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  Updated Daily to your web site - Saturday 25 September


Watch the budget right now. You may be tempted to spend a lot of your discretionary budget on entertainment, movies, and hobbies that don't have much lasting value. If you must do some recreational spending, make it on something with some staying power.


You have a lot of compassion for others right now - the plight of a child may move you to actions you would not normally consider. You may be seeking a lasting outlet for feelings that did not seem important to you before, because you want to share something you have learned.


You may decide to forgive a loan or to give to others as a way to atone for some feeling of guilt or worry you have been carrying. You may have some worries about your income right now but a sudden burst of energy will make you feel much better.


It may be a good idea for you to take a drive out to the country if you can't seem to clear your mind right now. You need to get out of the house. A trip to a local book store, library, or a mega-surf on the internet will help you distract yourself from self-created anxieties.


A craft or hobby could brighten your lifestyle or lead to important new social connections. Keep your eyes open for classes and workshops, especially if they have the potential to get messy. You need to get your hands dirty.


Don't end up in a "road rage" incident. Practice counting to ten, taking deep breaths, remember that the idiot tailgating you or driving slowly in the passing lane could be your own mother, father, sister or brother, and you'll have more understanding.


You might not want to answer the phone right now. It's still ringing off the hook, but right now, people are cranky and erratic, even at times irrational, and you may not want to have to deal with some of the rude or inconsiderate verbiage that may be directed your way.

You will have a hard time putting words and ideas to paper right now. You may think you want to write love poetry but what comes out is an abridged version of "War and Peace". If you have been putting off writing a scathing letter to the editor though, this is the day!


You may have an unexpected opportunity to have a little extra fun or recreation right now. Just don't let yourself get over-committed to an expensive, fancy outing. Look for a better value for your dollar. Your local community center, church or synagogue may have a program that fits the bill.


Sudden communications bring bad news - you won't be able to get the play-time together you wanted and needed. The good news is that your love life is heating up and there will likely be other opportunities to get together, sooner than you think.


The romantic energy is strong in your aura right now, and if you are single, follow your intuition, it could lead you to a luck encounter that could change your life. If you are married, this is a good day to bring home some flowers, sweets or a special present.


There may be a dispute or disagreement about finances or shared investments right now. Avoid using your bank's Internet web site or paying bills online unless necessary, as there could be unexpected errors or problems with technology involving your money right now.

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