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Soul Scope

Above you see your Name, and your birth details - the Date, Time, Time Zone and your Place of birth by Latitude and Longitude. Please check this information is correct.

Whilst Reading Your Soul Scope

Please bear in mind that although this horoscope is as accurate and informative as possible, there is no guarantee that every word will apply at this moment in time, or in the past or future. This horoscope maps out your potential, and is not able to say what you have made of that potential. Whilst reading, you should rely upon your own judgement and individual choice, will and inclination - which are precisely what your Soul Scope is aimed at shedding light upon.

Finally, the overall accuracy of your Soul Scope depends upon the accuracy of your Birth Time.

Introducing Yourself To You

A horoscope symbolises and sheds light apon - your purpose, your needs, your talents, your doubts, your sensitive spots, your destiny and more;

Below are the 'astrological positions' of your horoscope, followed by the interpretations, set out in Chapters - describing what they mean in your life.

You were born with...

Leo Rising which is interpreted in Chapter One

Sun in Aquarius in the Sixth House which is interpreted in Chapter Two

Moon in Libra in the Third House which is interpreted in Chapter Three

Taurus at the Midheaven which is interpreted in Chapter Four

Mercury in Aquarius in the Sixth House which is interpreted in Chapter Five

Venus in Capricorn in the Sixth House which is interpreted in Chapter Six

Mars in Sagittarius in the Fifth House which is interpreted in Chapter Seven

Jupiter in Libra in the Third House which is interpreted in Chapter Eight

Saturn in Cancer in the Eleventh House which is interpreted in Chapter Nine

Uranus in Pisces in the Seventh House which is interpreted in Chapter Ten

Neptune in Aquarius in the Sixth House which is interpreted in Chapter Eleven

Pluto in Sagittarius in the Fourth House which is interpreted in Chapter Twelve

The Planets symbolize various energies manifesting as dynamics of personality.

The Signs qualify or colour these energies, rather like a filter over a light.

The Houses designate areas of life experience upon which these energies focus.

The Aspects express how these energies dynamically interact with one another.

Note: Ongoing planetary influences throughout your life - be they in the past, present or future - as they apply to the planetary positions at your birth, are given and interpreted in Soul Guide.

Chapter One - Your Ascendant: Appearance and Persona

*Leo Rising

You have a winning, confident and usually sunny exterior. But how much your inner being is living up to this outer show can be another story entirely. It is as if you project a successful image, which the rest of your personality has to live up to somehow. This can prove a very effective means of self-development, as long as you do not weaken.

Dignity, and pride in your appearance are therefore significant and important. This commanding impression as observed by others should not be underestimated or overlooked, because it is either convincing and effective or overbearing and affected. And responses from others vindicating your own actions or attitudes are easily believed. So beware of flatterers and bootlickers, for they could give you a false impression of yourself.

All the same, you do need approval and praise from others in order to maintain your confidence - so keep displaying your wares. You tend to attract unusual or unstable relationships that require a certain amount of detachment and freedom from possessiveness. This is in aid of offsetting or challenging the self-possessed or regal air, which you appear to have.

The Sun is your Ruling Planet, which governs the link between your exterior being and your interior being. So study Chapter Two - Your Sun Profile, with this in mind.

Chapter Two - Your Sun profile: Your Will and Purpose

*Sun in Aquarius

Your essential purpose in life is to view and approach all things in an impartial and humanitarian way. In so doing, you hope and intend to liberate yourself and others from guilt, fear and conditioning. To enable you to accomplish this, you are emotionally detached to one degree or another.

If you like, you choose not even to recognize the emotional shortcomings of yourself and others - or if you do, you shrug them off or distance yourself from them in some way. Being such a cool observer of life makes for your being a natural psychologist, counsellor, scientist - or simply a good friend.

However, this distancing of yourself from awkward emotional areas that reflect your own discomfort can have the effect of divorcing you not only from them but from some of your best qualities. Consequently, you stand in danger of being someone who has been processed and packaged by what you think should be you, rather than what is actually you.

