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You receive a series of green lights to boost your income this month. With Venus influencing how you think and communicate, you could find that you possess what salespeople call the 'gift of the gab.' You could also come up with an array of ideas to make money, and this is reinforced by a New Moon influencing your earnings on the 11th. A financial fresh start is on offer, and your home could set the scene for moneymaking, too. That wolf at your door's days are numbered!


Feeling a sense of balance and relief where your earnings are concerned is bound to help you feel more optimistic and secure. From the 8th until early June, Venus works a unique brand of magic with your values and valuables, namely your income. You could have two options to boost your bank balance, too. But this month's financial emphasis continues with a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 26th affecting money you don't earn. A debt could become a thing of the past.


Almost all of May is likely to be comfortable and plain sailing, particularly with Venus in your sign providing a cushion of comfort and boosting your alluring qualities. But on the 29th, your ruling planet Mercury goes retrograde until June 22. Normally, you can probably take this in your stride. But the end of May coincides with confusing, blurry planetary activity. Miscommunication and misunderstandings could be rife, so be careful.


Having assertive and make-things-happen Mars in your sign all month could result in you feeling pushed to take action or move in a specific direction. But Mars appears keen to encourage you to accept that a vision or an aspiration isn't a pipedream. There may be something unusual or untraditional about what you're keen to explore or pursue. But that's what makes it so interesting and appealing. It's also why you'll feel extra jubilant when you make it a success!


If you've considered a career move or taking a bold step professionally, the New Moon on the 11th provides the green light you've waited for. Not only do you have a fresh start available career-wise, but you appear to be on to something with serious financial implications. But, be aware of how Mercury going retrograde on the 29th could cause electronic communication such as texts and emails to go astray. Wherever possible, pick up the phone or meet in person!


There's likely to be a split between career and domestic matters, although it won't be evenly balanced. With Venus influencing your career from the 8th, you'll likely be noticed and appreciated professionally. But with Mercury going backward on the 29th, career related clarity could become confusion. You then have a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse affecting your emotional foundations. A home-related chapter could commence, or a sudden family matter may need urgent attention.


This month, you can future-proof and enhance security in your world. A New Moon offers a fresh start with money not connected to your earnings. A debt could be wiped clean, or an investment opportunity could arise. But you could also come up with an idea to create a second income stream or commission, a royalty, dividend, or bonus finally comes your way. As May ends, you might accept it's time to adopt a new way of thinking and conveying yourself - with success!

There's much activity on financial fronts but not necessarily connected to your income. A New Moon influences what you own, owe, or share, such as joint bank accounts or investments. An opportunity to speculate to accumulate could arise, or money from a rebate, bonus, settlement, or an inheritance is possible. But try to get everything in writing because a retrograde Mercury and Full Moon Lunar Eclipse could create money-related confusion or misunderstandings.


May could be a pivotal month to remember and for more than one reason. You have a New Moon on the 11th influencing your work and what you do daily, for starters. This could bring a fresh start on the job front or with a health regime. But the biggest news involves a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse occurring in your sign on the 26th. Emotions could run high, but this might be necessary to remove or release what has become outdated or more of a hindrance than helpful.


From the 8th, Venus influences work and daily routines. You could feel more inspired job-wise or find that work-related relationships become more balanced. If there's a health regime you've delayed, it might be easier than you thought it would be, or the results are extra-impressive! But as May ends, retrograde Mercury means retracing steps with work. Miscommunication or misunderstandings are likely. But so too is the possibility of returning to a previous job or role.


Although May puts much emphasis on your love life, friendships, the social scene, or collaborations also receive special focus. The powerful Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 26th might affect you in more ways than one. It could mark the ending or a new beginning with one alliance. But this lunar event also targets your deepest hopes, dreams, and wishes. Is it possible that one closely-held aspiration or ambition could finally happen? Don't rule it out!


With Venus bringing warmth to your emotional foundations from the 8th, your home and family could be a greater source of comfort. Having the planet of love and creativity affecting your domestic setup makes the coming weeks ideal for home-related improvements or strengthening family connections. Then, a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse affects your career on the 26th. This could mean moving on to new professional pastures. It could also finally bring recognition you've earned.

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