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  UpdatedWeekly to your web site or APP - 10 August 2018


If we ask a question in numerous different ways then we can receive very different responses. How we phrase a question and sincerity we underpin it with often affects the response we receive. That's something to bear in mind this week as you find yourself needing to bring into the open a certain issue or topic that requires plenty of care and sensitivity if the desired response is to be received. If you ensure both along with plenty of sincerity and honesty are integral to your approach, then the response you want will be forthcoming.


This week, focus is likely to be given to your domestic set-up, thanks to the New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse. This could involve changes you want or need to implement to your abode or dealing with an issue that raises its head surrounding whom you share it with or a family member. Factors related to your emotional security are highlighted, and coming events could confirm how your home or family are truly where your heart is. Certain information that arrives might be surprising but will nudge you toward taking the initiative to bring resolution or closure where either or both are needed.


A situation or arrangement that has been left open-ended, perhaps in the belief it will resolve itself eventually could become a focal point this week. You might have seen a long list of reasons why it has been more problematic than helpful, but it's possible you haven't been encouraged to assess it in the level of depth you're encouraged to this week. It's not 'all bad.' In fact, there's something worthy of acknowledging positively and appreciating within it. Make an effort to focus on that this week.


If you're not already aware of how a particular weight has been removed from your shoulders, then events this week and possibly beyond could make this clear. A tense, confusing and potentially draining chapter is closing or is about to close, and there might be a financial connection with this. As a monetary matter become resolved, it will likely bring a need to face a difficult fact. However, being able to finally draw a line under and move on from what has been uncertain or volatile will make up for that.


You might feel as if you stand at a crossroads this week and must choose the direction the next part of your life must head toward. However, this selection process would probably be easier if you could see clearly the way you want your life to proceed. It might feel as if you can only see a glimpse of where each option takes you, and you aren't armed with enough information to make an informed choice. The New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse occurs in your sign this week. One thing's for certain: no area of your world is immune to change. Be open-minded and willing to embrace it.


The saying about being unable to 'see the wood for trees' comes to mind this week. A certain situation could become crystal clear but, for this to happen, you're going to have to accept that you've been viewing it in an unnecessarily complex way and unrealistically. This might have much to do with your keenness to remain in a comfort zone of some kind. You might have had reasons for turning a blind eye to what you're encouraged to face this week, but it appears you'll benefit from allowing realism to replace idealism.


The coming week could highlight an issue that demands to be resolved, but you might be unsure about where to start to bring closure to it. It's also possible that a desire to act in an over-the-top way is tempered by a need to be practical and sensible. This could cause you to believe that taking a brave step or a risk could be more problematic than promising. This week, summon strength, pride, a sense of adventurousness and, above all, confidence. Connect with all the above, and something wonderful and potentially heartwarming can result.

One social media image that crops up regularly reads, 'find the connection between what you want to achieve and what you intend to do today.' It might be appropriate for you to change the word, 'today' for 'this week.' The cosmos doesn't promise a miracle regarding what you can accomplish this week, but I wouldn't rule out a minor one. As it becomes clearer that something you believed to be beyond your reach is becoming within your grasp, one important step forward can be taken to bring you closer to a cherished goal.


This week, a challenge begs for attention and for you to rise to it. The act of doing so could take you halfway to overcoming it. By accepting time has come to confront what has been a source of uncertainty, confusion or prone to procrastination, something potentially wonderful and far-reaching can be achieved. You might believe, at first, that you don't possess the effort or stamina required to overcome this obstacle. Coming events could confirm, to your delight and reassurance, how able - and supported - you are.


The New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse influences 'sharing' in every sense of the word what you own, owe or exchange with someone else. Sharing also involves intimacy and what you reveal to others on a 'need to know' basis. The coming week could shift your focus to what's shared between you and a certain individual. A new agreement or arrangement looks likely. This will run more smoothly if nothing is left unsaid or no truths are concealed. You'll need to summon plenty of honesty and possibly courage to ensure you're completely transparent in any discussions.


A New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse targets relationships and commitments. It's unlikely to go unnoticed, but its effects might not be instant. You're presented with an opportunity to strengthen relationships that are solid and rewarding and address those that are unbalanced or unrewarding. Much depends on the role you want to play where commitments or involvements with others are concerned. You might be surprised at information that comes to light regarding where certain commitments go from here and where - or with whom - you draw a line.


The New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse influences your responsibilities and routines, and the coming week could bring an alteration to your obligations to others. However, you might prefer to nurture a dream without acknowledging the reality of what you're dealing with. You want your imagination to roam free without being hampered by enforced structures or procedures. However, you're not alone with shouldering any increased obligations and support is at hand if you're prepared to ask for it.

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