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      PCA Argus v4   Click to Download Argus 4 (Size: 2.9 MB)

Argus 4 - Free Trial


Use this download if you wish to try the program. The download will install the program on your computer. Initially, it will be limited to horoscopes for year 2005. To have a fully working program, you need to purchase the program to get a full license, or get a free temporary license, which will let you try it full-feature for 4 weeks. To get a temporary license, send us an email. The license you get is five bits of data (serial numbers, your full name, control-code etc), which you type into the registration dialog box in the program.

To get a full license, you order on our web site. You can pay by credit-card over the telephone or online via Google Checkout.

To install the program, just click the SETUPARG4.EXE below and choose OPEN when the dialog appears asking if you will open or save to disk. When the download is ready the installation starts automatically, just follow the instructions.

If you do a second install later and you let it use the same installation folder, the installation will ask if you wish to overwrite your existing data. If you just press OK, you may loose the birth data, you may have typed in, if you did not make a backup. Argus has a backup facility, which you can use to minimize the risk of data loss.

      Click to Download Argus 4 (Size: 2.9 MB)
PCA Manual
      The manual can be opened by clicking the link below. The opening may fail if you do not have the Adobe Reader installed on your computer. Adobe Reader can be downloaded from
      Click to Download User Manual (PDF-format, Size: 700K)
      REVISION 12:
      Minor corrections and adjustments of the program means, that from time to time new revisions of the program will appear. Your current revision number is visible on the programs title bar just after "Argus 4.0". To see what is changed in the different revisions, click here: Revision-history »
      A revision like this can be downloaded by clicking the link below and select "open" from the download menu. The installation is automatic, but will ask you if you wish to install in the default C:\ARGUS4 folder, which is where Argus is normally installed. So just click "next" unless you specifically know, that you installed Argus 4 in a different folder. This installation is just a patch replacing the "engine" of the program. It will not change your data or preferences. (792 kB)
      Install Revision 13 (1.3 kB)
      Utility XLI script files:

When downloaded to your ARGUS directory, you run these modules with File | XLI | XLI-Menu and select the module.

MANDALA.XLI - (displays planetary movement curves)
VELOGRAF.XLI - (displays planetary velocity over time graphically)
AUXPOS.XLI - (latitude, velocity, right ascension, declination and helio positions)
EPHGEN.XLI - (print out your own ephemeris)
MOVIE.XLI - (see your progressed chart run like a movie)
PARALLEL.XLI - (shows parallels of declination)
PREFX.XLI - (additional preferences)
RPAGE.XLI - (1 page radix chartwheel, aspect grid etc)

Please note: Some browsers do not show the download menu, when you click on the above links, but shows the contents of the file instead. If this happens, you should click the link using the right mouse button instead. This will open a pop-up where you click "save target as..". This will make the download menu appear.

      Script Language (XLI) documentation

If you have some programming experience, you may want to experiment with writing your own modules or interpretations. The Scripting language lets you set up menus, write your own interpretations, print out astrological information, calculate, draw or graph in your own personal layout.

The handbook was originally written for the DOS version, but has been updated to cover the windows features added with Argus. The first part is general information with examples, and the second part is a complete library function reference also with examples.

      XLI.DOC (567 k WORD format)




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