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  Updated Daily to your web site - Friday 20 September


You are eager to take on a leadership role, but you may be pushing it a little bit. If you feel that there are jealous or unsupportive people around you right now, slow down for a second, and have a look at the situation from their point of view, it may change your perspective.


A sudden and unexpected dispute could prove to be troublesome, but it may also bring along financial opportunities. You may find yourself juggling schedules at the last minute right now so that you can take advantage of someone else's dramatic mood swings. Your boss may seem a bit "bi-polar" right now.


Your love life is back on the "up" swing again. Your love life has been a bit of a roller coaster lately, so take advantage of the ride. A romantic trip can help cement the positive feelings you establish right now. If you can get out together even for a brief time it could work wonders.


You may hear some news from a friend or coworker that has you scratching your head. Keep in mind they may not have all the information you want just yet to make an important decision. Do a little more research before making up your mind.


Wait to be asked before sharing spiritual advice, especially in the workplace. The possibility for misunderstanding could result in someone getting offended. If you are asked, make sure it is understood you are only offering an opinion.


You are even hotter right now than yesterday. Unforgettable energy is pouring from your love sectors, and if you have been waiting for a good day to make a secret passion known, this is about the best chance you are going to get. You will attract attention no matter where you go.


Your mind will be on your finances, career and future right now, but you can be distracted by shiny toys and pretty objects. Be sure to stay focused on mental tasks, on reading, research and paperwork. Don't let yourself get roped into any expensive entertainment.

This is not a good day for any kind of home improvement project. You and your mate will likely be all thumbs. Hire a contractor. Keep your mental and physical energies focused on financial opportunities rather than physical challenges right now.


Turn the radio on, and tune it to a talk radio station right now. Your chart speaks of "learning during travel", and since most of you won't be vacationing, the best way to make the most of the day's energy is to keep your eyes and ears open while you are commuting.


You may get some uncomfortable sensations right now but they should pass once you realize that they are mostly related to stress. While your physical body is under a bit of a challenge right now, you are likely to get some good news about your finances that will brighten your mood.


Friends and family members seem a little odd or distracted right now. There is some change they are all adjusting to, something that may escape your notice at first. You may be asked to settle a dispute over the choice of a colour for a room in a loved-one's house.


You could make a big splash from public speaking, writing or publishing right now. Coworkers may be jealous of your success if you come across as bragging. When you announce your good news, new people suddenly find you very attractive, but old friends are likely to be jealous.

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