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You're about to take strides in more than one area of your world this month, and your desire to take control of what has appeared vague or rudderless could intensify from as early as February 4. Passion could fuel your actions, but they could also be erratic, causing others to wonder if you've thought-through what appear to be impulsive or reckless actions on your part. Boosting your income will become a priority, especially as Mars influences your earnings from February 14 until March 31. You might have more expenses to deal with but will be able to apply the necessary effort to cope with or resolve with them. A Full Moon targets work, routines, and health on the 19th. A new chapter unfolding could commence with any or all of the above, and your conviction levels to achieve success couldn't be higher.


You're in a superb position to take important and reassuring steps toward a cherished career-related aspiration. However, the progress you make is likely to be invisible, especially if you're extra-determined to keep your plans a secret. Good news related to career or a professional development could arrive as early as the 4th. What arises on or around the 13th could, again, require you to invest considerable effort toward a career plan or path, but without announcing to the world what you're up to. However, much becomes more transparent from the 14th once Mars enters your sign until March 31. Your determination will be obvious and leave others in no about what you're focusing it on. A Full Moon on February 19 influences romance and true love. If you thought your efforts to form or improve a love connection have been in vain recently, then expect to feel reassured - and delighted by what transpires.


You have a clear idea about what you want to achieve this month and possibly how others have achieved success in a similar area but your approach could be revolutionary if not downright genius! The New Moon on February 4 highlights learning and all that broadens your mind, and you could apply fantastic, out-of-the-box thinking to bring a spectacular - unusual - result. From mid-month until March 31, Mars encourages seclusion and detachment. Although you might not be anti-social, you could see the benefits to keeping certain ideas or plans under wraps until you feel they've progressed further. A Full Moon on the 19th could culminate with a domestic situation that has unraveled or become chaotic. However, sometimes, before something can be repaired or strengthened, it needs to be rebuilt from scratch, and that might be the case with whatever home or family issue arises at this time.


If you've worried about your financial situation recently and wondered how or why you always seem to have more 'month' left than 'money,' then the New Moon influencing finances and resources could highlight a way to make or save money. You could feel it's necessary to take a risk in some way with your finances if you're going to improve them. However, what might appear reckless to others will make perfect sense to you. A career-related shake-up could occur around mid-month, possibly due to an unexpected development that works in your favor or a sudden desire to pursue a new career path and introduce a more radical way of working. It might also be decision time where a close partnership is concerned, between February 18 and February 22. Venus, Saturn, and Pluto combine powerful forces to bring a long-term - or permanent - change to one important commitment. A period of thinking or deciding could come to an end.


Enthusiasm is infectious, and whereas others probably draw upon your passionate energy frequently, it could be someone else's energy that excites and inspires you this month. Proof of this could arrive around the New Moon on the 4th and bring a new level of depth and collaboration to partnerships romantic, business or possibly both. With Mars influencing your career and ambitions from the 14th until the end of March, you're about to inject a new level of energy toward your career aspirations. You could be spurred on further to rise to career-related challenges if they offer a chance to boost your earnings. The Full Moon on the 19th could push you to put a plan in place that results in more money coming your way now and in the future.


If you didn't quite manage to implement any New Year Resolutions last month, then the cosmos appears keen to assist you to get some underway during February. A New Moon on the 4th influences your work, daily routines and health and you're encouraged to consider changes you can bring to any or all of the above. The discipline you summon and apply could come in handy with an unexpected development on or around the 13th. This could be financial-related, but a one-off shock that you'll overcome or resolve without too much stress or tension involved. With Mars influencing distant horizons, faraway places and learning from the 14th until March 31, travel and mind-broadening experiences receive special focus. See what transpires between February 18 and 22 where your love life is concerned. With Venus, Saturn and Pluto involved, something big and potentially permanent could happen. Finally, a Full Moon in your sign on February 19 brings a reality check you'll be grateful for. It's time to accept the truth with something you've possibly viewed with rose-tinted glasses.


