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  UpdatedWeekly to your web site or APP - 07 December 2018


It's natural we should take umbrage at being told to 'think bigger.' The request implies we've been selling ourselves short or lazy when it comes to thought needed to make impressive things happen. This week, you're encouraged to consider some wild ideas because one or two could lead toward you making a clever and timely move. The fact you're starting to think in such ways has nothing to do with laziness in the past. It has everything to do with the time being right to start considering bigger pictures and taking bigger steps than you're used to.


If you feel an urge to change a routine or something you do habitually for no known reason, then succumb to that urge this week. Your time and talents are about to be applied in new and more constructive ways. How much you benefit from whatever you change depends on how confident you are that you can make a valuable contribution in some way. Don't let a lack of confidence cause you to pursue something halfheartedly. Sure, a learning curve exists with what you're embarking upon, but with slow, steady steps, you'll get to grips with it in no time!


Bossy people they're everywhere. So many people are quick to offer advice, but many can't back it up with demonstrable proof that they know what they're talking about. However, even if you and someone don't agree about how to make progress in one key area, nobody can deny that anyone on Earth know you better than you do. That's why it's important you trust your instincts this week. Where something affecting you is concerned, you don't need to back them up with facts. Simply trust what you feel and ignore anyone keen to make a decision on your behalf.


This could be a volatile and potentially emotional period, but it probably won't take you very long to recognize and accept a truth that has needed recognizing and accepting for some time. An area of your world might have benefited from having an extended shelf life and is now altering in a way you can't ignore and must accept. It's important to see realistically what you've been inclined to turn a blind eye to until now. Regardless of how things might appear presently, something is about to finally change for the better.


This week, the cosmos provides the equivalent of a helpful set of instructions. It's by gaining a more logical and realistic understanding of a situation that you can know precisely what steps to take to bring a potentially long-overdue change. Don't see the need to slow down and apply a more methodical approach to an idea or plan as an obstacle to its progress. You'll soon see the importance of giving whatever-it-is the level of careful attention you're encouraged to give it now.


There isn't a single person on Earth who isn't entitled to hope and plan for a better future. We're accused of being too dreamy sometimes, but the most amazing developments in life always start as visions. However, each of us knows how comforting it can be to remain in the realms of fantasy and how we do ourselves a disservice by doing so. You might need to keep certain visions on a back burner as you focus your attention and efforts on what needs and deserves attention here in the present. That might be the only way you'll spot a certain opportunity.


Some people appear to go out of their way to nurture grievances and or seek retribution or retaliation. Yet, we know others who manage to get what they want or need by winning people over calmly and by ensuring any exchanges are two-way and heartfelt. This week, you could find progress can be made easier by adopting a calm and unselfish approach to what you want or need from someone. Making them feel wanted or a tiny bit special will do the trick.

So much of our life is cyclical and repetitive. We follow the same routines, day in and day out, often without stopping to think about why such routines must be adhered to so strongly. When we ask ourselves honestly why we keep doing what we do, it can become clear that we have the power to cease repetitiveness in any area of our world and whenever we choose to. Of course, some routines are essential for our existence. It's one or two that aren't that you're likely to bring to a halt this week.


Although events this week could bring a revelation or discovery surrounding your monetary or financial situation, you could find you've put too much focus or emphasis on your material position. This could be due to taking a money matter too seriously or being prone to worry about your pecuniary position too much. Of course, you must address what cannot be ignored, but you're encouraged to accept that, once you've taken the appropriate action, your realistic attitude toward a financial matter will ensure life becomes sweeter and less tense.


If you've developed a headache from dwelling so intently on a complex issue - possibly related to finances - and been unable to find a way forward, then events this week could bring the clarity you need. You're about to spot what's necessary to solve 'whatever-it-is' and eliminate what makes a process unnecessarily complicated in the process! This new-found sharpness of the mind will help you to get to the bottom of the issue. It will be wonderful to feel reassurance again.


This week, try to get the balance right between having an understanding of what's best for others or one person in particular and telling them. By all means, be supportive and compassionate but consider the fact that some people have their own agendas and reasons for sticking with them. You might believe you're better placed to provide guidance or impart your experience-based wisdom. However, it's in everyone's best interests if you resist any urge to control, push or steer.


'To err,' as the poet Alexander Pope observed, 'is human.' Ah, but what about that bit about forgiveness? It needn't apply only to others. We don't forgive ourselves as much as we ought to. Although you might have reasons to look at a recent decision or action and believe it might have been made in error, try instead to be more forgiving toward yourself for having made made or taken it. Remember the saying about how we tend to regret what we don't do in life, rather than what we do, too. You're about to see a reassuring reason that a decision was not a wrong one.

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