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  UpdatedWeekly to your web site or APP - 15 February 2019


The coming week could be pivotal and memorable where making significant earnings and career-related progress are concerned. With Mars bringing a new level of energy and initiative to your pecuniary position until March 31, you might see your outgoings increase noticeably but will be blessed with the ability to rise to and resolve any money-related challenges. A wonderful career move or development could occur between the 18th and 22nd, reinforced with a Full Moon influencing your work and daily routines in the 19th. You're about to take strides on the career front and in ways that could have you punching the air with delight.


If it has been some time since others saw how able you are to kick into gear or take action when necessary, then their jaws could drop now that passion planet Mars occupies your sign until March 31. You're about to experience a surge of energy to achieve almost anything you set your sights on, and failure won't be an option. However, it might be your love life that brings the most important and reassuring development this week. With a Full Moon influencing all things loved-up and romantic and blessed with Mars passion your heart could beat faster and in a way that brings a delightful new and thrilling chapter to one special connection or your love life generally.


This week, you could feel inclined to distance yourself from others as Mars encourages detachment, secrets, and invisibility until March 31. It could also encourage you to keep certain ideas or plans close to your chest without revealing them and choose instead to get certain strategies sorted in your mind before pursuing them. A Full Moon on the 19th marks the start of a new chapter related to your home, family or domestic set-up. Welcome any disruption that accompanies this, because, as the old saying goes, 'from chaos comes order.'


From this week until March 31, you could view your connection with a group effort or maybe a cause close to your heart with a fresh pair of eyes but possibly adopt a more aggressive stance regarding it. It might be a friend who says or does something that pushes the wrong buttons with you and from this week until the end of March, you'll likely need to summon restraint in ways might feel difficult to do so at times. A commitment or close partnership could also demand attention and effort this week. It might be 'make or break time' and either your connection or involvement with someone gets taken to a new level or it's time to call it quits. Either way, what transpires will have 'long term' written all over it.


With Mars influencing your ambitions, career, and status from this week until March 31, you're about to scale new professional heights and impress others in the process. Something connected with your career is likely to fire your imagination and offer enough inspiration for you to pull out all the stops to achieve it, and what transpires this week could mark the start of this heightened ambitiousness. Further enhancement arrives with a Full Moon on the 19th influencing your earnings. If you need a reason to embark upon a new chapter that boosts your income in some way, then an opportunity to do so could present itself.


Mars has just started to influence future vision and mind expansion, and you'll be blessed with abundant energy to pursue learning and big ideas until March 31. You could feel noticeably more passionate about ideas or philosophies you believe in and won't hesitate to defend your views, either. However, affairs of the heart could become more of a priority, and it's the link Venus makes to Saturn and Pluto during coming days that could mark the start of something wonderful, whether you're single or attached. You also have a Full Moon in your sign on Tuesday, and this could bring an epiphany of some kind and require you to assess one situation truthfully.


Mars has only just started to influence finances and sharing but could increase your expenses or create tension with a lover regarding joint finances or investments. This trend is likely to continue until the end of March, but events this week could mark the start of discussions or plans put into action to create a more secure financial foundation. A Full Moon on Tuesday might remind you that you owe it to yourself to step back into the shadows and focus more on your needs than others'. The balance between giving and taking where your involvement or connection with certain people is concerned might need balancing, and some 'you time' might be essential.

You have passion planet, Mars, influencing partnerships and companions and this energy can be sexy and delightful or confrontational the choice is yours! You might need to summon extra levels of restraint until the end of March to keep things copacetic between you and a certain person, so remember that a spark can ignite something heartwarming or create an inferno if you're not careful. This could also be a week when a significant decision or conversation is had with a certain person. Although you might feel it's necessary to stand your ground, be aware that what gets agreed could have long-term implications or consequences.


Mars is now influencing your work commitments and service to others until March 31, and this can bring a new lease of life to tired or tedious routines. You could start to introduce new and more effective ways of tackling all those jobs on your daily To Do List and with levels of gusto you might have struggled to find recently. Other events this week could bring a significant purchase of some kind, but this looks set to be more of a long-term investment than a whim. This week's Full Moon targets you're your career, ambitions, and status. It could be time to shine and remind powers-that-be of what you're capable of or why a special project should come your way.


This week, Venus links with both Saturn and Pluto, bringing a new level or realism and transformation to close relationships or one in particular. What you feel is solid, comfortable and predictable, someone else might feel has become too tedious or stuck in the present. This leaves you with the option of either removing yourself from a comfort zone to placate them or choosing to stick with it and cause a parting of ways. The choice will be yours. A Full Moon influences distant horizons, faraway places and big ideas. Travel plans and anything connected with education, publishing or media are superbly starred, and your charisma is heightened wonderfully!


Mars has just begun to influence your home, family and emotional foundations, and will do so until March 31. You might see evidence from as early as this week of conflict between you and family members or relatives, and what comes to light could be something that has been simmering in the background for some time. In other news, a Full Moon on Tuesday influences finances and deep sharing, and if you've been waiting for the right time to secure a loan or or news related to money coming your way that isn't related to your earnings, then it could arrive this week.


Mars influences thoughts and communication from this week until March 31, and your words are about to carry significantly more clout. With Mercury in your sign, you could have a constant stream of ideas that, with Mars offering support, could make any communications-related project a success. You might experience drama this week, possibly in the form of a power struggle with a friend, so apply your signature compassion and sensitivity to ensure things don't spiral out of control. A Full Moon influences commitments on Tuesday and could mark the start of something special with a business or personal relationship. Something between you and a certain person is about to be taken to a mutually agreeable, new level.

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