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You’re able to relax more, any infighting is over, and you no longer feel on the offensive. Other people are drawn to you as increasingly the inner calm you feel helps improve and further develop your relationships. Make sure you don't expend too much energy on recreational activities, concentrate on the fun aspect rather than hard physical work.


Your energetic ways are admired and inspirational for others who appreciate your forthright attitude. They are attracted to your responsive approach in dealing with sensitive matters. Ease up on your recreational activities, don't see everything as a competition instead keep energy in reserve for when there are more difficult hurdles to overcome.


Make a concerted effort to begin certain things you've long been interested in. If necessary, seek permission to get your ideas underway and don't be afraid to address those less frequently discussed personal issues. With the support you get from others, you feel more motivated to make those important first steps. To unwind, do some hard-physical exercise.


Including your wishes with the needs of others, you make interacting with them a pleasurable experience. With such an accommodating manner, you’re especially good at putting friends or partners at ease, even if they’re feeling tense or unduly stressed. However, avoid giving physical assistance, which you may come to regret.


There are plenty of opportunities to inject new life into the relationships you share with others. Stimulating ideas increase your knowledge and capabilities, while your enthusiasm helps clear up previous misunderstandings. Your lively curiosity positively affects all aspects of your life, any activity, discussion or journey turns out well.


You radiate warm feelings and are approachable; people appreciate this, and if you have a partner they return the affection you show. Use this time to do something unusual – that you’re unlikely to forget. If single, you can use your sensitive manner to assist others; the empathy you demonstrate to those you care for has a stimulating effect.


You present your ideas and thoughts powerfully, knowing what you want to convey, you are unafraid of confrontation and perfectly capable of applying your considerable abilities and responding positively. As a result, you appear arrogant and a bit of a know-all. Remember though that you can always learn something from other people.

As you encounter others they are captivated by your charisma that’s apparent for everyone to see. Revel in the admiring glances you receive but be careful not to get too carried away, such self-admiration is not a very attractive trait or way to behave. Relax and enjoy the ride for what it is and remember the magic is lost when you try in any way to control it.


Stimulated by the people you interact with, your thinking processes are alert and responsive, be certain that others fully understand your intentions and make your position perfectly clear, so there is no confusion whatsoever. There’s nothing to be fearful of in using such a forthright, honest approach that eventually gets you the amount of respect you deserve.


You make good use of your positive mood. The pleasant atmosphere you create is especially beneficial for projects with which you're currently involved. Be sure to arrange your schedule of activities to take advantage of all this optimistic energy. Any differences of opinion can be used finding solutions that help everybody.


You apply yourself to a subject that has stimulated your interest over a sustained period. It’s easier for you to obtain the necessary focus you need and you’re more motivated than you have ever been before. Use this new-found enthusiasm and concentrate on making contacts to solve any outstanding issues needed for a successful outcome.


Your relations with others run smoothly, your relaxed manner when approaching and talking to people is appreciated and brings admirers. Take full advantage, prolong existing business or personal talks. Everyone benefits from your good mood, making any discussions a worthwhile and enjoyable experience.

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