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Back in March, a day before Pluto left your career sector the dwarf planet Ceres returned to your work sector to begin her first deep dive into your needs and priorities on the job front in four years. This was a timely return as this has ensured that there was planetary activity in at least of your two professional houses, meaning that things never went off the boil. This was important because as Pluto had been in your career sector since 2008, there hasn't been a moment in 15 years that the professional gods weren't active somewhere. However, Ceres was not just keeping the seat warm for when Pluto returns but her time has been a valuable chance to review your needs and priorities on the job front. Ceres is less focused on work and job matters themselves and more on your needs and priorities and especially when it comes to job satisfaction and a sense of purpose. Ceres had left just before Christmas, before a rush of activity on the career front in the early months of the year, so her return was a chance to review this during the quiet while Pluto was gone. Why what happened back in March is relevant now is that things are about to swap back again, this time with more than just a 24 hour overlap. Nearly three months after leaving Pluto will return on 11th June, but Ceres won't leave your career sector until 10 days later on 21st June. With Pluto back for the rest of the year, those 10 days will allow for some important information sharing. While the Moon will visit your two professional houses each month, what is significant is that in both cases it will be without planetary activity. The Moon will move through your career sector from 5th June to 7th June, before Pluto returns, while it will move through your work sector from 23rd June to 26th June, after Ceres leaves. In both cases, this will be a valuable chance to check in but on its own, the Moon will bring a chance to just listen to your intuition, instincts and imagination. In both cases, the Moon will also form a friendly aspect to Jupiter in his first full month in your income sector as it moves through.


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