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My Star World - Features

Creating Astrology reports is simple!

1: Select the type of Astrology report, there is a choice of 11 different Astrology reports split over 3 different main catagories, Personal Understanding, Forecasts & Relationships & Love.

2: Enter the birth details, its an easy process or load the details of a celebrity.

3: View, print or email the finished Astrology report.

Easy Ouput Options!

Print, Create perfect printed Astrology reports in color.

Email, Send your Astrology reports from within the program, no messing with attachments, emailed in Adobe PDF format to ensure your recipient can also print it perfectly.

Save, Add celebrities, friends and family or clients to chart database, for easy retrieval.


ACS World Atlas Look-ups

My Star World software provides instant access to longitudes, latitudes and date-sensitive time zones for over a quarter of a million cities around the world and includes the Full ACS USA Atlas and the Full ACS International Atlas.

Creating an Astrology report has never been easier or more precise! In astrology, the correctness of the data entered determines the accuracy of your charts and reports. In just a couple of keystrokes your My Star World software will find and enter exact latitude, longitude and time zone information.

Coordinates for almost any city in the world, including all major USA hospitals.
Correct time zones for every location and date.
Proper entry of Daylight, Standard, Wartime, and many other time zone rules. House Systems

My Star World software currently includes these eight house systems:
Placidus (Time-based), Koch (Time-based), Equal (Ecliptic-based), Regiomontanus (Space-based), Campanus (Space-based), Topocentric (Time-based), Porphyry (Ecliptic-based), Alcabitius (Time-based).

Swiss Epemeris Data
My Star World software contains ultra precise Swiss Ephemeris that gives precision of calculation to less than 1 Second of arc over the time span from 3000 BC-3000 AD.

Sample Reports Small Business Option Personal Versions
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