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  Updated Daily to your web site - Wednesday 23 October


A flash of insight will turn around some of the challenges you have faced recently. You will find that the information you have been seeking suddenly drops into your lap, seemingly out of the blue. The truth is the legwork you've done has helped more than you know.


You and your significant other are both a little cranky right now, especially where it comes to your individual commitments to careers versus your time together. You need some time off together, but maybe not right now. You may enjoy some recreation, him at the game and her at the spa, perhaps?


You may have additional income coming your way soon, but remember the old clich? about not counting your chickens before they are hatched. You have extra money incoming, but are tempted to over-spend as a result. Research your investment ideas before making any choices.


Today it is likely family members who are challenging you to justify your career future and ambitions. You may be tired of sticking up for your choices, so don't. Just listen. Even if they are wrong, the bottom line of the message is that they love you and want you to be happy.


Someone will drop by unexpectedly right now, and they could offer you some exciting new career advice or ideas. It is an amazing day for brainstorming and sharing ideas for ways that you can make yourself and your workplace more fun and productive.


You feel rather moody and somewhat down at times right now, but the world will just won't let you stay down in the dumps. There is too much to do. As you clear the chores off your desk, you start to feel better. Just be sure to stay focused on the paperwork.


You and your significant other may have time for that spontaneous getaway you have been longing for. Just make sure you check with your partner before you make those plans. If you are single, love could strike like a bolt of lightning out of the blue!

Family matters could intrude upon your recent run of good luck this evening - someone could come to you with their hand out in what looks like an emergency. But take a breath before you pull out your wallet. There may be other ways to sort out the trouble without breaking the bank.


Your affirmation of the day is ... I open myself to the abundance of the Earth. If you are feeling a bit stuck financially right now, remember that the abundance of nature is limitless. While we all have ups and downs, no situation lasts forever. You will soon find conditions improving.


Your significant other may be out of sorts with your family or vice versa. You can smooth the waters by being a good listener. No matter how wild the accusations are - remember that perception is reality from someone else's point of view.


You may be asked to sign some contract or document right now, but the project is likely to go nowhere unless you wait until late in the day or tomorrow. You may find that it is difficult to connect with people and that your meetings are cancelled or rescheduled because everyone is scattered.


Even if you cannot get away on a trip, taking some time off may be possible. An impromptu long weekend or a personal day could become available. You might even be able to take a trip soon. Just keep an eye on your budget, there is a temptation to over spend.

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