And others find it very hard to relate to this, then get very emotional, and cause you to do more of the same! When you eventually immerse yourself in the pool, well or cess-pit of your own rejected feelings, you lend a power and conviction to your outward expression that convinces, influences - and liberates - both yourself and others. The reason for this being that others, and your emotional self, can then identify with you.

*Sun in the Sixth House

All of this is most likely to centre upon developing some kind or method or technique with which you can practise gainful employment or perform some sort of service. Without doing this it is probable that you'd suffer from unemployment or a string of aimless jobs. Your life is very much concerned with improving or preparing for something.

Initially, it is quite likely that you find yourself in a subordinate position where you are answerable to someone else - possibly even under their thumb. This would be because you are having to learn the importance of modesty and being in earnest. A career in health or hygiene or veterinary care could suit you well. Your own health can be quite an issue in that it is very much a barometer of your efficiency in life.

*Your solar aspects

*Sun allying with Jupiter

There is a supremely positive dimension to your personality that bestows both wisdom and good luck upon you. You have an essentially benign and philosophical nature that attracts funds and opportunities, help just when you need it, and people in foreign parts who are well-disposed towards you. The paradox is that because you can so easily conceive of an easier life, you tend to let negative matters build up to a point where you then have to use your luck in earnest.

*Sun uniting with Neptune

Most significantly though, pervading your sense of individual will and being is something that causes you to feel at one with the world around you, especially the natural world, and sometimes acutely sensitive and vulnerable to outside influences. There seems to be only a vague boundary that separates you from everything and everyone else. On the positive side this does equip you with great imagination and compassion as you cannot help but identify with the greater whole.

Negatively though, it may be difficult for you to find a solid place in the material world. For this to happen, ultimately you have to see your purpose in life as being patently spiritual in the sense of doing something that employs and is aware of divine or invisible forces, or that meets the needs of others. Resisting or merely playing at this will find you deceiving yourself and feeling increasingly helpless and looking for artificial means of escape. Behind all of this is the probability that your father's values confused your own.

*The Sabian Symbol For Your Sun

Finally, to give a symbolic focus to the Sun in your Chart, here is the "Sabian Symbol" for the degree of the Zodiac at which it was placed at the time of your birth. The Sabian Symbols were devised by astrologer Marc Edmund Jones and a clairvoyant called Elsie Wheeler. They may be read as interpreted, taken quite literally, or be given your own more personal or subjective interpretation much as you would for one of your dreams.

Remember to bear in mind that the Sun represents the essence or core of your life and its purpose, and to note how its Sabian Symbol corresponds to your Sun Profile, and your Chart interpretation as a whole. The Sabian Symbol for your Sun is...

"A BAROMETER" - What is literally a measurer or indicator of atmospheric pressure can be seen symbolically as doing the same thing with regard to social or emotional issues. Keyword: SENSING. When positive, your powers of observation and judgment which are intuitive, physical and automatic, and should therefore be trusted despite other methods of assessment. When negative, uncertainty born of a dependence upon passing thoughts and moods.

Chapter Three - Your Moon Profile: Your Needs and Emotional Responses

*Moon in Libra

Your reigning need is to have a partner, to have people around you, to have a definite social position. In order to satisfy this need you have an instinct for what pleases, and possess or acquire talents for things like cooking, decor, fashion, entertaining or anything that introduces a sense of harmony or togetherness to a situation. Perversely, not trusting this social sense can make you rather antisocial.

Your weakness is that you become so dependent upon life being nice and pleasant that you find it hard to confront the darker or less attractive parts of your personality. And because you do have grace and charm it is only too easy to maintain a superficial sense of things being all right. It is quite likely that this need to please has its roots in your having felt that you had to please your mother, father or whoever brought you up.

The irony is that your over-riding need for a partner ensures that sooner or later you do have to face what it is about yourself that is not at all easy to relate to - either because you have lost a partner or cannot find or keep one. An important advance is made when you have a partner with whom you can rationally discuss your mutual shortcomings without feeling rejected or unattractive - which is basically what you're so sensitive about.

