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  Updated Daily to your web site - Monday 18 February


Don't worry. No matter far down your throat you jam your foot right now, your words will still pop out smelling like roses. Just be careful when signing documents or sending out paperwork that calls for action. Chances are excellent that you will have to be doing some serious re-writing.


Do not let a short-term setback or challenge at home or in your family get to you. Your recent personal transformation is awe-inspiring, and it may be a little too much to take for someone who is used to taking your support for granted. You may be worried about security issues right now.


A friend or companion may unexpectedly ask you for help or assistance. Instead of giving them money, offer some other kind of help. You and some other friends and loved ones may be able to brainstorm ways you can get together to help lighten their load.


It's another good day to stay silent, but that may be difficult, because you'll have insights that may be helpful to others. However, if you offer advice before you are asked, it is likely to go unheeded at best - or be thrown back in your face at worst.


Trust your instincts right now, your intuition is right on target. Someone you work with could make a good business or working partner and they are eager to help you take the next step. You could find the money you need for an important project by networking.


You can't wait for the weekend to come. You really need to play and have some fun. Someone in your circle of friends has a mischievous streak though, and you could find that you are the victim of a light-hearted prank. Take it with grace, you'll impress someone special.


Happy days are here again! Whoopee, you have a little extra money and you'll be all too happy to spend it. I have two words for you: "savings account". Another few choice words of advice: The best thing you can do with your windfall is pay down the credit cards!

You have an opportunity for a healing moment with your spouse or partner right now. You have a chance to find a way to rediscover what made you friends in the first place. If you are single, someone in your circle of friends may know of someone special they would like to introduce you to.


Your health will benefit from your getting out and more active right now. You may be suffering from some stress because someone is not being totally honest with you about something and you are not sure how to handle it. Wait a bit longer before taking action - the right course will become obvious in time.


You can use your verbal talents to make a good impression on an authority figure in your career or social circle. Your positive attitude in a trying situation will be noted and appreciated, and it could lead to a promotion or additional resources further down the line.


Disagreements in the workplace may seem disruptive, but they hold the keys to financial opportunities. You may see challenges but there are ways you can make money from unfortunate events.


You may end up in an argument with your significant other right now if you are not careful. You may be so busy arguing about the lack of communication that you forget to listen. The answer to any dispute right now is to let go of the need to "win".

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