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  Updated Daily to your web site - Monday 20 January


A friend of yours has a serious authority figure complex and you may have to give them some tough love to snap them out of some serious self-pity. Trust your intuition if you are not sure what to say. Even if they resist your advice, they are listening.


Do be careful to stay at the speed limit if you are driving right now. Your chart speaks of "unexpected encounters with authority figures while traveling" - which could add up to a speeding ticket if "Lead Foot Louie" is not extra careful right now.


You are having a classic "he said, she said" moment. It is probably more like "they said" because there is more than one critical voice whispering in your ears or tongue wagging behind your back. Ignore the gossips and stick with your own plans. Avoid making impulsive decisions.


The faxes are buzzing. The phones are ringing off the hook. The email is rolling in. You may have a hard time keeping up with all the mental chatter you are exposed to now. You have a major case of "information overload". Go with the flow - don't try to fight things.


You are not telling someone the truth, but you are mistaken if you believe you can hide your feelings forever. Some part of them knows the truth. The haggis may hit the fan when the truth comes out, but at least you will not be carrying the burden anymore, and you are likely to find out that it your own fears were bigger than the problem.


Your sharp wit could inflict wounds that you do not intend right now. Stay away from the grapevine. Sharp words in jest may come back to haunt you. Be extra careful when dealing with or speaking with your significant other - you could hurt them when you least expect to, and it will be hard for them to forget your words.


If you feel that your career has become boring lately, get everyone in the workplace together for a brainstorming session. Make it as creative as possible. Set it up sort of like a silent auction. Have everyone write ideas on business cards, toss them in a hat, and pull them out one at a time.

You have a strong financial feature in your chart right now that supports your career ambitions. Don't be afraid to be a little pushy - reach out and make the connections that make sense. You have opportunities that you can take advantage of right now.


You will find that other people are in a bit if a head-fog right now. They may be unfocused and unmotivated. This can try your patience, but taking a few deep breaths will help. Remind yourself that they are not doing it in purpose.


Today you have to proceed carefully and pay special attention to the facts and data rather than following your intuition as you have been lately. This does not mean that your gut feel is wrong, but you could greatly benefit from a second look at your first impression.


You may find that you have an amazing opportunity to expand your financial potential and career future through your creative gifts right now. If you are feeling any confusion about your future path right now is a good day to meditate on your choices.


You may be sharing some fun or entertaining educational program with a friend or companion right now. You could end up playing both the role of the teacher or the student. If you are the teacher at first, pay attention to what the others say - there could be gold in their words.

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