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  UpdatedWeekly to your web site or APP - 23 August 2019


This week, a feeling of being wanted or needed could intensify. This could relate to a work-related development, but a noticeable change is unfolding that will boost your confidence and passion levels. This same fervent energy could be applied to self-improvement, too. You could feel extra determined to improve a health matter or decide that you want to look better naked and feel inspired to embark upon a new diet or fitness regime. Whichever applies, events this week are bound to help you to feel more passionate about ways you can assist or support others, feel better within yourself, or both. Whatever step or steps you take this week, you'll feel reassured that they take you in a new and more inspired direction.


If you've suppressed passionate thoughts, feelings, or emotions recently, then this week's events could cause them to emerge. The first area the universe is keen to focus attention on is your love life. You could discover a loved one or someone you want to be closer to needs you more than they've let on. Confidence and passion blend creatively, and the urge to express yourself and to leave at least one person in no doubt about what you think or feel is likely to intensify, if not reach a breaking point, this week. Allow yourself to be pushed to open up or reveal what's on your mind or in your heart in whatever way or ways you're likely to feel. One thing is for certain: you'll feel a lot better and considerably more inspired once you do!


You could feel noticeably more confident - and possibly passionate - toward a plan to increase or enhance security in your world. Areas that could receive special focus are your home or family. Whether you choose to enhance the levels of comfort within your abode, strengthen a connection with a family member or decide the time has come to pack up and move, you look set to feel that an essential step must be taken. For some Geminis, coming events might be more subtle, bringing a stronger interest in learning more about their family history or roots. Whatever transpires, trust that whatever steps or steps you take this week could be far-reaching in terms of helping you to feel more loved, wanted, and secure.


This week, it could become clear that you want more than basic levels of communication between you and others - or possibly one person in particular. You're blessed with confidence and passion to make thoughts or feelings clear and encourage others to lay proverbial cards on the table. It's possible that you want to feel more wanted, accepted, and to help at least one other person feel both as well. However, although you probably won't struggle to get anyone's attention with how you convey thoughts, feelings, or ideas, you could do so with so much gusto that you come across as overpowering. If you can keep your passionate determination in check and ensure that your words are underpinned by plenty of sensitivity, then you could find that whatever you say is not only heard but truly understood.


This week, you could feel extra-passionate and fired up about something to the point where conveying thoughts or feelings could leave the heads spinning of the recipients of your words. You might not only experience an influx but an avalanche of ideas, and if your mission is to gain understanding or approval, then it will be important to slow down and think through what you intend to say before releasing it. Your enthusiasm won't be in question, and you clearly have something important to say, so say it with gusto but ensure that your head and mouth work in tandem when doing so!


It's possible that recent events have altered more than one opinion about what you consider to be most important in life. This week's events are linked to your confidence, material possessions, values, and what you consider to be valuable. It's also possible that the conclusions you draw will be those you feel passionate about. You're likely to experience a process of change this week, and one that you should welcome and embrace because the new attitude you form about money's inability to solve every problem in life could be both far-reaching and permanent.


This week offers a chance to take stock, plan, or prepare in some way, and you may need to distance or detach yourself from others to do so. Although you might not have to physically remove yourself, before you can embark upon an inspired plan, it could be necessary to reacquaint yourself with yourself first. It's also possible that your ideas or plans could benefit others as well. Therefore, more than one reason exists to ensure you've thought through the implications of what you're considering. Make the most of this week's opportunity to pause and reflect. You're likely to find that setting aside time to do so and refraining from applying urgent passion and gusto to a plan or idea will prove to be much more beneficial.

Your dearest hopes and wishes receive considerable focus this week and to say that you're about to become extra-passionate about pursuing at least one is an understatement. However, it's also possible that much of the preparation will be done in the background. Whether the plan or vision that inspires you arrives out of the blue, relates to something you've been keen to make progress with for some time, or is something that got sidelined in the past and has been revived, you're blessed with new levels of passion and determination to take a significant stride. Once you do, expect to feel reassured that something you've been pinning your hopes on has not been unfounded or in vain


If you've been considering a professional change or move in the background recently, then this could be the week that you decide the time for thinking is over and it's necessary to take a confident step in a particular direction. Even if you're not considering an actual career change, you could find that coming events boost your optimism and passion levels toward something that you've suspected holds considerable promise or potential. Proof that your effort and faith haven't been unfounded could arrive. In any case, where you may have felt deflated or uninspired toward career-related circumstances recently, you look set to feel considerably more passionate and motivated shortly.


This week, you could become aware of why it's necessary to set certain ambitions or expectations higher in an area of your world. You have a new learning curve waiting for you, and there could be much that you need to get to grips with in a short space of time. The ways in which you're likely to feel more passionate, inspired, and determined are bound to make what might normally be a steep learning process considerably easier. Somebody, somewhere, knows that, with you, they're in safe hands. Your reasons for wanting to achieve success are probably personal. However, it won't take long for others to discover what you're capable of when you feel so fired up and passionate in the ways you're likely to feel this week and beyond!


This week, you're blessed with plenty of passion, but it could be tricky to determine how or where you're likely to apply it. It might be joint finances, debts, and money that comes your way that isn't earnings-related that receive special focus. However, so too might ways in which you make yourself vulnerable or expose yourself to others, and something could shift regarding intimacy between you and a special person. Whichever applies, you're about to feel more passionate about sharing what is yours - or sharing yourself in some way. You look set to put relationships or possibly one in particular on a firmer footing and are likely to leave at least one person in no doubt about how passionately you feel about doing so, too!


This week, a potentially powerful focus exists on relationships and commitments. Someone you're committed to romantically could be taken aback to discover how your passion levels have boosted noticeably. If it's any other kind of partnership, then you could have ideas to take your alliance to a new level and leave a partner in no doubt about how passionately you feel about these, too. Either way, by doing what you can to strengthen key connections, not only are you likely to discover your ideas or intentions are met with no resistance, but they could make at least one person feel even gladder to have you in their world.

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