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  Updated Daily to your web site - Tuesday 18 June


You may have an unexpected opportunity to have a little extra fun or recreation right now. Just don't let yourself get over-committed to an expensive, fancy outing. Look for a better value for your dollar. Your local community center, church or synagogue may have a program that fits the bill.


You may be tempted to take the phone off the hook right now. It seems to bring in more work and challenges than you really want to deal with. Paperwork may be challenging, and the commute is likely to be a pain. Leave home early in the morning so you get where you are going on time.


Talking about your feelings doesn't always have to be a chore. Today, you will find that you are able to open up and share your thoughts and emotions more openly. People will be receptive to your ideas, and will even welcome your criticism.


Invest in some time together with your partner. You may find it pays off with unexpected rewards. You will have a lot of energy right now and want to spend it on your loved ones - your significant other is the one crying out with the most desperate need for your attention.


You are going throug dramatic and positive personal changes, likely as a result of something you learned recently. You may have attended a self-improvement class or seminar. The problem is that not everyone in your family is supportive of the new you.


You may feel confused by the conflicting energies of the day, unless you find some way to settle your mind. Pick a quiet spot and give yourself some extra time to center yourself, especially if you have to make any important decisions about travel or education right now.


Friends and companions will be calling and emailing you with exciting news right now. You may be getting news of someone's good grades, acceptance into college, or a change of housing or residence that sets them up for much more secure living conditions.

Watch your words and thoughts carefully right now. Other people may not appreciate the direction of your thinking, and you may find that there are greater than normal challenges in getting your feelings and ideas into the minds of the people you care about.


Leave the plastic at home. Avoid making impulsive purchases for the home that you cannot afford right now. You may find yourself drawn to high-priced electronic devices that break down easily, or fail to live up to their value promise.


This is not a good day to confront a friend or companion about their poor parenting skills or lack of creative talents. There could be an emotional explosion on the level of Hiroshima. Your social associates will definitely be "touchy" right now.


You may be tempted to meddle in the office politics right now, and your heart is in a good place. Your expectations may be a little too optimistic, but if you release attachment to the outcome and just do your best you could bring together quite a good team.


Travel planning could be challenging right now. You are impulsive and prone to make changes at the last minute. Driving, you are prone to make lane changes without signaling or checking, and that could lead you to disaster. Slow down on the highway!

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