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  Updated Weekly (Mondays) to your web site - 15 January 2018


Well, aren't you little miss trend setter at the moment Aries! With Venus in your friendship zone this Tuesday, and gifting you an independent fashion sense, you feel comfortable in your own skin. This allows you a unique and unconventional dress style, and the courage for style mixing that you would have previously shunned. Check out the vintage boutiques and create a fresh new look out of funky retro pieces to evoke sensational responses from your social circle.


With a subtle and dignified approach to fashion this week since Venus went into your reputation zone on Tuesday, you are eager to dress for success. Professionalism is at the top of your agenda Taurus, because you intend to impress those who count. Be sure to choose matching outfits, preferably in muted or neutral colours. Suits are best, but whatever you wear will be accompanied by an authoritative air of elegance and charm.


There's no time for fuss or frills when Venus takes up her annual post in your adventure zone Gemini, and this week you'll do best to avoid complicated dress styles. Stick to casuals that convey the image of a windswept and interesting traveller. Earth colours like burned sienna and terracotta are gorgeous on you at the moment, and so are ethnic prints that are reminiscent of exotic places. Accessorise with sunnies, scarves and fascinating leather bags to add further interest.


Venus the goddess of fashion and style has entered a part of your zodiac this week that affords you a penetrating and intensely dramatic dress sense. Above all else your desire to convey an air of cool and controlled sensuality, and figure hugging velvets or sexy tailored styles will go a long way in giving you the edge that you seek. Whatever you do, make sure to avoid anything girlish or sweet, as it will entirely confuse your efforts.


This Tuesday Venus the goddess of fashion goes into your partnership zone to gift you a most gracious and artistic fashion flair. Peace and harmony are most important to you at this time and your style preferences will convey the same expression of balance. Soft flowing shapes and simple, fuss free cuts in silky feminine fabrics, will help you effortlessly exude the elegance that you feel inside. Your best colour choices are muted and neutral, like faded lavender and rose.


As Venus approaches your health zone this week you start to realise that less is more when it comes to choosing your fashion. An eye for simplicity is one of the gifts that the goddess of style is popular for enhancing when she is in this part of your zodiac. Natural tones, as well as shades of beige and cream are elegant and clean cut, which is just up your alley Virgo. Classic pencil skirts, long lapel jackets, and low stylish heals are your best friends this week.


Venus really is in her element when she is in your creative zone Libra, and this week she will encourage you to be a lot more flamboyant with both fashion design and colour choices. You need your outfits to reflect your creative side at the moment, which means bright colours and lots of glitz. Statement pieces in red, bronze or gold will turn heads in your direction and of course sequins wouldn't hurt either. Be courageous and have some fun!

The fashion goddess Venus has entered your home zone this week Scorpio and encouraged you to favour gentleness and femininity. You are more comfortable in soft and sensual materials that reflect your nurturing side and give you that wholesome girl next girl image. Garments with subtle luminosity, as well as silk and cashmere are your go to, and your best colours are silver, lilac and russet. Flaunt the yummy mummy look for the best reviews.


Venus is due to enter a very inquisitive and conceptual part of your zodiac on Tuesday Sagittarius, and this encourages you to get amongst things and mix it up when it comes to fashion choices. Step out in youthful, fun garments that portray your love of sociability and conversation. Bright patterns, breezy comfortable styles, and quirky patterns will all help you to show the world your off the wall disposition this week.


You have been tiring of your current dress style recently Capricorn but you can breathe easy this week, because Venus has moved into your value zone to bring a classy approach to your wardrobe. A solid, dependable and high quality image is what you seek to convey now, as you favour tailored garments and muted colours. Cashmere pullovers, elegant silky trousers and delicately embroidered shirts are all hits when it comes to pulling off this look.


Venus has moved signs this week and is brandishing a warrior's sword in your personal image zone Aquarius. Suddenly you are filled with vitality and courage when it comes to your fashion expression, and there's just no holding back. During this action orientated time there's no place for frills, pastels or fussy cuts. Hot and spicy is your modus operandi right now and all things red or bold will rock this look. You could also experiment with the military fem genre to add an element of difference.


Venus is of the mind to work some magic over your wardrobe this week as she slips into a very sensitive and gentle part of your zodiac on Tuesday. It's okay to dream, and project a mystical disposition to the world. All things feminine and fragile will bring out your best attributes Pisces so enjoy this month of ease when it comes to your fashion choices. Pretty little pastel pumps and soft fabrics like silk, chiffon and velvet, are all exceptionally good choices for you at this time.

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