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  Daily interpretations for your future, including the most important 'once in a life time' events.
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  These have a lasting effect on your:
  Vitality and self-expression
  Emotions and intuition
  Intelligence and communicative skills
  Co-operation, romance and relationships
  Energy, initiative and sexual drive
  Expansion and enlightenment
  Challenges and structure
  Sudden and unexpected happening
  Emotional insight and escapism
  Major upheavals
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  What the author Lyn Birkbeck has to say
  Find out about your future with Soul Guide Year Reading
Know the 'flight-path' of your life and travel successfully and safely, with Year Forecaster How the planets Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn and Jupiter affect you over any 12 month period. This is not prediction, but helps you to maximise opportunities and minimise any difficulties. Above all it teaches you to know yourself better and attune yourself to cosmic and natural processes. You can also look at years gone by if you wish to gain an understanding of significant chapters in your past. Designed to be read at a glance or used in depth with Soul Scope.

Find out about your future Soul Guide Month Reading
Even more precise and appropriate timing, with Month Forecaster as well as the planets in the year report, this report also includes: the influence of Mars, those days when energies run high giving rise to make or break situations, so helping you to know when and how to handle them, and most importantly to avoid upsets and subsequent regrets. Also includes the influences of the Sun, Mercury and Venus, further enabling you to manage and get the best out of your life on a day-to-day basis. A must for getting the most from astrological living!
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