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Whether you are a late March or an April born Aries, until the Sun leaves on 20th April, this is your birthday month and with it, a chance for a fresh start, a reset and to embrace the journey that this year will take you on. This year you have had an early start, having more time to explore your options and you have a secret weapon that is giving you an advantage from the start. That secret weapon is the North Node, which since its return to Aries last July has been providing an innate sense of direction. While the North Node has been here for nearly eight months, it has been 18 years since you last moved into a new solar year with its guiding light from the start. Having the North Node here will also turn a New Moon into a total solar eclipse, when the Moon returns for its only visit to Aries during your birthday month from 7th April to 9th April. This brings the potential for major new beginnings just as Mercury, in retrograde motion here from 2nd April to 26th April is holding the doors open to the past. It was Mercury's return earlier last month that gave you a head start, with a chance to get your head in the game weeks before the Sun's return, while Mars' return in early May will extend things out the other side. It is when Venus moves through from 5th April to 29th April that she will be focused on giving your heart a voice. In a year when the lunar nodes are policing a balance between your personal and relationship needs, having Venus spend the majority of the month in Aries will help with that. Your birthday month will end when the Sun leaves Aries on 20th April, with his return to your income sector coming just six days before Mars is due to move into his final month in your income sector and of his 12 month quest for income growth and expansion. They will be joined the Venus, who will return wearing her planet of money hat on 29th April. Fortunately, there is enough professional support to back this up and especially from planets on the job and career fronts that are keeping a low profile but provide a steady backbone.


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