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  Updated Weekly (Mondays) to your web site - 20 January 2020


While there may have been some financial tension over the weekend, this had little to do with money matters themselves and was simply the Moon clashing with Uranus in your income sector. A week after Uranus' direct turn in your income sector had given income matters the green light, the Moon returned for its first visit to your financial sector for the year and moved into opposition. Unlike your income sector, where things have just now got the green light and conditions will improve and expand over the coming months, there is no planetary activity on the financial front. With the Moon determined to put the focus onto money matters, where the focus is more on what you do with and how you manage the money you have, if that meant pushing any focus on income matters aside, so be it. The Moon leaves on Monday, taking any financial tension with him while leaving behind valuable clues, hunches and insights.


The Moon's return to your financial sector on Monday was always going to be one of its most important visits for the year, as all its first visits are. The Moon's first visit for the year is always a valuable chance to check in and get your first feel for this new financial year. However, what makes this first even more important is that the Moon returns to find Mars, warrior planet of the cosmos here for the first time in two years. When the Moon made its last visit for 2019 it was just before Christmas, the Sun and Jupiter had left and Mercury, in his final week was tying up loose ends. When the Moon left you were just days away from all planetary activity on the financial front running its course. So for the Moon to return for its first visit in 2020 to find that far from running their course money matters have caught their second wind will be cause for a rethink. Until leaving on Wednesday the Moon's financial instincts and imagination will merge with Mars' financial passions and fighting spirit.


The Sun's departure from your financial sector on Tuesday is something that happens at this time every year, taking the solar spotlight off your financial situation and money matters and often ending any real attention. This time you have a mix of the expected and the unexpected. The expected is that the Sun will take the solar spotlight off money matters at this time every year, especially when it comes to what you do with and how you manage the money you have. The unexpected is that this will not see the amount of focus on money matters decrease, with the Sun leaving four planets behind. This does put a lot more focus on Ceres, who unlike the other three planets will not remain for the majority of the year. Ceres is a dwarf planet so her voice is likely to have been drowned out over recent weeks but with the Sun gone can be heard. Ceres looks beyond the money and staying on for another 10 days after the Sun leaves, is focused more on defining your financial needs and priorities.


While the focus on money matters this week is very ordinary there is also something extraordinary about this as well. The ordinary is that the Sun's return to your financial sector on Tuesday will always turn the solar spotlight onto your financial situation and money matters at this time every year. That you have Mercury in his early days here when the Sun returns on Tuesday is also very ordinary, for they are never too far apart. This means that by the time the Sun returns you already have the smart head for money needed to get your head in the game. The something extraordinary is that Venus, the planet of money has already been and gone and having left seven days before the Sun's return and three days before Mercury returned, hers was a standalone visit. This has given you a chance to update your financial desires and expectations and create a financial wish list before there was any call to have your head in the game and your feet on the ground.


To have Venus, the planet of money spending her first full week in your financial sector has both immediate and more long term advantages. In the short term, Venus has returned to fuel your financial confidence, update your financial wish list and work with dreamy Neptune to update your financial dreams. The long term advantage is that with the Sun still over a month away, Venus will have been and gone by then and without any need to keep it real, will spend all her time here cementing your financial confidence, desires and expectations. In 2019 Venus was the last planet to arrive and therefore leave your financial sector, giving her little say in things. Venus returned after the fact to attract whatever opportunities she could from what was already on the table. This year Venus is here first and this gives her influence over the path that money matters will take. With Mars just months away from his first visit in two years, you will have the resources to turn Venus' desires into reality.


While things are still fairly quiet on the income and financial fronts, events and support around them is not and this is raising your confidence on both fronts. On Monday it has been 10 days since Eris' direct turn in your financial sector gave money matters the green light and while things might still be slow to move, with Venus less than three weeks away that won't be the case for long. With the Moon at a friendly aspect to both planets in your financial sector in the early days of the week, this will bring a boost in financial confidence. At the same time, the Moon only left your income sector over the weekend, allowing you to begin the week with a sharp nose for money from the get go. With Mercury in his first full week in your work sector and the Sun returning on Tuesday, this couldn't come with better timing. It is outside forces that are having the biggest impact on income and money matters and fortunately, in both cases the impact is positive.


