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  Updated Daily to your web site - Monday 20 January


Still only six days into her 24 day visit to a nostalgic and reflective part of your chart and of a nostalgic trip down love's memory lane, Venus is on track to return to Aries early next month. This is the end of one Venus cycle of love, with her early return to Aries this year boding well for the future.


As the Moon's first visit to your relationship sector for the year wraps up, this ends a defining six days on both the romantic and relationship fronts. This has seen the Moon make its first visits to both your romantic and relationship sectors for the year and as there was little gap between the two, there is a chance now to process the insight gained.


The Moon not only returns for its first visit to your relationship sector for the year today but to find Mars here for the first time in two years. This is likely to fuel some strong emotional and passionate responses over the coming days, along with a chance for a deeper dive into what you need to be fighting for.


This time last week five of the six planets in your relationship sector were aligned, your personal and relationship needs had just clashed and there was a lot of intensity. Seven days on things have calmed down considerably and in the Sun's last full day here you have a better sense of what you want from your relationships and what they need from you.


What a difference a week can make. Seven days romantic and relationship matters would have struggled to get a look in, with life likely to have been too busy. A week on life is no longer so busy and as Mercury works to get the communication lines open on the relationship front, romantically charged lunar vibes arrive to fuel your romantic passions and fighting spirit.


The Sun will always return to and leave your romantic sector at the same time every year, so his last full day here today is a point in any year when the solar spotlight is due to shift off matters of the heart and all things romantic. However, this year the Sun is leaving behind the planet of luck and planets that are giving you the power to move mountains if you have to.


What a difference a few days can make. It was just a few days ago that the Moon, making its first visit to Libra for the year, clashed with both planets in your relationship sector. It is a different story today when the Moon not only returns to your communication sector but straight into a friendly aspect to Chiron, the planet of healing in your relationship sector.

Just three days after Mercury, the planet of communication left your communication sector the Sun has reached his last full day here. However, knowing that an army of planets will stay behind there is no urgency, other than to work with the Sun to keep your words real and authentic. With a major relationship journey underway, it has never been more important to have the communication lines open.


Throughout the nearly seven years that Chiron, the planet of healing will spend in your romantic sector, the Moon's return to Sagittarius every four weeks will always create a friendly aspect between the two. The difference today, as they come together for the first time this year is that your heart is looking to the future rather than the past.


The last few days, as the Moon made its first visit to your friendship sector for the year, have been especially good for communication, friendship and relationship building. The Moon was able to form a friendly aspect to planets in your communication and relationship sectors, acting as a bridge between the two.


Venus, the planet of love may have left Aquarius, but even before the Sun returns tomorrow to begin your birthday month and new solar year you have already had a chance to define your romantic and relationship desires and expectations. This makes it important to listen to your heart from the get go, with high expectations on both fronts.


The Moon might wrap up its first visit to an adventurous part of your chart for the year today, but its romantic impact is a bell that can't be unrung. A friendly aspect to the North Node in your romantic sector and to Venus, during the planet of love's early days in Pisces, has brought the spirit of romance and adventure together.

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