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  Updated Daily to your web site - Thursday 21 January


You will be doing a lot of reading, learning or studying right now. Your mind is thirsty for knowledge, and you are soaking things up that will be greatly beneficial to you in the future. You could have a lot of fun while you are at it, too!


You will be getting a lot of strange phone calls right now. A relative or neighbor may call up hinting or asking for help with their household chores. It could be an opportunity in disguise. Call up a few friends for an impromptu potluck-tidy. It could be a lot of fun!


Your home is a whirlwind of activity right now. You may be just tidying up for an anticipated visit from a relative or loved one, but not a few folks from your sign will be packing up for a home move. If you are moving it is likely to be fancier digs where you will be a lot happier.


A romantic plot twist may bring a pleasant surprise. What at first seems to be a loss or challenge may turn out to be a huge opportunity. Honesty is always the best policy, but that does not mean you have to share everything. You may want to keep some hot gossip under wraps for now.


You may be getting a raise, promotion, bonus, or job offer soon. You'll be happy with the challenge and opportunity, but one of your friends may be jealous. They need to see that the change is not going to come between you. Just be patient - they will come around eventually.


Friends and companions will be acting oddly right now. You may want to keep a low profile at a party or get-together. Avoid hot-button topics like sex, politics, finances and religion, because everyone is wound just a little too tightly right now.


It will be even more difficult to concentrate right now because you'll be far more interested in playing or daydreaming than working or getting the family chores finished. Take the family out for a movie, it is a good day to enjoy a great flick or get out to a park.

You are reacting to outer changes, and that may have pushed you off your career path a bit. If you slow down and have a more dispassionate look at things, you may come to the conclusion that things are actually moving along a lot better than you thought.


Focus on close loved ones rather than friends and associates right now. The former bring joy and comfort, the latter bring stress and disagreements. Pull yourself towards family, your spouse and the "old friends" and leave the surface socializing for another time.


Your love life looks warm and relaxing right now. It is a good day to curl up with your significant other and spend some relaxing time alone together, sharing your favorite music or movies. If you are single, you will be attractive right now - get out and shake your booty.


Your social connections could provide you with a career boost if you play your cards right. Someone will call seeking information or sharing news, and this person could be a key to your own personal success. This may not be the only opportunity you are given right now. Be prepared to act quickly.


You have a feeling that you must be cautious about your daily lifestyle. Someone new has entered the workplace scene who you are concerned about, but you may be blowing their impact out of proportion. Be good to yourself, take things easy right now. Get some rest time.

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