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You might feel as if you're looking through a window at events unfolding in your world this month but powerless to connect with or influence them. As dramatic as some will be, you have a superb cushion with Venus influencing partnerships and commitments until September 9th. However, if complacency has set in with a love or business commitment, then what transpires around the 9th could be a wake-up call or reality check. The theme of love continues with a Solar Eclipse on the 11th that highlights an issue connected with someone close and the past that could be dramatic - or intensely passionate! Once your ruling planet, Mars, awakens from its slumber on the 27th, any feelings of restriction that you've felt since the end of June finally start to wane.


August brings revelations connected with your home, family, and career, so be prepared for out-of-the-blue developments in each area. Coming weeks could bring a need to re-evaluate career goals, and a professional path that appeared straightforward could reveal many twists and turns involved with it. On the 11th, a Solar Eclipse targets your domestic situation and brings a new beginning with a family member or significant change to your abode. A Full Moon on the 26th influences friendships. One tie might be severed, but it's also possible another becomes strengthened, especially if one chum proves to be a pillar of support for you.


Communication issues could be a source of frustration until the 19th. The key to reducing or possibly eliminating communication mishaps involves removing assumption from discussions or exchanges. Don't assume that providing others with the bare bones of information means they'll fill in the gaps accurately. They probably won't. This could be particularly true with whatever transpires around the Solar Eclipse on the 11th. The Full Moon on the 26th highlights a career achievement of some kind. As positive as this will be on one level, it could require a decision regarding a new career path, especially if your experience and talents could be applied more effectively elsewhere.


This is a month when financial matters could be in a state of flux and demand careful handling. However, any money-related matters that arise are unlikely to be more dramatic or time-consuming than what you've had to deal with and resolve in recent months. Fortunately, a Solar Eclipse on the 11th targets your earnings and could either bring an epiphany about how to boost them or a new revenue stream altogether. With Venus influencing your home and family from the 6th until September 9th, your abode or family members could be a delightful source of love and comfort. Family celebrations, closer interactions with family members or making your home more comfortable or colorful will bring a new level of warmth and contentment to your world.


It might feel as if you've lost the strong connection between what you think and say this month. You might be able to visualize clearly what you intend to communicate to others and discover what emerges from your mouth leaves you and them confused. You might also find that your mind is taken back to the past during coming weeks, reflecting on past events, your role within them and mistakes made. By the time of the Solar Eclipse in your sign on the 11th, you'll be in no doubt about what or who no longer plays an important role within your world and what or who you need to move on from. Before you can step forward confidently and embrace a new era, you'll need to be prepared to release whatever or whoever has become outdated or unhelpful.


Coming weeks bring a necessary and timely period of re-evaluation, and this might involve you physically detaching yourself from others or processing much mental information privately. The fact is, you're reassessing old attitudes and beliefs and upgrading them. This period of reflection and contemplation could peak around the Solar Eclipse on the 11th and a 'new you' could emerge at that time one that is stronger, more confident and less beholden to what others expect from you. A Full Moon on the 26th could be an emotional time, but sometimes emotions need to escalate if suppressed thoughts or feelings are to be released.


With Venus spending much of August in your sign, you're bound to feel more confident and send out an even more powerfully attractive vibe than usual. Venus's influence could be helpful if tension arises with a friend during the first few weeks of August and the Solar Eclipse on the 11th might be the catalyst for tension. However, new friendships could be formed, or you might discover new ways to network, either for business or pleasure. Where affairs of the heart are concerned, resist any urge to keep looking to the past for answers to any love life quandary in the present. Whatever or whoever brought comfort in the past is unlikely to be as helpful now or in the future.

It might be clear how little control you have over a home or family situation. As much as you might wish you could step in, take the initiative and resolve what needs resolving, you might find that being an observer and allowing certain situations to unfold in their own way is more helpful. Similar frustration might be felt regarding your career, too. Fortunately, a Solar Eclipse highlights your professional aspirations and a new era related to your career could commence. You might be appreciative of any frustrations and delays if they push you to take a step you wouldn't have taken otherwise and one you're likely to be glad to have taken!


A learning curve of some kind awaits you this month, and if this didn't feel forced, then you'd probably be more receptive toward it. Where you might normally embrace the need to find and absorb new information, you might feel as if your mind is unwilling to cooperate. It's also possible that a plan or project connected with advertising, broadcasting, education or social media reveals itself to hold less potential for success or fulfillment than you thought it did. Fortunately, the Solar Eclipse on the 11th could present a new opportunity to pursue. A similar revelation could come from the Full Moon on the 26th regarding a home or family issue. A solution to an ongoing domestic issue could finally present itself.


You don't need the cosmos to remind you that more money in your bank account wouldn't go amiss, and much of August could be focused on finding ways to make and save cash. Some Capricorns might need to bite the bullet and seek financial assistance in the form of a loan or advice from someone who can assess your income and outgoings objectively. The period between the 12th and 27th could see your enthusiasm and energy levels nosedive, and you might wonder how or why you've lost your mojo. However, the most sensible strategy you could adopt during this time involves accepting what won't progress or move forward by being forced. Relax and let one or two developments unfold on their own. Trust that the cosmos has your back.


You're dealing with the cosmic equivalent of a cosmic traffic jam this month, and although you might be able to see your destination in the far-off distance, you'll need to accept the delays and obstacles that prevent you from getting there. The period between the 12th and 27th is likely to be the most frustrating but only if you're determined to force or accelerate developments that laugh at your efforts to hasten them. If this causes you to feel a need to step back into the shadows and accept that 'whatever will be, will be,' then that's good news because that's precisely what the cosmos is encouraging you to do. A Solar Eclipse on the 11th won't go unnoticed, and this targets your relationships and commitments. Whether business-related or personal, a fresh start commences and improved communication between you and a partner could be the catalyst for this.


August brings a realization that the time has come to take better care of yourself. This might take the form of banishing some obvious bad habits, but it might have more to do with you releasing yourself from negative thoughts, attitudes or beliefs. It might also involve you wanting to feel more valued than you do currently in a certain arrangement and, for many Pisceans, this could be work-related. Think of the vast talents you possess and whether these are being applied in the right ways in the right place. The Solar Eclipse on the 11th could highlight if or where this is the case, and the Full Moon on the 26th brings a confidence boost to take steps to feel more fulfilled and at ease with yourself. The 'new you' emerging will undoubtedly be happier and more willing to embrace the future.

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