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This month, you could feel your leadership qualities will serve you well and be integral to ensuring a particular outcome. The New Moon in your sign on the 5th encourages you to have faith in your ability to work to your own set of rules - and others could follow your lead. However, the Full Moon on the 19th may cause you to feel unsure about what others expect from you and this can make it difficult to determine your next move. Fortunately, you have the cosmic support to trust your instincts and the way they encourage you to do what's best for everyone especially if a decision doesn't focus solely on your needs.


The New Moon on the 5th encourages withdrawal or retreat and avoiding people whom you feel obligated to. However, it's important you accept that, by keeping thoughts or feelings from others, you hide them from yourself. There is much happening in the background of your world or beneath the surface and some soul-searching is needed but do so with the intention of finding emotional peace of mind. A Full Moon on the 19th reminds you that the best way to show appreciation to others doesn't involve extravagant gifts. Perhaps simple but heartfelt donations of your time and efforts could transform others' worlds.


Your mind conjures an array of unusual and inventive ideas this month. Sharing thoughts with others is essential, especially if you've managed to get your head around an unusual or enlightening subject. Coming weeks could also involve considerable thought given to long-term goals and unique strategies needed to make visions become real. Jupiter commences a four-month slumber and its influence with relationships and partnerships could involve you connecting with someone from your past and possibly resolving an old rift. The Full Moon on the 19th could encourage you to go overboard when making a particular point. Know when it has been made and when to back off.


The New Moon on the 5th could coincide with your private life on display uncomfortably. With your status in others' eyes heightened, you could feel there's too much potential for emotional exposure on your part. It would be worth considering what can be done to ensure you're not made to feel vulnerable unnecessarily. Mercury influences career and business matters from the 17th until May 6, enhancing your ability to communicate professionally and authoritatively. A Full Moon on the 19th brings closure to focus given during recent weeks to career goals or public matters. It's now time to shift your focus to personal and emotional matters.


This month boosts your excitement levels as you spot the potential for fun and sweet experiences. This is reinforced by the New Moon on the 5th influencing lofty ideas and mind-broadening possibilities. Mercury provides further support from the 17th and although your faith and optimism in your abilities are justified, you could become anxious if changes don't occur fast enough so summon plenty of patience. The Full Moon on the 19th brings closure to what has felt mundane or tedious, but you'll need to be prepared for the pace of life to pick up considerably. You could have an increasing number of people to placate - and they're counting on you to deliver.


You could feel keen to explore new relationship territory, thanks to the New Moon on the 5th influencing deep sharing and intimacy. Settling for something shallow or superficial will not interest you whatsoever as you want to experience the elusive magic that brings you and someone together in a profound, potentially life-changing way. Jupiter's backward motion from the 10th encourages you to think about renovating your home, reconnecting with people from your childhood, or repairing relationships with estranged family members. With Mercury and a Full Moon influencing deep sharing and self-analysis, you could be less fearful about instigating conversations that might normally cause ripples with a certain person - especially if these revolve around sharing power, intimacy, or finances.


Your desire to serve and satisfy could be enhanced with a New Moon on the 5th influencing relationships, commitments and companions. However, it's important that you don't convince yourself that you must invest more effort in tending to others' needs more than your own. That's a balance you might need to make a concerted effort to create. With Mercury influencing the same area from the 17th until May 6, communication with partners or friends is strengthened and your diplomatic way with words can restore harmony where it's needed. If you need to be reminded about how you can't - and shouldn't - try to please everyone all the time, then the Full Moon in your sign on the 19th looks set to make this clear.

The New Moon on the 5th can be helpful with getting certain priorities in order. You're assisted to separate what gives a good impression of being important or urgent from what truly deserves your attention. Applying imagination to certain habits or routines you introduce or put in place at this time can boost your efficiency tenfold! Mercury arrives on the scene on the 17th to streamline your thinking and transform routines that have become tedious into something more inspiring and motivating. Jupiter's four-month slumber commences on the 10th and offers a chance to reevaluate your earnings, material possessions, and personal values. Your relationship with money can alter by exploring new ways to save, invest, or make more of it.


The New Moon on the 5th could be a timely reminder about what all work and no play did to someone named Jack! It's by allowing your playful and lighthearted side to emerge or emerge more often - that you can feel more confident about yourself and your life's direction. With Mercury influencing creativity and self-expression from the 17th, your thinking will be more imaginative with a stronger need for intellectual stimulation. Jupiter commences a four-month rewind in your sign from the 10th and reinventing yourself inside and out with a healthier lifestyle could become a priority. Finally, a Full Moon could remind you that involving yourself more with others and making them feel happy or comfortable makes you smile or gladdens your heart.


The New Moon on the 5th encourages you to assess what makes you feel safe and secure. Developing a stronger sense of inner security could become a priority as well as addressing the way certain needs, feelings, attitudes and long-term plans are changing. Communication within family circles could increase or strengthen from the 17th and a Full Moon on the 19th reminds you that career progress relies on more than skills or experience and you don't get second chances to make first impressions! Conveying a vibe of confidence can gain you the support you need and help you to accept that your ambitious goals are within reach. All you need to do is stretch a bit harder to reach them.


You're blessed with an innate, intuitive ability to embrace changes and sudden alterations to plans. This could come in handy around the time of the New Moon on the 5th that influences your immediate environment and encourages you to adapt certain strategies to changing circumstances even if it means starting something again. Jupiter's four-month backward motion on the 10th helps you to determine where you 'fit in' or the role you play in others' worlds. You could explore or become involved in causes that help you to assist others or volunteer your services to make the world a better place. The Full Moon on the 19th could test your personal beliefs but helps you to replace what has become mundane with something fun or more mentally challenging. Allow your adventurous side to push you to take a risk this month or maybe two!


The month kicks off with a New Moon highlighting your self-worth, and if you've put more consideration into your valuables than your values, then this could become clear at this time. Be willing to reassess your priorities and don't believe your wealth is determined solely by what you earn or own. Jupiter commences a four-month rewind affecting your career, reputation, and professional standing. This isn't an ideal time to start a new job so focus instead on preparing career-related changes you wish to make and, if at all possible, wait until Jupiter goes direct in August before implementing them. A Full Moon on the 19th helps you to gain a feeling of inner security from confronting awkward or painful emotional issues - and offers a chance to finally resolve them.

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