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  Celebrity Horoscope Samples
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  Soul Guide - Year Trends » George Bush
  Predictor - Year Trends » Angelina Jolie
  Forecaster - Year Trends » Johnny Depp
  Soul Guide 12 Months » Tony Blair
  Predictor 12 Months » Jennifer Aniston
  Forecaster 12 Months » Justin Timberlake

Personal Understanding

  Soul Scope » Angelina Jolie
  Life Destiny » Britney Spears
  Personality » Brad Pitt
  Young Life » Christina Aguilera


  Soul Mates » Justin and Cameron
  Star Lovers » Justin and Cameron
  Lovers Guide 1 Year ahead » Angelina Jolie
  Intimate Lover » Angelina Jolie

Combination Reports

  Lovers Guide + Intimate Report  
  Soul Mates + Star Lovers  
  Life Destiny Plus 12 Month Predictor  
  Life Destiny + Year Ahead Predictor  
  Personality + 12 Month Forecaster  
  Personality + Year Ahead Forecaster  
  Soul Scope + 12 Month Soul Guide  
  Soul Scope + Year Ahead Soul Guide  

Report Packages

  Destiny Revealed  
  Lovers Compatibility  
  Personality plus  
  Ultimate Relationship  
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