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Try to be patient with someone who wants an explanation from you. Try to persevere with an individual who can't seem to manage to see what you believe to be obvious in a particular situation. They might have grown too close over a period of time to something you managed to see a clear way forward with from the outset. Accept someone has some catching up to do. You'll both be on the same page when it happens.


If you want to make something more straightforward than it is currently, then you have all you need to do so. This might involve altering what has been agreed with a particular person, but what you sense is unfinished or in a state of disarray doesn't need to be accepted in that form. Now, you're superbly placed to create a necessary sense of order where it's needed. It could be up to you to give a shared plan or vision some direction.


Equilibriums tend not to like change. They prefer to exist within what is understood, agreed, or accepted. That might be because they know we've taken time to adjust to them. Once everyone is happy and comfortable with a situation or set of circumstances, then change can be seen as unhelpful or problematic. You have an excellent opportunity to introduce a shift in what has grown very comfortable or familiar. Don't worry about any adverse repercussions of doing so.


Despite summoning impressive patience, you may have grown weary or disillusioned with the amount of time more than one plan needs to bring reassuring progress. You might have understandably abandoned one that seemed to be going nowhere despite your efforts. What if you were to be given an inspiring reason to reinvest faith in whatever-it-is? Expect soon to discover that such a decision might need to be made and for a very good reason.


Try to see the benefits of doing something differently. You have a chance to apply some unique thinking to a collaborative effort and could also help highlight options that others might not have considered. You can show how something should be done, albeit in a different or somewhat unusual way. Even if you sense this will be met with resistance initially, choose to accept your cosmic mission!


In the same way our eye can be drawn to the tiniest distant reflection in sunlight, you are unlikely to be at risk of not seeing the faint beacon of hope or inspiration on the horizon now. Soon, it will become stronger. For now, though, make an effort to acknowledge and accept it. It wants and needs you to do both.


Volatility or a bit of chaos could prove helpful in some way now. Although you might understandably see what's changing or in a state of flux as frustrating, try to see coming developments as a way to improve what you thought was unmovable or inflexible. More than one inspiring option is resulting from what's altering. You might need to let some dust settle to see it clearly so give it time.

Uranus's influence in your opposite sign could shake a situation in your world at this time, but


Rarely, to repair something properly can 'short term fixes' be applied. They might offer remedial support but not a permanent solution. Unless we want to keep returning to a problem that needs resolving, we must take action that has longevity attached to it. You know what you could do in the short term to bring an improvement to an area of your world but do you really want to have to return soon to re-address it? That could be a question worth considering now.


It's worth considering if you're making a relatively straightforward situation that ought to be taken at face value or in a way you're told you should understand it more complex. This means you're spotting gaps or inconsistencies that don't need such intense assessment. It's time to lose any distrust that might stem from a desire to control on your part and accept the truth in what someone tells you.


In one area, effort and attention are needed. You might believe this to be most important on your To-Do List. In another area, a similar demand is made but, because you believe it to be less important and something that can be dealt with when you can summon energy and interest to do so, it's at risk of falling by the wayside. But might there be a connection between the two? That could be the case and, by reducing the amount of effort you're giving to the latter, it's possible to make reassuring progress with both.


You have superb cosmic support where you could use some. However, to receive it, you'll need to be specific about where you want it. Being vague is a bit like asking to borrow money from a bank without stating the actual sum required. While we're on the subject of money, your financial or material world is definitely an area the cosmos appears to take a keen interest in now. However, wherever you want celestial support, ask for it now, clearly and faithfully.

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