending her last four days in your health zone where you have had a more practical and economic outlook on fashion choices. From Thursday when she enters your relationship sector for the first time in a year, things are about to change. You are more inclined to seek out elegant conservative clothing items like long silky dresses and strappy gold sandals so that you fit into polite company, and show off your cooperative feminine side at the same time.

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