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  Updated Daily to your web site - Tuesday 11 December


Someone needs you to stand up for them. Sticking your neck out may seem like a risk, but saying nothing may feel worse in the long run. You may need to weigh the pros and cons before you act, but do not wait too long, you could miss an opportunity to make a positive impact.?


You and your mate need to talk about the budget. If you are single, you could find that you are meeting a lot of insecure and poorly-established partners who are seeking to be rescued from their own poor conditions. Focus on your own ambitions for now.


You may feel like a stranger in your own body right now. It is as if someone else is directing your thoughts. Staying on your path may not be easy, and you might need to take a detour or two before you feel like you are back on track.


Unexpected "in-law" or family problems seem to keep cropping up lately. You just don't see eye to eye with your own parents, or the parents of your significant other. There are ways to find workable compromises that can bring people back together.


Your choice of entertainments may be very costly right now especially if friends and companions are involved. You may do better to go out on your own, and if you go shopping avoid those big malls with the super-size electronic stores. The bargains will be no bargains.


Looks like business is picking up where you work. If you own your own business, your own bottom line may benefit immediately. If not, you may find that it takes a little while for the goodies to filter down in your direction. Either way, you are going to benefit.


This is not a good time to invest new funds into risky ventures, especially on the advice of friends. They may mean well, but the information they provide could be off the mark. And you will not be at your most clear-headed or realistic right now.

This is not the best day to make changes in your personal appearance. You will be frustrated with yourself for some reason, but don't let yourself get too worked up. Your thoughts and attitudes could change quite a bit in the next while. Are you acting, or just reacting to someone else's opinions?


You face a personal crisis right now that will turn out to be incredibly empowering. The victory you achieve will make a huge impact on your self-esteem. When things are over, you may be overheard saying "I just went through this crappy experience and it was great!"


Friends and family will be the theme of the day, and you may find yourself in the middle of a small knot of technologically challenged loved ones or family members, all of whom are begging you to help them sort out that flashing "12" on the VCR.


You may find that your energy levels and mood are low right now. Take things as easy as you can, and be sure to get lots of rest. It is not a good day to get up on the roof to patch holes, or to head off for a strenuous jog. Don't push things, take everything in moderation.


You will have a lot of interesting insights and impressions right now, and if you take the time to listen carefully to what your body is telling you, you may find a practical and affordable solution to a lifestyle, dietary or healthcare problem.

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