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  UpdatedWeekly to your web site or APP - 13 December 2019


As Mars links with Neptune this week, you have an excellent opportunity to trust how 'leaping into the unknown' can take you into unfamiliar but potentially exciting territory. It could be by accepting what has become too predictable that you can bring what's 'untried' or 'untested' to it. There is a chance, waiting to be taken, that involves adopting a new and maybe even an unorthodox approach to whatever needs improving or rejuvenating. The coming week brings a fantastic blend of passionate energy, creativity, and imagination. Put all of these together, and you have a recipe that can bring something awe-inspiring!


Passionate and confident people will always turn heads or attract attention, and that might explain why you're seen in such ways this week. If you're not aware of how you radiate intensity or carry a particular kind of power, then you be will soon. That's why it's important to understand what - or whom - you're becoming so passionate about. Is your passion expressed positively or might it be attached to a dubious - or even dangerous idea or vision? Try to curb your enthusiasm if you can because you could be at risk of going too far, too soon. However, it's also possible that going a bit overboard might be a risk that you're very willing to ignore - and take!


Sometimes, we see mistakes as something to be avoided at all costs. However, we should see our mistakes as essential steps in learning processes and important stepping stones to progress we want to make. The progress you're keen to make during the coming week deserves the respect you're keen to give it, and it also deserves the success you want to achieve. Whether you accomplish either or both depends on how seriously you want either or both. Give what matters most to you the time, attention and effort it needs, and you stand to be both amazed and delighted by what you achieve this week.


We can all 'tune in' to others in ways that are similar to radio signals. With radios, all it takes is a station to be slightly out of whack or kilter, and the listening experience is compromised. You, on the other hand, have the equivalent of a 'signal booster' at your disposal this week! You're able to gauge others' moods and emotional atmospheres effectively, and this has enormous potential to attract others to you - or you to them. Either way, if you use your ability to make others feel safe and secure, then you'll likely be delighted to discover how they reciprocate.


At what point do we become convinced that we've given enough effort to a particular area? This usually coincides with a clear message that comes to us from deep within our minds that we're pleased with a particular result, for the time being, anyway. So, with that in mind, why do you feel answerable to so many people? This week, you might need to assert yourself and be less agreeable. The time might have arrived for you not to give in so easily or be so willing to placate certain others or someone in particular.


It's by encouraging open communication that you can build bridges with others this week. With your curiosity enhanced about what makes others 'tick', you could be fascinated by the different ways those around you think. Whether you agree with someone or not is largely irrelevant. Your inquisitive enthusiasm thrives on the possibility of learning more about human nature, and this can lead to learning more about yourself. Be willing to summon the courage to ask some necessary questions this week, and you could receive some intriguing and helpful answers.


The last thing you want this week is to be monitored or have someone peering over your shoulder, watching your every move. If a problem needs to be addressed, then your independent attitude can guarantee that doing something yourself is the wisest option. As a Libran, you understand the concept of relationships and bringing or restoring balance where it's needed. However, try not to create an imbalance because doing so doesn't only inconvenience others but could result in you burning a bridge or severing a tie that you'll be glad to have in place in the future.

Locating the origin of a problem might be challenging during the coming days because it's likely outside of your immediate sphere or entirely in someone else's hands. That's why it's important to stop, look, and listen carefully because your inner voice could pick up clues about the direction something that has appeared vague or rudderless is heading. Fortunately, there are plenty of personal interests to keep you occupied while you wait to see how this transformation develops. Just remember that the most significant changes are often preceded by a brief bit of chaos!


This week brings a need to apply more self-discipline than you're probably used to applying, especially if doing so boosts the chances of achieving your goals or one in particular. You might also sense that it's time to adopt a more serious approach to your health while taking steps to improve your social life. Sport, exercise, and fitness is more fun with a companion, so see who shares your energetic enthusiasm. Healthier living could be infinitely more enjoyable this week when you're having fun with people whose company you genuinely enjoy!


There's plenty that can be achieved by taking the initiative and going after something passionately this week! With boosts to your confidence promised, material gains won't be far behind, either. By staying alert, on your toes, or ready to spring into action at a moment's notice, you could send a clear message to others that your days of being an observer or watching from the sidelines are drawing to a close because you're about to become a 'serious contender' in some way. Someone might have been waiting for you to shine - and it doesn't look like you're about to disappoint them!.


This week, your relationship with authority or 'powers that be' could pose a problem or two. Recent events may have altered your status in others' eyes, but you could have impressed someone who you could use on your side. However, the most important achievement might occur in your emotional world as conditions that have been stuck or dormant for some time finally start to shift and adjustments can be made. If you want to have a maximum influence upon what's going on around you, then the first step involves understanding what is going on within you. You've had your share of struggling recently. This week, prepare to see the reward for doing so.


A surprise development could shake a familiar routine in a way that brings you face to face with a matter you've avoided or hidden from. Circumstances might also demand that you work through this challenge because you'll do yourself a massive disservice by continuing to hope it will vanish on its own. Seeing a matter through a more realistic lens can encourage you to accept that you have seen something in an imbalanced way or unrealistically recently. Trust that you have nothing to fear by confronting a fear. Then, watch that fear disappear.

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