Having confronted this issue, you then discover that your talent for making others, and therefore yourself, feel good is increased a hundredfold because feeling at ease with your own dark spots enables others to feel at ease with theirs. Ease indeed.

*Moon in the Third House

All these feelings are greatly reflected in your relationships with siblings, your school years, and in how you go about your everyday affairs. Your feelings can lend themselves to the climate of the moment with some ease. This favours occupations running from counsellor to shopkeeper, from writer to local gossip. Such an ongoing curiosity as yours both dislikes routine and can dispel it.

Indeed, you have the common touch, and are invariably aware of what's happening locally. You can be intellectually stimulating, but may prattle on somewhat - it all depends what you fill your mind with, but fill it you will. Your ear-to-the-ground awareness is very useful in serving your Moon-Sign's needs, and it also enables you to keep your neighbours, and even the general public in touch with whatever you regard as nourishing, reassuring or emotionally significant.

*Your Lunar Aspects

*Moon challenged by Mercury

You have a pressing need to communicate or rationalise these feelings. This is a good thing inasmuch as it enables you to understand how you and others tick, and consequently to interact readily with them. But when you overdo this you can lose touch with your feelings on their own level. Yet if you don't think about how you feel - or again think about it too much - then your feelings prevent you from thinking straight. Either case can also incline you to chatter on as a kind of verbal overflow for your unfelt feelings.

Obviously you need to find a balance between thinking and feeling, and between talking and listening. Merely going out and doing something can shift you into a clearer perspective.

*Moon challenged by Venus

There is a certain softness that you have about you - whether you are male or female. Others find it easy to bathe in your pleasingly familiar aura. This talent of yours for soothing and making people feel good has many uses and can take many forms. What you do have to guard against though is being too soft and easygoing, because you can get taken advantage of, which seriously compromises your powers of assertion.

*Moon working with Mars

You do have a very available supply of energy to meet your needs. You possibly take this for granted simply because it is always there as you work and relax with enviable ease. The more aware you are of this healthy balance that you have between your feelings and body energy, the more vibrant and confident you will feel, enabling you to achieve success in your chosen field of endeavour.

*Moon uniting with Jupiter

Everything about your Moon Profile is greatly emphasised. The best and the worst qualities are taken to extremes. You have a definite emotional gusto, which also bestows upon you a healthy body that maintains itself brilliantly and automatically. Because this can allow you to overindulge with apparent impunity you could wind up with weight or liver problems. By and large though, your physical and emotional zest can be a tonic to all and sundry.

Just beware of doting upon others too much, or of expecting others to dote too much upon you - for in either case you'd just drive them away.

*Moon challenged by Saturn

Your better nature is certainly tried and tested by unloving or less charitable influences in your life. One of these could well have been a coldness or separation between your father and mother. Such has left you with an ingrained feeling that the world is cold and unfeeling. If you are to avoid being dogged by this negative conditioning, or being cold and unfeeling yourself, you must learn to be more objective and take life's blows a lot less personally.

*Moon working with Pluto

Like a solid core running through your emotional make up you have a profound instinct for survival. You may just use this to get by, but this would be rather a waste for when you get right down to the root of the matter, you are capable of regenerating and improving any situation you choose.

*Moon working with your Ascendant

With a little conscious application, you are able to make your feelings known to others - individually or collectively - in a direct and simple way that attracts a relaxed and natural emotional interplay. You know how to fit in.

*The Sabian Symbol for the Moon

Now, to give a symbolic focus to the Moon in your Chart, here is the "Sabian Symbol" for the degree of the Zodiac at which it was placed at the time of your birth. As I mentioned in the last Chapter - your Sun Profile, the Sabian Symbols may be read as interpreted, taken quite literally, or be given your own more personal or subjective interpretation much as you would for one of your dreams.

Remember to bear in mind that the Moon represents your unconscious disposition and responses, and your emotional needs and security, and to see how its Sabian Symbol corresponds to your Moon Profile in particular, and your Chart interpretation as a whole. The Sabian Symbol for your Moon is...

