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  UpdatedWeekly to your web site or APP - 10 July 2020


This week, as Mars links with Uranus, you could adopt a 'go go go' attitude toward something that likely requires you to go 'slow slow slow.' You're right to anticipate and possibly be inspired by the change coming your way. But preparing for and making the most of it requires you to summon restraint and patience. Even if, at times, doing so feels difficult, make that your mission this week.


We can all recall times when we wish we didn't know something or weren't the recipients of certain information. But when something comes to light that helps us to see a situation realistically, then disappointment is usually short-lived. What is revealed this week could have you wondering why you didn't put two and two together and see it coming. But be grateful for what emerges. It could provide a perfect piece of a puzzle you need


This week, you could deal with a very persuasive individual who, although they have your best interests at heart, could make clear what they believe you should be doing. This might go against the grain of what you believe is right for you. Yes, you have a slightly confusing week ahead of you. But you're about to start taking steps toward something you genuinely need. The really good news is, you're about to send out a clear message to others about how in control you are.


Imagine if a grand piano was falling from the tenth floor of a building to a busy street below. Somebody pushes you aggressively out of the way as the piano crashes to the ground behind you. Would you have a go at them for being rude and pushy? This week, someone could react unpleasantly toward you looking out for them. Try not to take it personally. Eventually, they'll see the bigger picture you see.


'Have no fear; it's _____ to the rescue!' You can insert your name in the blank space. That's because, as the Sun links with Jupiter, others might believe you're superhuman. You could be convinced that a seemingly extreme situation requires extreme measures. But try to accept your limitations this week. It's not your responsibility to go to such great lengths to save others or prove anything to yourself - or anyone else for that matter.


There's something about the words 'adjust' and 'adapt' that have a calm or perhaps gradual feel to them. That's something to bear in mind this week as you perhaps invest more effort than is needed to become familiar with a new set of circumstances. Nobody expects you to get to grips with either or both instantly. Others appear to be understanding of the need for time to work a bit of magic. So, don't beat yourself up. Take a leaf from their book.


Does somebody excel at the art of 'deflection'? You could make your list of needs known to them only to find they respond with reasons why you must either wait a bit longer or they're not willing to cooperate. This could push you to believe this individual plays no part in an important strategy. But is it possible that you're the one coming across as demanding - or even aggressive? Address that, and you could find conversations go down a very different and more helpful avenue.

A risk you could feel encouraged to take needs and deserves more 'thinking time' than you're probably prepared to give it. Don't allow a desire to introduce change for the sake of change fuel your efforts. Trust your instincts if they tell you that you're about to take a far-reaching step without being armed with as much information as you should be. Slowing down and assessing the situation properly could provide the essential nuggets you need.


There is truth in the old saying about how it's better to have a small percentage of something than 100% of nothing. This week, you could focus more on shortfalls or what didn't go entirely to plan. But that doesn't mean in time, shortfalls can't become abundant, and plans that went off on tangents can't become streamlined. You've embarked upon something that's too good to dismiss as something lacking the potential you thought it offered.


As happy and welcoming as you should be about Saturn's return to your sign, you could be inclined to look at the ringed planet like a grumpy old relative who you were glad to see the back of when it left. This week, Saturn intends to see what you've learned during its absence. It has a few challenges to throw your way. When these arise, you will know exactly what to do. And you can also trust that where a challenge exists, so too does a reward.


This week, you could benefit by revealing to at least one trusted individual something you're keen to achieve or accomplish. Keeping your vision concealed within the depths of your mind is a bit like keeping a classic racing car locked in a dusty garage. Let it emerge. Convey it confidently. You've nothing to lose and much to gain by choosing your 'sounding board' carefully and sharing an inspired idea or plan.


Your powerful intuition fuels deep levels of compassion and sympathy that make you someone anyone would want on their side when they need help or support. But you may need to be a bit more aware of where a line exists regarding ways you can assist somebody and how they ought to take confident steps themselves. Be at hand to offer input or insights. But you're not as obliged to hold someone's hand or steer them in ways they may believe you are.

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