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  UpdatedWeekly to your web site or APP - 18 October 2019


Much of what you see this week as confrontational or challenging is likely imaginary, and the root of this issue could surround your inability - or refusal - to apply lessons learned in the past to what's occurring now. Until you do, you could keep behaving in the same ways that may have hurt those closest to you previously. This week, if you really are determined to fight a battle, then rise to the challenge of addressing, once and for all, how you can become more self-aware and remove anger or frustration that underpin the way you react or respond to a particular person.


As Venus links with Neptune this week, you could find that your focus frequently shifts from something you believed to be inspiring or potentially thrilling to what you may think is uninspiring or deflating. Don't convince yourself that because something has always been a certain way that it must remain like that forever. Above all, don't give up on a plan that may have lost its sparkle recently because you believe something more inspiring captures your imagination and demands that you invest effort its direction. It's important to finish what you started, and accept that you were right to embark upon a plan or pursuit in the first place.


You could be unaware of how close you are to achieving success in an area that you may feel you've invested enough time, effort, and resources toward. Of course, whether you decide to pull the plug, cut your losses and walk away is entirely up to you, but as Mercury links with Jupiter this week, the message from the universe is crystal clear. It is not in your best interests to give up. Neither is it wise to believe that the effort you have invested in a particular area has been wasted. You have created momentum that currently takes you so close to a significant victory. You've come this far so don't even consider walking away.


You're superbly placed to deal with all that needs to be dealt with and also bring noticeable and far-reaching improvements to how something is done or possibly how you do it. There is no doubt that, by taking on a new responsibility, you leave behind something to accommodate the significant change you brought in an area of your world. However, in whatever area this new era is commencing, you mustn't feel daunted by it and, above all, wonder if you've taken on too much, too soon. You're precisely where you need to be, and once you get momentum moving with a new idea, plan, or vision, that will become reassuringly clearer.


As the Sun links with deceptive Neptune this week, you could feel unsure that you see a situation or scenario realistically. This could be because you might see it one way at a particular moment and then find that you see it in a completely different way at another. You might also try too hard to piece together a “mental puzzle“ of some kind or be too determined to push certain pieces together even if they don't fit snugly. There may be gaps or what you believe to be essential pieces missing, but, fortunately, that's where your instincts come in. Slowly but surely, a helpful, inspiring, and timely picture of your future is coming together. The less you worry about or try to rush this process, the sooner it will arrive on its own.


We accept that something that shines brightly is not always the most valuable, and something that seems small and trivial can have immense and fantastic influence. This week, it's essential that you keep an eye out for what's unseen, or seemingly minor or small. As Mercury links with Pluto, what you believe to be trivial or insignificant has the power to transform your life. If you think that sounds dramatic or over the top, then hopefully, during the coming days, you'll see for yourself how one event or development that you're inclined to believe is unworthy of attention could lead to something powerful and far-reaching.


Venus links with Saturn this week, and you could be prone to reflecting upon a past act or decision with a bit more seriousness than is necessary. It might take courage to consider or reconsider whatever occurred, but that's precisely what is needed to bring the reward on offer to you for being so bold. Somehow, in some way, you're about to gain fresh understanding of what might be an old matter. Try not to see this as a case of “better late than never“ because there is something wonderful and potentially magical about how you're able to apply knowledge and experience you have now that you didn't have previously. See what transpires as a gift rather than something to chastise yourself for not having connected with previously.

This week, you might be expected to venture into unknown territory or explore sensitive subjects that you prefer to turn a blind eye to. The outcome of this experience is one that will leave you significantly better off, but you might need to accept that you can afford to be distracted from a current, big preoccupation. It's time to gain an alternative perspective on a particular matter, and as long as you're willing to approach it positively and constructively, then this can lead to a shortcut to a goal that you are very keen to achieve. Doing something solo in the way you're encouraged to is what's needed for you to make the valuable discovery that awaits you.


As Mercury links with Jupiter this week, it spells the end of something awkward, the start of something pleasurable, and a valid reason to be optimistic. You could find yourself looking at life more sensibly, logically and reasonably. The universe is giving you a genuine reason to expect the arrival of good news. You're also presented with a fantastic opportunity to reach a deal or come to a fair arrangement regarding a matter that has, probably for some time needed to be sorted or resolved properly. You have a superb reason to feel more inspired this week, and as certain information finds its way to you, you will likely find that much that has been delayed or impeded will start to flow noticeably more smoothly.


As Venus links with Saturn this week, you could feel unusually inclined to be spontaneous or take a risk. Part of you probably wants to make something up as you go along rather than apply a rigid structure to it. There is nothing wrong with doing so, and it could be by connecting with your more spontaneous side that you find it is possible to achieve something that goes beyond the strict boundaries you set for yourself. However, it is important to find an essential balance between throwing caution to the wind and the need to have made the right kind of disciplined preparations first. If you ensure that those are in place before being guided by impulsiveness, then you will have created the perfect recipe for success.


This week, you could want to deal more with facts than theories. You would probably prefer to connect with the source of truth and see a situation realistically as opposed to theoretically. It's perhaps because a particular process is at an early stage that it is, therefore, difficult to predict precisely the direction it's going to head toward. However, you have a choice regarding the extent to which you involve yourself with stressful situations, ludicrous challenges, or ridiculous dramas. You might not be able to reduce the constant challenges or chaos unfolding during the coming days. However, you can, at least, manage to see the funny side of what's occurring or what is positive within what others see as something to get stressed about.


As Venus links with Neptune this week, you're likely to become aware of a 'gut feeling' about something or someone. You might believe that all you have to go on is your intuition, but it's important that you acknowledge and respect whatever hunches you have, whether they're positive or negative. This isn't a time to ignore what your inner voice is trying to tell you. If you're willing to turn the volume up and connect authentically with its message, then you will gain the right level of clarity and understanding about whatever or whoever you could be applying a bit too much benefit of the doubt toward.

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