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If we expect someone to be confrontational or antagonistic, then we can, consciously or unconsciously, decide how we will respond in return. We know we must first give someone the benefit of the doubt or determine why any tension exists before deciding what our next move should be. However, you could underestimate someone's willingness to cooperate with or support you now. Give them a chance to confirm this before you prime yourself for something nasty.


What you discover that sheds new and interesting light on a situation or person could be something you prefer to keep to yourself at this time, possibly in the belief that it could come in handy in the future should you need it. A recent revelation could alter an opinion in some way, but is it wise to say nothing for the time being? Being an observer for a little while longer undoubtedly has its benefits.


Sometimes, a brief glimpse into the future is all we need to spur us on or bring new levels of optimism or inspiration. We understand that what we want to achieve will take time but also know a helpful clue or two along the way to remind us that we're pursuing something sensible and achievable never hurts. You could be given insight into 'what could be' in some way. Allow this to motivate you further and for an excellent reason.


A reassuring chain of events could help you to take strides instead of steps in some way. One action can lead to another that leads to another, and before you know it, you could feel more optimistic about a situation that may be a source of concern or trepidation now. Much relies on you taking action in a particular way, and this is likely to involve some blind faith and courage on your part. The result, however, promises to be encouraging and pleasing.


As much as we wish our days comprised 25 or 26 hours at times, we must make do with 24. So, there are limitations to what we can accomplish in a single day, and this is something we all forget sometimes. Where you might feel a sense of pressure that demands you go above the call of duty or achieve more within a certain timescale than you sense is feasible, practical, or sensible, then these limitations must be accepted. If someone needs reminding of this fact, then remind them.


It's often easy to spot a confident person when they walk down a street or enter a room. They manage to separate themselves from others and usually in more than one way. In the same way enthusiasm is infectious, so too is confidence. It has a fantastic ability to rub off on others and encourage them to try what they might have been inclined to shirk away from for whatever reason. In whatever way your self-assurance is boosted now, seize it and use it to your advantage.


Who receives the most criticism? Successful people, of course! Success brings with it many things, and criticism is just one. You need to accept that action you're taking or considering may have some controversy attached, and with that will come seemingly unhelpful comments from others. However, what you're contemplating is right for more than one reason and has all the hallmarks of success. That's all you need to trust and focus on for now.

A bit more insight into a particular area probably wouldn't go amiss, and you might believe that to obtain it, you'll need to purchase a crystal ball. To make decisions in the present, you appear in need of information relating to the future to see how one saga or uncertain scenario will pan out. However, you're more in control of an outcome than you might believe yourself to be. Although you have enough information available to make a particular move, more will find its way to you soon enough.


Back in the seventies, one of many popular T-shirt slogans read, 'those of you who think you're perfect are very annoying to those of us who are.' The same message is likely conveyed via social media these days. In any case, the sky isn't implying you believe yourself to be perfect. It is suggesting that you're aware of a possible advantage you have with a particular situation. Modesty will earn you plenty of respect now.


For all that might be chaotic or uncertain in an area of your world, you can be confident there is much to feel reassured about. The problem is, all that's seemingly unsettling could have a louder voice or an exceptional ability to draw attention. Fortunately, a coming development can bring a much-needed boost to your confidence - and possibly your bank account. However, knowing where you stand with a particular person will likely bring the most significant sense of relief or delight.


Everyone wants comfort and stability, and that's not too tall an order to demand from life. Where you want both now, both are undoubtedly available. Before this can happen, one or two processes need to play themselves out. Uncertainty looks set to be removed from a particular scenario, even if you believe it's unlikely to happen shortly. Relax, and where you need evidence of someone putting 'their money where their mouth is,' you can also trust that's coming.


We know when we could benefit from others' support or a proverbial shot in the arm where our confidence is concerned. You have much of both available to you now. Where you most want to make an improvement or at least remove uncertainty and replace it with a feeling of reassurance, you can do so. Allow a coming development to make clear how easily you can remove a current fear or concern. The universe seems to accept that the more confident you feel, the less of an issue a certain matter will appear. You'll likely find that's the case, too.

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