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  Updated Daily to your web site - Saturday 5 December


You find it hard to talk to your loved ones right now. You feel abandoned or misunderstood. But the truth is that there is more understanding and compassion than you can see at first. Someone may suggest a get-away or some fun and distraction - go for it.


Your money intuition is not the best right now, but luck could make up for lack of insight. You may find that money comes in nearly as fast as it goes out right now. A financial advisor could be helpful in sorting out your bookkeeping.


You may be having a hard time thinking clearly right now, and he may find that others similarly seem affected. Be prepared to spend a little extra time getting to and from locations right now, as people may seem to be a little distracted.


You will be planning an upcoming getaway when it dawns on you that your holiday may conflict with a child or relative's scheduled sporting or entertainment events. You may be tempted to push your own desires but that could get you into hot water.


You could learn something soon that makes for dramatically positive changes in your love life. If you are still single, you could meet someone in a bookstore, library, or on the Internet. If you are already married, you could have a moment of profound passion soon.


You may suffer from lack of sleep, nightmares or a stiff neck though the day. You have some subconscious fears or concerns that are plaguing your mind. You need to give yourself some extra rest, some meditation time, or a few moments of "power napping" to take the edge off.


Be careful to stay focused while driving and be an active listener. Other people are likely to be scattered and unfocused and it may be up to you to being their attention back to the road or the task at hand. This is an especially bad time to text and drive.

You could be having some strange but interesting spiritual experiences right now. You may have a breakthrough inspiration, an idea that comes to you after a long period of confusion, thought, meditation and consideration. You may say to yourself "Why didn't I think of this before?"


Paperwork is the last thing you want to do right now. Unfortunately, the creative or people-oriented aspects of your work will have to be put aside. Get a strong cup of java juice and hit the books. The sooner you clear up the paperwork, the sooner you can get to the fun stuff.


If you have children they are going to be picking your pockets right now - literally or figuratively. There is a sporting class or entertainment outing you want to take but it could prove to be terrifically expensive. You may find that a little personal creativity brings more fun for less money.


Avoid answering the phone or door right now unless you are expecting company or calls - you are most likely to encounter strange or deceptive requests for charitable donations close to home. Politely refuse if you find yourself being pressured.


If you are still single, it is another good day to possibly meet a potential partner in the company of your friends, but do keep in mind that not everyone you meet right now is totally on your wavelength. Someone you meet has some interesting romantic tastes.

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