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  Updated Daily to your web site or APP - Friday 24 January


To have the Moon in your career sector as the dwarf planet Ceres moves into her final week here will make it easier to draw some of the attention away from the major planets also here. Ceres is a planet that looks at your real needs and priorities, stripping away the glory and all the things that you think you want, getting to the heart of how you define success, whether personal or professional. The Moon will enhance the focus Ceres is putting on professional satisfaction and a sense of purpose.


With the Moon's position in an adventurous part of your chart today just as important as its return to your career sector and the New Moon this will create tomorrow, there is a need to stay in the moment. Three days after the Sun left your sector of adventure, travel, learning and discovery it is becoming clear that this is not just an area of your chart that is active in the first three weeks of any year then forgotten. Today's adventurous lunar vibes are connecting with forces that are not only here to stay but will continue to shape the coming year.


This week has been all about the Moon as it passes through a heavily populated part of the sky. Since the Moon wrapped up its first visit to your relationship sector for the year two days ago and the insight this brought into the impact of having Mars, the warrior planet of the cosmos on board, the focus has been on money matters. Until the Moon leaves tomorrow there is a need to trust your financial instincts but also let your subconscious download valuable clues, hunches and insights that you can process later.


It has been 10 days since Venus returned to an adventurous part of your chart and as she draws closer to dreamy Neptune, your bucket list is likely to become bolder and braver. The fact that the Sun and Mercury are already in your financial sector ahead of tomorrow's New Moon makes this a chance to marry the two. Rather than leaving some things off your bucket list because you can't fit them into your current budget, this is the perfect time to create the kind of financial game plan and resolutions that can turn a desire for adventure into reality.


As she moves into her final week in your work sector the dwarf planet Ceres couldn't be a more important player. Unlike the dwarf planet Pluto, who has helped to shape work and job matters for years now, Ceres will leave in seven days' time. With the coming year full of job potential and expansion, Ceres is able to focus more on your needs and priorities in terms of job satisfaction and a sense of purpose. If you know what your real priorities are you can channel powerful resources in the right direction.


Today's playful lunar vibes might be in contrast to the New Moon this will become on the job front tomorrow but this is the reality of your life now and over the coming months. The Moon is aligned with planets that will continue to make matters of the heart and all things fun, playful, romantic and creative a priority for the rest of the year. However, the new doors opening on the job front from tomorrow will, over the coming months, become equally empowered. You can have it all but only with the right balance between work and play.


While there is unlikely to be tension between your home and professional lives today there could be competition, bringing some timely work/life balance reminders. In the lead up to tomorrow's playful New Moon, this is a reminder that life can't be all work and no play nor does it have to be. This comes 10 days after Venus' return to your work sector but before the pace picks up. The perfect time to address any work/life balance issues is before things get too busy.

With the first New Moon of 2020 falling tomorrow, we are getting to a point where we are no longer settling into the year but this has become established. As the Moon continues to track through the different areas of your chart for the first time this year, the focus is still on communication today but also on ideas. A mix of intuition and logic, imagination and intelligence will be an advantage across the board today, along with the ability to give your emotional responses a voice.


Two days after the Moon left Sagittarius, chances are you are still unwrapping valuable clues, hunches and insights. Three weeks after Mars returned for his first visit to Sagittarius in two years, this includes a better sense of where your passions, drives and competitive spirit are steering you. You don't have to have a game plan or know where a path is leading only that you feel drawn to explore where it might take you. The Moon put your intuition, instincts and imagination on the same page as your passions and your warrior spirit, continuing to give you a better read on them.


When the Moon comes full circle from the New Moon during your birthday month, this is always a chance to push the 'reset' button. Last month's eclipsing New Moon fell over Christmas and before you moved into the New Year and with a lot of water having passed under the bridge since then, what you committed to then may have evolved or even changed. This is something that is not set in concrete, with the Moon returning every four weeks to reassess your options, in light of what has evolved since the last visit.


While your birthday month and new solar year only began three days ago, the Moon's return tomorrow will create the New Moon that will always give you a chance to commit to your new solar year, the future and the journey ahead. On the one hand, with Venus been and gone and Mercury here for a week you are more ready for this than you might think. However, on the other hand, nothing has to be set in concrete, with this the first of many chances to update your game plan and resolutions over the coming months.


The closer you get to the weekend the more you might start to crave 'me' time, a chance to put out the 'do not disturb' sign and make time to hear yourself think. The month long wind down of your old solar year began three days ago, but chances are there has been little time for navel gazing. As well as professional demands there are likely to have been social demands, with places to go and people to see. Fortunately, the weekend beckons and with it a New Moon in a nostalgic and reflective part of your chart.

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