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Your personal circumstances have recently transformed and continue to evolve. But you may have lost track of or overlooked how you've changed. In truth, this may have happened so gradually that you might not have been aware of it. But hit the pause button to make an honest assessment of how you think and act differently. Most importantly, accept how much wiser and stronger you are now.


Think about the words, 'falling into place.' 'Falling' means to involve action or momentum. The words 'in place' imply a development that happened effortlessly or without steering. What might fall into place in an area of your world may appear to have been unassisted by you. But that's unlikely to be the case. It could become clear that your belief in a particular outcome has brought a reward.


A range of possibilities might frustrate you at this time. But these seem to be dangling in the distance, just beyond reach. That may be because they are not yet ripe for picking! So, be patient and continue a 'mental reduction process.' Soon, you'll be in an ideal position to make a choice that does enthuse or excite you.


Someone who might think they're clever may not be as untransparent as they believe they are. They may also think you don't notice what might be unsubtle manipulation to encourage you to help them. But there is a way to turn this scenario to your advantage. You're right to sense that pushing aside deceptive nonsense and assisting somebody benefits you as well, somehow.


Leonardo da Vinci may have ripped his first attempt to paint the Mona Lisa. Of course, we know masterpieces rarely manifest the first time around! But if your initial attempt in a particular area appears unsuccessful, don't give up your plan. It is too important and offers significant potential. Instead, tweak what needs tweaking and carry on. Don't see failure as an option!


Tightrope walkers likely learn by crossing wire a short distance from the ground. It's believed that if you can do it one foot off the ground, you can do it one hundred feet above. Similarly, try to start pursuing an idea or a plan slowly that can lead you into daunting but adventurous or even thrilling territory. A bit of sensible preparation and adjusting now can save trouble in the future.


Any journey to success involves going from Point A to Point B. Yet, we can be intimidated by twists, challenges, and obstacles en route. Sure, we may encounter disappointments along the way, too. But instead of applying too much focus to what you sense will be exhausting or discouraging, focus instead on taking that first critical step. There's a strong psychological advantage to doing so now.

Given that you may lack control in a situation, it may be wise to adopt a more relaxed and flexible attitude toward it. But even if you feel unsupported, you may have options that you have yet to explore. So, that leaves you in a brief limbo period regarding being patient and taking action. But don't rule out how essential patience is to help you feel less resigned to 'whatever will be, will be.'


We know our eyes can deceive us. Our ears do the same. For example, think of what happens to something whispered to ten people, one by one. What the final person says is usually very different from what the first person said. If what you are told sounds meaningless or far from what you think is real or true, then trust your instincts. You may be the receiver of inaccurate or false intel!


We've all experienced situations where we offered a point of view or made a solid suggestion to someone and then found our efforts to assist were in vain. Stubbornness can be admirable, but only to a certain extent. If you feel you have no energy left to encourage someone to see a situation more logically and sensibly, then you can dial back your effort. A breakthrough is coming.


It wasn't long ago that 'bigger' was believed to be 'better.'. The bigger something was, the greater the influence and appeal it had. However, it is interesting to think that electronics involved with many of our essential electronic gadgets these days can fit on a pin head. Just because something small or subtle might try to get your attention now doesn't make it irrelevant or ignorable!


Are there really any disbenefits to thinking positively at every opportunity? Absolutely not. Some people will argue that all we do is deceive ourselves and fail to prepare for disappointments. So, with that in mind, do you have a solid, justifiable reason for feeling pessimistic in some way now? If you believe you do, see what the universe has in store to help you think otherwise.

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