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When Mars returned to your romantic sector on 21st May he began the first planetary activity on the romantic front since the Sun left last August, while returning for his first visit in two years. Mars will spend the whole month in your romantic sector and while this may have got off to a bumpy start, it is clear sailing from here and just the start of something special. Mars has returned to fire up your romantic passions and fighting spirit as well as to declare war on roadblocks and barriers, whether real or imagined. Mars returned two months before the Sun was due to turn the solar spotlight onto matters of the heart and all things romantic and will be gone by the time he leaves. However, it is what comes next that takes this to a whole new level and brings you to the start of not just the most romantically charged months of 2023 but in an unprecedented way. That something is Venus' return on 6th June, something that had this been just the ordinary annual visit that she makes once a year would still be a game changer. Venus will normally spend 24 days here and while this should mean that she would be gone by the end of the month, just having the planets of love and passion together here at the same time would make these the most romantically charged weeks of the year. However, this is not an ordinary visit and Venus won't be gone by the end of the month and instead, a retrograde turn next month will keep the planet of love here until October, making this her longest visit in our lifetime. The Moon's return from 21st June to 23rd June will see these romantically charged lunar vibes align with both Venus and Mars, amplifying the influence of both while making these some of the most romantically charged days of an already romantically charged month. This is also an important time on the relationship front, with the dwarf planet Ceres returning to your relationship sector on 21st June to resume her deep dive into your relationship needs and priorities, with the Moon returning from 26th June to 28th June to help with that.


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