While the Moon will leave your income sector in the early hours of the week and this is more the tail end of a visit over the weekend grazing the early hours of the week, neither the timing nor the impact could be better. Just starting the week with the Moon here will ensure your nose for money is sharp and you have a lucrative sense of direction from the get go. Regardless of when the Moon leaves, this is a bell that can't be unrung and a week that begins with that advantage will keep it. What makes the timing of the Moon's first visit to your income sector for the year auspicious is that this is just any week but Venus, the planet of money's first full week in your work sector. It is just a day after the Moon leaves that Venus will move into a friendly aspect to the North Node, the force behind an eclipsing Full Moon in your career sector 10 days earlier. Both give Venus a boost as she works to fuel your job confidence, attract opportunities and steer things in a lucrative direction.

The Moon returns for its first visit to your income sector for the year on Monday and the impact could be significant. This should and is a chance for the Moon to sharpen your nose for money and give you your first direct access to a lucrative sense of direction for the year. With the Moon returning every four weeks, this first visit for the year was always going to happen at some point during the first 28 days of the year. With the Moon here from Monday to Wednesday, this first visit for the year was always going to get the week off to an auspicious start, with the potential for lucrative developments. What will make this even more significant is that the Moon will return to find Mars here, with the two teaming up for the first time here in two years. Mars is on a mission to fight for what you deserve and to smash through glass ceilings, especially those in your own mind. The Moon returns with a better sense of where the money is.


The Sun's departure from your income sector on Tuesday is something that happens at this time every year, taking the solar spotlight off your income situation and matters. However, this is far from the end of the activity or developments on the income front and not even the end of the introductory phase. That will end 10 days after the Sun's departure when Ceres, the last of the faster planets leave. It is at that point that the three planets that are here for most if not all of 2020 will take over and the real journey will begin. Literally outshone by the Sun, Ceres will finally have a chance to become the more urgent voice, albeit for just 10 days. However, as the planet that focuses less on the money and more on your real needs and priorities, this is a chance to define what you are really after before the journey begins. With lucky Jupiter here until December, these are the early weeks of your most potentially lucrative year in a decade.


This is the week when the natural order of things catches up with what Venus has already begun. The natural order is the Sun's return to your income sector on Tuesday, the point in any year when the solar spotlight will shift onto your income situation, matters and options and the most potentially lucrative weeks of any year begin. However, this began a month ago, with Venus' return just before Christmas and it was her departure last week that has set the scene for everything that will follow. You also begin the week with Mercury still in his early days here, having returned three days after Venus left. Where Venus has fuelled your confidence, updated your desires and expectations and got the ball rolling, the Sun and Mercury can take it from here. Everything until now has been about the 'what', with the Sun and Mercury returning with the smart head for money and objectivity needed to focus on the 'when, where and how'.


If Venus' first full week in your income sector is any indication of what to expect from both her time here and what is to follow, then there is a lot to be excited about. While you did have the Moon in your financial sector during Venus' early days here and this did create some competition, this was a brief opportunity last week to get your financial bearings. This week begins with the Moon in your career sector, having spent the weekend at a friendly aspect to Venus and Neptune in your income sector and to the North Node, the force behind the recent lunar eclipse on the career front. With Venus moving into a friendly aspect to the North Node on Tuesday and at the same time drawing closer to an alignment with dreamy Neptune in your income sector next week, there is every reason for confidence. This is highlighting a working relationship between forces across the income, work and career fronts.


While things are still fairly quiet on the income front, as it has been just over a week since Eris turned direct in your income sector you wouldn't expect anything different. However, at the same time what you should expect is not the case either, putting you in a place where you can feel a growing sense of excitement and anticipation but can't yet explain it. This, in combination with the fact that income matters aren't moving, could lead to frustration. This makes it important to view any frustration as anticipation. What you should expect is that with Eris still in her early weeks in direct motion in your income sector, income matters do have the green light but it will take until the faster moving planets return to get things moving. Yet with the Sun still two months away that doesn't match what a sense of anticipation is telling you. That is because Venus, the planet of money is less than three weeks away.

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