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  Updated Weekly (Mondays) to your web site - 09 December 2019


The busier life gets and especially on the professional front, the more important having the right work/life balance becomes. As this is not a particularly active time of year on the romantic or relationship fronts, there is a danger of your personal life coming off second to your professional life or to life's other demands. Fortunately, it is the Moon that comes to the rescue this week, not once but three times. The first time is through the Moon's return to your communication sector midweek, ahead of a Full Moon on Thursday. A friendly aspect to the asteroid Juno will channel a lot the momentum on the communication front towards your relationships. By Friday the Moon will have its focus on home and family matters but by confronting planets in your career sector can help you address any work/life balance issues. It is the Moon's return to your romantic sector over the weekend that will end the week on a romantic note.


You might experience a case of deja vu at the start of the week, with your personal and relationship needs clashing in the same way that they did two weeks earlier. However, this time this is more a reminder and not a repeat of the fairly severe clash between Uranus in Taurus and Mars in your relationship sector two weeks ago. This time it is just the Moon passing through Taurus, making that same test but in a more fleeting and less challenging way. In addition, the timing is perfect, with the Moon pushing buttons during Mercury's final hours in your relationship sector. It is on Monday that Mercury, the planet of communication will be wrapping up a two month visit, with the Moon flushing out any strong emotional responses with perfect timing. By Tuesday Mars will be the only planet in your relationship sector and as he won't clash with the Moon again before leaving in the New Year, will spend the rest of this year fighting for your relationships.


The timing of the last Full Moon of 2019 turns this into an event that will have positive implications on the romantic and relationship fronts. The Moon will return to Gemini over 24 hours before Thursday's Full Moon, a Full Moon that will both bring a chance to take your personal power back and challenge your relationships. This is a Full Moon that will always fall at some point during the Sun's month long visit to your relationship sector and is designed to put a balance between your personal and relationship needs to the test. It is supposed to create some relationship tension, because the Moon offers a chance for your own needs to push back, making sure you have an authentic balance. While this was always going to put the Moon at a friendly aspect to Juno on the romantic front, what makes the timing auspicious is Mercury, the planet of communication's return to your relationship sector on Monday.


With Jupiter spending his first and Venus her last full week in your relationship sector, the planets of love and luck were always going to make this a big week for relationship matters. What makes this week especially important is that Venus will catch up with, align and overtake Saturn and Pluto, ending the week out in front. Yet in the process, by aligning with the planets that have been here for years now, this will allow the planet of love to get to the heart of what you want from your relationships and what they need from you. In the meantime, matters of the heart gain some serious momentum as well, thanks to Mercury's departure from your romantic sector on Monday. After spending over two months giving your heart a voice and putting heart and mind on the same page, Mercury will hand the reins over to Mars. Here for the rest of the year, this is when Mars' romantic passions and fighting spirit will become unleashed.


Knowing that Venus, the planet of love will return to your relationship sector next Friday, your relationships know that they will get their turn then, making this week more about matters of the heart and all things romantic. The Sun will always spend the first three weeks of December in your romantic sector, so the solar spotlight was already on matters of the heart. However, with Jupiter having left last week, Venus the week before and the Sun leaving later next week, it was starting to look like the focus on matters of the heart was about to run its course. However, in a case of better late than never, held back by a retrograde phase last month, Mercury finally returns to your romantic sector on Monday. This will have two main impacts, both important. The first is to support the Sun by giving your heart a voice and putting heart and mind on the same page. The second impact is that while the Sun will leave later next week, Mercury will remain here over Christmas and into the final days of the year.


Things take a turn for the better for Venus, with the planet of love spending both her last full week in your romantic sector and her most empowered week. At the same time that Jupiter, in his first full week in your romantic sector and of your most potentially lucky year for love in over a decade, is still in the early degrees, Venus has reached a point in the heavens where Saturn and Pluto are located. These are the planets that have been here for years, with her alignment with Saturn midweek followed by an alignment with Pluto at the start of the weekend. By the end of the week Venus will be out in front and having aligned with the planet of change and the planet that can give you the power to move mountains, you should have a whole new sense of what's possible. In the meantime, there is a chance to push through communication barriers, especially once you clear the early part of the week.


