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  Updated Daily to your web site - Thursday 25 April


Mars is the one planet that thrives under pressure and at the halfway point in a nearly seven week visit to your communication sector, he has been under pressure over recent days. However, this just fires up the warrior planet of the cosmos, making you more determined to push through communication barriers. You also have Mercury, the planet of communication in Aries, for when a softer approach is required.


While last week's Full Moon narrowly missed falling in your relationship sector, there was never any danger of the Sun and Moon clashing in the early days of your birthday month. However, this was a small window into what next month's Full Moon here might trigger. This is the incentive to make the most of the new communication support you now have access to.


The Moon's departure from your relationship sector yesterday has seen the tension and pressure drop from you and your relationships, at a much faster rate than is normally the case. Mainly because the Moon wasn't solely responsible for this and exacerbated tensions already there. Yet on the other side, this leaves you with a better sense of what you want from your relationships and what they need from you.


Having the Moon in your relationship sector as Pluto turns retrograde here is a huge advantage and a stunning coincidence. This will ensure you are emotionally engaged as the doors begin opening to the past and second chances. With Saturn turning retrograde next week as well, the past is starting to become alive. This is the beginning of a valuable review phase.


The Moon may have left your romantic sector yesterday, but the romantically charged lunar vibes of last few days have ignited a mix of romance, adventure and nostalgia that there is no going back from. It is Venus and Jupiter, the planets of love and luck that are now on a mission to bring the spirit of romance and adventure together, while holding the doors open to the past and second chances, as well as an opportunity for a do over or new beginnings.


Having the Moon in your romantic sector as Pluto turns retrograde here today is not the only advantage. With the Sun in his first full week in an adventurous part of your chart, a mix of romantically charged lunar and adventurous solar vibes create the perfect conditions as the doors open to the past and second chances. This will create a potent mix of romance, adventure and nostalgia.


There is something special about today that allows you to stay in the moment. The Moon's departure from your communication sector yesterday has given Venus and Mercury, in their first full week in your relationship sector a real voice. With the Moon responsible for a romantically charged weekend ahead, there is a chance before then to make the most of the chance this has given you to give your relationships a voice.

With dreamy Neptune spending his first full week on his own in your romantic sector and the Sun his first full week in your relationship sector, this is the perfect balance. This is not only putting equal weight on romantic and relationship matters, but Neptune's dreamy and rose coloured view is the perfect balance for the Sun's focus on keeping it real, with your eyes open and head out of the sand.


The Moon's departure from Sagittarius yesterday has taken the pressure of Mars and your relationships, just as Mars is already taking the pressure off you. With the help of Mercury and Venus in your romantic sector, this is already turning into a new sense of confidence, motivation and determination on the romantic and relationship fronts. What you have now is a better sense of what you're fighting for.


Having the Moon in Capricorn as Pluto turns retrograde here today is a huge advantage, keeping you emotionally connected as the focus begins shifting to the past. However, this could put some pressure on your relationships or at least highlight any balance issues between your personal and relationship needs. With exciting relationship developments ahead, this is a timely chance to check in.


As Mars reaches the halfway point in his early seven week visit to your romantic sector, he is fired up and energised with old barriers, excuses or roadblocks only serving to motivate him. Fired up by support from adventurous forces, Mars is tapping into a potent cocktail of romantic, adventurous and passionate forces that can blow the roof and walls off any romantic rut.


When Venus, the planet of love left Pisces over the weekend, she left you with romantic desires and expectations for the coming year, assuming it would be several months before you had a chance to walk the talk. Instead, the love gods have already swung in, with the early signs of some serious momentum building on the romantic front. From small beginnings something big has begun to grow.

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