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  Updated Weekly (Mondays) to your web site - 09 December 2019


This is a big week professionally, with the two planets that have returned to get things moving spending their first, last and only full week together in your career sector. As Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion spends his first full week in your career sector, Venus is spending her last and this week she is making a run for the lead. At the start of the week Saturn and Pluto, here now for years are still out in front and still leading the charge in their slow and measured way. By the end of the week Venus will be out in front, her mission to fuel your professional confidence, attract opportunities and steer things in a lucrative direction in full flight. It helps that you begin the week with the Moon in your income sector, giving you a sharp nose for money and a lucrative sense of direction from the get go. This week will also host the last Full Moon of 2019, falling in your communication sector on Thursday. It is your relationships that will benefit the most from this.


The Moon is having a big impact this week, less in its own right and more in the impact this will have on some very active planets. In saying that, starting the week with the Moon in Taurus is a definite advantage in its own right, giving you an intuitive edge from the get go. However, at the same time that this will put the Moon at a friendly aspect to the major planetary activity assembling in an adventurous part of your chart, this will also put some pressure on Mars in your relationship sector. Any relationship tension this might create will not only be contained to Monday but during Mercury, the planet of communication's final hours in your relationship sector. By Wednesday the Moon will not only be in your income sector but gearing up to oppose the Sun in your financial sector on Thursday as a Full Moon. Again, the Moon will clash with planets on the financial front but dance with those on the job front, either way giving income matters a push.


At a point in the year when there is major planetary activity drawing your attention in multiple directions, the Moon was going to have to pull a rabbit out of the hat in order to allow its last visit to Gemini this year to be heard over the noise. Fortunately, there is no shortage of rabbits at the moment, managing to pull one out of the hat to deliver a Full Moon in Gemini on Thursday. In what is a big week for work and job matters, an even bigger week for relationship matters and a huge week for money matters, the Moon steps in to help you find your own voice. This is more than just a louder and more powerful form of the Moon's monthly visit to your sign. This is the Full Moon that brings you to the halfway point in this current solar year, with a chance to revisit the intentions, resolutions and promises you made to yourself during your birthday month. If need be, this is a chance to push the 'reset' button.


The closer you get to the end of the year the clearer it becomes that your biggest challenge is going to be balance. Whether it is work/life balance, a balance between work and play or between your personal and relationship needs it is all about balance. Then, just when you think that you have ticked off all the areas where you need to be aware of a need for balance Thursday's Full Moon will add another, that of knowing when to keep your work hat on and when to take it off. Yet when you boil it all down, whether it is the major planetary activity on the relationship front, the Sun and Mercury working to bring this professional year home or Mars wanting time to pursue your romantic and creative passions, it all comes down to being spoilt for choice. None of the things you are juggling are challenging and everything could be solved with a few extra hours added to each day. The key to having it all is not just having the right balance. It is choosing to believe that you deserve to have it all.


Starting the week with the Moon in your career sector is always an advantage, especially this late in the professional year. Yet while any week will be off to a good start with your professional instincts and imagination fuelled from the get go, even more so when this is anything but just an ordinary working week. With Venus in her last and Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion in his first full week in your work sector, this is the start of a major new period of job growth and expansion. With Jupiter moving into a friendly aspect to Uranus in your work sector over the weekend, there will be clues to something brewing from the get go. However, with the Sun in his last full week in a playful part of your chart, there is still a real push to ensure life doesn't become all work and no play. Thursday's Full Moon adds a social element that has been missing but will be much appreciated at this time of year.


As much as a professionally charged Full Moon in the middle of Jupiter's first and Venus' last full week in a playful part of your chart should create a balance issue between work and play, that is unlikely to be the case. They might be competing for the same time and attention, but in every other aspect there is no competition. Thursday's Full Moon in your career sector is definitely an important professional milestone and especially with Venus returning to your work sector next week. However, this is no threat to the planets in a fun, playful, romantic and creatively charged part of your chart and that will work to your advantage professionally. With the most powerful planets in the solar system now all in a playful part of your chart a Full Moon that will be over in a few days is no threat so they won't even bother to compete. This frees the Moon to charge things up professionally, with the potential for unexpected developments.


