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  UpdatedWeekly to your web site or APP - 24 September 2021


From this week until October 18, you could give constant or considerable thought to relationships, partnerships, or one in particular. As Mercury moves backward and affects commitments and companions, where you stand with a particular person could be more unclear than clear until mid-October. But don't be concerned if you tend to focus frequently on what you know you don't want from a one-to-one connection. That's the first step needed to help clarity arrive.


If creating more stability in a particular area has proved challenging recently, you could find a workable solution this week. You could also, understandably, believe you're dealing with circumstances that appear too good to be true. But the truth is, your patience has likely paid off. If you've held back from making decisions recently in order to assess your options properly, then you could feel reassured soon that was a wise move.


Your ruling planet Mercury goes retrograde this week until October 18. Every Gemini will have their own story to tell about what slows down or grinds to a halt in their world. You could have more than one intriguing option to consider from this week and beyond, too. However, you'd be wise to refrain from making any decisions until after October 18. You're about to enter a helpful time of reflection. But your ruling planet is in no rush, and neither should you be!


Increasing responsibilities might have made it difficult for you to focus on and resolve a domestic or family matter recently. You may have felt that by now, you'd be in a position to do so. However, a backward-moving Mercury affects your abode or clan until October 18. This is not a time to have deep discussions or make domestic decisions. But the universe has lined up one or two sweet developments elsewhere. So, this week could be memorable in another way.


You can be certain a mental filter will come in handy from this week until October 18. Mindful Mercury moves backward in ways likely to scramble thoughts and communication. Don't be surprised to discover that what your head wants to say turns out to be very different from what your mouth produces from this week onward. But slowing down one or two thought processes could help you think things through without doing something that may have been done hastily.


Money matters could benefit from more care and consideration from this week until October 18. Your ruling planet Mercury moves backward until then, affecting your earnings. This is a time to get financial agreements in writing. Also, if possible, avoid any money-related discussions unless they're straightforward. It's worth keeping a close eye on potential errors in your salary from this week until mid-October, too. Accidents happen and to err is human!


Mischievous Mercury goes backward in your sign until October 18. There are plus points to this. However, it could be easy to focus on the not-so-plus points. Back up electronic data frequently. Accept that printed and electronic communication could vanish into the ether. But you have a fantastic opportunity to look inward and reassess how you see yourself and want others to see you. It's possible that a 'new you' could present itself to the world during the coming weeks.

Until October 18, the universe encourages you to call 'time out.' Where you stand with one or two people and possibly resentment or pain attached to unresolved matters might require you to ponder your next steps privately. From this week, you have a superb chance to assess and decide what you can do to achieve closure where it's needed. Don't forget that you have Venus in your sign, too. You're sending out a vibe now that others will likely find very easy to welcome!


What is it 'they' say about too many chefs in a kitchen? Something about spoiling the broth! The same could be said for an area of your world where others' involvement, although well-intended, could create complications. If there's something you're certain needs to be done in a particular way, then it may need to be done by you - alone. You could be extra-sensitive to others' input. But there may be limits regarding how helpful and necessary it is.


If there's one thing that might concern a Capricorn, it's confusion, uncertainty, and instability on the career front. Yet, if anyone knows how to turn something volatile into something solid and inspiring, you do. As Mercury moves backward, affecting your career and status, your professional direction or future could be blurred, distorted, or prone to inaccurate information. But this could also be the universe's way of encouraging you to give proper thought to where you should be going - or what you should be doing.


This week, Mercury moves backward in a way that affects your distant horizons, future vision, mind expansion, and philosophies. That's quite a list. But from now until October 18, you could question how satisfied you are with your spiritual and intellectual growth. Are you living your life by truths and principles that suit you, others, or someone else? The truth, as they say, is out there. The period of reflection that commences this week could help you find it.


Don't convince yourself that an unexpected development threatens a sense of security. Until October 18, Mercury moves backward to reveal how volatile something is that you believed to be secure or well-grounded. But it could also become clear what adjustments are needed to ensure that it upgrades security-wise to be more appropriate for your current circumstances. The transition might feel uncomfortable at first. But it won't take long for you to feel reassured by what changes!

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