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  Updated Daily to your web site - Tuesday 18 January


The Moon turns its attention to fun, games, creativity, and pleasure in your world now. Where feelings and heartfelt expression are concerned, you're armed with enhanced sensitivity levels to make whatever you convey resonate deeper within anyone on the receiving end. Could someone use a bit of laughter in their world? Your brand of lightheartedness could be the perfect antidote!


Support you might need is likely most readily available within your family now. The Moon boosts sensitivity within your emotional foundations. So, reach out to your clan or a clan member if you feel the need to seek advice or open up. You probably know that the act of doing so won't come as a surprise but can trust your openness will be very welcome.


Communication takes on a more passionate and possibly creative vibe now. So, make full use of your enhanced ability to convey yourself pictorially and perhaps with more enthusiasm. However, it might also be necessary to balance any discussion or exchange. You might be oblivious to how often you say the words 'me', 'myself,' and 'I.'


Knowing and reiterating your 'worth' could take more than one form now. If you're undervalued or underpaid, then you could benefit from the courage boost coming your way to state your case. But 'worth' could mean putting your foot down in some way, too. If you want to gain respect and send a clear but sensitive message at the same time, you can do it in a noticeably easier way now.


The Moon in your sign encourages openmindedness. But it also needs you to apply patience where you know it's required. That means a vision or plan needs you to dial back any impulses or intensified desire to take strides where steps are needed. Of course, a passionate 'you' makes things happen. But, for now, it would be wise to spot the line between determination and recklessness.


What have you had enough of? We all reach such a point, and it takes a special brand of wisdom to know when to let go or move on. But you have helpful cosmic support to release what doesn't serve you well now. This is no time to focus on any perceived loss or losses. Instead, look confidently to the future on offer due to space you create. Nature always fills these somehow, as you'll soon see.


Something pleasing awaits by reaching out to someone. Perhaps, they were removed from your world, and you resigned yourself to giving them a smile if you passed them in the street in the future. Maybe you thought hearing about them via conversations with others would be your only future connection. But reopening communication lines could be something you'll be glad to have done.

There's no harm in and nothing selfish about wanting to steal the spotlight in some way. If you've waited for the right time to throw yourself into a career-related plan or reveal something important to you to the world, that time may have arrived. Sometimes, we let others down by not blowing a well-deserved trumpet - or two. Your need to do so could certainly be justified now or shortly.


Breaking a tired routine or bringing spontaneity to your world could be easier than you thought. Of course, you probably don't need encouragement to take a bold step. But your keenness to throw caution to the wind could increase in a way that takes even you back at this time. It's also possible that whatever step you take could send a message to others that words might not have done.


Even if you think a plan wastes your time, you achieve an impressive result before deciding to change tactics. You know innately what effort is required to get you to where you want to be. You also know how powerful a combination effort and patience can be. Try to bear this in mind where a current pursuit is concerned. Something this good needs time and patience to come to fruition properly - and impressively!


Knowing exactly what you're committing to is essential now. 'Committing' can mean a variety of things. But you could focus on the real and justified 'plus' points attached to a move and disregard those that, well, might bring you to Earth with a bit of a bump. So, try to resist agreeing or signing on a line believing that you'll sort out any problems later should they arise. It might not be that simple.


Self-improvement starts in the mind, but progress won't happen without faith-driven effort. That's something the universe encourages you to ponder now. Creating a better or healthier version of you is a good idea at any time and there's always scope and time to do it, too. But we all know how easy it is to say we'll 'start tomorrow.' So, whatever you want to change about yourself, now's a great time to start!

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