Life is trying to send you a message this week and it is one that you shouldn't have a problem taking on board, especially if you give yourself permission to. The message that Thursday's adventurous Full Moon will try and deliver is that life can't be just about going through the motions. This comes just a week before Venus is due to return to a fun, playful, romantic and creatively charged part of your chart next week, where she will deliver a similar message. This is the last Full Moon of 2019 and is a chance to avoid taking some of the other, more pressing areas of your life too seriously. One thing not to be taken too seriously is any financial tension at the start of the week. The week begins with the Moon in your financial sector but also clashing with Mars in your income sector. This comes just as Mars is ready to take the gloves off and come out fighting, with any financial tension very quickly turning into motivation.

It is less a case of despite the bumpy start things take a turn for the better by Tuesday and more because of the bumpy start. Monday is the point where Mercury finally wraps up an over two month visit to Scorpio, with a retrograde turn last month keeping him here well beyond the 14 to 15 days he will normally spend here. During that time Mercury has helped to keep your head in the game and your feet on the ground and that has been an advantage for you but not for Mars. When Mercury leaves Mars will become like a dog off his leash, with the warrior planet of the cosmos ready to make up for lost time, as he encourages you to throw yourself into everything that excites you. It is a clash between the Moon and Mars on Monday that could create some temporary frustration but also some tension, creating the right burst in motivation at the right time. Meanwhile, a similar thing will happen with a Full Moon in your financial sector on Thursday, this time creating motivation on the income and financial fronts.


There could be a feeling this week that you can't quite put your finger on or at least until Thursday's Full Moon snaps you out of it. It is not that you are feeling down or even that you are feeling flat and more that you are adjusting to no longer having Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion in Sagittarius. For the last 13 months, Jupiter has been fuelling a sense of what's possible as he worked to create the framework for the dreams, goals and ambitions that you have 11 more years of this 12 year Jupiter cycle of expansion to work towards. Jupiter has taken all that energy and is now applying it to your income situation and matters, which will experience a huge amount of expansion over the next 12 months. With the Sun not leaving Sagittarius until the end of next week and Mercury returning on Monday, it is time to get your head out of the clouds and your feet back on the ground. It is time now to turn big ideas into a game plan and resolutions.


While Venus and Jupiter will not align in Capricorn and as they spend their first, last and only full week together here their focus is very different, together they are changing your view on what's possible. Venus is only here for 24 days and gone before the Sun returns to begin your birthday month and new solar year later next week, she is on a mission to give your heart a voice but in a way that is focused on what you want now. As the planet of love, this includes capitalising on the romantically charged lunar vibes at the start of the week. On the other hand, this is the first full week of Jupiter's 12 month visit and the start of a new 12 year Jupiter cycle of expansion. Venus is here for the short and Jupiter for the long term. Venus wants it now and Jupiter wants to build for the future, yet between them, there is now a new belief that anything is possible. In the meantime, a Full Moon on the job front on Thursday will give the final weeks of this professional year a boost.


When you not only have a growing number of planets in a nostalgic, reflective but also intuitive and imaginative part of your chart but when this includes the three most powerful planets in the solar system, this is something that can't be ignored. Even Mars, who takes your professional year into the fast lane this week and will keep it there for the rest of the year, knows that he will have to work around work/life balance parameters. It is not that you need to spend your whole time navel gazing. Instead, it is about recognising the importance of making time to hear yourself think and of making that quality time. In the meantime, there is a treat for you this week, with the last Full Moon of 2019 falling in a playful part of your chart on Thursday. As things take off professionally this is a reminder that life can't be all work and no play. There is a romantic component to this Full Moon and this could have a tie in to Venus, the planet of love's return to Aquarius next week.


You should start to notice a drop in pressure and a sense that you no longer have a monkey on your back, constantly cracking the whip. You still have the Sun in your career sector and Mercury's return on Monday will begin a chance to bring this professional year home. However, Mercury returns with the intellectually savvy edge that will allow you to keep your head in the game and your feet on the ground and this is just part of the reason why you will find it easier to stay in the moment. Another reason is the strong social focus that has deepened since last week and is set to become even stronger. At work there will be a greater sense of collaboration or at least that is the way things are starting to lean. While outside work, your social life is becoming more important, with Thursday's Full Moon giving home and family matters a boost. This might exacerbate any work/life balance issues, but chances are there won't be a lot of push back.

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