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The forms of ... uhm ... "recreation" that interest you right now are of the decidedly "adult" variety. You may have opportunities to explore parts of your emotional and sexual life that come as a complete surprise to you right now. If you are single, expect a lot of sudden interest right now!


Someone's sense of humor could rescue you from a bad mood right now. You are feeling a little cranky and confused, and your personal energy needs a pick me up. Turn to a friend or companion who has a rosy outlook on life. Take in a happy movie, treat yourself to a little fun.


You and your partner are suddenly on the same page about a family problem or a home renovation. The problem is that one or both of you may have career or social responsibilities that keep you out of the loop. Expect some cell-phone tag right now.


That work at home deal may be better than it seems. While there may be some extra work involved, and you might have to wall off your workspace for privacy, you may find you work a lot better on your own. Keep your eyes open for opportunities.


There are both challenges and opportunities hitting your love life right now. You may find yourself surrounded with admirers, but it may be difficult to get enough time away from your career ambitions so that you can follow up on their interest.


You and your partner need to talk about your social life. You may be spending too much time "out" or not enough. Someone needs more play time though, and the best cure is for the two of you to sit down and find some way to enjoy each other free of other demands.


If you are again called upon to play rescuer you do have the right to say "Not this time". In this case, you may have the responsibility to walk away from someone you care for so they can feel the sting of their own self-created disasters for a change.

Your relationships demand careful nurturing and a heavy dose of discretion right now. You may be asked to keep an odd or unusual secret that makes you a little uncomfortable. Trust your intuition - it will likely tell you that you are better off to keep silent for now.


You'll find yourself making something of a dramatic turn of fortunes right now. The financial struggles you have been through should be lifting, and you'll find ideas, insights and information that improves your prosperity is easier to come across.


You and your friends may be on a fast track to arguments and confrontations right now, especially if there has been some health problem in your social circle recently. You may find that the best way out is through - let everyone vent within reason, they'll sort it all out.


No matter what ails you, a little bit of brisk fresh air and exercise will help clear your head. Your own well-being is at issue. Sports, active outdoor activities, hiking and walking are all good places to spend time alone with your thoughts.


If you want to look and feel better about yourself, you have to change your lifestyle. Significant and structured changes to diet and exercise have the ability to make a profound and positive effect on your physical fitness and attractiveness right now.

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