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  Updated Daily to your web site - Monday 20 January


If you are single, right now you have an opportunity to meet someone special, with long-term potential. If you are seeing someone, you may decide to make it exclusive. If you are already in an exclusive relationship, you or your partner may be thinking of popping the question soon.


Your butterfingers turn into magic fingers right now and your partner or mate will be most grateful for your diligent efforts to coordinate your actions with your intentions. You will have strong romantic and physical energy right now - make the most of it.


You will be getting a lot of interesting phone calls or emails. You may have shared your spiritual beliefs recently and someone wants to challenge you on what you believe. You will find the encounter enjoyable and stimulating if you keep an open mind.


You may have a hot new business idea. It has the potential to bring in a lot of money, but you may find you need to make some sacrifices to get things off to a good start. A temporary delay right now could work to your benefit in the long run.


You have gone through a few days of financial challenges, and right now you really don't need to spend a lot of money on that shiny new home entertainment project you are lusting for. It will come back to haunt you if you are not careful to shop for a good deal.


You may find that your newest hobby turns a little frustrating right now. Maybe you need more time or money to enjoy it properly? Keep plugging away, and you will figure things out eventually. Don't give up on something just because you haven't mastered it right out of the box.


Someone will drop by unexpectedly right now, and they could offer you some exciting new career advice or ideas. It is an amazing day for brainstorming and sharing ideas for ways that you can make yourself and your workplace more fun and productive.

You must make certain to balance your needs with the needs of loved ones that count on you for emotional, physical, or financial support. You will tend to get too carried away taking care of them, to the point you neglect yourself. It is vitally important to your well being that you book yourself as much fun and recreational time as possible.


Your recent interest in expanding your education could hit a bumpy patch right now. There may be unexpected expenses or technological challenges. An Internet or phone connection could go down at an inopportune moment, a computer could develop a case of "hiccups".


You may find your loyalty is divided between two good friends. You need to follow your heart, and ask yourself what is the path of your greatest integrity. In your heart, you know what is right, even if that is not the easiest path.


This is not the best time to set up new educational or travel plans, especially if a long-term commitment is involved. You may find it hard to think and focus right now, especially when driving or dealing with large volumes of paperwork or research. Information may be unreliable.


If you want to lead, especially among loved ones and family, do so by deed and not by word. Actions are what really speak to people, especially those you would convince to change unhealthy lifestyles. If you are not practicing what you preach, you may get in trouble.

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