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  Updated Daily to your web site - Wednesday 15 August


Relationships are important right now, and you may find yourself making a lot of headway in a group or organization you belong to. Any philanthropic or charitable work you do right now could be hugely beneficial. You might have the odd disagreement, but they can be resolved with a little patience and humor.


A disagreement among friends could come down to cultural or educational differences - don't take it personally. An inspiration, intuition or lucky guess could lead you to hidden opportunities. The arrival of people looking for money for a dubious charity will put you on your guard right now.


The workplace is likely a little stressful due to gender politics. If things haven't been equitable between the men and women you work with, an injustice or unfairness involving payment or time-off allowances may have to be dealt with right now.


If you need to get a bunch of chores done, but you just don't have the energy, turn the stereo on loud and have a little fun while you sweep up the cobwebs. You may soon be sharing your home with unexpected but welcome guests, so make sure it's spotless!


You can get a lot of fun out of playing with a young person right now. If you do not have children of your own, a child of a friend or sibling may bring joy into your life. You could be a good friend or a mentor to a young child.


A very big change is coming in a friendship, and the resulting gossip explosion is guaranteed to keep everyone's jaws flapping for hours right now. Just keep an open mind about someone's strange new hobby, because you could find yourself getting interested despite yourself.


There is something of a tense aspect between the "family" sector and the "friendship" sector in your chart. You may have to make some adjustments in the amount of time you spend with your loved ones. You will be popular and in demand, but there is only one of you to go around.

The only thing that can derail the love-train for you right now are serious talks about the future, about commitment, about children, and about sharing expenses. Avoid these topics later in the day especially, as they can pull you down to the "real world" and you definitely would be happier in outer space right now.


You are the centre of attention right now. You are like a people-magnet. You may have recently done a makeover or changed your wardrobe and your new look is proving to be very eye-catching. Your love life is heating up but you have to be careful if single, you may attract some rather wild partners.


Your friends and family may be planning a surprise. I would not tell them your astrologer spoiled it. Just go along with the game. Someone you know may be adding a branch to their family tree. Your creativity will be high right now.


It looks like you are dreaming about vacation time. Going online for last-minute deals could lead you to an unusual choice of destinations. Off the beaten path could work best to shake off the cobwebs you have been gathering lately.


You may be thinking about going back to school. Looking into your options, you could find an affordable way to improve career and social prospects at the same time. A night school, home study or online course could pay off many times over.

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