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  Updated Daily to your web site - Thursday 25 April


You may be facing some sudden challenges in the workplace because of technological glitches that are beyond your control. While everything is shooting off sparks and everyone else is going crazy, you will be finding other ways to be productive.


You are finding that your personal values and those values you share with others seem to be increasingly at odds. Your personal spiritual connection seems stronger now that you are questioning authority, but you are realizing the path of the mystic is a lonely one at times.


Watch what you say on the phone or the Internet right now. People are looking to you to be a reliable source of information right now, and you may accidentally repeat something you should not say. Keep any confidences as close to the vest as possible.


A friend or companion will perk your spirits up after an encounter with a cranky coworker. Someone you work with has misunderstood your ideas or intentions, and may confront you about your future plans right now. Listen to their concerns, they may give you good ideas.


Try to take things much less seriously! Where did your sense of humor go? Right out the window with someone's unkind or thoughtless comment. Give yourself some prayer or meditation time so you can get back on track, and you will come through this just fine.


You want to play and have a good time right now, but your pocketbook may put a crimp in your style. Not to worry! The cash-flow problem may be temporary or long-term, but the truth is you just need to get a little creative and you can find an inexpensive way to enjoy your free time.


Your holidays don't have to be "perfect" in order to be positive and purposeful. If you let go of your need for everyone to get along, a strange sense of peace could come over you that lifts the stress and the drama. Under all that you really do all love one another.

Great changes result from paperwork, written communications and telephone calls, but you'll have a tendency to overpower others right now. Pull back a little if you notice that people are backing away from you. You may be coming on just a little too strongly.


Be careful while driving right now. You could run afoul of drives who are not paying attention to the road. Older drivers may be extra challenging right now, and you could find yourself taking a lot of construction-related detours. The local construction folks are busy tearing up the road.


You will be re-examining your personal values in light of unexpected information from a loved one or relative. Someone may have been hiding a pregnancy or an indiscretion that you would normally judge quite harshly, but things look differently right now.


If you find yourself in another room full of people right now it is more important than ever that you take a deep breath, count to ten, then ask yourself if that sarcastic comment will really provoke any positive reactions. People are tense in the workplace right now, so be careful what you say.


If you have had some recent changes or challenges in your work life, you may have a wonderful opportunity to build some bridges with coworkers who can be helpful to your career or financial plans. You may be able to help someone deal with a health problem right now.

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