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This month, the universe puts a strong emphasis on career progression and your home and family lives. A New Moon on the 2nd offers a fresh start and clean slate for professional goals. You also have mighty and make-things-happen Mars influencing your career from the 24th until March 6. So, if you need more enthusiasm and determination to take career-related strides, you've got both! But a Full Moon affecting your emotional foundations on the 17th may add fuel to existing tension. Finding a balance between career obligations and domestic matters might not be easy. But give emotions a chance to simmer down, and a way forward will become clear.


2022 gets off to a spectacular start! A New Moon on the 2nd could help you adopt a new attitude or philosophy on life. Your ruling planet Venus moves forward on the 29th. So, whatever may have caused you to press the 'pause button' could move forward, too. But it might be something within your career that needs you to call 'time out' as Mercury moves backward on the 14th. A professional plan that appeared set in stone might need a rethink. Finally, Uranus in your sign awakens on the 18th, having moved backward since August. An area of your world that may have been dormant could spring to life suddenly or unexpectedly!


Now that you've likely got through the other side of the most expensive time of year, the universe puts a strong emphasis on getting your finances in order. A New Moon on the 2nd marks a fresh start with money that comes from anywhere but your earnings. It's also possible that you could benefit from someone else's payout or windfall. But with money-planet Venus awakening from its slumber on the 29th, financial plans you've considered or made could get underway. Hopefully, this will alleviate any money-related pressure or tension that arrive or culminate with the Full Moon on the 17th!


January has a strong love and money theme, but let's focus on the financial implications of what's happening. The headline news where your money is concerned involves Mercury going backward for the first of four times this year on the 14th. This affects money not connected to your earnings. So, you may experience a delay with cash you're owed or have applied for. You could find that an investment isn't as attractive or alluring as you thought it was. But what you have is an excellent opportunity to review and revise your monetary situation. Sensible changes you make now could pay dividends in the future!


Millions of people promise to start a new year healthily or with a work-related change. This month, you look set to follow through with any resolutions in both areas. A New Moon on the 2nd offers a fresh start with work or health-related matters. The universe is on your side to help you find a new job or get a diet and fitness regime underway that you're likely to enjoy and stick to. But the coming weeks also offer inspiring potential to focus on your well-being generally and take better care of yourself. Nothing stops you from ensuring 2022 is the year you glow even more on the inside and outside!


This month, your ruling planet Mercury takes the first of four breaks this year. It moves backward on the 14th, affecting daily routines, particularly work and well-being. So, you have a three-week period to assess healthy and unhealthy habits and make changes where they're needed. If you've deliberately delayed seeing a doctor, then getting medical advice is cosmically sanctioned, too. But in other news, your awesome Virgoan eye for detail could come in handy as well. This is definitely a month to check the fine print of any contract or terms and conditions before committing yourself.


Your emotional foundations benefit wonderfully from a New Moon on the 2nd. This offers a fresh start domestically, within your family, maybe both. It indicates a possible house move or the beginning of a home-related project. But it could also mean new domestic responsibilities come your way or any issues connected with your clan get ironed out. Resolving or proceeding with anything home or family-related is supported further by your ruling planet Venus moving forward on the 29th. Where emotional security and contentment are concerned, it's all systems go!

The universe appears determined to stimulate your mind and increase the flow of communication as 2022 begins. A New Moon on the 2nd affects how you think, process, and convey information. So, keep your mind open and receptive to data coming your way because some of it will be mind broadening or mind-blowing! But the theme of mind-altering continues with a Full Moon on the 17th that encourages you to assess attitudes or beliefs and release those that no longer serve you. If making thoughts and feelings clear to others or someone, in particular, is important, you couldn't want better cosmic support!


The year commences with a New Moon offering a fresh start or clean slate regarding your earnings on the 2nd. This once-a-year lunar event encourages you to assess your worth and if your income reflects your talents or abilities. With money-planet Venus casting a similar influence until the 29th, the coming weeks provide ideal opportunities to consolidate your cash flow or identify ways to improve it. Finally, communication and negotiation are highlighted, with Mercury moving backward on the 14th. If a contractual arrangement needs revising, this is an ideal time to do it!


2022 gets off to a brilliant start with a New Moon in your sign on the 2nd. You also have Venus continuing to move backward in Capricorn until the 29th. So, put these two together, and you have a powerful fresh start or clean slate where you want one. It might be your appearance or how you project yourself to others that benefit most from this. But in other news, mighty and make-things-happen Mars enters your sign on the 24th until March 6. You know what you're like when you get the bit between your teeth and are fired up. Now, it's time for others in your world to see what you can do!


This month, the most planetary activity affecting you occurs behind the scenes. In other words, planets are assembling similarly to the cast and crew of a musical production before curtains open. A New Moon on the 2nd affects your need for detachment, isolation, and contemplation. With backward-moving Venus also affecting these areas, you may need time on your own to focus on unresolved issues in your world. But this is all in aid of helping you look inward and heal emotional wounds or overcome upsetting episodes from your past in order to be stronger and more confident.


Chances are, you're probably one of the most loyal friends that any pal could want. But as 2022 commences, a strong focus exists on forming, strengthening, and possibly releasing certain friendships or alliances. This is supported further by backward-moving Venus affecting your connection with chums and the social scene. You're encouraged to assess who reciprocates your friendly efforts and adds meaning to your world. Yes, one or two friendships may fall by the wayside. But you look set to form new connections with individuals who share your visions and goals.

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