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Two days after Mars retrograded back into your career sector, there is a stunning coming together of forces across the income, work and career fronts. This has not been caused by Mars' return, but the warrior planet of the cosmos finds himself in the right place at the right time. The options you have now weren't even imaginable when Mars left in May, making this more than just an opportunity for a do over.


An alignment between the Moon and Venus is always a coming together of intuition, imagination and your heart. What makes their alignment in your work sector today special, is that this is right in the very early stages of a push that work and job matters will get over the next four months. With heart and instincts on the same page, trust both.


You're already two days into a 10 day alignment between Jupiter in your work sector and Neptune in your career sector, the last between the planets of luck and dreams here in our lifetime. Yet until the Moon returns tomorrow there is no urgency, other than a need to embrace a new sense of job and professional confidence without over thinking things.


Of all the signs Cancer is the most prone to guilt and there is a very real chance that you're coming down hard on yourself at the moment. For the last three years you've had Saturn in your work sector, cracking the whip 24/7, week after week, month after month and year after year. What you feel as a lack of motivation is in fact the professional gods urging you to hold back.


Having Mars back in your work sector, just months after leaving is not an everyday occurrence. For the first time in six decades the warrior planet of the cosmos is giving you an opportunity for a do over, this time with the kind of support and conditions in play across the income, work and career fronts that wasn't there when he left in May.


With Mars gone from your work sector you will find that there isn't the work tension and job pressure of recent months. Mars will be back by this time next week and no longer in retrograde motion, this will kick off the busiest two months of the year. Make the most of a chance to pull back, let things settle and to run their course.


While Neptune, in retrograde motion in your work sector, is enjoying the full support of Jupiter in your income sector, their alignment isn't going to speed things up. That's because it's not designed to, with the professional gods more focused on cementing your current position and accessing untapped job potential. What this will do however, is fuel your job confidence.

It is only now, two days after Mars left your home and family sector and moved out of opposition with the Sun in your career sector, that you're able to appreciate the pressure you've been under. While, with Mercury in retrograde motion things may be slow to take off, already the tailwind from the weekend's solar eclipse should be noticeable.


While leaving you with your professional instincts and imagination fuelled it is now, a day after the Moon left your career sector that you can begin to process the valuable clues, hunches and insights delivered. Halfway between Venus' departure last week and the Sun's return next week, this is a valuable chance to regroup.


An alignment between the Moon and Venus in your career sector today, allows you to get to the heart of professional desires and expectations she has come to fuel. Venus only returned last week and as the first planet to arrive this year, this is still early days. Today is a chance to align with what your heart and instincts are telling you.


While Jupiter is getting some serious support as he moves into his final months in your career sector, there is still likely to be a sense that you're waiting for something. In the short term, it is the Moon's return to your career sector tomorrow, yet in the longer term it is Venus' return next month. You have luck, time and the professional gods on your side.


While the weekend's solar eclipse has given work and job matters some serious traction, until now any movement has been caught up in a bottleneck of immobility. While Mercury won't turn direct in your work sector until later in the week, already you are over the hump, with new life and growth bursting at the seams. All that's required now is to get out of the way.

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