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State-of-the-art astrology software for your Macintosh

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The entire suite of the Io Series programs have now been dramatically enhanced. We have utilized features available in Apples Mac OS X to produce a visual masterpiece. This has been a accumulation of over year of intensive programming. All of your charts and tables can be viewed with high definition clarity. This new feature will make your chart readings quicker an easier. No other astrology program on the market can match this incredible level of refinement and elegance. Say goodbye to chunky bitmap charts, because the new programs will display charts and tables that are well divined pieces of art.
Chartwheels, data, interpretations with a single click
charles_addams paul_newman
midnight_ephemeris dalai-lama
harrison_ford gene_hackman
Before Core Graphics With Core Graphics
Transits - Notice the smooth and much more legible appearance of the Transit List
Before Core Graphics With Core Graphics
System Requirements
System Software:Mac OS X 10.3 or later
RAM: 156 Megs
Features Review Packages Report Samples
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