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Signs are often helpful sometimes only to a point. They rely on a correct interpretation of what's intended to be a simple message, but our intuition can be a much better guide to where we need to go. You probably need less guidance than you perhaps believe you do now. Accept that you can trust what you feel instead of looking for reassurance elsewhere in any way that what you're doing is right.


Two negatives' make a positive. A positive and negative make a negative. Mathematics dictates both statements are correct, but we know two negatives don't automatically equate to something positive. It's also true that, if we're positive but allow negativity to creep in, then the negative quality can't be ignored. Ok, enough of this algorithmic assessment already! You can succeed in balancing positive and negative thoughts until the former outweighs the latter. It's within your ability to ensure something remains positive and not influenced by negatively by doubt!


We can be surprisingly easily distracted at times. Distractions can be welcome if they offer a seemingly good reason not to do what we know we must do. We can be too willing to give them unjustified attention. With that in mind, where might you allow a distraction to divert your attention from where you know focus is needed? Something more important needs your time and effort now. Try not to be fooled into thinking something less significant needs both.


Does anyone enjoy curbing impatience or impulsiveness? When we feel both, they tend to be accompanied by anticipation or excitement. Although it might seem undeniably necessary to take a particular plan seriously, you could accelerate a process that might take considerably longer to unfold by throwing some caution to the wind. Don't fight an urge to be spontaneous or maybe even a tiny bit rebellious now. The excitement you might feel to do both is justified.


Learning something properly often needs to be done methodically and over a period of time. However, the urge to learn something by 'winging it' and seeing what our efforts bring can be powerful, too. Even if we fail, we're provided valuable information about what needed to excel or achieve something. Might there be some fun and excitement on offer by tossing a rule book aside and seeing what doing something spontaneously brings? Yes, as long as you accept the lesson attached to doing so!


We go to understandable lengths at times to avoid making mistakes. They be the last thing we want to have to deal with or resolve. But when we make mistakes, we always learn something of value, even if the nugget of wisdom isn't immediately obvious. There's something valuable to be gained from a perceived setback or obstacle you might experience now or shortly. A slight error of judgment could be something you'll actually end up being grateful for.


Imaginations like to be set free and roam but can also tend to 'run wild' at times. It's strange that the phrase has a negative connotation. When people say we allow our imaginations to have an unusual amount of freedom, it implies we're irresponsible or unrealistic. Don't allow someone's lack of imagination to cause you to do yourself a disservice by restricting yours. What your mind creates now could be more attainable or far-reaching than you think.

We work to a calendar of our own, and the universe works to one that suits it. It's unconcerned about what we want or when we believe we want it. However, that doesn't mean it isn't responsive or receptive to our deepest wishes. Don't be concerned if achieving something close to your heart seems to have only a long route attached. Your vision or plan might be a bit more convoluted than what the cosmos has in mind. Something could move forward at a quicker pace than you thought it might.


We can sometimes be both puzzled at and in awe of how much someone will tolerate. Where we know we would draw a proverbial line or put our foot down in some way; others can be willing to accept much more than we know we would. You could be presented with an opportunity to decided how much you're prepared to accept a seemingly unacceptable situation. Trust that you're assisted to identify and be very clear about where the 'end of your tether' is.


With fairy tales that end with characters living 'happily ever after,' it does suggest that characters are immortal. It also implies that relationships in fairy tale lands must be painfully dull due to never experiencing challenges. Even the healthiest or strongest relationships encounter obstacles or tension. Don't believe a minor difference of opinion or brief episode of stress within a key relationship will diminish magic within it. A bit of spice might be what it needs.


Given that much in life is circular and cyclical, it's no surprise that we deal with particular developments and then, at some point, find ourselves confronted with them again. We become frustrated when we convince ourselves that something dealt with previously has only been sleeping. If history feels like it might be repeating itself, then welcome it. Tangible, delightful, and potentially heartwarming progress in some way can be made when a particular matter is put behind you.


Much of what surrounds us might be invisible, but rarely are we ever truly alone. It's possible you can sense opportunities are available to you, even if they don't appear to be grasp-able. Fortunately, you don't need to see them to be reassured that they exist. Making a concerted effort in some way will ensure they appear more tangible. Once they do, then you could find others emerge from their hiding places, too!

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