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  Updated Weekly (Mondays) to your web site - 15 July 2019


It was the pressure that Mars was putting on Uranus in your income sector late last week that may have put a dent in your confidence. This was not the normal pressure that comes when planets are in opposition and more that Mars was at an angle that put indirect pressure on the planet that is still in his early months of a seven year visit. The reality is, with Mars returning to your work sector next month and set to work with both Uranus on the income and Saturn and Pluto on the career front, this was more a wakeup call. That pressure is already dropping but it might not be until Thursday, once you are on the other side of this week's lunar eclipse that this will become more obvious. Though to start with, as the Moon returns to your career sector on Monday to begin the lead up to the lunar eclipse here, a friendly aspect to Uranus will begin the process.


In three separate areas of your chart there are planets turning retrograde and direct, slowing things down but as these are areas of your chart that work well together, nothing will feel too stalled or stuck. One of those areas is your financial sector, where the dwarf planet Ceres will turn direct midweek, just as lucky Jupiter moves into his final weeks in retrograde motion here. Another area of your chart being impacted is a nostalgic, reflective but also intuitive and imaginative part of your chart, where Chiron turned retrograde last week and Eris will turn retrograde later this week. What makes this auspicious is the strong links between the two and to Mercury, as he prepares to retrograde back out of your home and family sector on Friday. These planets have formed a mutual support club, which is helping to fuel your financial confidence, instincts and imagination while allowing you to use any delays to your advantage.


While it is the Moon's return to your financial sector on Monday that will begin the lead up to a lunar eclipse here less than 48 hours later, there is tension between income and money matters before it even returns. Unlike a total solar eclipse in your income sector two weeks earlier, where the Sun and Moon aligned to create an eclipsing New Moon, it is an opposition between the Sun and Moon that will create this week's eclipsing Full Moon. As the Moon lines up with the planets in your financial sector, it will oppose not only the Sun in his last full week in your income sector but Venus as well. Yet despite any financial tension, this is the push that both income and money matters will use as an opportunity for a breakthrough. Over three weeks after leaving Mercury will retrograde back into your income sector on Friday, with his smart head for money and 20/20 hindsight helping to put things in perspective.


While the Moon will leave your work sector in the early hours of the week, it is having a stunning impact across the income, work and career fronts. It was not just the Moon's alignment with lucky Jupiter or the friendly aspect to the planets in your income and career sectors that made this important. It was the timing that has made this significant. Two of the planets the Moon made a friendly aspect to where Mercury and Mars, just as there is a difference of opinion between the two. This is Mars' first visit to your income sector in two years and not returning until 2021 once he leaves next month, he is on a mission to push through barriers and smash through glass ceilings. Mars wants things to happen now, but in retrograde motion Mercury is saying 'let's just spend some time back at the drawing board first'. The Moon's friendly aspect was a chance to suggest that you can do both. Once Mercury retrogrades back out on Friday, it will then be all go on the income front.


While this week's lunar eclipse is not having a direct impact on either income or money matters, it is having an indirect impact. In the short term this could mask a building alliance between Venus and Neptune, the planets of money and dreams. They won't move into an exact alliance until Thursday, on the other side of the lunar eclipse, so when this all of a sudden fuels your financial confidence, instincts and imagination, this could take you by surprise. In the meantime, in the long term, this is having a direct impact on the income potential that will open up with Mars' return to your income sector next month. It has been two years since you last had the warrior planet of the cosmos in your income sector, fighting alongside with you and this will kick off the most lucrative months of 2019. The momentum being created now by a lunar eclipse on the job front is already making Mars' job easier.


This is the second week of what is a period of transition, with the dynamics of this financial year shifting. While you have had the asteroid Pallas Athena in your income sector since November and two Full Moons, one in March and the other in April, the balance of power has been on the financial side of the fence. Pallas has worked to maintain a presence on the income front and to keep the wheels turning but it is not until a planetary parade begins arriving in September, that the most lucrative months of 2019 will begin. Yet already the money gods are preparing for this, with Chiron's retrograde turn in your financial sector last week the first step. With Eris turning retrograde here over the weekend, by the end of the week both planets in your financial sector, where the focus is on what you do with the money you have, will be in retrograde motion and in review mode. That review will continue for the rest of the year, allowing income forces to have their turn.


