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  lyn birkbeck

Lyn Birkbeck
Soul Mates, Soul Scope, Soul Guide: Lyn became interested in astrology in 1972. After seven years of study he turned professional in 1979 and since then has used his astrological skills to both help and enlighten thousands of people.

He has featured numerous times on television, radio and in the press and written the fllowing books: Do It Yourself Astrology (1996 Element); Sun, Moon and Planet Signs (1990 Bloomsbury); Do It Yourself Relationship Astrology (1999 Element); Do It Yourself Life Plan Astrology (2000 Element);The Astrological Oracle (2002 Thorsons); Astro-Wisdom (O Books 2003);The Instant Astrologer (Book & Software CD O Books2003); Divine Astrology (O Books 2003).


John Hayes
Star Lovers:
John writes Astrology articles for Prediction Magazine, the UK’s premier Psychic New Age Magazine. A consultant with the British Astrological and Psychic Society (BAPS) and a registered Healer. He is BAPS’s premier Astrologer at the UK’s biggest Mind Body Spirit Fairs in Manchester and London each year. John travels the World giving astrology readings and has clients from all walks of life.

John also runs the Astrology Bookstore specialising in traditionally astrology. Holding a Diploma in Medieval Astrology John is currently studying advanced Horary Astrology. He has studied at the Faculty of Astrological Studies and given talks on astrology and taught astrology to beginners.



Eric Biss
Intimate Lover: Eric is the co-founder of My Star World astrology software and has worked on the production of Personality, Forecaster, Lovers Guide, Predictor and Life Destiny reports, collaborating with astrologers in the UK and throughout the world.

      Tom Brosnan
Young Life, Life Progress: Originates from New Zealand and was the President of the Christchurch School of Astrological Studies.
  grahm_boston   Graham Boston
Planetary Profile: Graham lives and works in the elegant town of Cheltenham, England, as an astrologer, publisher and web designer, the author of 'Astrology, A Beginner's Guide', published by Hodder Headline. He teaches astrologer to beginners and helps run Gloucestershire's only astrology society. The Aquarius Severn Astrology Society, based in Cheltenham (UK), and formed in 1981.
  wendy_freebourne   Wendy Freebourne
Pathfinder: Apart from training in Traditional and Humanistic Psychotherapies and study of Astrology, Wendy has completed post-graduate research into Collusion. Conflict and Change in Couples and Couple Therapy for an MSc in Psychology at the University of Lincoln and studied Family Therapy and Systemic Practice. She also has experience with Grief Recovery and Post Traumatic Stress. She originally qualified as a Chartered Accountant.

My spiritual path has lead me from Judaism, through Hinduism, to the study and practice of Tibetan Buddhism and Native American philosophies. I also have experience of 12-step recovery programmes.

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