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  UpdatedWeekly to your web site or APP - 14 January 2022


Since August, Uranus has moved backward, helping you assess financial security. You've likely had ideas to create wealth or a healthier bank account. Your view of security and what it means to feel secure has altered. With Uranus now moving forward, it's time to turn ideas into action. In other news, a Full Moon shakes your emotional foundations. Feelings are brought into the open and family needs are highlighted, especially if focus has been given to other areas recently.


Uranus in your sign moved backward way back in August. This has likely shaken your view of yourself. You may have felt encouraged to experiment with your outward appearance and question the price you're willing to pay to stay true to yourself. This week, confident, decisive action commences regarding how you convey or project yourself to the world. Also, a Full Moon indicates a change in your environment or brings a secret into the open.


Hopefully, since August, you've been aware of how a backward-moving Uranus has drawn your attention to all that makes you unique. This week, as Uranus moves forward, it's time to be proud of your individualism - and spot ways to turn your unique qualities to your advantage! Also, a Full Moon helps you reassess your income, assets, and budget. It might be necessary to find a way to stretch your income a bit further especially if you finally manage to clear a debt or two!


Since August, backward-moving Uranus has urged you to assess friendships, the future of your world, and the world generally. As Uranus moves forward, you can abandon conventional views regarding who you associate with and create a new future for yourself and those who share your inspired visions. A Full Moon in your sign helps you see yourself, your actions, and life's direction in a new light. What's 'working' and what isn't will soon become clear!


Since August, backward Uranus encouraged you to assess whether you're happy with your professional trajectory. As Uranus moves forward, you could be ready to make a surprising change that you feel is more aligned with your life path. This might help you future-proof your career, too. You also have a Full Moon alerting you to what you've put on hold during the past year. You're awakened to what has held you back and vivid dreams could offer insights!


Since August, backward Uranus has affected your wanderlust, desire for travel, and knowledge. As Uranus moves forward, you could feel more receptive to 'exploring the unknown.' It's time to challenge what you believe and whether any beliefs block your growth. Also, a Full Moon helps truth emerge, and you could see friends or those you surround yourself more clearly. But be careful - emotions may be heightened, adding fuel to potential disagreements and arguments.


Since August, retrograde Uranus pushed you to look inward at how you grow personally and what lurks in your personal shadows. As Uranus moves forward, you can remove obstacles, patterns and accept what needs to change or transform within yourself. Also, A Full Moon brings a beginning or an end to something career-related. It's time to be honest about your professional path and whether it ticks essential boxes. If not, new opportunities wait for you to spot them!

Since August, Uranus has taken a keen interest in your partnerships and romantic connections. You've been encouraged to question the 'conventional definition' of relationships as it moved backward. As it moves forward, you have a new vision of what a partnership should look like and this might involve how you can feel free and committed at the same time. Also, a Full Moon shifts your focus to goals and ambitions. The future regarding both is about to become clearer!


Since August, backward Uranus has challenged your definition of 'service.' You've been encouraged to assess what you can give to society and to put a more inventive or unique spin on it. Now, as Uranus moves forward, you're helped to focus the innovative energy you offer the world more inspiringly and uniquely. In other news, a Full Moon helps you 'declutter' materially and emotionally. Something or someone draining energy or resources is about to be released.


Since August, Uranus encouraged you to explore different ways of 'release' or self-expression, creatively and romantically. As Uranus moves forward, you have a chance to adopt a more unique, innovative approach to expressing yourself. It's time to dare to be different, artistically, creatively, and intimately! Supporting this theme is a Full Moon affecting partnerships and one-to-one connections. Your - and others' - true feelings and intentions look set to be revealed.


Since August, Uranus has encouraged more daringness and experimentation with your traditional view of 'home.' You've been helped to trust your intuition to adopt new perspectives toward domesticity, family connections, and new places. As Uranus moves forward, it's time to assess your roots, clan and decide if changes are needed. You also have a Full Moon affecting work, health, and fitness goals. If a new year's resolution involved breaking a bad habit, this is the week to do it!


Since August, Uranus has challenged conventional conversation methods. Conveying yourself may have involved new technologies, such as social media. As Uranus moves forward, you're helped to apply lessons learned to remove communication blocks and develop more effective and comfortable ways to release thoughts and visions. You also have a Full Moon affecting your desire for fun, lightheartedness, and the joys of life. But this also brings emotional intensities, so something you or someone close have concealed could emerge.

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