"AN AEROPLANE HOVERING OVERHEAD" - Emphasising the need and advantage of achieving a detached perspective, and seeing things in terms of some larger process. Keyword: OVERVIEW. When positive, through having calmly contemplated a given issue, you are able to grasp the real significance of things. When negative, a reluctance to get involved in down-to-earth reality, leading to indifference and inertia.

Chapter Four - Your Midheaven profile: Career and Status

*Taurus at the Midheaven

Your profession involves things of substance, such as the physical body's care and maintenance, any kind of production or management, real estate, finances, building, horticulture or agriculture, etc. You prefer a steady position with assured assets and income to pie-in-the-sky projects. Material status is important to you.

The condition of your Venus by Sign, House and Aspect will reveal more about the nature of your career, as well as the ease or difficulty encountered in pursuing it, (see Chapter 6).

Chapter Five - Your Mercury Profile: Perception and Mentality

*Mercury in Aquarius

Yours is a scientific and detached mentality. Naturally, any occupation that has to do with technology or deals in clinical facts and figures is something to which you are well suited. On a more personal level you are able to stand back and subtract the emotional charge out of a given situation and thereby keep free of awkward feelings. The danger here is that you can become so good at side-stepping the emotional significance of things as to attract problems with relationships, and situations in general, whose resolution defies a purely logical approach. By the same token though, you can also be very efficient at keeping a cool head where it is needed to guide and maintain objectivity in occupations such as counselling, psychotherapy or group leadership. You also have a quirky sense of humour!

*Mercury in the Sixth House

You utilise these mental capabilities very well and with focus and economy. You have a knack for perceiving what is wrong with a person or situation, and are able to devise or suggest methods to improve matters. Health is one area in particular where your mental powers can be successfully brought to bear. But it is also possible that you are prone to overwork and nervous tension yourself. A definite health regimen and work routine would help to remedy these inclinations. Essentially you are a good worker, and appreciate the true value of work.

*Your Mercury Aspects

*Mercury challenged by Moon

It is not easy for you to divorce your thoughts from your feelings. Trying to do so merely attracts emotional types whose irrationality drives you mad. The more you cling to reason, the less reasonable things become. Or else it could be that your own unresolved emotional issues are getting in the way of clear thinking. Once you have given your feelings their due and dealt with them accordingly (as described in your Moon Profile) your mental powers are released and increased.

*Mercury uniting with Venus

Added to all this you have an artistic flair or a way with words. You don't just do or say something - you do it with style, humour or grace. Any activity where a fine touch is required is well-starred. This could be playing a musical instrument, massage, or perhaps public relations. Writing well comes naturally to you also. Just be careful that you don't mistake fine words for equally fine feelings.

Chapter Six - Your Venus Profile: Attraction and Harmony

*Venus in Capricorn

You view love and art, and the values concerning them, very much in a traditional light. Unless something or someone is tried and true through the passage of time you are not likely to trust your sentiments, talents or possessions with them. This inflexible dependence that you have upon fidelity, constancy and work-well-done ostensibly makes for your being quite reliable as you give value for money or time spent on you or paid to you.

But your insistence upon trustworthiness can become a blind to your own emotional shortcomings, that is, a distrust based on subjective fear rather than objective judgement. What can ensue from this is either you or your partner suddenly being very unreliable; or your being without anyone at all; or severe limitations materially as a result of not giving more of yourself to the world; or marrying or being married for money or status rather than love. Track down the cause of any deep distrust, and then you and others will be as reliable as you think you and they ought to be.

*Venus in the Sixth House

These love feelings of yours are going through a process of purification. So whatever is false or unjust or lustful about your social or romantic intentions is having to be eliminated in order that a healthy relationship might happen. In fact, "healthy relationship" sums up the only kind of relationship that you could really enjoy consistently.

Where there is a lack of purity in your loving you will experience loss, or illness - particularly to the throat, hips, kidneys or reproductive organs. You really have to work at love. Love and work also come together in that your work itself can be to do with harmony and beauty, or simply that you lend an air of grace and charm to your work place.

