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  UpdatedWeekly to your web site or APP - 14 June 2019


This week, it's important you push aside any stubborn qualities and abandon a fixed idea you may have about how something should be done. If you've drawn rigid conclusions regarding how you intend to achieve a particular result, then ignore them because spontaneity and unpredictability that are about to permeate your world are bound to work much better for you. Both could bring pleasing results with a plan or idea you appear to be embarking upon. As a certain process commences, it's important that you don't become despondent by the fact that you're at an early stage with it. Everything wonderful must start at the very beginning and what you're putting in place now could be something you have dreamt of initiating.


Even if you feel more reactive than proactive this week and not inclined to draw attention to yourself in any way, you could think differently when a chance to strengthen a special connection presents itself. The extroverted Full Moon influences sharing and intimacy, encouraging you to take a bold step in your personal life. But even if forming romantic or intimate connections is less of a priority than forming others, gaining support or cooperation relies on you speaking the truth or conveying yourself from the depths of your heart. These discussions can't be rushed into and carefully choosing the time and place to reveal what's on your mind or in your heart is, as you will undoubtedly find, the key to success.


When you feel confident, you'll feel secure in the knowledge that you satisfy your intellectual needs and your communicative contributions are valid, accepted, or valued. However, the opposite could occur if your confidence dips, and that's what needs to be monitored this week. You could become hesitant or afraid to open up, convey yourself, or feel a sense of apathy where learning is concerned. Delightful interactions could replace those you're at risk of convincing yourself will be far from interesting or pleasurable. You can create a superb feel-good factor this week by being open and transparent with your thoughts and feelings rather than suppress them. Surprise and delight a few people by encouraging rather than hampering communication.


This week, you could sense more possibilities on offer than you're able to pursue. The expansive Full Moon influences your routines and service to others, and could draw attention to how overcommitted you feel or have become! This offers a chance to review, and where necessary, reduce your commitments. It also offers you a chance to self-improve in some way, by replacing any unhealthy habits with healthier ones. You don't need to make urgent decisions or drastic moves this week to bring improvements. Take the chance on offer to think through what you want to change and then choose your moment to put your plan in place. The changes you introduce now are guided by you.


This week, it's important that you don't allow others' expectations to limit or restrict how you express yourself creatively or romantically. As the adventurous Full Moon influences love and creativity, you have a chance to leave behind a recent disappointment and focus more intently on whatever you want to experience more of in your life. However, as keen as you may be to seek others' ideas about your ambitious plans, ultimately, they're your business and nobody else's. Your pursuit of pleasure is likely to be productive if you're willing to address your deeper emotional needs. It could become obvious that you have many ways to channel your signature creativity, and, this week, all you need to do is find one that works best for you.


Putting others first may seem like the sensible or right thing to do this week, but you could end up exhausted if you ignore your needs while focusing intently on making others' worlds more comfortable. As the Full Moon influences your emotional foundations and roots, you could feel noticeably more sentimental, and this could shift your focus to pleasing or placating others in ways that help them but don't necessarily help you. It may also be necessary for you to assess your reasons for being emotionally defensive in some way. If it becomes clear that a barrier you have constructed for protection keeps out what - or who - deserves to come inside or becomes a means of isolation then there are numerous benefits to removing it.


As something or possibly someone becomes noticeably more cooperative this week, you can take a stride or two regarding ideas or plans that have been met with resistance recently. You may need to make a concerted effort to balance new obligations you take on with existing ones, but your ability to create harmony and multitask are only two of the many perks of being a Libran! The Full Moon influences your thought and communication processes, increasing your curiosity and amplifying your mind's creations. However, you'll need to try not to fritter away your time unproductively. Look instead at what's practical and grounded in every new idea.

This week, collaboration is your ticket to feeling more productive and making daily tasks much enjoyable. Being straightforward and honest earns you the trust of others, but money-related matters could demand attention as the Full Moon influences your earnings, resources, and material status. What comes to light could reveal a need to cut back and possibly curtail any shopping sprees you have planned at least until you adopt a bit more of a grounded or realistic attitude toward your income and outgoings. Although managing money requires plenty of discipline during the coming days, you'll be rewarded with healthier cash flow in the future.


Slowing down or, as the old saying goes, stopping to smell the roses can help you to appreciate the little things and make the most of pleasurable experiences on offer. It may feel as if there are more responsibilities on your shoulders or that emotions are noticeably more volatile as the Full Moon illuminates your sign. However, you have a chance to make tangible progress in an area of your world if you're willing to connect with your creative side and invest the necessary effort. Seize this chance to be the captain of your own destiny and control your future because it's possible that events during the past month have brought you to what needs to be decided or acted upon now.


Although you could feel it's necessary to reconsider your goals this week, it's just as important to accept that all work and no play dull your sparkle. The Full Moon influences detachment and recuperation, enriching your imagination with visions of what could be possible if you incorporated more fun and relaxation into your world. This energy may feel unsettled, especially if you're used to burning proverbial candles at both ends. But rather than ignore or suppress it, consider where you're going above the call of duty and the benefits of doing more that fulfills you romantically, creatively or spiritually.


It may feel as if numerous plates are spinning in your world, and juggling commitments requires considerable discipline and concentration this week. Fortunately, the fun-loving Full Moon illuminates friendships, stimulates your social scene, and enhances your desire for stress-relieving recreation and interactions. Rather than believe demands in other areas stretch you already to the limit, be willing to explore the valuable contribution you can make to any group effort. If you've become detached from certain chums recently, then reconnecting with those who truly matter could be a possibility. Don't wait for others to make a move. Remember that a friend is one of the nicest things you can have and one of the best things you can be!


This week, make a concerted effort to acknowledge - and follow - your heart. It has ideas worth heeding that can cultivate your dreams, even if they seem unrealistic. Fortunately, your idealism is your ticket to aiming a bit higher where at least one important aspiration is concerned. The Full Moon influences your career and professional standing, helping you to remain focused on objectives that can potentially gain you admiration or enhance your status in others' eyes. With the imagination you're blessed with, it's important to allow it complete freedom to roam this week and then see what it comes back with!

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