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We all know what it's like when we try to get a word in with a busy conversation involving two or more people. We feel even more frustrated when we know we have a valid, interesting, or helpful point to make. This month, there could be several instances to offer input or speak your mind where you have felt you must be an observer or keep quiet for the sake of keeping the peace. Try to make a conscious effort during the coming weeks to ensure that, when you say what you intend to say, you do so as helpfully and sensitively as possible.


We all know people who are 'responsibility magnets.' Even if they don't actively seek obligations, they somehow manage to shoulder more than other people do. This month, you could become aware of an increase in responsibilities coming your way. You might, understandably, become frustrated by this. Alternatively, you could see how these benefit you. Believe that there is a reassuring reward on offer for going above the call of duty and possibly in more than one way during the coming weeks.


This month, you could experience more than one instance of something similar to pieces of a puzzle falling into place. Where you have wanted answers or at least to gain a clear understanding of more than one situation that has confused or perplexed you, you look set to receive or experience both. However, what you discover or comes to light could require you to make some tricky decisions. Fortunately, you can trust that the options that feel right, are right.


This month, a potentially profound revelation awaits you. As helpful as this is bound to be, you might interpret it initially as unhelpful. You could see the significant step you have a chance to take forward as one you take backward instead. Trust that any truths that emerge during the coming weeks do so to bring clarity, grounding, and closure where each is needed. Then, prepare for a feeling of release like you've not known for a while.


It's a rare Leo who chooses to step quietly into the background and allow others to take the spotlight. However, this month, it could be the way you distance or detach yourself from particular people or situations that helps you to gain a clear understanding of an important role you can play - or possibly the leadership position you can take. There are benefits to being an observer this month, but there are more benefits to applying wisdom to what you see occurring and then stepping in to make others' lives happier, more comfortable, or harmonious.


Here we are, entering the season of goodwill. Perhaps, the best way to show it to others this month is to be your authentic self and nothing else. You're not obliged during the coming weeks to be a different person to different people. That's bound to be physically and emotionally draining. What you think and feel during December, you're likely to think and feel deeply. Trust that any openness or vulnerability on your part will be seen by others as an admirable sign of strength, not weakness.


Have you ever been in a race and felt so fired up that you've launched yourself before the word 'go' was said? Similarly, during December, that's something to refrain from doing. You know what you want to get underway and why you prefer it happens sooner than later. However, one chapter must close before the one you want to commence can kick off. You have a chance during the coming weeks to put essential foundations in place. Trust that you'll be grateful for having had the chance to do so, even if the process takes longer than you wish it did.

Many old-fashioned toys had large keys protruding from them that, when turned, made the toy do whatever it did. We've all twisted such keys to the point where they can't turn further, and then watched a toy bounce, shake or move furiously. What you may experience could be similar this month with the influence of Mars in your sign. In the same way a wound-up toy eventually shudders to a stop, you could find that your fervent energy isn't as replenishable as you believe it to be. You have an abundance of it at your disposal this month. Try your best to apply it sparingly.


Although there will have been undoubted benefits to having Jupiter, the planet of luck, optimism, and expansion in your sign for the past twelve months, its departure doesn't necessarily mean you're left in the lurch. Although it leaves Sagittarius, Jupiter intends to work some magic on your behalf in other ways. Having the biggest and heaviest planet in our solar system in your sign probably hasn't been without its share of intensity. However, as Jupiter starts to influence your confidence, self-worth, and values, you can expect during the coming weeks and beyond to feel noticeably more reassured and secure.


This month, Jupiter enters your sign where it will reside for the next twelve months. If you reflect upon ways you were encouraged or pushed to think bigger, aim higher, or connect with your adventurous side between 2007 and 2008; then you could gain some idea of what to expect from this month and during the coming year. During December, Jupiter's first task appears to involve overriding what has probably been a constant source of seriousness in your world with a new sense of optimism and lightheartedness. Prepare to be reminded of what it feels like to relax.


This month, it's clear that you have a challenge to rise to, and this may involve being looked to for answers by certain individuals, asked for support by others, or both. A lesser person may feel drained by such demands on their time or resources, but, like a superhero to the rescue, you could be willing and able to do what's asked of you. Although there is truth in the saying, 'with great power comes great responsibility,' you could find that the reverse is true: with great responsibility comes great power! Don't underestimate the influence you hold this month.


Something is amusing about ways in which superheroes who possess superhuman strength are bound to encounter numerous problems every day because of their gift. Even real people who possess impressive strength probably find it draining to apply it cautiously constantly. This month, you have an abundance of strength available to you. As the month progresses, you could be increasingly aware of how much influence you hold, and it's not in your best interests to suppress it. If you mix it with enough sensitivity, you could bring healing or work some magic in more than one person's world.

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