*Venus challenged by Moon

These love needs, and the ability to appreciate yourself and someone close to you clearly, are confused by the strong need for security which was or was not satisfied by your mother. In other words, you expect a lover to give what your mother did or did not, or, you assume that that is what they want you to give them - but they don't. Your weakness is that you can accommodate others, or be accommodated by them too easily, and so love and need get confused all too soon.

*Venus uniting with Mercury

And all of your sense of love and beauty is expressed well verbally. What you say and what you write is naturally lyrical. The quality of your voice is also pleasant. Love and beauty constantly occupy your mind; equally the lack of them perturbs your thinking. Truly, you grace your everyday environment.

*Venus opposed by Saturn

But your pleasures are not without their price, and your social or artistic involvements are certainly not without their trials. It is as if the love or the value of anyone or anything that you concern yourself with has to be thoroughly tested. You may well grow up to regard yourself as a bit of a loser in this respect and have a poor sense of self-worth and a bank-balance to match. But you must always remind yourself of your sincerity and thoughtfulness, and that what you are learning is simply how to love, in the manner I have described here.

Chapter Seven - Your Mars profile: Self-Assertion and Sexual Drive

*Mars in Sagittarius

You assert yourself best when you have something to promote and believe in. This is why you have such energy and desire to travel and get around - in order to discover what it is that you are supposed to be championing, and then to actually do the championing. So initially the essential thing is that you have the freedom to make off in any direction when and with whom you want to.

The trouble is that such wild energy as this - especially with regard to your sexual exploits - can become a law unto itself, and forget that it was a means to an end, not an end in itself. So at some point you are likely to get "hobbled" - that is, restrained by certain circumstances - until you have realigned yourself and your prodigious energies with some cause that it is worthy of them, rather than simply horsing around. As a way of managing your great energy, or even as a pursuit in its own right, sporting activities should come naturally to you.

*Mars in the Fifth House

Whatever your manner of self-assertion, because you have a lust for life you run into plenty of opportunities to exercise it. You are rather like a sparking plug is to gasoline. Be it an affair of the heart, a business enterprise or whatever, things are set in unstoppable motion by your verve and desire.

If you are not aware of this provocative streak in your nature, you will attract rivalry anyway - or else you could have children who are bold or arrogant. But really it is you that is the forceful one, and although there is a danger of being crude and unsubtle, going wholeheartedly for the object of your desires is in order.

*Your Mars Aspects

*Mars working with Moon

You have a ready supply of psychic energy to draw upon; so just about any task can be tackled successfully because you are not likely to flag. "Do more and get more" could be your simple maxim. Unlike people who work and play on nervous energy and are consequently a bit fraught, the relaxed flow of energy that you possess, permits a silent and smooth running engine.

*Mars working with Jupiter

With you, once an objective has been decided upon, you reach it with speed and enthusiasm. You have an amazing ability to mobilize your forces. Furthermore, once up and running, all manner of eventualities arise as if to confirm or further your good intentions. But first you may have to learn that it is only when you are forthright and honest in your actions that you attract good fortune.

*Mars uniting with Pluto

Whether you like it or not, underlying all your sense of self-assertion, there lies something very powerful - like a coiled serpent. It very much depends upon the make-up of your personality as a whole as to how you express this sense of power. At one extreme you could be (more than) a bit on the dubious side and use such forcefulness to get what you want by fair means or foul. At the other extreme, the force within you might even intimidate you, or have attracted abuse of some kind.

For this reason, you keep it under wraps - and you may do this quite unconsciously. But ultimately, such power as is in your possession needs to be tamed and put to some constructive use, or it could back up on you in a destructive way. In the process you may need to forgive yourself or someone else because you have misused it yourself, or another has used it against you. A healthy sexual relationship or intense physical activity, or something like drumming, will do much to absorb this energy, an energy, which is basically of the healing variety.

*Mars allying with your Ascendant

The way in which you assert yourself comes across as natural - whether you are aware of this or not. It is best that you are aware of this, because others readily respond to anyone who appears to be a natural leader. But should you yourself doubt it, they could get quickly disappointed, suspicious even, and you'd lose your advantage.

