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  Updated Daily to your web site - Tuesday 11 December


Challenging developments involving friends, associations or group activities are bringing you to be aware of the impact that others have on your life, for good or ill. You'll want to decide which friends to keep, and who you need to grow beyond.


You may be on the telephone or Internet a lot right now, answering calls and letters and dealing with people who don't seem to be able to make up their minds where they stand. Be patient, things will turn around when someone calls up with an entertaining diversion.


The phone is going to be ringing off the hook right now. The positive calls will come from friends and loved ones. Your social life is on the upswing. The challenging calls come from coworkers, employers or demanding customers making last-minute changes to everything.


You may feel a bit fuzzy or "zoned out" right now when a family member calls for help. If you look at it closely you'll figure out that this is your way of "not dealing with it". It doesn't work - it only makes people madder than if you just said "no" to begin with.


You are going to be hearing some interesting news within your social circle. Someone's juicy little scandal has exploded, and some of the resulting shrapnel could end up in your front yard. Take the high road, be discrete and avoid an understandable urge to spin things when the gossips call.


You may have some flashes of insight and good ideas right now, you may want to write some of them down. This is a good time to write a blog or share some if your ideas in an online community.


Take a break from any office politics, no matter how intriguing they may be. Keep your head down and your powder dry. A quick getaway may be the better part of valour if you are cornered by the office gossip.

If you are visiting the doctor right now, write down any symptoms and complaints, and force them to listen to the whole story before you accept any prescriptions. There is the potential for a misunderstanding that could adversely affect your health and well-being and it is avoidable.


If you are a parent, your children could come to you with an idea for a sporting event or outing that may turn out to be a bit more costly than it appears at first. You may be able to knock a few dollars off the cost by volunteering to take a leadership or coaching role.


You may feel torn between home, family and loved ones, and an unexpected responsibility that comes up in your career right now. You may be considering buying or upgrading a computer so that you can do more work from home. Be careful, make sure the deal you get is a good one.


Listen to your intuition right now. You will have a sharp idea for making more money. If you own your own business you may be looking into advertising on the radio or television. If you are employed, you or someone you work with could make it onto the news.


Work, work work. You are at your workaholic best right now, but you don't seem to be getting anything done. The hurrier you go, the behinder you get. Slow things down, take it easy, and you may fall into a pile of financial opportunities that are just ripe for the picking.

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