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  Updated Daily to your web site or APP - Wednesday 23 October


While Mercury returned to your financial sector a week before Venus, he already has the brakes on ahead of his retrograde turn next week. This is closing the gap between head and heart, while giving you more time to think through your options. Slowly a sense of what you want and how to make it happen is starting to merge.


What makes an alignment between Ceres and Jupiter in your financial sector significant, apart from coming just as there is the real potential for financial growth, is how long this has been coming. After 10 months together here, Ceres' focus on your real financial needs and priorities is merging with Jupiter's ability to make things happen.


The Moon's departure from your income sector yesterday was always going to leave you with a sharp nose for money but this monthly visit has been different. This has happened on Venus' watch and with the planet of money already working to steer work and job matters in a lucrative sense of direction, this can have real implications.


The Moon's monthly visit to your income sector can have multiple implications. These can be the most potentially lucrative days of any month, with the potential for unexpected income potential or making it easier to spot a bargain. This is also sharpening your nose for money just as there are exciting signs emerging on the job front.


In the lead up to the Moon's return to your income sector today it is always important to have your antennas up, even if the money gods haven't yet started broadcasting. With the Moon in Leo your instincts are naturally sharp, with the more you can trust your gut across the board today, the easier it will be to get an intuitive read on where the money is, over the coming days.


The Sun's last full day in your income sector is giving you the best of both worlds. With the solar spotlight still on your income situation, matters and options everything is more transparent but with Mars staying on for another four weeks this allows you to simply observe. It is from tomorrow that your approach to income matters will move into battle mode, ready to fight for what you deserve.


Even before the Sun returns to your income sector tomorrow you have an advantage. Not only have Venus and Mercury been here for several weeks now, giving you the smart head for money and motivation to get a jump on your income options, they are already making connections with planets on the job and career fronts. While the solar spotlight will reveal more options they are already there.

Because Ceres and Jupiter are aligned in your income sector, giving you a clearer sense of where to set the goalposts and of what's possible, the Moon's friendly aspect will include both. As well as fuelling your professional instincts and imagination as the Moon moves through your career sector, this will contribute to what is already a rising sense of confidence on the income front.


The Moon's departure from your financial sector yesterday was always going to leave you with your financial instincts and imagination fuelled but even more so this time. The Moon's friendly aspect to Venus has allowed the planet of money to boost your financial confidence, especially when it comes to money matters on the home front.


The Moon's monthly visits to your financial sector are more than just a chance to tap into the financial instincts and imagination being fuelled. The Moon amplifies information and emotional responses that are already there but aren't loud enough to always be heard. For that reason things may be blown out of proportion, making it important to pay attention to process the real message after the Moon is gone.


While yesterday's friendly aspect between Venus and Neptune is over, the planets of money and dreams are still having an impact on each other. In retrograde motion in your income sector, Neptune is feeling more confident and this is giving you more access to untapped income potential. At the same time, as she moves through your career sector, Venus is using this to aid her mission to steer this professional year in a lucrative direction.


As much as today's friendly skies when it comes to job and career matters is creating a boost in confidence on the income front, this is something you can afford to sit on. This is here to stay, while with the Sun leaving your financial sector tomorrow, a chance to take a realistic look at money matters is not. When it comes to your financial situation and money matters, today is all about having your eyes open and head out of the sand.

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