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Rather than suppress potentially intense emotions, make an effort to express them. Even if unbottling these proves difficult, there are benefits to talking about any anger, sorrow, or fear you conceal with someone you trust. A troubling or upsetting situation needs you to release yourself from its grip. That's how you'll spot a way forward or bring closure.


Instead of allowing frustration to manifest unpleasantly, choose to be kind. Surprise a few people who might wait for an explosion to occur. The more integral you are to encouraging and creating a calm, respectful environment, the more supported you'll feel. Ultimately, is that not what you want?


There's something pictorial about the saying that involves turning lemons into lemonade. You have a chance to turn a perceived setback or disadvantage into something helpful. But the real benefits could come from discovering how grateful you are for being pushed in a new direction as a result. Trust that it's tailor-made and ideal for you.


If anyone can connect with their emotions, then you can. But you could release a few unpleasantly if you try to control others. Yes, what they do or say could be like scraping fingernails down a blackboard or infuriate you. But parting hair with thoughtless words won't help one iota. If you need to step back to prepare a response, then do so.


Ignoring that voice inside your head that urges you to stick to what's tried, tested, and traditional now is a wise move. Although you might face enforced rules and limited options, embrace any innovative approaches and unorthodox ideas. It's by doing all the above that you're about to spot the intriguing possibility in what others may see as uninspiring. Think outside the box now - like never before.


If someone's confidence nosedives, then this might be something they try to conceal that you spot. It could, on the other hand, be something they come directly to you for help and advice with. The best support you can offer involves making clear how much faith you have in their ability to overcome the problem. It might not be what they want to hear, but it is the most effective solution in the long run.


You could have a gem of an idea - and one that doesn't benefit only you. But you may need to work hard initially to 'sell' your idea or vision to others. So don't feel slighted if applause isn't instantly forthcoming. Some people just aren't as quick off the mark as you'd like them to be.

An unfair rule or restriction could make your hackles rise. So try to find a positive outlet for any pent-up frustration. This could take the form of something that helps you work up a sweat. Alternatively, converting thoughts into written (or typed) words can help you to regain composure. But fighting fire with fire cannot be an option.


Some self-care, combined with a healthy dose of self-love, could do you a world of good now. Indulge responsibly and do so in the knowledge that you don't have to sacrifice your needs for the sake of others. Doing what boosts your feel-good factor isn't selfish; it's essential. If that means switching off your phone or binging on Netflix with Ben and Jerry's and no distractions, then so be it.


You could struggle to get your important ideas and aspirations off the ground while you have one eye constantly fixed on others' needs, or maybe someone's in particular. But a potentially exciting career development or opportunity beckons, urging you to assess or consider it. While it may cause you to spend less time with someone close, your relationship could improve if you feel less stressed and more liberated.


Pushing yourself to your limits will likely be more draining than motivating or inspiring. Scaling back responsibilities where possible can help you to focus on where your true priorities lie, even if someone thinks you ought to do more than you are already. But if your determined efforts are to keep the peace with a bossy or demanding individual, then don't burn yourself out for their sake. It's handy for them to conveniently overlook all you do when it suits them, isn't it?


Your imagination probably requires very little effort to emerge at any time. But it needs a push or steering now because one gem of an idea can arise, helping you to break new ground or into new territory of some kind. It could be a creative project, a business venture, or both that enhances your productivity and boosts your confidence. But it's your imagination that can lift it from its current state and take it down an even more inspiring avenue.

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