Chapter Eight - Your Jupiter profile: Faith and Understanding

*Jupiter in Libra

Your philosophy of life has mainly to do with your sense of justice, as you experience it in a personal way within your one-to-one relationships. It can also come from how you perceive it, or the lack of it, in society in general. In other words, your faith in life rests upon a belief that justice exists. If it does not - or it appears not to - your faith diminishes.

Conversely, when you are aware that justice prevails, you feel happy to go on. What you have to bear in mind is that justice is not always apparent on a surface level. By its very nature, justice often has to be sought - be it in your mind or a court of law.

*Jupiter in the Third House

Most of all, you apply this faith to, or look for it in, your everyday interactions with others. You are the type who brings philosophical concepts into the most ordinary spheres of everyday thought. Sometimes such high-flown ideas as you expound to all and sundry can be impractical and out of place, and you come across as being wordy and abstruse. But, with your broader viewpoint, bend the ear of the common man you certainly will - despite his narrowness or incomprehension.

*Your Jupiter Aspects

*Jupiter allying with Sun

By and large, you fall into the positive category with respect to your faith in life and the luck that it attracts. There is a danger of your taking it for granted, simply because it comes so naturally. All the same, your beliefs are the mainstay of your existence and vitality, and others can learn much from them.

*Jupiter uniting with Moon

There is something very natural about the way you express your faith and enthusiasms. One could say that your faith was inborn. This may of course mean that you simply subscribe to the religious persuasions of your family or racial background - whatever they may be. Being quite so subjective about your spiritual convictions, you may well under- or overestimate them.

*Jupiter working with Mars

In fact, there is something of the evangelist in you, for you promote your beliefs with some zeal. And neither are you an armchair philosopher. You don't just pontificate, but act and live out your beliefs. You are a crusader.

*Jupiter challenged by Saturn

The establishing of faith in life will not be without some quite severe tests. This could take the form, possibly from very early on in life, of some type of rigid faith that either forces you to stick with it through thick and thin, or, has put you off believing in anything other than what you can touch and see. You are having to find a balance between faith and reality, and to discover a vision of a better situation and the practical means of getting there.

*Jupiter allying with Neptune

At one level of your being at least, you are gentle, compassionate and easygoing. This really has to be developed into a more conscious philosophy of understanding human nature and the way of the world. This is for two reasons. Firstly, because you do have such a basically sound and altruistic outlook on life, and so therefore it is worth developing. Secondly, left to its own devices, your laissez-faire attitude can devolve into laziness and complacency.

*Jupiter working with Pluto

With diligence and effort, your sense of faith and expansion has great power. This combination can attract great wealth - although the nature of this wealth will depend upon your Jupiter and Pluto Profiles as a whole. It will also depend upon other conditions, lessons or inhibitions that are present in your personality. Nonetheless, your sense of greatness is a gift, a promise, or a prize to be won.

Chapter Nine - Your Saturn Profile: Lessons and Responsibilities

*Saturn in Cancer

You are learning the true meaning of care and sympathy; striving to gain an objective view of emotional involvements, but without becoming uninvolved altogether. In order to gain this view you are sometimes made to feel emotionally alienated. You are forced to discover precisely what you feel and who you feel for.

It is difficult for you to pretend to feel what you do not. And even if you do, it comes across as obviously false. When you manage to express your feelings genuinely, your inner strength is of great help and a great lesson to others - possibly even in a professional capacity.

*Saturn in the Eleventh House

These lessons and tests focus largely upon friendships and group involvements. In this way you can deal with reserve and self-doubt by objectifying them. A difficulty in forming close associations would indicate that you are trying to keep too much to yourself. It is through perhaps just one close friendship that you may dissolve many blocks and a sense of stiffness.

A trusted friend is a symbol of trust in yourself. Another lesson here is that of learning to work in co-operation with others. In order to do this, it is necessary to accept your own ordinariness, for any elitism could be interpreted as a disguise for your own self-doubt. Out of either of these scenarios you yourself can emerge as the trusted friend or group co-ordinator.

