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  Updated Daily to your web site - Thursday 21 January


Being the best person any of us can be involves many things. One key attribute surrounds helping others feel loved and secure or at least bringing a smile to their face. You and at least one special individual seem to tick that box wonderfully. Should you need your spirits lifted now, then allow this person to bring their unique ray of light to your world.


There's unlikely to be any real damage done by bending a particular rule now. Sure, something you're considering might fall outside a particular strict boundary. But there's unlikely to be anything unhelpful, harmful, or hurtful with what you appear to be considering, so it can't be that bad. As long as you pursue something responsibly, the world's unlikely to end.


Wanting to see proof of your ability to succeed in a particular area before believing in it is understandable. We all do it. But perhaps a more important issue surrounds why you feel an ability should be questioned in the first place. If you want reassuring proof, then do what needs doing. Either way, it will get done, and that's what matters.


Would looking back to the past be easier if there wasn't a particular issue staring at you that you wish was resolved? Understandably, you might think it's best left where it is, and doing anything to improve or rectify it would be a waste of time. But it's likely your heart has a different idea. You're right to believe that achieving closure will feel wonderfully reassuring.


Keep your antenna finely tuned to helpful but subtle signs or signals coming from others. Somehow, in some way, information could arrive that helps bring a timely Eureka Moment. There are times when we can search high and low for a helpful or essential nugget of insight. One could find you with the right levels of open-mindedness and patience.


It's great that there is no elusive or hidden formula for success. Everybody possesses it. But to apply the gift properly, it needs to be blended with enough faith and persistence. That's where some people go wrong. You, however, have recently put in place solid foundations for an important ambition or aspiration. Now is the time to start building!


Karma knows an injustice when it sees one. But it works to its own rules and agenda. Nobody knows what timescales it works to, either. But in the meantime, nothing stops you from stepping in to help put right something you see as wrong. For now, justice can prevail as you see fit.

If a picture can convey 1000 words, the same can surely be said about a heartfelt gesture. Something done to bring warmth and affection to someone's world doesn't always need words to support it. The act can be more profound or far-reaching without them. You can believe that doing something to touch somebody's heart now will do all the necessary talking for you.


Often, if there's more than one benefit to doing something, then it's worth doing. One is not always enough. In some way now, you could see a longer list of disbenefits than benefits to what you're considering. But your heart is the best guide to determine what feels right. If you need a bit more reassurance, then listen to what it has to say.


It's worth reminding yourself that the true spirit of negotiation involves both sides feeling confident that progress was made evenly and fairly. Although you might not be over the moon with the outcome of a discussion, you could at least be aware of how a much less desirable outcome was avoided. Allow this to put a particular long-standing worry to rest.


Before hope can appear like a film studio spotlight, it must first start with the intensity of a flashlight. But that tiny glimmer can be powerfully inspiring and motivating. It could also be something you see or receive at this time. But if you accept it's not a 'trick of the light' and embrace it, then you'll likely see the potential it holds to become something stronger.


We know it's possible to give or apply too much attention to something or someone. You'd think that doing so would be impossible, but that's certainly not the case. Too much of anything isn't healthy, and you might need to keep an honest and watchful eye on the level of attentiveness you give to a particular matter. Try not to allow it to become smothering.

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