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  Updated Daily to your web site - Sunday 17 November


You may find that there is a dramatic change in your romantic fortunes. Your best bet if single could be to meet someone at a debate club or Toastmasters meeting, but be aware this won't be a time for flowers and sunshine romance. You are very deep and serious right now, and may be a little attached to being right. Let go a bit, and let yourself agree to disagree.


There is more money coming into your office or department, but there could be arguments over how to spend it. Prepare well if you are heading into a business meeting where the budget will be on the table. You'll do better if you are prepared.


Talk to a pal about a workplace problem - they have been swamped with office politics for weeks now, and are getting to be experts at dealing with cranky coworkers. "Herding cats" could be the best way to describe the office atmosphere right now.


A family member could bring great good news about renovations, additions to the family, or a real estate deal. It will be an interesting and enjoyable day with many opportunities. You can expect to make more money from a home-based business soon.


This is not the best day to try to gamble on that lucky streak you have had lately. Save or store your wins for a better day. Quit while you're ahead. Don't listen to that nagging little voice that is telling you to get out right now and spend, spend spend.


You are still in a playful mood, but others around you are taking themselves a bit too seriously. You might have to make some compromises on where to go, what movie to see, and who to have along for company. This time, you will likely be the agreeable one.


A friend of yours could come asking for your advice about the health or emotional wellness of a child in their family. You may have similar issues in your family or have experienced the same illness yourself in the past, and they want to get a better idea of what they are facing.

People come in all sorts of weird varieties, and right now they are a true bag of mixed nuts. Today they tend to be overly dramatic but highly entertaining. You can get your job done if you stay focused, but you will accomplish nothing if you are dragged into the melodrama they are creating. Keep your nose buried in your own cubicle.


Money is coming to you from the workplace. You may hear news of a coming raise, bonus or promotion. You are also lucky at picking up good bargains right now, except where it comes to home improvement purchases. You may buy something trendy and a little tacky right now.


People will seem to oppose you in the workplace, and rather than fighting to get them to see your point of view, try putting yourself into their shoes for a change. The change in perspective could bring answers to a problem involving paperwork or travel plans.


You're about to run smack into a pair of bedroom eyes. Life is not all about board rooms and the drama of success, sometimes the far more exciting chase takes place in far softer realms. Your love life is about to get very interesting.


You are realizing that some of your spiritual interests or personal values come with a price tag attached. You may experience some resistance to a charity drive or non-profit venture proposed by someone in your spiritual circle. You don't have to explain, just say "Sorry, can't do it now."

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