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  Updated Daily to your web site - Wednesday 15 August


Your partner is having mood swings again. The real problem is likely to take the form of "in-laws" in most cases, but that may not be obvious at first. Some real changes in attitude need to be made, and they are not willing to be the ones to change. You have to find a way to accept some eccentricities.


If you are a parent, you need to talk to your children. You may discover that there are changes in their lives that you need to know more about. If you are not a parent, you may find yourself feeling a bit listless and unmotivated right now.


You may feel a bit dreamy, tired or distracted, and it is a good idea to avoid taking any unnecessary medications right now, especially if you have to travel. You are re-evaluating your dedication to your job or career right now, because it just does not seem to be as meaningful as it used to.


You are having a classic "he said, she said" moment. It is probably more like "they said" because there is more than one critical voice whispering in your ears or tongue wagging behind your back. Ignore the gossips and stick with your own plans. Avoid making impulsive decisions.


You'll be feeling very generous and happy right now. You may have plans to play matchmaker for two friends, and it's a lucky day in your own love life. You may settle in for a romantic movie, or take in an unexpected opportunity to enjoy a good book.


An investment may be about to pay off. You may hear some interesting information that could boost your bottom line. Your financial picture may be improving because of information you receive through the workplace or online.


If you can avoid spending money on computers, telephones or related electronic equipment right now the day will go far more smoothly. You will at least spare yourself a return trip back to the store to return some malfunctioning electronic device.

The telephone wires will be buzzing with juicy gossip, between you and your circle of friends right now. You will be hopping with excitement about someone's latest victory. If you know any artists or musicians there is going to be a celebration coming soon.


Prince or Princess Charming has not yet ridden over the hill top carrying a huge bag of money, and that's not likely to happen any time soon. You are just going to have to pick up your bootstraps and rescue yourself. That may not be the easiest thing, but you are your own best hero.


You may be asked to take on a leadership role in setting up a family gathering or reunion. You may feel that you are not up to it but you can really make a good impression on your family members and everyone will have an awesome time at the party.


Trust your intuition where it comes to a career change or financial proposal. A radical change in your lifestyle due to an influx of money is indicated in your chart at present, but you must move with decisive speed to take advantage of it.


A friend or companion may ask you to join them in studying spiritual or religious interests, but be careful of buying into their ideas too quickly. There is a possibility that they really haven't seen through to the truth of their new thinking.

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