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  Updated Daily to your web site - Wednesday 22 May


The reason that cliches are cliches is that they reflect some kind of universal truth, at least at their core. Right now you may find yourself up to your ears in annoying platitudes, but remember, at the heart this may be the best way someone knows to offer comfort or support.


If you are trying to have a baby, you could receive unexpected good news soon. If not, it would be an excellent idea to carefully watch your birth control. If you are single, you may be unexpectedly attracted to a potential partner who comes with a "pre-made" family.


You may find that your mouth is moving faster than your brain right now. You may feel misunderstood, or out of step with the wider community around you. Take some time to reflect before you share your reactions, especially in political discussions.


Your family members may be acting a little strangely right now, especially if you are one of the "family leaders". Someone has something of an authority figure problem or entitlement complex, and it is up to you to set them straight with some kind but firm guidance.


You may be interested in boosting your education. An online class may be more affordable than you think. Check into local resources and online colleges. A part-time class could considerably boost your career advancement prospects.


Your physical energy is very high, and normally that would be a good thing, but your mental energies are scattered and that could make for some moments of anxiety. You may also have some problems with some cranky or uncooperative communications devices.


It is important as you rush around to get everything done that you remember to set aside some rest and relaxation time for yourself. You are strongly focused on "getting the job done" right now, and while you are highly energetic, you still need breaks.

If you have to decide between some fun with friends and a romantic dinner, follow the romantic path tonight. Friends will be unreliable and erratic at best, and there could be many schedule changes or problems with getting from one place to the next.


Your love life is something of a roller coaster right now. You have all the plot twists of a Victorian romance novel. Try to be patient with your significant other right now. You are both going through some pretty dramatic changes and you need each other's support.


You are thinking about getting another notch higher on the career ladder, and one way to do that might be to invest some time in the arts or entertainment interests of those in your wider social circle. Good old-fashioned networking works better with a hobby in common.


You will be learning, teaching or sharing some kind of musical talent or creative skill right now. If you have to be on the road right now, make sure to bring a lot of good music along. It can soothe your nerves, brighten your mood, and make the commute much more enjoyable.


You may decide to take on extra responsibilities in your workplace because you are hoping for a better spot on the career ladder. Make sure that the quid pro quo is clearly spelled out - don't expect that your boss will magically "get it" and reward you for the extra work.

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