*Your Saturn Aspects

*Saturn challenged by Moon

None of the demands indicated in your Saturn Profile is made any easier by the fact that fearful emotions can get in the way of your being objective about these demands. The helpless child in you collapses in the face of them. So you must get in touch with the adult in you, and coolly manage the situation.

*Saturn opposed by Venus

You might vainly seek pleasures or distractions in relationships as a way of diminishing or avoiding the difficulties mentioned here. Or you feel that in some way you are not allowed to enjoy yourself. The fact of the matter is that you can only go out to play to your heart's content when you have performed your duties, as I have here described them. Or alternatively, you find that taking pleasure in your work is your ultimate goal.

*Saturn challenged by Jupiter

Be aware that the brighter side of life is something that you do have to cultivate. It's not that you're without joy. It is more likely you were socially conditioned by someone or something that had little joy in them. Be that as it may, you still have to lighten up somewhat, which will mean taking a chance on your intuition, and letting the devil - whatever you fear - take the hindmost.

*Saturn working with your Midheaven

You have it in you to hold a position of authority. Looked at another way, you sense that there is some worthwhile position earmarked for you, and that you will have to work to get there. And so you do.

Chapter Ten - Your Uranus Profile: Awakening and Freedom

*Uranus in Pisces

You belong to a generation (born during the 1920's) whose intention was to awaken to the mysteries of life and the unconscious and thereby gain some release from the mundane. By and large however, this was expressed in the rather dissolute and "anything goes" atmosphere into which you were born (the Roaring Twenties). Consequently, unless you have taken definite steps to look at the mystical side of life, you are culturally inclined to avoid facing the music.

*Uranus in the Seventh House

Forces for change and urges for freedom make themselves felt in an area where most of us would like stability: relationships. But, consciously or unconsciously, you are attracted to unconventional relationships and partners, ones that keep you alive to the fact that you are both individual beings with individual desires for more than just a secure and predictable social and love life. Shared interests, often of a curious or alternative kind, help to keep a relationship alive because it "marries" your minds together.

This is something you need in addition to a merely emotional or physical bond. You could say that you are awakening to the importance of friendship over romance. Ideal partners are original, inventive types - even with a touch of genius, craziness, or both. And whatever is suppressed or denied as odd in yourself is bound to be represented in your mate - at double strength. It can be guaranteed that you will never be able to take each other for granted, for you'll always surprise one another.

*Your Uranus Aspects

*Uranus unaspected by any other planet

When you discover freedom in any shape or form, you are not quite sure what to do with it. This is probably because no-one has been around to encourage a positive sense of being an individual in your own right. So a sense of freedom can quickly become a feeling of disorientation. Below I give some hints on how to consolidate any such experiences, or to satisfy your longings for a more self -directed life...

Studying your Uranus Profile as a whole will make it clearer as to the way in which you are supposed to do your own thing, as well as describing the possibilities of doing so.

Any planet in Aquarius will further guide and support you down the road to freedom. Generally speaking, any feelings of being odd or unusual, or a misfit in any way, should rather be interpreted as the first signs of finding out what is unique about you - your first step down Freedom's Road.

Chapter Eleven - Your Neptune Profile: Sensitivity and Spirituality

*Neptune in Aquarius

You belong to the Neptunian generation born between 1998 and 2012. You therefore came into being during a time when humanity had barely avoided terminating itself. Out of this crisis and the realizations born of it, your generation truly heralds the New Age - the Age of Aquarius.

*Neptune in the Sixth House

You have a sensitive constitution; simply because you are rather subtly attuned to the nature of what actually constitutes health. On the one hand this means that you are inclined to contract strange complaints which are hard to diagnose and which are probably best treated with subtle forms of medicine such as homeopathy, acupuncture, Bach flower remedies and visualization techniques.

On the other hand, or as a consequence of this, you yourself are involved in healthcare - and possibly, but not necessarily, using one of these complimentary methods. Work too, can be a sensitive issue. If your job does not agree with you, it is because you do not or cannot perform it with a sense of service or devotion.

If this is the case, involve yourself with an occupation, which inspires you in some way. On another level you could be inclined to escape into your work because that seems to be a way of avoiding sticky emotional issues - but this can lead to a health problem as such stifled feelings make themselves felt physically.

