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  Updated Daily to your web site - Wednesday 15 July


You and your partner could disagree about a trip or vacation, and if you travel together, you may find yourselves arguing in the car. Best to agree to disagree until you are safely on firm ground, not hurtling down the highway in the fast lane.


You could be spending a lot of time on the telephone with an old friend or a loved one right now. You may get along, or be estranged, but something will come up in the course of the conversation that is profoundly healing and uplifting for you both.


If you have any important phone calls, letters, email or paperwork to do right now, remember that you are prone to Freudian Slips and subliminal faux pas right now, and double-check everything carefully before you get the phone, and before that final envelope is licked, stamped and sent off out the door.


You may be offered a once in a lifetime opportunity right now. If you are a writer or are involved in the communications business, sharpen your pencils and get out that resume, you have a chance to get published right now. Don't listen to a doubting Thomas in your family right now.


A shared investment or debt between friends could unexpectedly pay off. You may have a rebate or tax write off, or some other form of money coming from a government agency. Keep your eyes open for other government windfalls like auctions as well.


You may wonder if your partner has lost his or her mind right now. They'll seem to be flying all over the place. Have a little patience, tolerance or understanding. If you are single, this is not the best night to be out on the prowl for a serious partner, and be cautious of any "one night stands".


You are paying for some recent fun you had. It might be nothing more than a hang-over or the effects of lost sleep, but it may be that you have to pay for some over-indulgence in other ways. If you are spending too much on entertainment now is time to pull back a bit.

It's hard to address the topic of health and wellness with you right now, because you are a little obsessed with it all of a sudden. A small ache, pain or cough is not a sign of impending disaster! If you are not going to do anything about it but worry, keep in mind stressing yourself out is not healthy!


A friend of yours has a serious authority figure complex and you may have to give them some tough love to snap them out of some serious self-pity. Trust your intuition if you are not sure what to say. Even if they resist your advice, they are listening.


You are a powerful and dynamic leader right now. You can really motivate others to take on their challenges in more positive ways. You may need to hold firm to your position, and when you do, you may impress an elder or authority figure who has been secretly hoping you'd finally speak up.


Friends and companions you normally count on are acting like maniacs right now. You may find that retreat is the better part of friendship just now. They will likely come back around in due course, and there is little you can say or do to change things.


Take some time for yourself. It appears like you are feeling a lot of stress from recent changes politically, socially, or with friends and family. You need to break out of your daily routine. Try something new, or that you have wanted to try for a long time.

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