While it is business as usual on the romantic front until Venus, the planet of love returns to your romantic sector next week, there is something special happening on the relationship front this week and all because of timing. After five months in retrograde motion in your relationship sector Chiron, the planet of healing is finally preparing to turn direct on Friday, but first has to come to a standstill. Held back by a retrograde phase last month Mercury, the planet of communication finally returns to your communication sector on Monday and in his early days will form a friendly aspect to Chiron. This will bring the planets of communication and healing together, while the doors are still open to the past and there is an opportunity to lay old relationship ghosts to rest. What makes the timing even more auspicious is that there is a chance to focus on this before next week's romantic developments.

Starting the week with the Moon in your relationship sector will always have complications, especially when you still have planets in Scorpio that it can clash with. That is the case at the start of the week, with the Moon's opposition with Mars on Monday creating the potential for some strong emotional responses and even some relationship tension. However, it is the timing that makes this a small price to pay, for it comes just as Mercury, the planet of communication is in his final hours in Scorpio. It is as Mercury leaves on Monday that strong emotional responses will dial back, having done their job of flushing things out in the open. At the same time with Venus, the planet of love in her last full week in your communication sector, even when Mercury leaves she is there to pick up from where he leaves off. The Moon is in your relationship sector on Monday and Tuesday, making these the most important days of the week for having the communication lines open.


While Venus is rushing ahead and her return to your communication sector next week is so ahead of schedule that she will have been and gone by the time the Sun returns in January, she will arrive too late for this week's Full Moon in your relationship sector. However, this is one time when you can not only afford to wait but you have a secret weapon that means you won't have to. For while Venus won't return to your communication sector until next week to begin her mission to give your heart and your relationships a voice you have Mercury, the planet of communication returning to Sagittarius on Monday. In the early days of October Mercury was just two weeks away from returning to Sagittarius but instead did a U turn. Had Mercury returned on time he would have been and gone by now but instead, will be here during Thursday's Full Moon, able to give your emotional responses and relationships a voice.


Starting the week with the Moon in your romantic sector is always an advantage and even more so when this is also Venus, the planet of love's last full week in Capricorn. Romantically charged lunar vibes are in effect on Monday and Tuesday, giving the week a romantically charged start that you can continue to benefit from. Especially as this comes just as Venus is starting to gain some serious support. In the days after the Moon leaves Venus will align with first Saturn and then Pluto in Capricorn, with a chance for some of their energy to rub off on her. By the time you reach the weekend, a combination of romantically charged lunar vibes at the start of the week and a boost in confidence that comes after that, no romantic desire or expectation will feel impossible. With Uranus in retrograde motion in your romantic sector, this even comes with access to the past and second chances.


It is hard to decide whether this week's romantically charged Full Moon is the prelude to Venus, the planet of love's return to Aquarius next week or whether Venus' return will be a chance to capitalise on what this week's Full Moon triggers. Either way, to have the two fall so close is going to jumpstart matters of the heart in a way not seen for months now. Apart from the Moon's monthly visit to your romantic sector, there has been no activity on the romantic front for months now. That it comes just as things are heating up professionally, has the added bonus of making sure life doesn't become all work and no play. What makes Thursday's Full Moon even more special is that there are some major developments on the romantic front in 2020, with Venus spending the middle months of next year in your romantic sector. For now, in her last full week in a nostalgic part of your chart, Venus is taking your heart on a nostalgic trip down love's memory lane.


While the closing weeks of this year are likely to be busy, they are not going to be as busy as they could have been had Jupiter not left your career sector last week. This gives you a chance to make up for lost time on the personal front, with the Moon giving romantic and relationship matters just what they need this week. There is no planetary activity on the relationship front, so starting the week with the Moon in your communication sector is a real advantage. The Moon is here on Monday and Tuesday, getting the week off to a good start and with Uranus still in retrograde motion here, this includes a chance to give the past and unsaid words a voice. It is later in the week that romantic matters will get their turn, with the Moon returning to your romantic sector in time to at least spend the majority of the weekend here. This is not only the Moon's last visit for the year but the last before returning as a lunar eclipse next month.

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