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  UpdatedWeekly to your web site or APP - 07 May 2021


The hands of a clock only move forward. That might sound like an unnecessary reminder that our time on this planet is finite. But it is helpful as a reminder of the fact that our circumstances are constantly evolving. As Mars links with Uranus this week, you certainly don't need to fear circumstances remaining stuck or static in your world. Something isn't about to change subtly. It's about to do so dramatically. This offers a sense of relief - and release.


This week's connection between Venus and Neptune promises comfort and can put at least one fear to rest. Financially and romantically, your outlook is awesome. You might feel inspired by a creative challenge to brighten up a particular area of your world, too. But the coming week offers more than one opportunity to be creative and connect with your imagination. Do both, and you'll see that they're your tickets to introducing a change where you thought one wasn't possible.


Mercury and Pluto suggest that you could do with more support in a particular area. Those you expect it from could have a long list of reasons why they cannot provide it, or at least at this time anyway. But strangely, that's good news. You're about to find that, by facing what you prefer to ignore or touching on sensitive subjects you prefer to avoid, you can make the progress you need. You could set a new precedent regarding what you're capable of, too.


What's that 'they' say about a little bit of something? The consensus is that it does us good. But it can be difficult to know when a little becomes too much. This week, you face a strong temptation. It could be easy and natural to accept that life's too short to resist what we believe we deserve. Of course, there's some truth in that. But you need to be sure about whatever you intend to 'indulge' in or pursue this week. Make sure an intense desire doesn't override logic.


Seeing what we choose to see in situations can be unhelpful. But it can also be helpful if we discover we've set our expectations too low. We can convince ourselves that seeing something uninspiringly or pessimistically means we see it realistically. Yet, all it takes sometimes is one positive development to draw attention to how wrong we were to see something so negatively. Allow developments this week to help you form a more optimistic picture of your prospects!


Events this week could make clear to you that you're not fighting a hopeless battle or struggling with an impossible situation. The progress you want to make is on offer but can't be made until you decide to do something about it. That's likely to involve doing what that you currently feel inclined to ignore or avoid. But you can probably sense where a bold step is needed. This week, you have the support you need to take it.


Luck has many options to manifest. But it seems to prefer to see some effort made on our part before it presents itself. As Venus links with Jupiter this week, you could feel the tide of fortune has turned your way. Serendipitous developments could confirm that faith and effort you've invested weren't wasted. But on the subject of fortune, make sure that exuberance doesn't lead to overspending. You could be surprised at and shocked by how easily that can happen!

Developments this week could lead to a revelation, breakthrough, and a chance to instigate a new plan. Yet, despite tangible reasons to feel that the gods of luck and fortune look kindly upon you, you could wonder if circumstances really will be different from now on. The answer is, they will. But an absolute worst-case scenario involves you being blessed with a significant and far-reaching idea. And even that could be connected to a revelation, breakthrough, and a new plan!


Unacceptable situations often tick along predictably until one tiny additional factor becomes the straw that does something painful to the back of a camel. Events this week could test your patience. But it could be by having your patience tested that you gain a new perspective where you need one. Should you experience a change of heart this week, that doesn't make you illogical or inconsistent. It means you've reached a turning point that you should appreciate and embrace.


As a Capricorn, you're wired to be more of a leader than a follower. But even the most successful people in history had mentors or people they looked to for inspiration or direction. As Mercury links with Saturn, you could feel that you should take the initiative and lead rather than rely on others' guidance. But if anyone knows the value of patience and accepting why it's best to learn to walk before you run, you do! It's worth reminding yourself of that this week.


This week, even if you think about a change that you want to make, you could find developments unfold to get it underway. Of course, having faith in your ability to introduce it in the first place will help. But before you can bring this transformational alteration, you could do with more information to remind you of how far-reaching it could be. Fresh insight and understanding could assist with seeing your plan or intentions from a more reasonable and manageable perspective.


Everybody possesses an intuition or a sixth sense, but not everybody knows how to harness it. Not only is your intuition powerful, but it can also answer questions that no amount of intellect could explain. As the Sun links with Neptune, your intuition is heightened and can help you see the hidden advantage in certain circumstances. By being guided by what you feel, you'll discover a genuine reason to feel hopeful. All you need to do is invest faith two ways - in what your inner voice tells you, and the universe!

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