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If it has been some time since you gave proper focus to your emotional well-being or indulged in some self-care or self-love, then the cosmos fully supports doing so now. Think about what would bring a smile to your face or gladden your heart and then make creating create a plan to achieve or experience it a priority. Doing what inspires, motivates, excites, or even thrills you is far from selfish if it lifts your spirits or revives your mojo!


Perhaps, if you had control over a volatile or uncertain situation, then you would have resolved it long ago. The saying about too many cooks spoiling broth comes to mind as you find yourself dealing with more external influences than are necessary to make progress where you want to make it. However, it's important that you do what's expected of you and be the essential cog in the machine that you can be. Soon, you'll feel more reassured that everyone involved shares your goal - and seriousness or urgency attached to it.


If a certain person believes that you don't share their interest in something important to them, then you have a chance to prove them wrong. Even if, in your heart, you can't summon the levels of enthusiasm or excitement for something as they do, nothing stops you from showing willingness to be supportive or cooperative in a way that you know they'll appreciate. With just a tiny bit of effort from you, you can bring a smile to someone's face.


Truth, as we know, tends to emerge eventually. Your desire for something to be common knowledge could result in you making an unnecessary effort to bring a certain matter into the open for others to be aware of. However, there is momentum working in the background in your favor that may be invisible. You could gain more respect by watching from the sidelines rather than be instrumental in creating a bit of chaos that intends to manifest anyway.


Your mind could conjure solutions at a rate of knots at this time. However, it could be easy to apply what worked in the past to a challenge facing you now that requires a bit more innovation or creativity. Although there may be similarities between a previous episode and what you're dealing with now, you can't automatically assume that you have a ready-made answer or solution. You have a chance to be cleverer than that. Take your time to find that square peg that fits into that square hole snugly.


You may have a somewhat unusual idea about what brings a smile to your face or gladdens your heart, but it's worth sharing this with others. Whether it's something that goes back as far as childhood or is possibly connected with a family tradition, you could find that you're able to engage others in this unorthodox or off-the-wall custom or idea. Your unique brand of troop-rallying could be precisely what's needed.


Conversations and interactions can go from superficial chit chat to something deeply profound in a millisecond. You bring an undeniable level of honesty to any exchanges and either consciously or unconsciously, others reflect this. It might be this new level of openness that takes one conversation into intriguing territory. You could also be surprised at what somebody has suppressed or concealed.

As easy as it could appear in your mind to get from A to B in a particular way or make progress with a cherished ambition, it could feel as if the universe deliberately puts numerous obstacles in your path. Rather than consider shortcuts or downsize an aspiration to help it to manifest more quickly, stick to the practical and methodical approach you adopted earlier this year. Despite appearances to the contrary, it's working well. What you perceive to be 'broken' probably doesn't need 'fixing.' All that's needed is a consistent effort.


You could feel it's necessary to smile and nod as someone dictates how they believe you should do something. In truth, they can probably see only a fraction of a bigger picture that you see and aren't as close to a plan or project as you are. They may not share your knowledge or expertise, but their detached position could result in them identifying something that makes your life easier. Try to be receptive to constructive input coming your way.


Rather than scour the earth for a solution, take a moment to confirm in your mind exactly what it is you're looking for. You could be inclined to apply a 'quick fix' solution to something that will only bring temporary relief. Perhaps, you believe temporary relief is better than none. However, you could go to unnecessary lengths to find or create something that is already immediately available to you. With just a tiny bit of imagination, you'll spot this.


If anyone understands that old dogs can be taught new tricks if a willingness exists to teach and learn, then you do! Even if you believe you have a full understanding of a certain topic or matter, you could find yourself intellectually stimulated in a new and potentially thrilling way. Whether it's something you hear, read or are told, you could be appreciative of the need to reassess something you believed you already knew thoroughly and accept a new learning trajectory on offer.


If you believe that you're in a position to 'show somebody the ropes' in some way and they're a willing pupil, then you could be surprised at what you learn in the process. Whatever wisdom or experience you offer, you could find someone has something of value to offer in return. This learning process could be more valuable and far-reaching if you both accept that you're embarking upon a learning curve together.

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