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  Updated Daily to your web site - Tuesday 18 January


You will finally have some time to get away with that book you have been wanting to read, or to get out to that lecture or seminar you wanted to attend. Just don't push yourself too hard to get through or to understand everything right now, your concentration will be challenged at times.


A work-related disappointment is not the disaster it may appear. In fact, a delay or setback could work out in your favour in the long run. Take a deep breath and keep your game face on. You may soon be hearing good news about a change in your daily work schedule or career path.


This is definitely not a terrific day for any sort of new travel or educational initiative. If you are not on the road, and don't have to travel, the most likely trouble is arguments or paperwork problems that keep you at a desk longer than you would like.


Wheeee! The money wheel is still spinning in your financial sectors. Just make sure you don't follow a crowd of lemmings over a financial cliff. Follow your own intuition where it comes to investment advice, particularly involving arts and entertainment businesses.


If you are worried about your future you cannot escape those concerns by booking a flight to Aruba on your credit cards. You may find much greater comfort right now by sitting down with a financial or spiritual advisor than sitting on a beach. Granted, the latter idea will have greater appeal.


You may be thinking about healthcare for yourself or a member of your family right now. You have some interesting ideas and opportunities to find better ways to treat someone's medical problems, or to build them a stronger and more secure home base.


You and your mate could be discussing travel and education when it dawns on you that you are like putty in their hands. It doesn't hurt to compromise every now and then, and you will get more bees with honey than vinegar anyway. Giving in could be the shortest route to peace after all.

You can expect good financial and career news. Your social and financial opportunities are expanding and you could have something worth celebrating right now. You could be invited to travel with a friend or on behalf of a charitable organization.


Your mind is still on career and financial issues. You have an opportunity for a raise or a promotion, but there could be some strings attached. You may have to spend extra time in a stuffy suit entertaining some equally stuffy people at a big party soon.


Sometimes challenging life questions are the most confusing after good news, like birth of a child or starting a new job. Allow your feelings to be what they are, and do not expect immediate answers, especially if an important cross roads is at hand.


You may have an anxious moment about your finances right now, but you are likely to find that things won't be as bad as you fear. You may be tempted to take the telephone off the hook, though. There may be challenges involving travel plans if you have a vacation coming soon.


You may benefit from the advice or mentoring skills of a strange or uniquely talented person in your social circle. If you are seeking advice, look for someone who has distinctive talents and insights, which are radically different from your own.

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