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  UpdatedWeekly to your web site or APP - 04 December 2020


As your ruling planet Mars links with Neptune, you could focus too intently on what you don't have in some way. It may also appear easier to keep a dream a best-kept secret or nothing more than a fantastic vision that must reside forever in the realms of your subconscious. But it's time to overcome your misgivings. More importantly, push aside doubts, concerns, or fears attached to turning this vision into something real.


As Venus links with Neptune, a challenge offers an opportunity to brighten up a dull or uninspiring area of your world. By applying imagination and a touch of ingenuity, you can transform what appears difficult into something genuinely inspiring. If ever there was a week to believe that a much-welcomed change is possible with the right attitude and approach, it's this one!


As Mercury squares up to Jupiter, you're likely to feel under pressure, but only because you pay too much attention or invest excessive effort toward what you see as restrictive or inflexible. Don't believe a situation 'is what it is,' must be accepted, and there's nothing you can do about it. You can find common ground and reach a compromise. But both require you to focus less intently on what's seemingly serious and more toward reasons to feel genuinely hopeful and optimistic.


This week, you may need to dig deep into your imagination supply and blend it with an ability to be adept, astute, or inventive. Financially and romantically, your outlook is promising. It may be in those areas that you impress and surprise yourself with what you make happen. But it's by 'thinking outside the box' and being a bit more daring or willing to 'push the envelope' that you can transform a situation in ways that may not only delight but thrill you.


Ask yourself why you might feel so determined to go over-the-top in the Effort Department this week. Is this to prove something to yourself? Does it involve proving something to someone else? More importantly, is it borne from a desire to rise to a challenge or motivated by fear? Those are the questions you need to get to grips with this week. A fantastic vision requires you to take sensible, practical steps to achieve or attain it. Anything more could be counterproductive.


This week's link between your ruling planet, Mercury, and Saturn reminds you that, despite what might feel unfamiliar or volatile, you're not in new territory. You've been here before. You have experience-based wisdom to draw upon. Something you learned and applied in the past needs applying to what you're learning now. The really good news is, acknowledging the need to do this and why you're doing so will help you turn what you see initially as a struggle into a success.


This week, you have fantastic cosmic support to instigate a change that has likely simmered away or brewed in the background for a long time. You might even find that your head spins and jaw drops at the speed and depth at which unusual or possibly coincidental circumstances unfold. Trust that these mark the clear start of a new phase in your life. Prepare to push certain boundaries and see solutions where you've seen only obstacles and restrictions - until now.

Venus in your sign links with Pluto this week. A feeling of being 'lost at sea' or alone is about to reduce. But you're also urged to make a big commitment and take a faith-driven step in a particular direction. Both can remove you from a comfort zone and bring a change you want but may not believe you're ready for. But you are ready. You also want and need it. All it needs from you is your help to manifest.


As the Sun in your sign links with Neptune, you might believe you must allow an aspiration to take the form of a fantasy, and that's what it must always be. But the Sun adds heat and fuel to the imagination needed to turn your inspired vision into something real. You have fantastic cosmic support on offer. So, see what happens when you apply faith-driven effort toward something that needn't be stored in the back of your mind as a fantasy forever!


This week's link between the Sun and Neptune implies that you have a complex dispute to solve and a potentially problematic story to unravel. You might feel overstretched and under pressure but don't worry about that. An opportunity needs to be seized. So, welcome a push to take action or a step in a particular direction. You may not have otherwise made the move that is necessary and timely to make. Believe that it's for a reason that won't take you long to be grateful for!


This week, you're urged to be a bit more innovative in some way. You're encouraged to come up with a new methodology that can be seen helpfully as advanced and original. You can introduce a new idea based on unique, creative thinking. So, seize your opportunity to transform your and possibly others' attitudes toward how something has been done until now. Above all, let your forward-thinking skills shine in the way they deserve to!


As the Sun links with Neptune in your sign, your attitude could shift toward a fantasy related to a career aspiration or professional pursuit. This fantasy might also connect to what you do work-wise and how you want to be seen by others or in the public eye. Either way, imagination needs and deserves to fuel an ambition or talent you possess. It's time to summon and apply more faith toward what inspires you - and see it in a new and more achievable light!

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