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Sensitivity needs to be mixed with a healthy dose of compassion where a certain exchange or discussion is concerned. Without these essential ingredients, a point is unlikely to be made and understood. It's also possible that a façade or some level of pretense will need to be dropped on one or both sides. A new level of trust can increase between you and a certain person by being more sympathetic than critical.


Your imagination and inspiration could be fired up wonderfully to explore possibilities you might have dismissed previously. What you might have believed was beyond your capabilities could appear realistically achievable and this could be a time when you're keen to see for yourself what you're capable of making happen. As your inspiration levels rise, you become an inspiration for others. Lead by example.


You might need to boost your effort levels to overcome an obstacle. This might have a learning curve attached to it, too. Even if the end result is clearly visible, there's something you must learn or possibly teach yourself if you want to benefit from the experience. Fortunately, your amazing ability to adapt makes this whole process easier. You might even surprise yourself at how adept you are at learning something in a short space of time.


A fleeting idea or even something you might dismiss as a pipedream could hold more potential than you realize. It can also be helpful in boosting your sense of security and stability in the future. There might be more questions than answers surrounding it at this time, but the fact you're asking questions takes you down the road to making real what might feel intangible. You've probably pursued crazier notions in your time. This one's far from crazy.


You might need to take the initiative in a particular area, especially if you're growing weary from waiting for someone else to do so. A job worth doing might need you at the helm. Once you show how able you are to take control of what has become rudderless or allowed to drift, you probably won't receive much opposition or resistance from others. You have a superb chance to shine, so seize it and show someone how something should be done.


Don't convince yourself that a dramatic development requires a dramatic response. Allowing time for the dust to settle or ripples to subside with an out-of-the-blue predicament will be helpful in deciding the best way to respond. Your response has long-term implications, and that's why it's important to take your time. Become more familiar with what you're dealing with before putting anything into action.


You might need to be more discerning when it comes to prioritizing. A bit more mental effort might be needed to separate what's helpful, relevant and genuinely urgent from what only gives an impression of being important. The way to distinguish between the two involves putting on a back burner what appears or feels uncertain or vague. Giving too much attention to anything fitting that bill could be a waste of valuable energy. Stick with what feels certain and clear. Certainty and clarity will come with the other stuff shortly.

Focusing too intently on what you believe is missing in your world can result in you overlooking or ignoring altogether what you do have available – and what deserves to be appreciated. What's missing could become less important if you take stock of where you're at, what you have and what you have accomplished. The sky implies you have a very good reason to feel more blessed than you believe yourself to be. An attitude of gratitude might do much to boost your self-esteem.


You might appear to have a valid reason to set your sights exceptionally high in some way. However, curbing your enthusiasm briefly might be a wise move. It's possible you're determined to do more than is necessary or prepared to go an extreme where a more sensible and steady approach is needed. Don't overcommit yourself and then wonder how you're going to deliver what you've promised. Focus instead on what you know is realistically achievable.


Your idea of perfection is bound to differ from someone else's. However, as keen as you might be to go to any lengths necessary to achieve perfection in some way, try to accept that perfection is an illusion. Then, accept all that's needed is your best effort, and no more. If you remain adamant that imperfections exist, then improving something can be a project at a later date. For now, your best is the best.


A new level of understanding in a particular area can remove stress or uncertainty. Where you might have felt you must defend yourself or a viewpoint, you could discover more benefits exist from caring a little bit less about it. This can free you from a worry or concern and, at the same time, be powerfully liberating. All that's needed is a new mindset to an old problem.


Doing something that makes us feel good can bring a strange sense of unfounded guilt. We're put on this planet to be happy and therefore deserve happiness. This also makes us entitled to focus on our own needs now and again. Don't succumb to any sense of guilt from doing what brings a warm glow to your heart, especially if this makes you less beholden to someone who appears to have your best interests at heart but is more concerned about protecting theirs.

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