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Sample Astrology Reports

Click celebrity names to view the astrology report samples and see the exact ouput created by our astrology software. The Commercial versions allow your business name to appear. While the Personal versions say produced by www.mystarworld.com

If the astrology report samples do not appear download and install the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software

Character development
Be aware of and make the most of your inner strengths, aspirations and ideals. Suggested purchase with ‘Predictor’
True personality revealed
Face up to your true character and decide exactly what it is you want from life. Suggested purchase with ‘Forecaster’
Find out more about yourself
Be self-aware, in command, and make the most of your potential. Suggested purchase with ‘Soul Guide / Soul Mates’
Character, talents and potential
Invaluable, practical and realistic analysis that helps young people understand their natural talents and potential a lot more and indicates what can be the best path in life to take.
Key moments and ‘tuning points'
Knowing significant key moments can help you make better informed decisions for your future - by not missing out on them altogether. Suggested purchase with ‘Personality’.
Key moments and ‘tuning points'
Knowing significant key moments can help you make better informed decisions for your future and not miss out on the 'once in a lifetime' opportunities that come your way. (same as Forecaster) Suggested purchase with ‘Life Destiny’
Your future explained
Invaluable advice, get the best out of life on a day to day basis. Suggested purchase with ‘Soul Scope / Soul Mates’
An explicit look at sexuality
Understand more about your love making skills, helps you and your lover become more aware of their true sexuality.
Your 'love life' potential
Lovers Guide is all about love, affection and good feelings, it lets you know when you will be feeling your best ahead of time and the perfect time for your ‘love making’ activities.
Personal compatibility
How two people get on together, the ‘chemistry’ between you, what you feel about one another, how your strengths can be enjoyed and improved upon enabling you to have a better life together. Suggested purchase with ‘Star Lovers’
Your romantic relationships
Specially designed for love relationships, Enables a deeper understanding of the way you feel about each other than you thought possible. Suggested purchase with ‘Soul Mates’
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