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  Updated Daily to your web site - Tuesday 18 January


This is not a great day to make big changes to your home. Whether it is home renovations, home buying or selling, or changes in your family tree, there are likely to be changes, revisions, and frustrations further down the road. It may be prudent to put off that meeting with the contractors for a day or so.


You are talking about love right now, and there could be some challenging moments involving loved ones and relatives. They are not as supportive as you had hoped, probably because they have misunderstood something about your special someone. Patience is the key, they will come around.


You'll be dealing with some kind of healthcare issue right now, something that you are working a little too hard to keep secret from family and friends. Or perhaps you are keeping it secret from yourself, by denying a problem exists? Check it out for your peace of mind.


Your family members are likely to be on the phone a lot right now. Someone has good news about a financial partnership or inheritance to share. You may be tempted to spend a lot of money on some recreational pursuit - be careful to avoid using credit cards right now.


Your intuition is a little off-center right now. You have a strong feeling that something is about to happen, but your worries are far out of proportion to whatever problems you may face. If you take a deep breath, you will discover that there are opportunities hidden in your challenges.


If you are a parent, you may be attending some kind of sporting event related to your children right now. If not, you may be indulging your inner child by enjoying a sport or physical activity that you enjoyed when you were young. Either way, get moving, it will do a world of good.


You may have a sibling or coworker who is trying to get you into one of the old familiar arguments right now. You can make them crazy by simply agreeing with everything they say. If that is not an option, you can always say they are right, from their own point of view.

If you are traveling right now, through long or short distances, make sure you are carrying everything you may need, including a well-charged cell phone battery. You may find that there are sudden and unexpected changes, challenges and interruptions in your plans.


Friends and companions will bring more challenges and right now. An older friend may suggest that it is a good idea that you restrict your lifestyle or get more exercise. Remember that even though they may lack tact, they actually do mean it with love.


You are heading towards some life changes that look challenging, but as they draw closer, you may actually discover that a situation or circumstance you were dreading or avoiding is exactly what you need to achieve a long desired victory, or break a long stagnation.


Get out with some friends and companions and take in a game. If you can't afford the big-ticket event, then get everyone together at the local bowling alley. You will have more fun than you expect provided there is lots of opportunity for laughter and physical activity.


A visit to the doctor may take longer than you anticipate. Take a little extra time, especially if you have other chores scheduled. You may find it is not possible to get all the chores scratched off your to-do list today.

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