The cosmos appears keen to shake up your love life in more than one way this month, and it all starts with a New Moon influencing romance and self-expression on the 4th. There's bound to be something unusual or non-traditional about what or who makes your heart flutter. Do what your heart insists is right for you. Further unusual love life developments await on or around February 13 and what transpires might require you to think and act quickly. It might take the form of a love life reality check or accepting something between you and another can't be glossed over indefinitely. From February 14 until March 31, a constant stream of expenses could arrive and push you to create more secure financial foundations. A Full Moon on February 19 could culminate with you feeling tried emotionally and physically of shouldering responsibilities that others should be carrying. Withdrawing yourself could send a necessary signal to those who've grown too accustomed to you absorbing too much of what ought to be shared.

You might not be able to suppress an urge to shake up more than one area of your life this month. A feeling that 'enough is enough' could intensify, specifically within a home, family or domestic situation as early as February 4. With Mars influencing partnerships and commitments from February 14 until the end of March, you could find you possess extra levels of passion that can be delightfully sexy - or powerfully confrontational. Some Scorpions might need to accept that collaboration and cooperation are essential to making progress especially if Mars's influence heightens things on the domestic front. Between the 18th and 22nd, Venus, Saturn, and Pluto influence communication and it might be time to issue someone an ultimatum but take time to ensure that what you state or demand is thought through thoroughly. A Full Moon on February 19 might shift your focus to a friend in need but could also bring closure to plans connected with a personal dream. Perhaps it's time to take steps to make it real?


This is a month to trust your intuition if it encourages you to pursue plans your way or apply unusual or 'out of the box' thinking. A New Moon on February 4 targets your thought processes and communication, encouraging you to stick with ideas or plans that might seem unconventional to others but make perfect sense to you. From February 14 until March 31, Mars brings its unique brand of energy and passion to your work and daily routines. You could find a new lease of life is injected into whatever has become draining, tiring or tedious. The period between February 18 and 22 puts your focus squarely on finances and possibly involves a significant purchase. This is likely to put your life on stronger foundations rather than involve forking out for something you'll regret later. A Full Moon on February 19 shines its light on your career aspirations and status. You could receive a well-deserved pat on the back for a job well done or praise from someone higher up who appreciates your efforts. You've earned whatever comes your way, and it could mark the start of a new professional chapter for you.


Venus arrives in your sign on February 3, boosting your confidence and attractiveness even more than usual! Life is about to become sweeter and less tense in any area where tension has been rife, and it's not only your physical attractiveness that is enhanced this month. Others could be attracted to you for other reasons, perhaps feeling reassured about what you bring to any collaborative effort or romantic connection. February 18th to the 22nd could bring a reality check where one close relationship is concerned or what needs to happen to bring a greater sense of love and fulfillment to your emotional world. An Imbalance you've probably been aware of needs to be addressed and this could become more apparent with the Full Moon on the 19th influencing true love and romance. An issue surrounding giving and receiving will be brought into the spotlight, either helping to create a balance where it's needed or encouraging you and someone to accept it might never be found.


With a New Moon occurring in your sign on the 4th, a clean slate of some kind is on offer. How or where this change manifests is largely up to you, but one thing is certain you have unique or maybe even quirky qualities that can help you shine, and these need to be exploited to the max! On February 13, you might need to speak up or 'fess up in some way if a special goal is to get underway. This could be a time of some very straight talking but don't let exchanges become confrontational. From the 14th until March 31, Mars influences your home, family and emotional foundations. This could increase tension among family members or relatives, but perhaps some issues need a bit of confrontation to clear the air. A Full Moon on the 19th targets deep sharing, and there could be a reassuring or delightful financial development in store.


The cosmos encourages you to reflect upon actions you're considering, especially as a New Moon influences detachment and contemplation. It's also possible a surprise development causes you to step back and take proper stock of what your next move must be. Your ability to assess situations calmly and rationally could come in handy with a financial surprise around the 13th. On February 14, Mars influences thoughts, ideas, and communication until March 31. You have superb cosmic support to convey yourself passionately, especially with Mercury already boosting your ability to communicate clearly. A Full Moon shines a bright light on a commitment or partnership on February 19. Whether business-related or personal, a shared situation that has needed to move up a gear will likely do so at this time. Full Moons bring new chapters as well as closure, so whatever occurs can only result in progress made in some way.

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