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Your career path looks pretty promising right now. You have an opportunity to move up the corporate or social ladder. Just remember, what comes up can come down, and the quality of the ride in one direction can be affected by the people you meet going the other way.


You could have disagreements with friends or companions right now about "values". You may be asked to join some kind of investment club or group where resources are shared, but there is no organization in the organized chaos there. They need a leader but are not quite ready to be led.


You have decided to leap feet first into a leadership challenge right now, and this may be a good thing, but you must remember that you will probably be impulsive and not at your most tactful right now. Try to motivate from a position of love, rather than making demands.


The morning will be tough, with some rather tense aspects making you a bit of a bear for a while. Your energy will lighten by the afternoon, but you won't much feel like working and the work you do may be incomplete or have to be revised later on.


You are going to get your financial issues sorted out right now with some help from the Gods of Fortune, and an expert who knows how to spin gold out of flax. In your case, the solution may turn out to be a home-based business opportunity doing something creative.


This is a good day for goofing off, procrastinating, or simply forgetting to do the daily chores. Everyone deserves a break now and then, and you are likely to hit your thumb with a hammer right now anyway. Proceed on any risky chores with extra care.


You may be amazed at what comes out of your mouth. While there may be moments of disagreement, your ideas are profound and transformational, and that may be the real reason why someone finds them so challenging. Nobody likes to be told they have to fix their own problems, but that's what you are saying.

If you have been looking for a more financially and spiritually rewarding career option, you could be considering going back to school, or opening your own alternative healthcare business. Keep an eye out for opportunities in the holistic field.


It may seem like a complicated and confusing day, but there could be a lot of opportunities for personal growth and improvement if you are willing to give something new a chance. Tackle each challenge as a learning moment and you can move mountains right now.


You may need some extra rest time right now. Your body's little aches, pains and "belches" may be telling you that it is not a good time to push yourself too hard. Rest is as important as exercise, and you are probably not getting enough of either.


The family theme is strong in your chart. You may decide to reconnect with an estranged loved one through the intervention of a spiritual advisor, or because of some inner healing work you have been doing on your own lately. Prayer or meditation could be helpful right now.


Expect a phone call or letter from an old flame right now. If you are already in a new relationship, you could be thinking about taking things to the next level, and it could be that call that gets your current partner thinking about "settling down".

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