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  Updated Daily to your web site - Saturday 25 September


You may reach that healthy lifestyle tipping point soon. Little changes you have made over time are starting to add up. If there is a sudden change in your favor, it may be because of small long term changes in your lifestyle and daily habits.


You could hear some strange opinions from a parent or in-law about the changing social values surrounding sex and relationships right now. Avoid the discussion of such topics if you can, but if you cannot, it may be for the best if you don't push the point.


If you have been having some trouble with your health lately you could have some bad news and good news right now. You may have to make some lifestyle changes, but there is a positive treatment or remedy available and things are going to heal up better than you expected.


Your intuition could lead you towards career success. There are a lot of changes to be made in the workplace, and you will benefit by being front and centre of the decision-making process. Make sure that you, your group, your department, benefits when the budget is drawn up.


If you are investing in home improvements or a home-based business, be careful that you pay attention to careful study and research. Don't let yourself get swept along in the currents of fate without some kind of plan. Your creative energies will be erratic right now.


Someone important in your social or career path may ask you to take on a big responsibility, like hosting a party. You may be reluctant at first, but the rewards could well outweigh the risks. You can do this! It will be a little extra work, is all.


You feel like you are a chameleon right now, changing not only your physical appearance, but your ideas, thoughts, beliefs and values at the drop of a hat. You may experience unusual moments of insight or flashes of inspiration that don't make sense at first.

Shared values and spiritual beliefs with friends and associates are challenging topics right now. You could blow away someone's treasured preconceptions by simply being honest about your ideas. That's likely to be controversial and the response, argumentative.


If you want to overcome a feeling of rejection right now, focus on your self, your image, your own personal needs. Don't be afraid to be prudently selfish right now. That is exactly what you need to do if you are to understand and heal yourself right now.


Family members may be a little touchier than normal at the moment. Give the older women a wide berth unless you want to catch the edge of their acerbic wit. Someone may be feeling extra cranky because of some untrue gossip she has heard.


You feel a little frustrated and confused right now, possibly due to lack or sleep or "romantic recreation", if you catch my drift. You and your partner need to be a little more "physically active", but you may find that there are obstacles and challenges before you can get together.


A friend or companion has put you into a frustrating position, but if you are patient, the whole muddle could turn around in your favor. While you are sorting out the issues, someone will pop by with some wonderful romantic gossip or flirtatious energy that picks you up again.

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