*Your Neptune Aspects

*Neptune uniting with Sun

These issues of sensitivity and spirituality are central to your life. Without understanding this and the implications of your being considerably more attuned to higher or finer vibrations than most others, you are liable to get increasingly lost and confused, and be a fool to yourself. The most important turning point occurs when you realize that all you long for or fear as being on the outside, is really inside you. Ultimately, you are either mystic or misfit, healer or helpless, inspired artist or hopeless dreamer.

*Neptune allying with Jupiter

You have an innate understanding of how best to make the most of sensitivity, compassion or imagination - in yourself or others. Your generosity of spirit will often reward you by something turning up to save you at the eleventh hour. Or perhaps you are the one that delivers or gives an uplift to others just when they most need it.

Chapter Twelve - Your Pluto Profile: Power and Transformation

*Pluto in Sagittarius

You are a member of the Plutonian generation (1995 - 2008) which sees a coming together of the essence of all valid world religions, and the demise of the more spurious ones. This marks the birth of a world religion which transforms our attitude to life through a combination of science and mysticism.

*Pluto in the Fourth House

Your area of power and transformation is your home, family and roots generally. If you are comfortable with your family or racial background, then you truly have deep roots and a firm sense of belonging. If however there are shadows cast across the path, which leads back into your past, then they could haunt you with feelings of statelessness and a profound inner loneliness.

Either the positive or negative qualities will be in evidence in your domestic situation. Someone in your life, most likely your father, went about in the time of your childhood in a similarly soul-torn state. But as a child you took it personally and now you feel that the ground could open up and swallow you if you don't keep yourself very much to yourself.

If you are to prevent what amounts to self-isolation from dominating your life - or someone from still dominating your domestic scene with a heavy presence (and that could be yourself!) - then it is imperative that you exorcise such a ghost. To do this you must delve and dig into your past history until you have found what is obsessing you, and what you cannot forgive in yourself or someone else, and then actually forgive them.

Once you have accomplished this, you at last will feel that you have a power-base, a home that is your castle - because it will have been built on the only foundation that will satisfy you: a deep feeling of being here on planet Earth.

*Your Pluto Aspects

*Pluto working with Moon

Deep down you feel very safe. Deep down you feel you belong. You also have a deep sense of what holds people together - be it family, friends or whatever. And deep down you feel what has to be eliminated to create or maintain such security. All you have to make sure of is that you trust these deep feelings.

*Pluto uniting with Mars

Until you sort out or come to terms with the negative qualities of your Pluto Profile, you are in danger of feeling dogged by intense urges which can affect you in certain ways, like being under the sway of an oppressive man, or being one - or in some other way that is detrimental to your well-being. The basic challenge here is to contact this raw energy and convert it into something positive - like athletic prowess, putting powerful resources to good use, etc.

*Pluto working with Jupiter

In most of these dealings with power and transformation, you maintain goodwill towards others. This deep understanding of yours is of enormous worth - a worth sadly only a precious few would truly appreciate. Do you truly appreciate them yourself?

*Pluto allying with your Ascendant

Through time and effort you manage to express physically the power within your personality in a way that positively transforms your surroundings and anyone to whom you consciously apply your influence and insight.

A purpose to your life

From reading your Soul Scope, you may know that already, and this has confirmed it, or made you look at it differently. You may also have noticed that not only is there a purpose to your life as a whole, there is a purpose to every part of your life as well.

Furthermore, for every purpose of yours, you may see that you have positive traits and abilities to achieve it. Any negative traits are only the result of your having diverged from, or being unconscious of, that purpose.

And the relationships and circumstances of your life have been attracted entirely by these positive and negative qualities - like the poles of a magnet. For it is a scientific fact that that is what a human or any other being actually is: an electromagnetic being - picking up good and bad vibrations.

Astrology is based upon electro-magnetism and vibratory resonance.

I hope that through this "Report" you will have gained, and will continue to gain, a sense of satisfaction and control through being more and more familiar with the power and purpose of your life and personality. Lyn Birkbeck.

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