For the most part, the money gods will be laying low this week, but you should notice a rise in financial confidence that is hard to explain. Especially as the drop in financial confidence last week was equally hard to explain. Uranus, the only planet in either of your two money houses until the first planets begin returning to your income sector later next month, found himself on the wrong side of Mars last week. Still in direct motion but slowing down ahead of a retrograde turn in your financial sector next month, Uranus has been minding his own business. As Uranus works through the way you look at money matters and is focused more on perception, pressure from Mars had the power to skew that perception towards the negative. This was subtle but a subtle drop in financial confidence is perfectly balanced then by a subtle boost in confidence, thanks to the Moon in the build up to this week's lunar eclipse.

While you technically begin the week with the Moon in your income sector, leaving on Monday this is more a case of the weekend's visit grazing the early hours of this week. Yet, while the Moon might not spend much time in your income sector this week, its influence is both profound and timely. This was the Moon's first visit since Venus brought all planetary activity on the financial front to an end earlier in the month, so there wasn't the push back or financial tension this may have created over recent months. Instead, the Moon's friendly aspect to forces across the job and career fronts has revealed some exciting developments since the Moon's return four weeks earlier, as a Full Moon. This allows you to begin the week with a sharp nose for money, a lucrative sense of direction and a boost in confidence across the income, work and career fronts. With Ceres turning direct in your income sector midweek, this comes just as the tides are getting ready to turn.


Even before the Moon returns to your income sector on Monday to begin the lead up to a lunar eclipse, there could be some intensity and some pressure between income and money matters. Unlike the total solar eclipse in your financial sector two weeks earlier, which saw the Sun and Moon align to create that eclipsing New Moon, this week will see the Sun and Moon clash. All Full Moons, whether an eclipsing Full Moon or not are an opposition between the Sun and Moon and as well as creating more emotional intensity, can create some tension. Yet the week begins with the Sun already in opposition with Pluto in your income sector, having opposed Saturn there last week. Yet after a month of tension between income and money matters, the lunar eclipse that will bring things to a head in the early days of the week can flush everything out in the open. Despite any financial tension, both income and money matters will continue to enjoy the benefits from this, for months to come.


Last week began with Mercury and Mars aligned in your financial sector, bringing a smart head for money together with your financial passions and fighting spirit. Because Mercury turned retrograde while they were aligned, while this gave them completely different agendas, they were connected and still able to communicate. While Mercury wanted to pull back and Mars to push on, they were connected so on the same wavelength. A week on, as Mercury begins to trek back and Mars continues to push on the gap between them is widening and they are no longer in each other's ear. For Mars, who moves into his final month here on Thursday, this is starting to become frustrating. In retrograde motion, as hard as the warrior planet of the cosmos puts his foot on the gas, Mercury has his foot on the brake. Or at least that will be the case until Mercury retrogrades back out on Friday.


Neptune is the planet of dreams and as the only planet in either of your two money houses, he is laying low during the first three days of the week, when eclipse energy might take a toll. Yet almost the moment the lunar eclipse is over, Neptune is there to help with the recovery, to a point where any negative impact this might have, on your job confidence, in particular, will very quickly turn around. In retrograde motion in your income sector, Neptune is focused on untapped income potential, but also on supporting the planets as they move through your work sector. A friendly alliance with the Sun last week was a chance to boost your job confidence before going into this week's lunar eclipse, which is putting direct pressure on the Sun. No sooner is the eclipse over, by Thursday everything turns around. It begins with Venus' friendly alliance with Neptune, as she moves into her final 10 days in your work sector. With Mercury retrograding back into your work sector on Friday, by the weekend the doors will be open to the past, second chances and untapped income and job potential.


It was a given that both planets in your income sector would turn retrograde at around this point in the year and this is so built into your cosmic DNA that you will be subconsciously preparing for the doors to open to the past, second chances and untapped income potential. That is because the dwarf planet Eris, in your income sector since 1926 all always spend the second half of each year in retrograde motion. What makes Eris' retrograde turn here over the weekend and Chiron's retrograde turn here last week so auspicious, is that there is a professional overlap. Until Mercury retrogrades back out of your work sector on Friday and Jupiter turns direct in your career sector next month, the doors are also open to the past, second chances and untapped job and professional potential. At the same time, as professional forces come out of their retrograde phase and things begin to move forward on the job and career fronts, this creates even more access to untapped income potential.

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