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The end of a proverbial tether could be in your hand, but that's not necessarily bad. If you feel pushed to get a tiny bit angry, then you could bring an overdue change. But there's also a strict line to which anger can be helpful. Welcome the useful and timely push on offer. Make clear how determined you are to no longer be intimidated by certain circumstances or a particular person. But do it sensitively.


The act of bracing or priming yourself in a particular area could end up being more draining than whatever it is you're preparing for. Venus may have only just left your sign, but that doesn't mean you are now vulnerable or unprotected. With one tiny shift in attitude, you could find that whatever you see as daunting or intimidating bounces right off you.


If you do not already see evidence of how perseverance has paid off, then you're about to. But this reassuring development needs you to make a point of stopping to acknowledge it. You could be so used to applying effort in a specific area that you forget to accept when you've done enough. Stopping briefly might also allow well-deserved praise or recognition to find you, too.


You could be reminded of the truth in the saying about not 'fixing' what isn't 'broken.' Poking or prodding what's ticking along nicely could create unnecessary disruption. But it's also possible that what appears to be stable and secure could be prone to changing with little or no warning. As long as you're prepared for this, you'll be able to deal with whatever arises swiftly and effectively.


Sometimes, we can be a different person to different people. That doesn't make us phony or insincere. If anything, we do this because we intuitively connect with the best way to identify somebody's needs or how they might prefer us to deal with them. But doing this constantly can be draining. Release some pressure and be nothing more than your true blue self now!


Would something be done better if at least one person listened to you more often? You appear to believe that's the case. Yet, when you try to make a point, others might look at you and squint as if they are reading the tiniest letters on an optician's screen. Or maybe you're unaware of an alien language you speak. In any case, you can expect to be listened to - and understood - now.


'Rising' to challenges can give the impression of a need to dig extra deep for effort. But rising to a challenge probably requires no more effort than 'rising' above certain situations. That's where your effort is best applied now. Whatever you might normally take to heart, allow it to bounce off you. Don't underestimate your ability to take the high road wherever necessary.

We can all be such fickle creatures sometimes. We want very much to make progress in a particular area. We then question or become suspicious of it when that happens. But that's often because we set such strict expectations. Try to bear that in mind if a plan comes to fruition but not in a way you hoped. Focus more on the fact that a hunch was correct.


Sometimes, re-jigging our priorities needs to be a priority. Tasks and obligations we believed to be important should be altered now and again to move something else up the list, where necessary. You could find such an exercise to be helpful now. It might be possible that something put further down your list not long ago due to a lack of faith in it could rise quickly upward!


As you cross a finish line involving a recent challenge, make a point of looking at how far you've come. Even if that's not immediately apparent, consider how you reacted to what arose recently in a way that probably differs from how you'd have done so this time last year. Sometimes, for fear to disappear, we need to do what we fear most. Kudos to you for being wiser and stronger!


Sometimes, facing a fear is the bravest thing we can do. But there can also be a connection between facing a fear and healing a deep, inner wound. We want to release ourselves from an emotional burden. But when we discover a fear forms part of the process, the process can grind to a halt. The release you want needs you to accept the connection. It's time to address both.


Any foreperson on a construction site will confirm that observing from a distance can have many benefits. Sometimes, a group of people working together, applying the same level of intense focus on something, can't see mistakes they are making or are about to make. Yet, someone watching from a distance can. Watching something from the sidelines in an area of your world could help you do something similar now.

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